Slutty Daughter


PART ONE: Sabrina approached her waving ass. “Oh Daddy, this is so exciting,”Sabrina squealed, gleefully clapping her hands together. Just like when she was a little girl, Brian thought, looking over at his voluptuous daughter. Only she hardly looks or acts like a little girl any longer, he mused. At eighteen, Sabrina White was pure centerfold material. Long blond hair down over her shoulders… gorgeous 36D breasts… legs that seemed to stretch from her 5’3” frame forever… yes, Sabrina White was indeed something to see.

She was also one of the hottest sluts Brian had ever seen, he realized proudly. “Just like her mother,” Brian mumbled.

“What Daddy?” Sabrina asked, leaning over the front seat console toward Brian. As she stretched toward her father, her low-cut tank top dropped open, exposing her gorgeous tits. She was braless, of course, and the thin man’s undershirt type top was cut so low in front, and so loosely on the sides that it barely covered her tits.

Brian felt his cock hardening again, even though he’d already fucked his sexy daughter twice that morning. Yet what cock wouldn’t get hard again when peering down at such perfect tits? “What?” Brian mumbled, distracted.

“You said something about, ‘just like her mother,'” Sabrina said. “What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Oh, did I?” Brian said.

“I guess I was thinking about how much alike you and your mom are.”

“Really Daddy? Does Mom like to suck your cock and fuck you as I do? Does she like to show off her body like I do, Daddy? Like this?” Sabrina teased, suddenly pulling off the skimpy top to sit there naked from the waist up, in broad daylight, while they rode down one of Mount Carmel’s busiest streets.

“Jesus, Sabrina, cover-up. I don’t want to get arrested. At least not yet, anyway,” Brian growled, worried a cop might see his sexy daughter and pull them over. Sabrina giggled, then slowly pulled her top back down over her huge tits, tweaking the nipples seductively for Brian.

“Do you think there will be a lot of guys at the theater, Daddy?” she asked, reaching down to pull up her skirt, her fingers snaking inside her panties, masturbating now, pleased to see her father sweating as he stole glances at her spread thighs and sexy panties covering her fingers as they moved rhythmically back and forth across her swollen clit.

“I can still feel some of your cum in my cunt, Daddy. Look,” Sabrina said, withdrawing her greasy fingers, and holding them under Brian’s nose. Brian inhaled, deeply, the scent of Sabrina’s pussy intoxicating, causing his cock to grow harder still. Wiping the fingers across his mouth, Sabrina laughed when she saw her father’s cock twitch involuntarily in his thin, cotton jersey shorts. “You’re funny, Daddy,” Sabrina giggled.

“You try to be so proper, but inside you’re just a dirty old man. Aren’t you?” she continued, wiping the slimy fingers across Brian’s lips, pleased to see him open his mouth and begin sucking on them.

“Hmm, yeah, I am, princess. And you, your little pussy, are just a horny little fucking slut. Aren’t you?” Brian grinned. “And I love it.

“After a few more moments in traffic, they arrived at the theater. Brian pulled into the seedy parking lot, shut off the engine, and turned to look at his sexy daughter. “This is it, Sabrina. No turning back from here. If we go in there, a lot of strange men are going to fondle you and play with your tits and pussy. They may even want you to jerk off their cocks, or even suck them off….”

“Or let them fuck me, Daddy? Would they want to do that to me, do you think?” Sabrina asked, pulling the material of her panties aside, showing Brian how drippy her cunt was as a stream of white cum and cunt juice ran out from her slit, doting her thighs. “Would they, Daddy? Would they want to stick their dirty old cocks in me right here, do you klasbahis yeni giriş think?”

“You’re sure you want to do this, Sabrina?” Brian asked, his cock so hard it was making a tent in his thin cotton shorts.

“Yes, Daddy! Jesus! Come on. I’m so fucking horny I’m dripping,” Sabrina said, exasperated, turning, opening the door, and getting out. Brian followed his daughter to the cashier and noted with pride and amusement the stunned look on the face of the greasy-looking man handing out tickets.”Two please,” Brian said, handing the man his twelve dollars.”Ah… yeah… sure,” the man mumbled, stammering as he stared at Sabrina. Just at that moment, Sabrina yawned, then stretched, pulling the thin tank top over her breasts tightly, and exposing her aureoles and stiff nipples. The cigarette dangling from the man’s mouth fell to the counter, and he wiped the sweat from his lips as Sabrina grinned and said, “Have a nice day.”

Giggling, she followed Brian through the door and down a hallway toward the auditorium. Inside the theater, it was almost totally dark except for the light coming from the screen. Sabrina stood next to her father and waited while their eyes became accustomed to the dimly lit interior. As they stood there, Sabrina glanced around trying to see if any men were sitting in the back rows of the auditorium. They were, and she could see that they appeared to be staring at her.

As her eyes became better adjusted to the darkness, she also saw something else. They had their cocks out and were playing with them. One pair of men seemed to be playing with each other. As Sabrina felt a gushing of wetness filling her cunt, she pressed her tits into her father’s arm, whispering, “Dad, those guys are jerking each other off.” Brian grinned, leading Sabrina by the hand slowly down the aisle.

All around Him, he could hear the familiar sounds of men jacking off, and by now he also could see them. They walked half way down the aisle, then turned into a row of seats, with Brian leading the way. Moving over next to the wall, Brian had Sabrina sit nearest the aisle, leaving several empty seats next to her. Immediately men began to slowly move into the row in front and behind them. Grinning knowingly, Brian whispered to Sabrina, “It’s starting, Sabrina. You’re attracting them like bees to honey.”

“Oh Daddy, this is so exciting,” she whispered back, squeezing her breasts. On screen a young blonde who looked a lot like Sabrina began sucking a huge black cock while a white brunette slid her tongue up and down the blonde’s naked cunt. “Oh God, Daddy, look at that scene. That makes me so fucking hot,” Sabrina moaned, reaching down between her thighs, spreading them, touching herself openly, letting the men in the rows near them see what she was doing.

Brian raised up on the seat and quickly slid his cotton shorts to his knees, freeing his cock and balls. Spitting into his hand, he began sliding his wet fingers up and down his erect cock as Sabrina watched.”Oh God, Daddy, can I take my panties off? Can I?” she groaned, clearly on fire with lust.

“Yes, baby. Do it. Show them your pussy.”

“Ohhhhh!” Sabrina moaned, loudly, lifting up, sliding her thong panties down over her knees, then over her ankles.

On impulse she handed them to one of the men in front of her. “Here…want to sniff my pussy?” she asked, shivering with lust.

“Can I come back and sit with you, baby?” the man asked, his voice raw, throaty, hungry.

“Yesssss!” Sabrina hissed, spreading her legs, masturbating, feeling the wetness running out of her cunt as she watched the man stand up and move toward her.

He hadn’t even bothered to zip up his pants, and his cock was bobbing grotesquely in front of him as he quickly moved into Sabrina’s row, sliding into the seat next to her, breathing deeply, gasping.”You’re beautiful,” he grunted. “Can klasbahis giriş I touch you?”

“Of course,” Sabrina wheezed, spreading her legs for him, removing her hands from her pussy. His fingers were rough and callused, and as her wetness covered them, he slid them inside Sabrina’s young pussy, fucking her with them. She could feel the rough bumps on his hands as his fingers slid in and out of her pussy, and it turned her on immensely.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me, finger fuck me with those hard, rough fingers,” she moaned. From behind her, she felt a man reach over her shoulders to play with her tits, first feeling them through the thin material of her top, then, when encountering no resistance from her, reaching inside to cup her naked breasts and rigid nipples.”Oh yeah, feel me, feel my tits, play with them while this guy finger-fucks me,” Sabrina gasped.

“Take your top off, Sabrina,” Brian gurgled, his cock dripping, oozing pre-cum juice as he watched his daughter being molested by the men.

“Oh yeah,” Sabrina moaned, quickly reaching down, grasping the end of the tank top, jerking it roughly over her head, and off. Now all she had on was her little tennis skirt, and it was slid up around her waist, leaving her tits and pussy totally exposed, naked, glistening in sweat.

“Oh baby, what a pair of tits,” the man behind her said. There were three men in the row In front of her now, and they also began feeling her hot flesh, touching… squeezing… fondling whatever they could on her naked body.

“Oh God, I’m COMINGGGGGG!” Sabrina screamed, exploding as a wicked orgasm racked her young body. Pumping her hips up into the man’s fingers, she gushed wet pussy juice all over them, as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure rolled over her. “God, baby, touch me, touch my dick,” the man next to her said. Quickly Sabrina turned, then reached down and grasped the sweaty cock.

It felt hard, and veiny as though the man had been jerking off for a long time. And she wanted it… wanted to taste it, to smear this cock all over her face, wanted to feel it coming, wanted the sticky, hot cum to shoot out the end of it, all over her, all over her lips and cheeks and… Everywhere. “Oh God, I… I just have to do this, Daddy!” Sabrina moaned, leaning down over the stranger’s cock, her lips brushing the tip as her nostrils flared from his strong, masculine odor.

“Hmmm,” she gurgled, sliding her mouth down over the cock, sucking it, tasting the strong, acrid flavor of his sweat and dripping cum.”Oh FUCK, baby, I’m… I’M COMINGGGGGG!” the man wailed, pumping his cock up into her mouth as deeply as possible, feeling the divine release of a long explosion of cum shooting out the end of his dick. “HMMMMM!” Sabrina moaned, quickly spitting out the cum, letting it drool down her chin as she held, and pumped, the spurting cock against her cheek, feeling it erupting in rhythmic spurts, coating her cheeks and forehead and lips and chin and neck with gobs of hot, sticky cum.

“Oh God, I… I love this, Daddy. I love sucking off guys… men… I don’t even know. It makes me feel SOOOO fucking slutty,” Sabrina moaned. “I love it, too, kitten. I wish your mother would come here with me and do this. But now that I have you, fuck her,” Brian gasped, his cock so close to coming he thought it would burst.

The man Sabrina had sucked off slumped back in his seat, gasping, breathing roughly. Sabrina rubbed his cum over her face, then tentatively tasted some from her fingers. “Hmmm, his cum is sweet, Daddy,” she teased, licking her fingers with loud, smacking noises.

“Try this, little girl,” a gruff voice from behind her said. Sabrina turned and saw a tall black man standing there, pointing the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life directly at her face.

“Oh FUCK!” she groaned, opening her mouth as the stiff, hard, black cock moved closer.

“Hmm, klasbahis güvenilirmi yeah baby, that’s right, suck it, suck old Jamal’s cock. You white bitches just love black dick, don’t ya?” Hmmm, lips like velvet, sucking Jamal’s dick. I ain’t never seen no white bitch as boss as you would suck a black dick, though. You the best I ever seen, ho,” the black guy mumbled, his eyes barely open, staring at Sabrina as she sucked him.

Removing her mouth from his cock, Sabrina said, “Come on me. Come on my hot white face, you fucking big black nigger-” SLAP! He struck her, across her cheek. Not too hard, but hard enough. “Don’t say it, bitch. Don’t call me no nigger! Just do yo job, ho. Suck my nice big nigger cock. That’s right. Like that. Jesus… like… THATTTTT!” he groaned.

Suddenly Sabrina felt her mouth being filled with huge spurts of hot creamy cum. Gagging, she tried to pull her head away from the ejaculating cock, but the man held her on his dick, not allowing her to escape. It was so huge she couldn’t even spit the cum out the sides of her mouth. Swallowing… gasping… Sabrina thought, “I’m going to die. I’m going to choke to death on this thing.

“Then, miraculously, the man withdrew his cock, allowing Sabrina to spit out the cum still remaining in her mouth, feeling it drooling down her chin, feeling it as it fell all over her sweating, naked tits.”Hmmm, very nice,” Sabrina moaned. “So fucking nasty….”

“Oh God, baby, I love you so much,” Brian moaned, sliding over between Sabrina’s legs, moving up between them, feeling his cock poking at the entrance to her cunt.”Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me, FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK YOUR HOT, SLUTTY DAUGHTER!”

“That’s his fucking DAUGHTER?” Sabrina heard a man exclaim.

“Jesus Christ!” another gasped.

“I’m COMING, this is so hot!” Sabrina looked to see where the voice was coming from.

It was from a man seated in front of them, and as her father pumped his hard cock into her, she groaned, “Oh no! Don’t waste it! Bring it here… sticky… hot… nasty…cum…”Fuck me, Daddy. Come in me! Do it, Daddy. Fill me with your hot cream, just like these guys are coating my face with theirs,” Sabrina gurgled. Brian looked at his sexy daughter’s face… saw it shining, glistening with the cum from all these men’s cocks, and something inside him seemed to snap.

“OH… MY… GOD!” he screamed, slamming his dick into his hot daughter’s wet snatch, feeling it hitting the back walls of her vagina, hearing her screaming as he held it there, as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his balls and cock, erupting in a series of huge bursts of hot cum inside Sabrina, inside his daughter’s hot pussy. It felt as though something were being dragged from way up inside his ass, through his body, into his balls, making them tingle, then up further, into his cock, and finally… mercifully… out the end and into Sabrina’s cunt.

“OH DADDY! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, DADDY. THAT FEELS SOOO FUCKING WONDERFUL, TO HAVE YOU COMING IN MY PUSSY LIKE THAT, DADDY, IN FRONT OF ALL THESE COCKSUCKERS. FUCK… ME… DADDYYYYYY… OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sabrina screamed, as the most intense orgasm of her life pounded into her, racking her body with uncontrollable spasms.

Under Brian, she twitched and jerked, her head slamming back and forth on the seat. Lifting up, Sabrina strained her neck and head toward Brian, then jerked it back roughly against the seat. With each new spurt of cum inside her cunt what felt like an intense electrical shock jolted her, and her body jerked and quivered as the explosive concussion tore into her.

Finally they both stopped coming. Brian lay there on top of his daughter’s naked body, groaning, breathing deeply, gasping for breath. “Daddy… please… get up. You’re crushing me,” Sabrina wheezed. Brian slid off Sabrina’s body and over into his seat, his heart pounding in his chest.

Handing Sabrina her top, he said, “I think we better go, Sabrina, okay?”

“Yeah,” Sabrina smiled, taking her top from Brian, pulling it over her cum-stained face.

“This was really fun, Dad. Can we do it again sometime? And maybe bring Mom with us?”

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