Sorry Girl


Karrie had broken Kent’s heart. He had been her brothers friend from fifth grade through college. She had never considered him a romantic possibility until the night of her parents wedding anniversary party. They were both half drunk and hanging around outside while she had an “I only smoke when I drink” cigarette.

Afterward she was caught completely off guard when Kent ran his hand along the side of her face to the back of her hair then pulled her lips against his. “Should we be doing this?”

“Shhh…come on.”

Their lips matched perfectly, he aggressively but gently dragged his teeth between his lips and pressed against her. Kent had always been quiet and on this side of nerdy. Always quick to tell a slapsticky joke but blushing when you spoke directly to him. Karrie was smart and beautiful, she always had boyfriends. Somehow when Kent boldly took the initiative to begin the makeout session he changed before Karrie’s eyes.

The next time Kent was in town one thing lead to another and Karrie watched as her shy, silly friend turned into a sexual dynamo. He was a passionate lover, moaning and twisting her body. Making her cum over and over again before finally finishing. Karrie loved Kent…but not enough to risk losing him and tearing apart their years of friendship. Karrie had the relationship experience to know how these kinds of things always turned out. Kent lived 3 hours away- what was she supposed beşiktaş escort to do?

She called off their romance on Halloween. During Christmas she brought home her new boyfriend. The look on Kent’s face when he saw Karrie and her new boyfriend turned her to stone. When Karrie got engaged she naturally invited Kent to her wedding, after all he was a family friend and it would have been suspicious not to. Kent showed up with a beautiful date and Karrie was happy for him.

Five years later Karrie ended up home without her husband and child for a mutual friends’ funeral. Kent’s parents house was on the market but they had since moved away. They sat together at the funeral, as she tried to deny the electricity she felt when Kent wrapped a comforting arm around her.

“I’m going back to my parent’s house, you wanna come over for a drink?”

“Yeah sure, is Jenny going to be there? I haven’t seen her since my wedding.”

“No she stayed home. But I would love to catch up on all of the little things you’re doing that Facebook doesn’t tell me the details of.”

On the drive to Kent’s parents house Karrie’s mind was racing with flashes of their one incredible night. Karrie reminded herself she was married and Kent’s girlfriend was gorgeous, he probably never thought about her “that way.” Much to her surprise, half way through their drinks, beşyol escort Kent said “I still can’t listen to that Ellocrats second album, you know?”

She almost choked. Surely he couldn’t be bringing it up after half a decade of seeing each other at weddings and funerals and pretending like nothing had happened. “Oh? Why is that?”

“Because I think about the night we listened to it until sunrise and the way the sun looked on your body. You couldn’t have looked more perfect.”

“Perfectly like the horrible bitch who would hurt your feelings hours later.”

“Shut up.”

“I am sorry. I don’t think I’ve never told you that.”

“No you aren’t. And that’s okay.”

“I am. I am so sorry. I think about it all the time.”

“I guess that’s always going to be the interesting thing I can hold over your head forever, you broke my heart.”

“And I’m sorry.”

“I’ll make you sorry.”


“Shut the fuck up.”

Karrie leaned in and intensely stared into Kent’s eyes.

“Make me. Make me shut up, make me so sorry…”

By the end of the sentence he was on top of her. Their lips crashed into each other as he moaned into her mouth. He ran one hand roughly through the back of her hair and the other grabbed furiously at her perfect tits.

“I’ve never stopped wanting you.”

She wrapped her legs around his back beykent escort and purred breathlessly as their clothes furiously rubbed against each other as he pushed her further into the couch each time he moved. She quickly found the spot between his neck and ear and exploited it by running her tongue over it making him moan.

“Baby I missed you so much.”

“Do you want me?”

He answered by kissing her hard as he made quick work of pushing his pants down, reaching up her skirt and pulling her panties to the side. She was so wet the initial penetration made them both throb and groan into each other’s open mouths.

“I’m so sorry” she arched back and breathed into his ear.

“How sorry?” He gave her a second to take a breath before slowly plowing into her until he felt himself bottom out against and her eyes fly open as she gasped. He pulled out a little then placed his hand firmly in the soft place right above her pubic bone then drove all the way back inside of her again feeling his huge cock pounding against his hand from the inside.

“How sorry are you, baby?”

“I…I’m..i’m so sorry!”


He fucked her faster and faster while she wrapped her arms and legs around him as tightly as they would go.

“Are you going to cum for me?”

“I…i..oh! Can I cum?”

“Are you sorry?”

“I’m sorry. I…I LOVE you!”

At that moment Kent slammed into her one more time as she spasmed around him and came inside of her. They stared at each other as he pulled his fingers through her hair.

“I love you. I’ve always loved you. It killed me to watch you marry someone else.”

Karrie’s eyes welled up with tears.

“I never meant to hurt you.”

“Did I make you sorry?”

“I’m a sorry girl.”

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