STRIP Ch. 05


Chapter Five – Solitude Derailed


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of


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* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Five of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

Bethany Chaudri: Penny’s best friend, hot for Rod

Sandy: Cassi’s best friend

In Chapter Four, Penny decides to seduce her father after learning that good old Dad Dick fucked her best friend Bethany. Dick’s wife Cassi sees a shrink and decides to visit her folks downstate, traveling via Amtrak. In the middle of Cassi’s discussion with Dick, Penny fakes being terrorized by a spider in the shower and shows off her body as phase one of seducing him. Just as phase two, slipping off her robe, gets under way, Bethany shows up, having been kicked out by her parents. Penny and Bethany play around a bit, take Dick’s credit card, and go shopping.

Sandy returns after dropping Cassi off, to chastise Dick’s behavior. She learns that Cassi fucked her son Rod several times. Dick tries to get Sandy horny so she’ll go home and fuck her husband Arthur. However, she misinterprets Cassi’s instructions to “take care of Dick’s needs” by offering herself as a sex partner. Sandy proves to be only mildly competent but willing to learn, so Dick coaches her and gets sexually satisfied.

So what happened to Cassi, after she left for downstate? This chapter turns its attention to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

In honor of the anniversary of the Steve Goodman song “City of New Orleans,” Amtrak added one Superliner Roomette coach to each of its trains originating from Goodman’s hometown, Chicago. Cassi treated herself and booked a semi-private. In the best case with low traffic, she’d have it to herself. In the worst case, she’d have another woman to commiserate with, perhaps in a less formal way than she had with Dr. Fine. Roomettes had two sleeping bunks, so passengers would need to be of the same gender.

A pleasant conductor assisted Cassi with her suitcase after he checked her ticket, lifting it up to her after she climbed the steps into the car. The hallway was narrow, and several times Cassi had to plaster herself against the side to allow others to pass. Finally, she reached number eleven. She opened the closed door and thrust the suitcase in first before entering. The picture window showed the side of another train, with dimly lit silhouetted passengers. In her compartment, sitting on the padded seat that converted into half of the lower bunk bed platforms was a man.

“Hello?” Cassi leaned forward, careful not to startle him. His head was down, as if asleep or in some deep meditation. Cassi stepped closer. “Hello? Excuse me, but this is my room.”

He lifted his head. His eyes were red and puffy. “Okay. I guess we’re sharing.”

Cassi was confused. How could they both have this roomette? “By the rules, I’m supposed to have a female companion.”

He contemplated her words, then sprung from the seat and threw up his hands. “Oh no! Not again.”

Had this guy gotten paired up on previous train rides? Cassi peeked out into the hallway. She asked a passenger who was walking by, “Could you please find a conductor? There’s been some kind of -“

The passer-by nodded and grunted.

Cassi stood in the doorway, alternatively watching for a conductor and peeking at the young man. His body returned to the seat and his head returned to its facedown attitude. His pinstriped slacks didn’t match his rugby polo shirt.

The kindly conductor who’d hefted Cassi’s bags interrupted her mental fashion critique. “What’s the problem?”

“There must be some mistake. There’s a man in my roomette.” Cassi handed him her ticket. The young man revived, leaned over and handed Cassi his.

The conductor eyed both slips. “Hmm. You’ve got 11A. And he’s got 11B. Tammy McHale.”

The young man stood, as if hoisted by a marionette master. “It’s Tamini, not Tammy. Why do people always get that wrong?”

His voice was a whine, not at all pleasant to Cassi’s ear. She’d never heard the name ‘Tamini’ before.

“Tammy, Timpani, makes no difference.” çekmeköy escort The conductor handed Cassi both slips. “You’ll be sharing this space. It’s a short trip, not like an overnighter.”

Sharing confined quarters with a man for over four hours was precisely what she didn’t need. Cassi tried to plead her case. “But-“

“The train is full up. Not a seat available. Make a new friend, ma’am. Have a nice trip, folks.” The conductor walked away.

Cassi opened a small closet and forced her suitcase inside, on end. Towels and linens were stacked neatly on a top shelf. Tamini, gasping for air, grabbed Cassi’s attention. He grabbed an inhaler from his backpack and took a gulp. His wheezing trailed off as he huddled into a ball in the corner of the furthest reclining seat next to the window. Cassi stayed near the door and gave him plenty of room. “Are you okay?”

“I know why you don’t want to share this compartment.” He lifted his head and stared at her. “It’s me.”

He was right, because he was a ‘he’. “No, not at all.” Cassi raised her arms. “I just wanted some privacy, and-“

“And I’m not wanted. I get it.” Tam dabbed at his eyes with a handkerchief he whipped from his pants pocket.

“Please, you’re making this into a bigger deal than-“

Tamini cried out loud, sobbing. “Big deal. Very funny. Did Veronica tell you? Oh God, you know everything, don’t you?”

Cassi pressed her back against the door, stabilizing herself from a lurch of the train. They were underway, and she was paired up with a deranged passenger. “I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about.”

Tamini took a few deep breaths on his own. “Sorry. I’m not thinking clearly. You couldn’t know Veronica.” His breaths were ragged. Cassi was afraid he’d fall back into a weeping fit or have another asthma attack. “I was engaged to her, and even I didn’t know her.”

Cassi thought that if she acted calmly and reassured Tamini, he’d behave for the hours they’d share. She sat down in the neighboring seat and touched his hand, which lay still on the surface between them. “It’ll be okay.”

“It will?” There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

A bodiless voice announced departure, followed by a sudden jerk as the train switched tracks. The train struggled to gain momentum, finally emerging from the covered station. The lights of the city barely lit their shared space.

Cassi was wary of turning on any lights in their room lest she upset her companion. She patted his hand. “Of course. Relationships are difficult. They require attention and energy and patience-“

Tam pulled his hand away, to make an open palm gesture. “But I did all of those things, and Veronica appreciated them. And me.”

“Would you feel better, talking about it?” Cassi felt like Dr. Fine, gently probing for private details.

“Oh, may I? I’m struggling to deal with- Wait. Let me start from the beginning. Victoria and I were friends at school. DePaul. It started slowly, a few classes together, running into her at the library. We had the same interests, liked the same foods, laughed at each other’s jokes, and not just to be polite. As we got to know each other better, we grew together. She’s the perfect one for me, I know it, and I’m the one for her.”

“It sounds wonderful.” Cassi remembered how she and Dick were a matched pair. Quite familiar.

“We even took the physical aspect of our relationship at a pace she demanded.”

Cassi’s pussy throbbed. How long had it been since she’d had sex with Rod? It felt like too long ago. Was it proper to ask for more details? Cassi couldn’t help herself. “What do you mean?”

“Well, we started with kissing. That was nice. Then we’d park in her car – I don’t have one – and we’d make out. You know, touching, but only above the waist, like Veronica wanted. She has nice breasts.” Tamini stopped and shied his head away. “Do you want to hear the rest?” Tam’s eyes were slits.

Cassi swallowed hard. Against her better judgment, her horniness demanded the most intimate details. “Yes, if it’ll help.”

“Thank you. Could you close the blinds, on the window?” Tam pointed at the coverings on their door.

“All right.” Cassi stood and adjusted the slats shut.

“Tickets” came a voice in the corridor.

Cassi opened the door and handed the conductor both of their tickets, still in her hand. She adjusted her blouse and straightened her skirt. When she turned around, Tam was standing there with his pants around his ankles. “What are you doing? Pull those up!”

Tam’s lips quivered. He looked at her with puppy dog eyes. He sniffed, and then broke loose into sobbing that shook his body.

“My God, what’s wrong?” Cassi closed the distance, threw her arms around the young man and hugged him tight. What had she done to unnerve him so?

Soon, he was struggling to breathe. He fumbled for his inhaler. Cassi heard the hiss. It took longer for the spray to work this time.

She stoked his hair. “There, there. I’m cevizli escort sorry. I didn’t mean to-“

Tam pushed at Cassi, to loosen her hold. “You did the same thing Veronica did. You made fun of me. Of my-“

“No, no, I didn’t mean to make fun. You surprised me, that’s all. After talking about taking things slow, I didn’t expect you to drop trou.”

“So you’ll help me, like you said?” His eyes were pleading for an affirmative answer.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll help.” Cassi looked at his Sponge Bob Squarepants boxers. “Must you have your pants down?”

“How else will you give me a second opinion?” Tam retreated from the remnants of her hug. “See?” He pulled a stubby little penis through the front fly.

Cassi was mortified. The last thing she wanted was male companionship. So what happens? She gets a male companion who can’t keep his penis in his pants. “Yes, I see.” But she didn’t believe the small size.

“We were parked in our usual spot, the rear lot behind a local grammar school. She lets me drive on our dates. Anyway, we’d been necking for a while and Veronica said that she was ready to take the next step in our physical relationship. She took off her skirt and told me to take off my pants. Then she told me we could touch each other’s private areas. I went first. Her panties were damp, I guess because she was excited.”

Cassi’s panties were moist. The story supplemented by show-and-tell was turning her on. She just had to maintain control, despite Tam’s little cock. “And what did she do?” Cassi knew, but wanted Tam to say it.

“She put her hand on me, down there.” He glanced down at the little prick. “And she chuckled. And then she laughed. Out loud. So hard, she was holding her sides, rocking back and forth on the front seat.”

Tam’s cock was quite small, but she assessed Victoria’s behavior as harsh. Cassi was no psychologist, but from her one visit to Dr. Fine, she was confident that such a response could have a deleterious affect on a young man. Given his lack of confidence, Tam was a perfect candidate for STRIP. The series of sex sessions with her son flooded her consciousness. Although her behavior had been unconstrained, it was for Rod’s good. She admitted to herself that she gained pleasure as well, but the core motivation was Rod’s emotional well being. She moved her hand closer to Tam’s cock. “Did she touch it? I mean, inside your skivvies?”

Tam shook his head. “I was so embarrassed, I pulled up my pants and drove to my dorm. Why, she was still laughing so hard, she couldn’t pull away from the curb smoothly. Her car jerked away from the curb, like it was laughing at me, too.”

The STRIP program was all about building confidence in young people. Desperate situations, like the one Tam faced, called for extreme measures. Why couldn’t she do for Tam what she did for Rod – build his confidence? “So where are you going?” She stood close, casually rubbing his upper arm.

“Home, to St. Louis. I’d rather drop out of school than face humiliation.”

Cassi’s hand traversed his arm down to his hand. She intertwined her fingers with his. “You need a degree to make something of yourself. What are you studying?”


Cassi took hold of his cock.

“Gee!” Tam pulled back, dragging his small penis through Cassi’s gripping fingers. “You surprised me!”

“I’m just trying to help. See, I’m not laughing. Can I get a better look?” Cassi dropped to her knees.

“Uh, okay, I guess.”

Cassi pulled SpongeBob down, baring Tam from stomach to ankle. His penis was short but thick. Cassi poked at it with her index finger and it visibly stiffened, getting bit longer but mostly wider. “You’ve got a fat one, haven’t you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never compared-“

Cassi moved her mouth closer and kissed the tip. Tam’s hips jerked forward, putting the head between Cassi’s lips. “Mmmmm.” Given the opportunity, she licked the fat little dick. A deep throat was unnecessary and maybe impossible, but her lips strained to surround the circumference.

“Oh man! If only Victoria had done this. Oh man!” Tam rocked back and forth, fucking Cassi’s face. His cock got longer, not huge, but perfectly acceptable as average, and then there was the width. Victoria would have been a lucky woman, if she’d hung in there. Without warning, he shouted something unintelligible and spunked in Cassi’s mouth.

She inhaled through her nose and swallowed, lest she choke on Tam’s load. “That was, well, unexpected.”

“I was too quick, wasn’t I? We were supposed to give each other pleasure, and I messed it up.” Tam plopped down on the seat, bare-assed.

Cassi sat next to him and held his hand in hers. “You didn’t do anything that any horny guy wouldn’t have done. It was my fault, for moving too fast. It’s just that, when I saw your cock, I had to suck it. It’s beautiful, you know that, right?”

“It is? Victoria didn’t think so.”

“Oh yes. And I’ve seen my share, so I can tell.” Cassi was pleased to have given Tam erenköy escort some positive strokes, even though she hadn’t been looking to deliver a quick blowjob with a wet ending.

“Can I do something for you? Please, it’s only fair.” Tam put his hand on Cassi’s leg, just above her knee.

Cassi squirmed. “That’s not necessary. I’m fine.” It wasn’t going to take much to get her excited. Hell, her panties were already wet from-

Tam slid his hand up between her legs. “Oh man! You came too!”

Cassi decided not to rectify his inaccurate conclusion. He was uncertain enough. “Yes, you got me hot.”

“I didn’t see or hear you do anything.” He hadn’t removed his hand from her crotch. She made a stealth rocking motion, so his fingers would press harder against her.

“I had a silent orgasm. Believe me, it was powerful.” Any more stimulation, and Cassi might well have had her own orgasm.

“So what do we do next?” Tam ran his index finger up and down Cassi’s damp slit, pushing her panties into the valley between her labia.

Cassi was of two minds. She was motivated to lay down and take Tam’s fat little cock in her needy pussy. She’d never had one as thick, and wondered how it would feel. On the other hand, her trip was supposed to allow her to get her act together, get a grip on her emotions and actions. Fucking this stranger was precisely the wrong thing to do, from that perspective. Cassi was about to tell Tam that their sexual adventure had come to an end when he put his hand on her chest. If his hand on her panties hadn’t gotten her excited, than the incidental contact of his hand across her nipples did the trick. “Oh God!”

Tam’s hand roamed her upper body. “Victoria has bigger tits than you do.”

“Tam! You were hurt when Victoria made fun of your penis by laughing. How do you think I feel, when you say something like that?” Cassi’s feelings weren’t really hurt, but he needed that lesson. His palm, pressed against her nipple, sent electric sparks to her pussy.

“I’m sorry. Really!” He resumed rubbing his hand across her chest.

Despite the shirt and tube top she wore in place of a bra, Cassi’s nipples responded to Tam’s touch. All pretense was lifted. She flung the two chairs into their lower bunk position and laid back. “You never got to examine Victoria’s vagina. Take a look at mine.” She flipped up her skirt. “You can take off my panties.”

Tam tugged Cassi’s panties over her hips and tossed them on the floor. His fingers grazed her bloated labia. “You’re really wet.”

“That’s so I could take that fat cock of yours.”

“Really? We’re going to really do it? Oh man!”

Cassi had said ‘could’, not ‘can.’ How would Tam react at a rejection at this point, being vulnerable, exposed and hard?

While she contemplated her decision, Tam kicked his pants completely off, spread her thighs and moved his erection in contact with Cassi’s groin area. “What do I do now?”

It was a done deal. Cassi was going to tutor Tam, all the way. “Work it in, but slowly. It’s going to stretch me.”

Tam pressed his cock against Cassi’s labia, but she was too small to accommodate his thickness. “It’s not working. Man, I’m such a failure.”

“Here, let me try. Lean in a little.”

Tam stayed close while Cassi wormed his cock first along one side and then along the other or her labia. Her pussy was wet enough and the opening barely wide enough to let Tam’s cock advance. He humped forward. “Slowly. I have to get used to it.” She reached down. Not only had Tam’s cock gotten fatter, but it was longer, too. It had grown another inch. Not as long as Dick’s or Rod’s but certainly a respectable length. Coupled with its girth, Tam was a good sexual catch for any woman. While they road the rails, Cassi was going to have the unique pleasure of riding Tam’s cock.

Tam was impatient. He pushed forward. “How am I doing?”

“Oh God. I’ve never been so stuffed.” Cassi wanted it all, but maybe not all at once.

The train’s rocking motion helped Tam drill deeper. “Are all women as tight as you?”

“Compared to your prick? They’ll all be tight. Can you slide in and out, but gently?”

“I’ll try.” Tam slithered his way deeper, and then backed out. “Oh man! This is so much better than masturbating!” His hips shook as he advanced and retreated.

Cassi laid back and enjoyed the feelings. His pace of assault was speeding up. She was so open that Tam’s cock rubbed across her clit with each pass. She held him close and wrapped her legs around his thighs. “Do it. Fuck me, you stud! Give it to me!”

Tam was breathing hard, and then straining to take each breath. He turned his head side-to-side and grabbed at his throat.

Cassi leaned over and fetched the inhaler from the floor, near Tam’s discarded pants. He pressed the button for a shot of medication, but the device sputtered. Red-faced, he climbed off and fumbled in his backpack. Cassi crossed her legs, trying to deny the itch that needed scratching. In profile, Tam’s cock bobbed as he tore through the backpack, searching for additional medication.

Unwilling to wait another moment, Cassi sat up, reached out with one arm and grabbed Tam. As she leaned back, Tam stumbled towards her, an inhaler in his hand. “Get back up here, now.”

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