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supervisorWhen I was 17 before i went to college i got a summer job with a refurbishment company which specialized in renovating old houses for the corporation.The group I was attached to was led by a guy in his fifties. On my first day he was very touchy feely with me and I had a constant hard on which was awkward as my panties were one size too small and were chaffing my bum crack all day.I ignored his advances as it was my first day but as time wore on I started to encourage him a little by bending over a little too much just in front of him as well as ensuring he caught a glimpse of my stocking clad legs as often as possible and of course coming out of the work shower each day knowing he wanted to get a view of my wet hole which more often than not he did and more or less became his prick tease for the summer.On one particular job we were painting a ceiling when he insisted on holding the ladder for me and of course his hands wandered up my legs inside my shorts and over my thong which at sahabet güvenilirmi the time was straining to contain my engorged cock.Later that day while I was up the ladder I spotted him stroking his manhood inside another room while watching me through the window above the door.I was happy to see that he too liked some lingerie as he was wearing cream colored seamed stockings .Not to be outdone I fished my cock from my panties and we began a jacking off duet.He was stroking his cock for all he was worth and as I came down the ladder he opened the door and asked if he could possibly taste my cock.Of course as soon as his hand touched my shaft my cock responded and a little precum seeped out at which point his tongue encircled my knob and and he started to boob his head up and down to the point I was about to explode.He sensed I was about to cream my panties and worked even harder to get me to blow and when I did he savored every thick drop of it licked his lips and thanked sahabet yeni giriş me.When the weekend came we all had to go to the paymaster who was in his sixties and about to retire.I lined up along with the others and when my turn came he asked me to step aside as there was a problem with my work and he needed to speak with my supervisor and me in private.Once inside his office he asked us what had happened on our last job and as I was about to make up a story he asked my supervisor had he been takin advantage of young cock again at which point I noticed his trousers were open and his cock was drooping out and starting to rise.It was a thick veiny one which was cut and had a lovely mushroom head on it.Quick as I could I got on my knees and got that big beautiful piece of meat between my lips and let it slide into my warm mouth.There was the taste of stale cum on his meat and this smell spured me on to take as much of him as possible into my mouth.Before I knew it my supervisor sahabet giriş had stripped and there he stood cock in hand stroking and stroking in heels,stockings,bra and full cut panties,with a cock ring in place he started to finger me and soon I was lubed enough to take the whole of him into my gaping wetness. Once inside he developed a rhythm and not long later I felt his head explode in my bum .They switched positions as i braced myself for the bigger cock my supervisor got underneath and started to suck on my balls . My paymasters big shaft entered me gently and each time he took a backward stroke my supervisor tongued the underside of his shaft for him.There we were, me with a cock up my arse a tongue alternating between my balls and wet wet pussy my supervisor was blowing cock and rimming and the old paymaster was ploughing the pussy of a young pantie boy with a gaped hole and it didnt take long before we all came and boy did my supervisor enjoy the cleaning up operation.For the rest of the summer I worked in the paymasters office every day. Most evenings i changed into a sexy secretary outfit get on my knees and he would lift up my skirt pull my panties down to my knees and slide that beautiful cock up my well fingered hole.it was a cum filled summer

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