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Surprise night visit and free sexAs I looked inside her drawer, my mouth fell open. It was well stocked with sex toys, dongs and Rabbits, butt plugs, gels and restraints.This was a girl, who to look at, butter would not melt in her mouth, but opening her drawer, showed she was a closet vamp.I reached in and withdrew the dong, encircling its rubbery shaft, and it had a good girth, and as I squeezed it, I felt my own pussy twinge.In her collection she had three rabbits, all different sizes and colours, two dongs, the one I just felt, and another, shorter in length, but even thicker, too thick for my comfort, six butt plugs, again all different sizes, an EROSCILLATOR OSCILLATING VIBRATOR, I capitalize this as I use one too, and boy does it rock and make me naughty, the Swedish dildo Lelo, another piece of fantastic machinery, for making the female pussy erect and willing, plus an arrange of restraints for the hands and ankles, adding another side to sex.As I looked I realised I was staying over at the home of a couple of sexually liberated people, and knowing my history, which she did, I began to wonder if was going to be included in their halkalı escort little sexual plays.I tried hard to remember if she knew about my liaison, with our pregnant friend who asked me to spend a night with her sexually frustrated husband, to soothe his tensions, and I was impregnated me in the process, as his sperm was pretty active in penetrating my own egg collection, but thankfully we have pills for that.In that instance, she was encouraged to try lovers, while he watched, and once she had a couple of trysts, he told her he wanted to try me, in return, so she was obliged to turn her friendship into seducing me to let her husband mount me, and I consented.Of course if this was the case, then we were turning into a wife swapping group, one where the husbands ask the wife and they arrange for their friends to come over and stay, and share their bed for free sex.As I sat through the evening I watched for the tell-tale signs in the conversation and innuendo, but nothing, so I was feeling a little left out and disappointed, as it had been building in me all night, and I realised I was getting into my friends husbands, but only on a istanbul escort consensual basis, but either way I was horny around them, and willing to go for a quickie, if they fancied it.We went to bed late or should I say, early in the morning, around 02:00am, and as I lay in the darkness, I could hear them having sex in the next room, and her moans, both indicated his possible size, judging her toy collection, and made me start to play with myself.I was still playing somewhat fruitlessly as my clitoris was suffering from the excesses of wine, so I finished, falling into a sleepy stupor, naked, sweaty, and frustrated.They had finished their fucking 20 minutes earlier.As I slept I felt him come into my room and slide into me, slowly fuck me, working his cock in circular movements as well as in and out, an almost thee dimensional fuck that works your pussy in all directions, finally releasing you and sending you to that higher plane of orgasmic bliss, and then the reality of him cumming and not wearing a condom, jolts you out of your dreamlike state, and I awoke, still alone in bed and feeling between my legs, confirmed to my horror that beylikdüzü escort the wetness was mine or his.I lay in the darkness wondering, did I just have sex or did I have wet dream. Dipping my finger into the fluid I tasted and I froze, it was sperm and he fucked me.I reached for my bag and swallowed the pill as the toilet flushed, so I jumped from bed and peered through the slightly open door and to my horror out walked their teenage son, naked and slightly erect, had he been the one, he was young but he was well endowed.The next day after breakfast I remarked to my friend I had saw him walking to his bedroom, surprised he was naked, trying to make out I nearly confronted him by accident.She retorted they had a problem with him doing that, as he was always walking in on her, sporting an erection, and her daughter had told her he came into her bed and tried to fuck her, so now he was on medication and she thought it was helping as he had stopped pestering them both.Then as if to confirm she said she was awake most of the night as her husbands snoring had kept her awake.I cringed when her son came into the kitchen and sat beside me, not because he sat close. but because he told me he was listening to me masturbate.I did not reply, accepting it was pointless, and told him I knew it was him.He smiled, and added, ‘ You were gagging for it, so I gave it to you’.

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