Taking Another Step


It had been nearly a week since the scintillating Saturday when my fiancée and I had the most incredible meeting of the minds about our sexual desires. Unfortunately, as the days crept forward from that fateful afternoon, I began to worry that those moments were an aberration rather than a sign of things to come. In the throes of passion, we had done a bit of internet browsing for the toys that would send our sex life to the next level. Much to my dismay, these items simply made it to the shopping cart. Was she waiting to regain her sexual courage or was she beginning to regret some of the statements that can be made when every nerve in Beşevler escort your body is aching for release from excruciating sexual tension? As the daily routine of work returned, I began to worry that the seed we had planted was going to die a quick and painful death. I knew I had to act, but I feared embarrassment if regret really was the feeling on her mind. Fortunately, when it comes to sex, it doesn’t exactly take much stimulation to place a guy back into the mindset of thinking with his other head. A slow morning at work and a quick digital trip back to the toy store was all I needed. As I stared Çankaya escort bayan at the selections, my mind raced. I made my picks, placed the order, and felt a wave of ecstasy rush over my body when I realized what was on its way. I only wished that I had expedited the shipping, but I suppose that a bit of patience and build-up isn’t always the worst thing. I was excited and incredibly nervous to tell my fiancée that I had pulled the trigger, but I knew I would have to wait for the right moment… maybe when my dick was sliding ever-so-sensually in and out of her soft pussy. Yeah… I didn’t have Escort Cebeci to wait that long. It didn’t take much convincing to tear into each other when we got home from work. Naturally, I had a massive amount of pent up energy from my earlier shopping excursion, but it also seemed like the events of the prior weekend may have been stirring her veracious side. With her legs wrapped around my back, squeezing my dick deeper and deeper inside her, I leaned in and whispered into her ear… “I ordered those things today.” “O really?” she managed, before exuding a loud moan. “Tell me what you bought.” “I ordered a blindfold” “Yeah,” she whispered. “And that whip and handcuffs.” “Ohhhh.” “And that vibrator that you liked.” “Uhhhhhhh, what else??” I hesitated for a second. “And I bought that strap-on.” “Mmmmmm, so I can fuck you?” I couldn’t even muster a response, just a few groans and an intense need to thrust faster into her dripping pussy.

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