Thanksgiving with my cousin


First I will tell you a little about myself. I was 22 years old and of course very horny at that age. I did not have a girlfriend at the time and was not sexually active so this made matters worse. I had just moved to Florida two years prior and found out that I actually have cousins that live there that I didn’t know about. I met my cousins the previous year for the first time at a family get together back in Illinois. I had heard from many family members that they were very beautiful girls, but I had no idea what I was in for. The first time that I met them I was in awe. Not only were my cousins beautiful but they had amazing bodies. Let me tell you a little about my cousins. They are actually not first cousins, but my first cousin’s daughters. The older of the two is 20 her name is Amber and the younger one is 16 named Courtney. Both are very well figured, Amber having D’s and the younger sister Courtney large C’s. The first day at the Erenköy escort family get together we became bored quickly. We ended up going to one of my friends houses to go swimming. Courtney decided that she was not going to swim but just hangout by the pool, and Amber quickly shed her clothes down to her bikini and jumped into the pool. The first time that I saw Amber in her bikini with her ass cheeks hanging out and breasts on the verge of busting out of the top, it was hard from me to contain my urges. I quickly followed behind her jumping into the pool in an effort to hide my now stiffening penis. We floated around for awhile and quickly started playing pool games. Nothing ever happened between us on this first meeting, however I could not get the picture of her perfect body out of my head for months. She would soon become a fantasy that I would attempt to bring to life. I kept in touch with her throughout içerenköy escort bayan the next several months, hinting to her that I so desperately wanted to explore her gorgeous body. Eventually we would begin discussing very personal matters together. She would tell me about things such as she had a vibrator that she used frequently. This only fueled the fire of my desire for her. I ended up just breaking down and telling her that I lusted for her and that I frequently thought about situations in which she could see me naked or vice versa. She was not really scared by this; however she didn’t think that it would be right for anything to happen between us. In an effort to not scare her off, I dropped the subject and acted as if I didn’t think about it anymore. A few months later I was invited to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I got to their house at around 3:00 p.m. after drinking quite Escort Tuzla a bit at a party prior to going to their house. I arrived just in time for dinner, and the first person to the door when I got there was Amber. She looked absolutely amazing. She wore a short pleated skirt and a low cut top. She threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. The only thing that I could focus on was the fact that her large breasts were pressed against me. I quickly tried to shake it off in fear of getting an erection. I walked into the kitchen and said hi to her family and we sat down to eat. Dinner went as expected, everyone just talking about what was going on in their lives and how we missed one another blah blah blah. I was sitting next to Amber at the table and it was difficult for me to concentrate on the conversation as her breasts were poking out so invitingly. I managed to keep my thoughts under control until the unthinkable happened. I was talking about something that had happened to me at work that was humorous and everyone started laughing. While everyone was laughing Amber casually patted me on the leg saying how funny it was. I thought that was normal, but when she didn’t remove her hand from my leg my self-control was now being lost.

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