The bad girls of the Document Section


The bad girls of the Document SectionI could not help thinking that there was more to life that I had up to now. Not that I really had reason to complain, I had money. Daddy was wealthy and I had a good job that even at thirty, paid well in exchange for discretion. Daddy had organised it with his employer Mr Callow. Callow Associates were security consultants of the more discreet type and not the kind that provided guard dogs. Of course, I cannot tell you moreI also had looks, or so I was told, but had always been a bit of a tomboy, it was as a result of having been brought up by Dad after my mother left us both. Even when he got a girlfriend it didn’t help; Erika was an ex-staff sergeant and not exactly girly. I think that subconsciously I modelled myself on Erika, the original action woman, she was a very kick-arse lady. What was nice was that after a few months as a simple administrator at Callow I was promoted to analysing and deciphering difficult documents in the newly formed document section. One didn’t ask how or from whom they came but the important thing that Erika was the manager in charge, so my step-mother was also my boss.Unsurprisingly I was also fit and had a toned body. No disabilities, physical or mental interfered with my enjoyment of life. You could reasonably say that I was vastly more fortunate than most. Like for instance that poor tart touting for business over there, outside Camden High St tube stationBut other people’s woes never detract from you own. What I wasn’t was feminine and for me that was a problem. The only blokes who went for me were the macho types I despised. Any reasonably respectful, pleasant young bloke avoided me like the plague. Now I am pretty decisive kind of gal so I resolved to do something about it. I had resolved to become rather more feminine, less off-putting. In fact, something a bit more like the tart, now she was attractive in an out there sort of way. Mind you, I didn’t envy her it was foul weather a mixture of icy rain, sleet and occasionally proper snow. A blood awful winter night for anyone. Poor cow, her blond hair was not looking its best and she was clearly freezing. Pretty girl though even I could see that just the kind of feminine creature I had decided I should try and resemble. Tall about my height, so five eight to five nine. Nice features under that make-up. Not giving any details away but one of the things I did was to study the results of face recognition software and decided if the app had it correct. I am good at recognising what a face really looks like. Loads of war paint crap aside she was definitely pretty.Then it occurred to me do something kind and get a chance to study her a bit more I had the inkling of an idea.“Slow night for business is it darling?” I said to her speaking like a pretty average Londoner, though in reality I normally speak with a posher accent, well middle class anyway.“What do you think, no mark is going pick me up standing out here with me tits freezing off.” They were quite substantial tits I now noticed, well unless she had an awfully lot on under that jacket which didn’t seem improbable.“Tell you what why don’t I buy you a coffee, I want one and at this time of night, having company seems a smart move.”“Oh fuck it why not, I have a better chance of a mark inside a café then out here. But he can bloody well wait until I finish it thanks.”Just round the corner was a little Italian cafe that was still open, and soon we were drinking huge cups of cappuccino and sharing a bowl of zabaglione which just appeared with the coffees. It was late and it wouldn’t be any good the next day the fatherly Italian guy said. Perhaps my new friend could get off with him.“Selena Farmer.”Hortense de la Merle, actually Tracy Blackbird but Hortense sound posher. Thanks, not many take pity on a working girl some of the homeless yes but not us street walkers. Mind you the poor buggers on the street need it more that I do, even if I do feel sorry for myself. Where did you get a name like Serena”?Interesting she thought it necessary to explain how she got Hortense but not the Merle. Clearly, she was making the assumption, correct as it happened, that I knew that merle was French for blackbird“My mother was a big fan of the Williams sisters my second name is Venus.”“Blimey.”“How did you end up doing what you do?““Got kicked out by my Dad for getting pregnant, then I lost the baby. I ended up on the streets but one of the other girls took me in. Can’t say I like it, but don’t have a choice.”“What if I was to give you a choice?“Like what.”“I am fairly sure I can persuade my boss to give you a job. You might still have to open your legs sometimes I suspect but that will be the exception not the rule.”“Who are you?”“Like I said Serena Venus Farmer. Blame my bloody mother for that. The bunch I work for do all sorts of things that are a bit James Bondish. I reckon a former tart could come in useful.”I was thinking this through, on the fly because what I was really after was getting this girl to come and stay with me so I could learn from her. Still Geoff Callow probably would find something, if only to give her a leg up and out of prostitution, he was a good guy that way.Anyway, we finished our coffee and left without the owner propositioning Tracy much to her disappointment. I had found out that her pimp could not care less about difficulties and she was going to get it in the neck for not earning. Also, she was too scared to take me up on my offer. I had a soft spot for this pimp, like Romney Marsh. I walked along with her to try and persuade her to change her mind. If I had been concentrating, I would have realised we were away from the main road in a tiny side street lined with garages and workshops. Very quiet and it was late, not a good place to be.“Hello darling, got any money for me then.” Tracy shrank back and answered quietly no. The bloke who asked the question, presumably the pimp wasn’t tall but he was heavily built. The no didn’t please him and he went from affable Cockney to Mr Angry in one second.“Stupid little cunt, why not. Well it’s not a total bust I’ll see if your friend can do any better. Want to work for me love?” The last was aimed at me and it should have scared me to the core. In an isolated place I could have a real problem getting away. It should have but it didn’t, for I am my father’s daughter, my step mothers as well for that matter. I had been taught a few tricks the Marquis of Queensbury would not have approved of. I saw him pulling a knife so I hit him, a vicious little rabbit punch underneath his upraised arm and straight into the k**neys. The result was a scream of rage and pain but it doubled him over. Scientifically I reduced him to a prone wreck and out of shear malice used the heel of my sensible boot to crush his ankle.My immediate reaction was to call the police but then I realised he hadn’t landed a blow on me. There was the knife but I had probably crippled the bastard quite possibly permanently. It could easily be argued I had used excessive force.“Come on Tracy lets leg it, before the fuzz turn up.” Seeing the screaming wreck on the pavement she saw my point and we ran for it. Around a couple of corners and back towards a busy street. I first called an Uber and next my Dad.“Dad I have been attacked by a pimp who wanted to add me to his stable. I might have refused a bit forcefully. The police might ask awkward question as to how he got some of his injuries.”“Where?” I told him with some help for Tracy. “Don’t worry he won’t be a problem, not ever.”I didn’t want to consider that last part because my Dad sounded very coldly calm. I knew full well that was because he was absolutely furious and keeping himself in check. I told him I was safe and getting an Uber home with a friend who had been with me.All went well, we got home safely and I installed Tracy in my spare bedroom. Home was a flat in Shoreditch. Both of us were too cold and two knackered to talk and fell into bed and were quickly out for the count.I was first up in the morning and put the kettle on for a cuppa. Whilst I waited for it to boil, I checked my email. One was from Dad all it said was ‘Sorted’. I really didn’t want to know what that meant. Tea made I took a cup in to Tracy. In bed she was starkers her tarts clothes neatly folded on the chair. No, it wasn’t umpteen layers of clothing she really did have big tits.“Have a cuppa Tracy. Now I think it’s might be a moot point but would you like to reconsider my offer about getting out of his clutches.”“I can hardly go back can I? No, I am free of him and thanks for that, but things are a little weird, as I don’t know what happens to me now. Wow you are one scary lady”“Sorry about that, I don’t like being threated,”“I will remember that. Do you really think I can get a job? From what you said last night it sounds more Mata Hari than James Bond. You know, seduce the enemy agent then pinch the plans whilst he is still cummin.”“Yuh I don’t know how much of that we do but our company is really not your average security company, pretty profitable though. I get a good wack. Now what sort of things can you do?”“Well apart from opening my legs I am quite good at make-up believe it or not I can do sophisticated as well as tart. Mum was a make-up artist and teaching me to follow on from her, not that good at school work other than French and Spanish somehow, I find them easy. Oh, and I am a pretty fair hacker. “Well whatever else Tracy was she was not a bimbo. Hacking takes a fair amount of brainpower. Now Callow Associates would not do anything of the sort, but you fight hackers with hackers. I explained to Dad and he chatted with Callow who said they would have to run a vet on Tracy which was fair enough. In the meantime, we had a more urgent problem in what was she going to wear. This proved easier that I thought because apart from bra size we were the same, same dress size same foot size. Tracy was not impressed with my wardrobe though.”Look I am glad I don’t need to advertise anymore but you go to the other extreme. Why your pretty and from your hair I would guess not a butch dyke.”As far as I was aware, I wasn’t any kind of dyke, though I was a bit curious about girls in that way. Well not butch anyway. My hair was the one bit of me that was girly quite long and slightly wavy though usually kept in a practical pony tail or bun though currently it was as nature intended. It was then that I explained why I had first talked to her apart form feeling sorry for her that is.“So, you want my help to become a more girly, girl. Do you want to be the girl next door or a sexy girl about town?”“I’m not totally sure but I think possibly both certainly a bit of sexy girl getting laid would be nice.” I realised that this might be a bit undiplomatic as being forced to be a prosi may have put her off men. I apologised, but she admitted she actually liked sex a lot but on her terms.“If we find a couple of blokes we fancy, you will enjoy it then.”“Yes, but we are not going to get anyone decent looking like this.”Tracy was wearing a pair of my baggy jeans, her own thick jumper and sensible ankle boots. I had to admit they were good gear for the weather but not in the least stylish. The sleet had overnight turned to snow which in London meant slush on the pavements.“There is no alternative, we will just have to go shopping. Whilst you were taking the bastard apart physically, I was doing the same to him financially.” She held up his wallet with a number of cards.“What is more I know the arrogant bastards pin, he so stupid he mutters the number under his breath when typing them in and uses the same one. What a tosser. I reckon I am owed a fair bit of back pay, don’t you? Let’s go shopping.”I did and we did. First of all, Tracy checked that the pin was the same on all of them by taking money out of a cash point then we went play. Christmas had been three weeks ago but it came again that year. The two of us came back laden. I didn’t have much choice in the selection but that was fair kaçak iddaa enough I had been proved not reliable.Then as it was Saturday night, then they went out on the razzle, dressed and made up by Tracy. Tight leather jeans, sequinned tops and high boots. The one sop to the fact it the weather was horrible was that the boots were low heeled. We had a blast and they were fending off the blokes hitting on us. Tracy had a way of dissuading unwanted attention she kissed me quite passionately. I knew what she was doing and why so returned the kiss a bit of enthusiasm and found It was quite pleasant. At least thinking us lezzers they left us alone though a couple of punk girls then tried their luck.When they got back to the flat and were getting rid of their coats Tracy looked at me with a quizzical look. I wondered what was going through her mind.“How much did you enjoy kissing me back there.” I went bright red but I answered honestly“I found I liked it quite a lot actually. I have never been sure until this evening whether I might be into girls but now I think I might be.”“Do you want to try some more then? I most definitely do by the way.”I was silent for a moment but I could feel myself getting damp. The idea really quite turned me on. But did I want to go with a bi-sexual girl? I quickly decided that I certainly wanted to at least find out so I quietly said OK. Tracy came over and kissed me again but this time after an initial tentative kiss she got more passionate. I was a little unsure if I was doing the right thing at first but then my body made it clear that I was.I felt hands undoing my sparkly top and instead of resisting I went to the fastenings of Tracy’s as well. It didn’t take us long to be topless. But then Tracy pulled back.“I want to get a look at you.” We pulled apart and stood back looking at each other’s bodies clad only in tight leather jeans and boots. If I looked as sexy as her then I would be pleased. We went into a clinch again and mashed our boobs against each other. This time the kisses were pretty torrid from the start. I soon learnt to copy her getting my tongue inside her mouth as much as she did in mine. We quickly stripped off and got in my bed. Tracy made me lay back and started to eat my pussy it felt good and I responded by playing with my tits. When I was nice and wet Tracy turned around a climbed on top of me. This must be what was called a sixty-nine. Tracy resumed eating me out at the same time lowering her own muff to within reach of my tongue. I quickly copied what was being dome to me though I did stop for a while when I climaxed. Having come down to earth, I resumed my ministrations and was rewarded with my new lover coming if not as violently as I had.Sunday morning, we rose late and neither of us bothered getting dressed. Though after sitting around a bit Tracy announced that her feet were cold and put her suede boots back on. This was a bit kinky but I quite liked it and my feet were a bit chilly so I did the same. We went in the internet and I found an email from my father saying that Tracy had an interview at Callow Associates. Then we did some on-line shopping, we ordered two dildoes, two vibrators, a double dildo and some lube. “I gather since you didn’t object to those purchases you liked last night’s games.”“Not half. they were great and that climax was quite something. I must admit I hope I can do the same for you before long.”“You will darling, lets go back to bed but first let’s go in the bathroom I am going to shave you. Pubes in the mouth are so not sexy.”That was the second part of my transformation my full and untamed bush succumbed first to scissor and then a razor until I had a hairless pussy. Suitably improved, she dragged me off to bed where I learnt about fingering. Tracy got four fingers in me but I only managed three in her, I was determined to do better because that promised to become a favourite. Feeling lazy we went out to get something to eat and found a nice little Turkish restaurant. Tracy tentatively paid with the pimp’s credit card it still worked so wherever he was he hadn’t cancelled them yet. So afterwards we were walking past a shoe shop and saw some very tall furry boots. The suede ones weren’t actually that warm. So out we came in fleece lined boots that went up to our knees. The only problem was they had some PVC boots and gloves. I quickly discovered that Tracy was a kinky bitch and like things like that. That explained why both of us had complete sets in black and also red, as well as corsets.That evening we modelled them me in red, her in black and then for the third time in twenty-four hours were screwed each other. From the climax she had this time I was getting better at it. Also, with the help of the shiny PVC four finger wasn’t a problem or that matter the entire hand that went inside me. I decided I really liked fistingMonday was boring back to work stuff. Callow Associates wasn’t a formal place so I wore jeans but for the first time smart, tight, designer jeans and the furry boots which as a sop to my practical attitude, had a very sensible soles on them. Tracy looked very respectable, business suit and sensible shoes. It was worth it because she got a job. Apparently having an administrator who could read the correspondence from the francophone and hispanic world was really quite useful. Tracy really did have a flair for languages. I was pleased when she was put in the documents section with me.Once we got back to the flat Tracy removed her business gear really quickly and pulled on some PVC leggings. I wasn’t going to change but she persuaded me to do the same and we decided to go down the pubThe plan had been a quick drink but we got chatting to a group of people who I knew slightly. You know the kind of people you say hi too because they hang out in the same places as you. They lived close by and thanks to Tracy’s outgoing nature what with me had been just acquaintance was promising to become firm friendship particularly two of the girls.Going back to the flat without thinking about we kissed and undressed each other and made love again. Lying back later we talked as we realised that without really thinking about it, we were settling down to a lesbian relationship.There were two questions did we want to go on? Secondly was Tracy going to find herself somewhere to live. She certainly couldn’t risk going back where she had lived before. Both of us looked a bit embarrassed.“I like blokes if I could only get one.”“Yuh, a nice regular type of boyfriend would be nice.”“The trouble is I like you and the more I do it the more I like shagging a chick.”“Do you? Well we can have it both ways how many blokes are going to refuse a threesome with two hot chicks.“I couldn’t disagree with that. It was that simple we would be a lezzy couple who would shag any man or woman we could get to join in together or separately. I just hoped that my father wouldn’t find out what a naughty girl I was becoming. To celebrate our decision Tracy introduced me to tribbing, which I found a fun addition to my repertoire.If the next day was boring the next evening was interesting as the package from the adult store arrived. Tracy persuaded me to wear the kinky PVC stuff on and then once we had eaten, we spent the evening playing. I particularly like the double dildo it as even better than tribbing. Eventually we fell asleep still wearing the PVC gloves and boots.We went shopping again that night not near home as we wanted to spread our depredations around. We got some pretty corsets and then spotted some awesome boots in an expensive store. They were seven hundred quid and we were nervous if the credit cards could take it. Apparently, they could. These boots went right up to our arses. Going to the pub we were a bit disappointed that none of our friends were there that night but we were sitting having a drink quite happily when a single guy sitting at the bar asked me if I worked at Callow. Looking at him he seemed quite all right, so I admitted that I did. Actually, I thought I recognised him as well.After introductions, his name was Stuart as it happened, we asked him to join us. Now our decision may have been influenced by the fact that he was six foot, had the kind of figure that suggest a liking for serious exercise, in his case rowing, and an attractive face. Or to put it another way he was hot. The animated way that Tracy was talking to him made it clear that she agreed with my assessment.Of course, Stuart wouldn’t say what he did for Callow exactly other than to say he kept people safe. We got the idea and didn’t ask further though what we did do was take him back to the flat with us and try out our threesome idea. As expected, he was very enthusiastic. If anyone noticed that the three of us turned up at work together the next day they didn’t comment.On Friday we showed off our new uber-high boots to our friends and Lily admitted she really liked such things. Now Lily was one of the unattached girls as our friends were two couples and two girls on their own, the other singleton being Masha, a Russian girl.The next day Tracy and I were going up the West End, we invited Lily to join us. The plan was to do some more shopping and for me to have my hair done by a decent salon. As she put it, now she had me dressed properly it was time to work on the rest. The three of us had lunch and then I went in the salon and they went off shopping. They picked me up later and two things had changed. I had changed from a boring shade of brunette with vague waves in my hair to a gorgeous dark blond whose wavy hair swirled around my shoulders. Secondly Lily now had on black PVC leggings and a pair of the same outrageous boots as us. Tracy had changed her jeans for leggings too. Now I had my boots on as well but under a knee length skirt but by the time we went in the club I was in kinky wet-look leggings as the other two.It was like a repeat of that first night out together but with three of us and it had a similar result. I woke up between two girls this time. What a bad girl I was becoming and oh girl was I enjoying myself.Dad was in the office the next Monday so I had a chance to find out what had happened to the pimp I had beaten up. Apparently, he had been picked up and taken to a private hospital where he was treated. Then whilst still woozy from the painkillers he was shipped off to a clinic in Tblisi to recuperate. A six-week stay had been paid for and then he was on his own. I had to look up where Tblisi was apparently it’s the capital of Armenia.Having spent the night with us Lily felt comfortable enough that she admitted that her and Masha were as she put it, friends with benefits. I had never been sure the exact meaning of this phrase but for them it meant they often slept together but didn’t consider themselves in an exclusive relationship. Lily asked if we minded her mentioning our little night of fun to Masha which we didn’t in the least.The result was that the next weekend it was four girls going out together in fairly kinky gear to a club that catered for lesbians, gays and people most of whom had a serious clothing fetish. I had acquired a red sun-ray pleated mini skirt and crop top made of PVC to go with my boot and gloves. The others were also in PVC or leather.It was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life because everyone was so friendly and affectionate even the guys who really didn’t want to touch a girl. Masha knew a lot of the members and I soon realised we wouldn’t have got in but for her as it was a very private club. As much exclusively for members and their guests as any in St James.Inevitably we ended up together at my flat which was nearest and biggest. We were pretty knackered so little happened that night. Tracy and I in one bed, Lily and Masha in the other. I had double beds in both bedrooms, on the principal there was then room and it allowed me to put up a couple. At the time I hadn’t envisaged that the first time it happened it would be a couple of girls.I went to see if the other two were awake kaçak bahis whilst Tracy made the coffee. The door had was open probably due to Taz my Norwegian Forest cat being nosy. The two girls were awake and screwing the life out of each other. Well by this time I was comfortable with girls doing it together “Coffee” I called and without breaking stroke Masha gave me a thumbs up where as Lily managed a mumbled please. I went to the kitchen and told Tracy who asked if she should go to the bakery and get pastries. One of the advantages of the area was a bakery with an on-site shop that sold fresh baked bread and pastries seven days a week. Not only were they fresh they were also really good.Tracy pulled on a pair of boots then grabbed her new long fleecy coat and put it on with nothing else. The naughty cow was naked underneath the coat. It made me damp feeling about it. I took the coffee through in a thermos pot. I was planning to go and get plates when they grabbed me and off came my tee-shirt. When Tracy came back, she saw the three of us hung up her coat and joined in. Even in the thermos jug the coffee was lukewarm when we drank it. None of us had anything planned that day so the four of us stayed in bed. I learnt a lot because whilst Tracy had fun with girls Masha was really keen on girls, at least as much as men. A very bad girl was our Masha, part way through the morning she got her kinky boots and gloves on again and soon persuaded Lily to join her. Well Tracy had never had a chance to take hers off after the foray to the bakery. Well what could I do? I got mine and since the others had gloves got both of ours.Four kinky PVC tarts together. I was definitely getting into the PVC, leather, rubber stuff. At least in the way it had been done at Masha’s club.Seeing how useful a speaker of Spanish and French was I thought I would ask Dad about a fluent Russian speaker. Working for Callow had to be better than a job in a supermarket for heaven’s sake this girl had a masters degree. The answer subject to some fairly detailed vetting yes please. I gained agreement and the vetting went ahead. I received a call from Erika, my step-mum in her role as my boss.“You have interesting friends. Now are there any more you want Geoff to take on.”“Well there is the fourth one of our quartet and it would be cool if she could join us but I cannot see her having any talents we could use. At the moment she works as a clerk in a hospital pharmacy.”“Hmm what her name. Hospital pharmacy you say that means she has to read doctors scrawl. I have an idea. In the meantime, tell your Russian friend she can have an interview if she’s interested and see what the other girl feels about us. At this stage just say you will try and swing it without promises.”I did and both were delighted with the idea of joining Callow. The long and short of it was that they not only joined Callow but my department. Examining and processing documents that were not how shall we say, accessible. An example was that Masha on her first day was trying to understand this strange document that appeared to be in this weird code. Masha struggled with it for a while and then yelled out loud. This isn’t encoded this is just illiterate Russian, the idiot writer can’t even speak his own language. That made every one present laugh.With Lily they tried some practical testing to see if she would be of use by giving her a medieval document that the British Library was trying to decipher. It wasn’t easy but she did a good job and thus got a good job and the British Library a free translation. On fact a fair amount of her work turned out to be academic rather than security related. Geoff Callow had friends at the library who he was only to happy to help out.Considering the way things were going I thought that I should formerly introduce Tracy to my father so we decided that we would go out for a meal. What pleased me was that Dad said that he would pay for both of us.I had kept Tracy’s former occupation from Erika or so I thought. What I had forgotten is that everyone who works at Callow Associates is vetted and pretty thoroughly. They both knew the truth with precision. I quickly reviewed if I had lied to either of them at all, but found that whilst I might have presented the facts in a way that was misleading none of it was untrue.I quickly got confirmation when Dad complemented me on having done exactly that. Rather than being mad with me, he was proud of my achievement.As for Tracy he was really nice and they got on well together. My father, can be a charming old bugger when he wants to be and that night he clearly wanted to. I was a little surprised at the total lack of disapproval as I had always assumed that he was rather conservative in that way.More and more the four of us were becoming a close-knit little gang. Quite often after work we would go back to my flat for a meal and a shag. I don’t know at what stage I had become a dyke but I was one now. Living with another woman and screwing with our friends who were becoming a couple. Not that we didn’t meet up with our other friends down the pub and quite often go off for a nice little orgy but the four of us were at it quite a lot more than with the otherWe worked out some fun thing that four girls could do together. Two couples using a double dildo each lying side by side and kissing one of the other pair. The same but for tribbing. Fairly conventionally daisy chains but forming a square so each of us had a pussy to eat.It was about this stage that we decided that the four of us sharing an apartment on a permanent basis was a good idea. I found this place between the club and our favourite bakery. It was the whole top floor of a converted tea-packing building, with office space below and shops on the ground floor. It was costly but with four salaries and the raided bank account of our friend from Tblisi we were nearly there. Then old man Callow bought the freehold of the building and offered subsidised rent if he could use it as a sort of safe house. What is more the office space was going to be used by Callow Associates to house the documents section. Apparently, they were expanding and need extra space and this was a convenient way of getting it. I strongly suspected that there were reasons over and beyond those we had been told about.The apartment was lovely, being a large light an airy with roof windows. Four bedrooms and a couple of bathroom around one side with the rest one big space and I do mean big. Dad even persuaded Geoff Callow to lets me alter the building so Taz had his own cat flap that let him onto our roof terrace.Now I said Masha was a bit kinky about PVC, latex, leather etc. Well it was rapidly rubbing off on the rest of us we were all beginning to enjoy it. I was not sure if I was any more feminine but I was certainly a lot more adventurous. Visit to the friendly fetish club were frequent and now all four of us were members. Now don’t get the idea that I had given up men I hadn’t and neither had the others. We got to go to some pretty cool parties most of which ended up as orgies. Take the one at Nigel’s place, it was out in Hampstead and we weren’t the only kinky bitches. One girl was wrapped in cling film leaving open holes at the holes that could be fucked. Lily kinky cow was buggering the girl with a strap on. Another couple were covered in chocolate body paint and were literally eating each other. I thought that was one for us to try ourselves.I saw Masha and Tracy both in nothing but boots and gloves each bouncing up and down as they were being buggered reverse cowgirl by two blokes sitting on a sofa. It was a three-seater and I had been using a butt plug increasing the size of my anus. Now seemed the time to try out how well it worked. I spotted a bloke who I had been chatting to earlier “Fancy us, joining that lot on the sofa and you buggering me as well?”Well he did and I found out that I liked anal quite a lot. Later on, that evening Tracy and Masha put on strap-ons and buggered Lily and I as we writhed on a double dildo. That one became a favourite for all of us.The new office was set up and we realised what old man Callow was up to. Security not surprisingly had always been tight but our new set-up was considerably more so. The entrance to our flat and the office was via a very discreet door that was electronically opened. It only swung outwards and you could not get as much as a sheet of paper in at the edges. It was also solid steel under the wood veneer. It was also remarkably discreet. You would never pay much attention to it as you passed by on the street outside.From the street door a flight of stairs led up to the offices which were also very well secured and then another flight to our apartment. The original door was removed and the same solid type of door installed. When closed large bolts went across and deep into the door frameJust for good measure we had an internal spiral staircase from the apartment to the office. Erika explained that from now on we would be able to deal with some very sensitive documents that other may want to get back. It would only ever be the seven of us ever in there.The place was a discreet fortress that would resist attack for more than long enough for help to arrive. This was central London for Pete’s sake anything serious enough to breach our defences was going to attract attention pretty quickly.We were glad of this because our friend from Tblisi came asking for his money back. We just sat in the apartment watching on the CCTV whilst the police came and arrested him. His attempts to use a sledge hammer on the front door just damaged the woodwork.The lovely thing was that we weren’t involved he was attacking the property and Tracy didn’t come into it. Presumably he had ranted at the police about his complaints about us but they were not taking seriously. I later found out that he had been sectioned under the mental health act. Serve the bastard right.It was only after we had been their three months, we discovered what sort of man we worked for. Erika asked if she could go to our club and bring a friend. By then we weren’t surprised she knew about the club, though we were that she wanted to take someone there.That friend turned out to be Olivia Callow who fitted in just fine in a latex mini dress and boots. What was scary was Erika, red PVC boots and gloves and a pretty pink latex dress, a transparent pretty pink latex dress. When we got back to the flat both of them stayed the night and quite without a qualm joined in our jolly little orgy.I really got to like Olivia she came over as a rather refined and shy upper middle-class girl. Just what you would expect of a colonel’s daughter and then did anything and everything naughty with unashamed glee, including fucking Erika up the arse and when she had finished did the same for me. There were two more member of our department and having discovered that Erika was not above either a bit of kink or girl sex we decided to try and corrupt them. Clare was a typical Londoner whereas Bridget was another girl like Olivia, very well spoken and apparently quite conservative in her attitudesA concerted campaign of sounding the pair of them out determined that both had tried a bit of experimentation and liked the idea of some daring clothing. Knowing that we were not going to make them feel uncomfortable we started to dress outrageously for work. Stiletto heeled PVC boots are not your usual office dress but that is what Masha was wearing on the Monday. Tracy was wearing leather jeans and white leather boots. The next day all four of us were wearing vinyl boots. On Wednesday after Masha’s performance they both came in dressed fairly normally in jeans, but once in the office took off their street shoes and put on kinky boots of their ownClare and Bridget were not so slowly brought round to our way of thinking and becoming as adventurous as us. They had to be more careful as they had to get to the office by public transport rather than just come downstairs but that just meant covering illegal bahis up or changing at work. After a couple of weeks Erika announced a dress up not down Friday.“Right I am fairly sure that you two are not very shockable but will you confirm for the record that your comfortable if on Friday anything however outrageous is acceptable to you? Before you say yes, I would mention that the four who live upstairs can be pretty kinky, actually so can I.”They not only agree but were clearly rather excited about it. So what did we all wear on Dress Up Friday? Well I was in that pleated PVC mini-skirt, my sky high boots with a tiny top that just about covered my boobs, Tracy had on a leather jumpsuit in black with white boots and gloves. Lily was similarly dressed but white catsuit and black boots. But it was Masha who was utterly outrageous black PVC gloves and boot right up to her crutch and top of the arms and a PVC cat suit that was totally see through. I practically came just looking at her she was so sexy.Then Erika arrived and took off her coat to show tall black leather boots and with matching mini skirt. Now how you expect to see your father’s other half or your boss for that matter at nine in the morning. As for on top she was wearing a sheer body stocking. The other two arrived together and came up took a look round and removed their coats. Clare was wearing wet look leggings and suede thigh boots. Bridget however had on boots but a fairly normal knitted dress that came down to below her knees. Bridget looked around at us all and did not look in the least surprised or concerned. Instead she reached down to the hem of the dress and pulled it up and over her head. Underneath she had a skimpy top and the tiniest leather hot pants I had ever seen. Then she fished in her bag and pulled out some long leather gloves which she put on in a fashion that would have done a stripper proud. As she was doing this Tracy and Lily were pulling down the zips of their jump suits to show off their tits.“Serena shall we lose our tops as we seem to be overdressed.” I agreed and we did.Dressed like this we worked a normal working day even if we played with ourselves and each other a little bit well quite a lot Erika included. I wondered if Dad knew what a raunchy creature he was living with. I had a strong suspicion that he did and liked it. Well I knew where I got my naughty side from.Dad was in London that weekend so Erika went off home whilst making no effort to change how she was dressed. The rest of us wanted to go out and enjoy ourselves, Clare and Bridget included. Well as far as we were concerned that only meant one place, our kink club. All of us had such a good time that we went back on Saturday night with the intervening time being spent on ensuring that we hadn’t missed anything in our efforts to corrupt our new recruits. Whilst Clare and Bridget didn’t move in with us as well, they didn’t go to their own homes a lot of the time. Also, when Dad was away which was quite a lot so Erika got in the habit of staying with us. Well apart from being fun it was also convenient for the office! By this time a lot of our office attire was on the borderline of outrageous and the wrong side of the border at that.We were having immense fun and thoroughly enjoyed that we had out little private office with just the seven of us. I personally thought the security a bit over the top but it did mean that we had total privacy. Now if this sound as though we didn’t work hard then nothing could be further from the truth as we did and if something was urgent, we were well placed to keep going until it was complete. Erika had me working hard at identifying a number of people picked up by face recognition camera. Clearly there was a lot of co-operation with the official security agencies. Erika also spent a lot of time away from the office. I got the distinct impression that her being our manager was a cover for another more secretive job.Stuart gave us a call and asked if any of us were up for a party. Now he only knew about four of us naughty tarts and was delighted to find there were six of us.“Hey that is really quite brilliant because I have four mates with me back in England for the week. If we find a fifth do you fancy a party.”“You bring the booze and the blokes and we will get in the food. Our bodies are already here.”“That seems like a plan see you later.”It was at this point that we discovered that Bridget might be quieter and more ladylike than most of us but she was also more inventive. For as we were putting together and impromptu buffer mostly thanks to the local chicken and pizza place plus a trip down the supermarket. “I have an idea is everyone willing to sacrifice a pair of leggings”When the men arrived, I had warned them to buzz and we would let them in. When they got up to the second floor, they were met by the site of six women dressed as if for any normal club, well one of the wilder ones anyway except for one thing. The crutch and bum of the leggings had been removed by a pair of scissors. Why we had bothered with the tops I don’t know because all of us lost them very quickly but even though we only knew one of them men the subsequent orgy was quite fun and relaxed. It was strange but the clear indication that we were all prepared to sleep with them with no seduction necessary made it more fun. It was one very wild orgy and all involved had a rip-roaring time.I was of course wrong about our security being over the top. That level of security was absolutely needed as was very soon proved.One afternoon quite late I got a call from Erika telling me to cancel all her pass code and to watch the CCTV and let her in the moment she got to the door. From the fear in this normally fearless woman’s voice I knew something was very seriously wrong. I got Masha on the codes as I watched the cameras. I saw Erika running full tilt down the street and with two men close behind her. the fact that they didn’t care who saw this scene was worrying.I pressed the door open button as she approached and she shot through. I immediately pressed the emergency close button that keeps going whatever is caught in it. One of the thugs narrowly avoided losing an arm as the motor was that powerful. The other thug tried to body slam it open again, but discovered that really didn’t work against a quarter ton of solid steel. Once fully closed, I used the secure command and the bolts slammed across. Erika was up the stairs and threw a flash pen at me. “Get what we can from this. Masha can read the documents and you start looking for the man in this photo on these visa applications. Tracy scan all the CCTV we have. I am getting on to special branch.”The two thugs tried very hard to get in but discovered that our fire escape really was accessible only from the inside. One of them tried hot wiring and pick-up truck Macha said they were thinking of using it as a battering ram. I thought it was a good job that the doors at the top of the stairs were as robust as the ones at the bottom. In any case they didn’t have a chance as there was the sound of blues and twos as the local force arrived. They ducked behind their vehicle as idiot one pulled a gun, however it wasn’t very long before an armed response unit arrived. They knew the game was up and other police units were backing up those already there so they surrendered and were taken into custody.That didn’t mean the excitement was over. Whilst the area around the office was closed as a crime scene, we worked on the documents Erika had risked her life to secure. Tracy somehow hacked the passwords and managed to access and gave the documents for Masha to translate as pretty much all of it was in Cyrillic.It took longer for me to find the person whose photo we had on the visa applications he was disguised but it confirmed that he had made an application to visit Lotus Island. Erika called Geoffrey Callow immediately.“What we feared looks like being correct, this is the one they are sending I hope he isn’t already there.”“I will find out. Ring back when I know more.”It was a nervous couple of hours as what the documents revealed was a complete plan to assassinate as many of a group of people as possible. The primary targets Geoffrey Callow and Victoria McAllister. Secondary targets any member of Callow’s family including Olivia as well as the board and senior management of Lotus Island Company. If anyone else got in the way they were to be shot as well it was clear that additional casualties were viewed as a bonus. Not only were they trying to destroy Callow and Lotus Island but send a message by the atrocity involving maximum v******e.The assassin was to use a dart gun which injected a slow action poison that caused increasing confusion and paralysis and eventually death. The confusion was almost immediate, the paralysis within hours. Without knowing the exact nature of the toxin and having readily available the antidote death was inevitable in one to two days. The gun had a magazine with sixty darts and could easily be replaced. The documents had full specs of the evil device.It was a horrible idea and it could have worked if they had been unaware. It could still work if the assassin got to the island. Fortunately, he didn’t as he was picked up at Heathrow customs and made the mistake of trying to draw the plastic dart gun that didn’t show up on the scanners. Then he made the even bigger mistake of trying to aim at one of the officers whose mate thought that warranted deadly force. The vessel that was to have taken him off was picked up by the Jamaican Defence force. Various police forces across Europe picked up other conspirators including those that Erika had infiltrated to get the plan.Whilst the clean-up and securing were going on, we in the documents section decided to stay safe inside and since we were bored played. Dildoes, strap-ons vibrators you name it we used it. It was all a bit frenzied adrenalin does that for you. Of course, we knackered ourselves out and fell asleep in a puddle. It was in that state that Dad found us after we had failed to answer the phones. The amount of booze we had drunk probably had a hand in that bit.The reward for our efforts was that all of us got to go on holiday on Lotus Island. The Caribbean after putting up with an English winter! The trip was incredible a private jet flew over and picked us up. Us girls were accommodated in a three bed-roomed bungalow us they expected us to be two per bed. Whilst Dad and Erika stayed with Mr Callow or Geoff as I now called him. The first evening we were invited to a private party put on at Lady Victoria’s fabulous villa. It was a very exclusive party just us and the people who had been on that list.Our hostess was an elegant lady with a very refined Scottish accent who was the legendary Lady Victoria McAllister or Vicky as she insisted in calling herself. All of us were glad that Olivia had ensured that we were dressed appropriately for the occasion. Long evening dresses that were very revealing and really high boots. A bit like the club but less PVC and leather and more style.The food and drink were out of this world. I had been to a few good restaurants but nothing like this. Wines whose named I knew but had never actually tasted before. Heavens knows what some of the stuff I was eating but it looked incredible and tasted even better. I met Olivia’s mother and grandmother who were even posher and apparently just as outrageous in their tastes. I lost count how many times I was thanked for helping save everyone’s life. Once the party was really going Vicky gave a short speech at the end of which she proposed a toast.“The Lotus Island Company and Callow Associates had been seriously upsetting some very nasty and powerful people. The whole thing recently has been an attempt to stop us ever doing it again. Thanks to Erika and her girls they have been stopped. Erika and the Girls of the Document Section”I don’t think anyone was under the illusion that those behind the conspiracy were not still out their merely being inconvenienced by our foiling of the assignation. They may well try to have another go but for tonight we enjoyed ourselves and for that the bad girls of the documents section were in the right place.

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