The Mile High Club


Tugging on my hand Joe pulled me into the small bathroom cubicle. “Joe..the family, they’re right out there!” I whisper as he pulled me.“Chill babe, they’re asleep, and god..I need you,” he whispered back huskily. Pushing the door open with one hand, he connected our lips together in a needy kiss. Releasing my lips he kissed a trail down my neck, sucking lightly at the hollow of my neck before moving further down, coming to kneel in front of me. He lifted my right leg, kissing the inside of my ankle, making a trail up my leg. He teasingly kissed the thin material of my underwear before turning and lifting my left ankle and repeating his actions. I tugged on his hair lightly, making him stand and capture my lips in another kiss, his hands moving to my hips, under the material of my dress. He hooked his fingers under the waist band of my underwear, teasingly running his fingers over the sensitive skin of my lower abdomen. “Mmm, Joe,” I moaned as his hand dipped lower, slowly running his fingers over my heating folds. etimesgut escort “How do you want to do it baby,” he asked as his finger circled my swollen bundle of nerves, making me whimper. “I-I,” I stuttered as he added pressure, making my head spin as my grip in his hair tightened, his tongue running over the skin just below my ear. “Tell me,” he whispered huskily in my ear, sending yet another shock through me. “I want to be on top,” I stumbled over my words as he slowly inserted one finger inside me.  I felt him smirk against my skin as he added another finger, moving them in and out of my at a unbearably slow pace, “mmm, you wanna ride my dick?” he asked, his words sending another chill down my spine. He had never talked dirty before and I was finding it really hot. I nodded, biting my lip to hold in the moan that was begging to rip free from my throat as his fingers picked up the pace. He pulled his fingers out of me abruptly, making me whimper at the loss. He pulled back eryaman escort and smirked down at me, capturing my lips in a kiss as he lifted my legs, wrapping them around his waist and picking me up.  My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, kissing a trail down his jaw as the took the few steps to the toilet, “Your wish is my command,” he whispered as he sat down on the closed seat, loosening the grip my legs had on his waist. I pulled back, resting my hands on his shoulders as I looked down at him, “Off,” I nodded to his boxers before kissing him once again, lifting myself so he could tug his boxers off, kicking them away from him once they were on the floor. He quickly made work of my underwear, slipping his hands under my dress and pulling the material down, letting it fall the rest of the way off before I straddled his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck, smirking at him as I rocked my hips against his, making the tip of his erect member brush against me teasingly, sincan escort eliciting a low grown from him. He lifted my dress once again, tugging the material over my head, leaving me completely bare. “I need you baby,” he breathed as he kissed down my neck, bucking his hips up into mine as his right hand came to cup my left breast. I rested my forehead against his as my hand trailed down from his shoulder to grasp his throbbing erection, pumping my hand up and down a few times, earning another low groan from him. His grip on my hips tightened as I positioned myself over him, locking my eyes with his. “I love you,” I breathed as I slowly slid myself down on him, feeling him fill me.  My breath hitched in my throat at the feel of him being inside of me once again; it had been a few weeks. Once he was completely inside me, I stilled, savoring in the feeling before I slowly raised myself, only to lower back down just as slowly. My grip on his shoulders tightened as I closed my eyes, completely immersing myself in the way he felt moving in and out of me. “H-how does it feel,” I breathed as I rocked my hips against his.“Amazing,” he half moaned half gasped as I lifted myself up once again. I set a slow steady pace, no longer worried about his family catching us or finding out that we were in here together.

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