The Princesses


“Why did you do it?”“Are you ashamed?The questions came at us like machine gun fire. My sister and I covered our faces from the flashes and cameras pushed into our faces and the microphones. We made it to the limousine that was waiting for us and the last thing I heard while waiting for my sister to get in was a reporter saying, “We are here at the courthouse where twin Princesses Hanna and Petra have been exonerated from having sex in public.”The words cut into me, it wasn’t just sex it had been an amazing experience that I wished all women to have. Petra sat quietly in the far corner of the car. She looked vacantly out the window while nibbling on her nails.“You okay?” Magosa Escort I asked.She slowly turned to me. “Okay? What do you think? We have gone from the world’s darlings to the worlds sluts. It doesn’t matter that we were exonerated, we are fucked, excuse the pun.”I smiled. “True, but at seventeen we have an entire life to show the world that we are not sluts.”She looked at me over the rim of her round glasses. “Really, do you want to go there? We are sluts, you know it, I know it and half the staff at the castle knows it.”She did have a point there. Ever since our sexuality had awoken we had used the male staff for our pleasure, Kıbrıs Escort sometimes even having them watch us as we licked each other or fucked our tight pussies with large dildos. I guess it was a benefit being the daughters of a cruel king, no one dared to fuck with us in our own home. But, now the truth had come out and we had to face Daddy when we got home. He and our mother had refused to support us in court.“What do you think Daddy will do?” I asked her.She scoffed. “What he usually does, take away our cars, credit cards and ground us for a month.”“Nothing more serious?”“Doubt it, after all, we are his little princesses and Lefkoşa Escort he adores us.”“You got a point there. Anyway, it was totally worth it. Licking you out on the beach while people were filming us, what a fucking rush!”Petra giggled and squeezed my hand. “Yeah, totally awesome.”The castle came into view and as we drove up the tree lined lane leading up to it, I prayed that Daddy would be as lenient as Petra thought. After all, we had been very naughty over the last few years and a father can only take so much.We got out and the valet opened the large double doors for us and we entered the marble floored entrance hall with the giant oil paintings of long gone ancestors. Wolves, bears, deer and even a tiger stood still around us, proof of our family’s interest in hunting.“Hanna, Petra, come into my study,” our father roared from the staircase above us. We lowered our heads and hurried up the stairs holding the hems of our dresses in our hands.

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