The Urge


I often get the urge for sexDon’t care too much for boysThey’re far too quick to put it inI much prefer my toys My friends are mostly girlies tooLike every other ladyWhile lying on there beds at nightIndulge in pastimes shady Once you get that naughty urgeThat etlik escort ladies might acquireTo undertake a missionTo satisfy desire The moment that you feel the urgeYou seek out hidden treasureSaliva on your fingertipWill keçiören escort much increase your pleasure That very special momentWhen your lower lips unfurlSpreading all your wetnessAs you search the hidden pearl Just kızılay escort close your eyes and concentrateOn love and lust so needyWarm feelings washing over youYour fingers now are speedy Oh my god it feels so goodThe pearl is swelling fastNow there is no turning backUntil the urge has passed I can’t describe the way it feelsWhen ecstasy has flourishedAll that I can tell you isYou know your pearl’s been polished So if you feel the urge my friendBe sure to take the chanceLift your knees and part your thighsFor nature’s sensual dance

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