Thick: The Legend of the P.A.W.G. (Part 3)


It was a few months after TwerkFest, and Brooke was back at work at her job. The usual things happened at her job. The male gaze. She flaunted it a bit more, even though she and Mark were somewhat a thing. Her usual customers even returned. She looked at the four that showed up at TwerkFest in South Padre that day. She saw their distinct faces.“What’s up, Brooke?” Jaden said.“Or should we say, Miss New Booty?” Kevin replied, with a smirk.Brooke smiled and shushed them.“How you doing, Kevin? I missed you. Y’all ready for orders yet?”“You know what? Yeah. Four beers,” Kevin said.“Okay.”Brooke knew as they ordered, they were hypnotized. From her distinct voice, to her soft skin, to her pretty eyes. As they gazed at her, she could tell they wanted her. They wanted a woman. A real one. And they knew that. Other men in the bar wanted to take advantage of that.“Okay, so ten-piece for you, burger with no pickles for you, and two eight-piece orders, one with barbecue sauce, one with hot sauce,” Brooke said.They all nodded.“Be right back, sweethearts.”She sashayed away. She knew right away that they were looking. Men marveled at her buxom beauty. But at the same time, while she flaunted her beauty, she also heard catcalls. They were getting to her. She didn’t want to be just a hottie with a body. Then Mark came to her. One of the only men who knew her in the biblical sense.“Yo, Brooke. almanbahis şikayet This chick wants you at table ten,” He said.“What chick?”“Her.”Brooke spotted her waving sweetly.“What do you think she wants?” Brooke said.“The hell if I know. You think it has to do with…”“Nah, that was months ago. And I spent that prize money already,” she said.“I’d see what she wants.”“All right,” She shrugged and walked to her table.Brooke noticed her looks and her demeanor. She was a pretty girl. She had freshly glossed lips and very buxom breasts. She was also a short girl as well. Brooke had an innate ability to spot a woman’s curves. Brooke spotted her protruding hips at one of the booths. It made her body quite picturesque.“Can I help you?” Brooke said.“Yes, actually… I’m a big fan of yours, Brooke. Or should I say ’Miss New Booty?’ Cute nickname,” the woman said, checking Brooke out head to toe.Brooke was confused now. Was she hitting on her? Or did she have a different agenda?“Okay, I have questions. How do you know my name?” Brooke said.“I sincerely apologize, Brooke. My name is Lexi. My boss sent me. You might recognize this number. You’re quite the sensation on the Internet after TwerkFest,” Lexi said.“Am I? How?” Brooke looked at the card she gave her. It was the same number that she got a few months ago from the supposed “model agency.”Lexi then professed:“Ha. You’re almanbahis canlı casino cute. You’re on WorldStar, YouTube, all of that. One of the hottest viral acts around these days. Hell, I think you’re hot with that booty of yours. And I’m not alone. You’re attracting women too. Take it as a tribute. I was exactly where you were. Then, my boss recruited me for a shoot.”“What kind…”“Oh, you thinking you might be duped?” Lexi questioned. “No, trust me. You’ll get paid. This is legitimate. Call me.”Lexi paid her a generous tip and sashayed away. Brooke looked at her, thinking. Should she do it? She liked being watched, but at the same time it was getting old. Men wanted to grope, spank, and feel her every day at the bar. She wanted to be liked for who she was, not fantasized about. Enter Mark. Mark was her friend. Her confidante. Her fuck buddy. But she wasn’t sure if he was her “boyfriend” yet. Not that he wasn’t boyfriend material, but she wasn’t sure she was ready yet.“So, what’d she want?” Mark said.“Remember that ’model agency’ I told you about? She was with him.”“Brooke, I will say this…” Mark said.“Seventeen!” The cook yelled, which was the table of four Brooke was at.“Do you believe in signs?”“Kinda.”“Well, that was a sign. I’m behind you the whole way, Miss New Booty,” Mark said. Brooke laughed and said in his ear:“Didn’t I tell you not to call me that?”Mark almanbahis casino chuckled as she got the order.“Yeah, but it’s funny to see you like that.”One week later…Brooke took her up on Lexi’s offer. After all, she did always want to be famous. However, She was smart. Not naive. She was driven. She would do whatever it took, including twerk in a man’s face in South Padre. She had ambition. But Brooke did know one thing… She had it, so she flaunted it.Brooke knocked at the location that Lexi communicated to her via text. The door opened. It was the man from TwerkFest.“Brooke, good to see you. My name is Jordan. Photographer, videographer, and camera extraordinaire. This is Lexi. You two have met.”Brooke shot him a leery look.“Yeah, we have,” Brooke said.“So, Brooke… I’m going to get straight to the point.Brooke looked at Jordan.“You probably do not trust me at all whatsoever,” said Jordan.Brooke said nothing and shrugged.“But I saw you at South Padre and saw something that wanted to get out. When you’re on stage, something gets inside you, doesn’t it? You like to be watched. Voyeurism. It’s like an addiction. I know because Lexi…” He stopped. “But that’s beside the point. What if I said I would pay you more for this shoot?”“How much?” Brooke said, simply.“You were getting $500 for a nice sexy photo shoot. Tasteful.  I’ll multiply it by ten… If you do a video,” Jordan said.“Five thousand? Five thousand?” Brooke said incredulously.“Yeah.”“This includes…” Brooke started.“Yes. And another thing, I’ll be your agent. This camera and your beauty will take you places. All you have to do is say yes,” Jordan said.

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