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Please be aware that this story contains ANAL. Those opposed should probably avoid.


Has anyone ever asked you a rather innocuous question, but intuitively you could tell there was greater meaning by either their tone or facial expression? Something like, “You’re not related to a Shannon Kelly, are you?” may have sounded innocent enough to others, yet somehow you instantly knew the inquiry went far deeper than just the spoken words. I, too, recently had just such an experience, and my world has simply been rocked to the core ever since.

My name is Brian Kelly, and I am a 41 year old husband and father of one daughter. My wife, Bridget, and I met in college and we were married soon after graduation. We had planned to hold off starting a family for a few years so we could first establish our careers, yet only two months after our honeymoon we found out Bridge was pregnant. Our daughter, Shannon, was born eight months later, and in spite of the fact that our plans had gone somewhat awry, we both fell in love with her instantly and formed quite the happy little family.

Right out of school, I landed an auditing position with a major public accounting firm. The pay was decent compared to what most of my classmates were making, but the hours were simply brutal. To make matters worse, much of my free time the first couple of years was spent studying for my exams. As a result I didn’t get to see my young family nearly as much as I would have liked, yet I cherished every minute I got to spend with my two girls.

Just as soon as I completed all the requirements towards my CPA, I left public accounting and found a job in financial management with a manufacturing firm where I still work today. During our busy seasons I often worked longer hours, but for the most part I was nine to five. As a result, I was lucky enough to spend far more time with my family, and was usually home in time for dinner.

Bridget, on the other hand, played stay-at-home mom until Shannon went off to school, then accepted an entry level management position with a retail clothing chain. Over the subsequent years, she worked her way up the organization and is now a senior buyer and today often works longer hours than I do.

There were times Bridget and I talked about having more children, but we truly felt blessed with little Shannon. After Bridge went off to work, we decided that one would be enough, so our family never expanded. There were times I longed for a son, but those feelings usually passed after spending mere minutes around my daughter.

As her dad, I’m clearly biased, but I think Shannon is simply the most perfect person I’ve ever met. Anyone looking at her would instantly see she was stunning, yet she was so much more than just a beauty. She consistently made top marks at school and was just a sweet a kid as you could hope for. Both her mom and I are considered intelligent and attractive, but Shannon surpassed us each by leaps and bounds.

In high school, Shannon was of course a part of the popular crowd, and always seemed to be surrounded by numerous friends. In spite of the fact that she was extremely attractive, it didn’t appear that she dated very much, something which candidly pleased me to no end. She had a couple short-term boyfriends, but none seemed to last more than a month or two. Both Bridget and I assumed Shannon was a virgin when we dropped her off at college, and hoped she would continue to make good choices when she was so far away from home.

At first it was difficult adjusting to life without our daughter in the house, but Bridget and I soon settled into a new routine. With Shannon gone, my wife and I seemed to become more intimate than we had been in ages, a dynamic I truly loved. Bridge was still a lovely woman and I relished our renewed sex life. It almost felt like we were dating again, which was more than okay for me.

Shannon’s freshman year flew by and before I knew it, she was home with us for summer break. It was wonderful having her around as the house seemed more like a home. I noticed that Shannon seemed much more confident and mature than she had been only a year before, and I secretly wondered about the cause. Had she just grown from experiencing independence for the first time or was it something more?

Earlier that Spring, senior management of my firm made the decision that we needed to finally get ages worth of hand-written journals and reports into our computer system. Most were at least 20 to 25 years old, but apparently rooms full of notebooks needed to be tossed and replaced in digital form. Unfortunately, this responsibility ultimately reported to me.

We hired a number of temps to handle the data entry, and set them up with laptops in a large conference room. I assigned one of my junior staff to oversee them, but I popped in every Silivri Escort now and then to check on the status so I could report back to management as needed. There were eight temps total, six women and two males. Jeff, one of the guys, was not as fast at data entry as his colleagues from what I observed, but for some reason rapidly seemed to be their unofficial leader.

According to his resume, Jeff had graduated the previous year from a quality private college. I joined him in conversation on a few occasions, and found him both bright and engaging. At times while we chatted, he appeared to lament his liberal arts degree because he thought it was a liability in finding meaningful work. He was clearly hard-working and intelligent, so I made it a point to keep my eye on his progress.

Just about the time Shannon arrived home from school for the summer, most of the data entry project was complete. As a result, we whittled the temp staff down and kept only those who were tops in both quality and quantity of output. Even though he was not a top producer, I saved a spot for Jeff as he managed the group better than the permanent employee I had assigned to the task. Two weeks later we were down to just a bit of clean-up work, so we let go all the remaining temps, save Jeff.

Since he was now working alone in the large conference room, I popped in to check up on him from time to time. I knew Jeff didn’t have a lot of money, so one afternoon I called in Chinese takeout for the both of us, and joined him for lunch. I asked him about school and his family, and genuinely enjoyed our interaction. I was about to tell him all about my family, when he asked, “Mr. Kelly, you said you’re from Springfield, right?”

I had told him to call me Brian on a number of occasions, but I ignored the salutation and responded, “Sure am.”

Jeff paused for a moment, then slightly cocked his head before asking, “You’re not related to a Shannon Kelly, are you?”

I’m not completely sure why, but for some reason I could almost feel the tension in his voice. Jeff also appeared to go stiff for a moment, something I had never previously observed from him. For nineteen years I had been amazingly proud of my daughter, and freely pointed out all of her achievements to anyone and everyone, yet suddenly I felt a pang of doubt deep within my belly. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to lie, “Never heard of her, but then again there are about twenty other Kelly families in Springfield.”

A cold sweat broke out over my entire body when he chuckled softly and replied, “Well, that’s good.”

I had to catch my breath for a moment, and fought to remain as calm as possible to not give myself away, before I asked, “Why is that?”

Jeff looked a bit more at ease for a moment, and then said apologetically, “Sorry, it’s probably not appropriate conversation for the workplace.”

My interest was completely peaked, so there was simply no way I was going to let this go. I took a deep breath and stated, “It’s just us guys here, don’t worry about it.”

Jeff looked towards the conference room door, then back at me. He lowered his head, and then said softly, “Well, from what I hear, she’s a wild one.”

I know kids experiment with sex, but I had always assumed Shannon was rather innocent. The idea that she could be considered ‘wild’ was something I’d never even contemplated. It took everything I had to appear calm, but with dread I casually asked, “How wild?”

After looking towards the door once more, he responded, “Totally wild.”

Upon hearing his words, my heart sank to my feet. I prayed there had to be another Shannon Kelly in Springfield, but deep down feared the worst. After a pause to collect my thoughts, I asked, “How do you know that?”

“My cousin dated her for a while at school last year.”

I desperately needed to know more, but tried my best to appear nonchalant. “Totally wild? What does that even mean these days?”

Jeff responded, “Well, according to my cousin, she’s a virgin.” I was momentary ecstatic, before he added, “But apparently she’ll do pretty much anything else.”

The word ‘anything’ rattled around in my brain for a while, before I could finally formulate a thought. “Guys tend to get carried away when they talk about their conquests. You sure your cousin isn’t just telling tall tales?” I asked, hoping his cousin was prone to exaggeration.

I was stunned when Jeff replied, “Nope, I’ve seen it.”

‘Seen it?’Holy shit! I had a really bad feeling about where this conversation was going, but somehow asked, “Seen what?”

Very calmly, Jeff responded, “He taped it.”

Three simple words never scared me so much as I felt my perfect little world crumbling around me. Deep down I knew my daughter would never willingly place herself in such a compromising position, so if it truly was her on film, it certainly had to be done without her knowledge. As anxious as I felt on the inside, I had to know more, and Şirinevler Escort casually asked, “Your cousin taped it? Did she know?”

“Nope, he hid the camcorder on a shelf behind some books,” Jeff responded, looking a bit guilty. There was a pause in the conversation, before he added, “I know it sounds bad, but Drew really is a pretty good guy.”

“Sounds it,” I muttered aloud, before I could catch myself. I quickly regained my focus and asked, “So, how did you see it?”

“He e-mailed me the file. He made me promise to delete it after I watched it, but she was too hot to delete.” He answered sheepishly.

I had a million more questions I wanted to throw at him instantly, but didn’t want to appear too anxious. “So, what does she look like?” I asked.

“She’s freakin gorgeous,” he nearly barked.

Shannon is a brunette, so I hoped for negative confirmation when I asked, “So, is she a hot blonde or something?”

“No, she has brown hair,” he responded, then added, “do you know the actress Rachel Bilson?”

“Nope,” I answered truthfully.

“Well, they look a lot alike.”

The instant I got back to my office I was going to look for pictures of Ms. Bilson on the internet in the hopes she and my Shannon looked nothing like one another. Jeff had never been in my office, but I also made a note to hide my family photos as well, just in case.

I was irate that some young punk would film my daughter in a compromising position, if it really was her that is. Candidly, as a father, I was pretty pissed off even if it wasn’t my daughter. My blood was boiling and I found my right hand pulled into a fist, pressed tightly into my left palm. I was afraid I might actually attack Jeff, so I quickly changed the subject and talked about the data entry project for a short while.

A few minutes later I excused myself and rapidly made my way back to my office. I did a Google search for Rachel Bilson, and found a face eerily similar to that of my own daughter. Please, please tell me this was all just a bad dream, I pleaded to myself.

That evening over diner, it was hard to look at Shannon and not think of her in a sexual way. She had always been my baby, but suddenly there was no escaping the fact that she was a super sexy young woman. The flowing brown hair that framed her face only highlighted her dark, mysterious eyes, while her lips were poutier than I’d ever before noticed.

I suddenly felt a throbbing in my shorts as I gazed upon my only child, and as troubled as it made me feel, I realized I simply had to see the tape from Jeff’s cousin. Most of me prayed that it was some other Shannon on film, yet a small part wondered what my daughter might look like in a sexy scenario. Either way, I just had to know for sure.

I intentionally stayed away from the conference room the next morning, but then entered in the afternoon. Jeff met me with a smile, and we chatted amicably for a while, before I had to cut to the chase. I wasn’t sure just how to ask him, but finally stated, “I’d like to see the video of that Shannon girl.”

Jeff looked stunned for a moment, but then responded, “I can’t Mr. Kelly. Drew would kill me if he knew.”

“You said he told you to delete it, but you didn’t.”

“I know, but I can’t. I just can’t,” he mouthed, nervously.

I had barely slept all night, and had almost scripted this exact moment in my mind over and over. I scooted my chair closer to his, and then said as calmly as possible, “Jeff, you’ve been looking for full-time work for almost a year, haven’t you?”

Jeff’s eyes were trained on my face intently, I’m sure, curious as to where this was going. “Yes,” he answered with a slight nod.

After a long pause, I stated, “If you forward me a copy of the video, I’ll write you a glowing recommendation. I’ll even act as a reference too.” He didn’t respond at first, so I added, “I know a ton of powerful people in this town. I can check and see who might be hiring.” I knew I was taking advantage of my position, but candidly I didn’t really care as I just had to see the video.

Jeff looked very nervous, but after some short contemplation agreed to my request. He asked for my personal e-mail address, and then said, “I’ll send it to you tonight, but please delete it after you watch, okay?”

“Of course,” I assured him, but I was more intent on seeing the tape than on keeping my word. I needed to know if Shannon was the girl on film, and if so, just what exactly was she doing that may be ‘wild.’

I think it’s fair to say that when I arrived home that evening my nerves were completely on edge. Sharing a meal with my two best girls was special as always, yet I couldn’t help but think about Shannon’s possible starring role in an adult video, a copy of which just might be in my inbox at that very moment. My mind was preoccupied, but somehow made it through dinner without doing anything too stupid.

My family and I settled in the den after supper to watch Şişli Escort TV, yet for the life of me I could not concentrate on the screen. I really wanted to check my e-mail, and fought to come up with excuses to leave the room. I was going crazy, so I finally asked the girls, “Can we flip to the ball game for a while?”

I heard my wife groan aloud, before my daughter whined, “Dad, we’re in the middle of a movie. Go watch the game somewhere else.”

That was exactly the response I was looking for, and the perfect excuse to sneak away for a while. I made my way to my home office, and booted up the computer. I looked over my shoulder as I logged into my personal e-mail address, and hoped to see something new in my in-box. As luck would have it, I had a couple new messages, one of which was from a ‘Jeffster,’ which I knew must have been from Jeff.

I stood up and closed the door to my office, in the event either of my girls should show up unannounced. I was suddenly far more nervous than at any other point in my entire life, fearing that in only moments I may see my lovely daughter in an entirely new light. Being caught in the act by one of the ladies also weighed heavily on my mind, but not enough to stop.

To keep it from any potential prying eyes, I opened a file in one of my work folders, and protected it with a password. I then clicked the download button, and waited impatiently as the video slowly moved into the new file. Once complete, I closed out of everything and walked back to the den to make sure the coast was clear. Bridget and Shannon were staring at the tube with great interest, clearly indifferent to my presence, so I made my way back to the computer. I closed and locked the office door, and then took a seat in front of the monitor.

With trembling fingers, I opened the file that Jeff sent. Moments later, my video player opened completely blank. Within seconds however, the black turned to color, and I could clearly see the unmistakable face of my lovely daughter staring back at me from the center of the screen. There was no escaping the fact that my Shannon was indeed in the movie after all. Instantly, my worst fear was realized.

I was stunned when I looked down and learned the clip was over eighteen minutes long. I had hoped that it was only a minute or two, and maybe just showed a bit of groping. With eighteen minutes on film, the chances for that looked increasingly bleak.

My heart was racing and I felt light headed, as the video began to run. I quickly pressed my headphones into the jack as the volume was louder than expected, and I didn’t want to girls to hear. A rap song played in the background, and I could hear a male voice coming from somewhere out of the shot, “Dance for me.”

The camera was trained in Shannon’s general direction, but at times she would almost move out of the frame. I focused in on her for the first time as she moved from side to side, and took her in. She was dressed in a short denim skirt and simple red top, and looked more girl next door than sex video vixen. However her dancing was highly sensual.

Shannon bumped and grinded to the beat for a minute or two, before the voice once again was heard, “Take it off!”

She moved forward and grasped the bottom seam of her shirt. Very suggestively she raised it until her belly came into view, then she teasingly pulled it back down. She repeated this a few times, before she slowly pulled it over her head and tossed it over a nearby chair.

A sly smile broke out across her face as she stood swaying in just her skirt and a cute bra. The bra was red, covered all over in small pink and white hearts. As her father, I know I should have been disgusted or outraged, but in truth I was captivated. I sat rooted in place, wondering just what was going to happen next. I’m not going to lie, I had never seen a more perfect body and I wanted to see more.

Shannon turned her back to the camera, and began shaking her bottom side to side. She appeared to be pointed just to the left of the lens, so I assumed that was where Jeff’s cousin must have been. I saw her hands go to her hips, where she grasped the hem of her skirt. Wiggling her butt from back and forth, she slowly pulled it lower until her panty-clad bottom came into view.

The underwear were clearly a matching set, as Shannon’s panties were the same heart pattern on red. A thin strip of fabric ran between her cheeks, before they spread outwards as they went across her narrow hips. Her bottom was simply magnificent.

Shannon shook her bottom to and fro a few times while she looked over her shoulder, casting back the sexiest look I had ever seen. Her eyes sparked like diamonds as very pouty lips mouthed the words to the song. Very slowly she pushed on the skirt, and gently eased it down to her feet. She then kicked it away with a dramatic flair, and turned forward. My baby girl was dancing, now clad only in her bra and skimpy panties.

Now I had seen my daughter in a bikini on numerous family vacations, so I had some idea how she looked under her clothes, but nothing prepared me for this. I’m sure if I had found her bra or panties sitting in the laundry basket, I would have thought they were very cute and sweet, covered in hearts as they were. Yet at that moment, seeing Shannon dancing to the music wearing nothing else, they just seemed to ooze sex.

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