Vivian’s Darkest Dream


Vivian’s Darkest DreamNo signal. Vivian groaned in exasperation and hit her head against the steering wheel. This was the proverbial middle of nowhere – nothing in sight but fields on both sides of the road, and no cell phone reception. And her stupid car could pick no better place to break down.She tried the ignition again, to no luck whatsoever. With a sigh, Vivian got out of the car to have a better look around and to get a breath of fresh air.Her skirt caught on the seat as she was getting out and hiked up her large thighs. Vivian quickly adjusted it back to the proper length, just past her round knees, and looked around in embarrassment. Nobody appeared to have seen her – the field was empty, and so was the road. It was early evening, and the sun was beginning to lean towards the horizon, Vivian noticed with a twinge of alarm. In a couple hours it would be dark.She contemplated trying to walk back to the last gas station she passed on the way here, but it would take her hours to walk that far, especially wearing high heels. She did not remember how far ahead the nearest civilization lay either, so that was a risk as well. Peering anxiously around, she thought she saw a small building, maybe a shed or a barn of some sort, in the field to her right. It probably had people in it, Vivian decided, and maybe a phone she could use. If not, it would at least provide better shelter for the night than a car on the side of the road. With these thoughts, the young woman started walking purposefully through the field. I must be a ridiculous sight, she chuckled to herself. In her neat dark grey pinstriped business suit – a skirt that went just past her knees and hugged her wide round hips rather tightly, a cream silk blouse and a jacket – she had to wear it unbuttoned because it would not fit around her breasts anymore, – and her high-heeled black shoes, she did look very out of place, stumbling through the field. But she flipped her shoulder-length blond hair back with defiance and continued walking.She was not really built for much walking, as she weighed around three hundred pounds, but was fairly content with her weight and the pear-like shape of her body. Built for comfort, not for speed, that’s how her first boyfriend described her, and she was that: her body was all softness and round curves, from her pale cheeks and big soft boobs to her fat round ass and full shapely legs that tapered gently to her slender ankles. Vivian was pretty in a rather prim and proper way: she had big, expressive brown eyes, a long straight nose and a plump, pale mouth. She looked like a teacher or a librarian, especially with her glasses on – that’s what her second boyfriend told her. And she really was a prim and proper girl, having only been with two men in her life. What with her demanding work (she worked from home and subsequently did not go out much) and the innate shyness of her nature, she had little time for men, and indeed it was about two years since she last had sex. Well, there was that one time, but she did not like to remember it, and it did not count anyways. The structure in the field grew closer. It was a wooden shed, and Vivian thought she saw some kind of movement around it.***Rob stretched and yawned. He was bored out of his wits. There was never much to do around the farm, especially such a small, decrepit farm in the middle of nowhere, as was his father’s. Rob was 23 years old, thin and wiry, but with a hint of beer belly already showing on him. He was hanging out behind the shed with his 28-year-old cousin Jake, who was visiting from the next county. Jake was a large, burly man with his knuckles permanently swollen from fighting. At his father’s farm he was just the same type of slacker that Rob was. “Should have brought a girl here with us, just like the last time,” – Jake said, taking a swig from a bottle of beer he held in his hand, – “How’s Ashley doing?””She can’t hardly walk straight, dude,” – Rob laughed, – “you fucking killed her with your fucking big dick.””You think it easy having a big dick?” – said Jake, – “I must have fucked every girl back home once, but they never want to do it the second time,” – he drank from the bottle again, – “I have to get them passed out drunk to get fucking laid.””What’s wrong with that?” – asked Rob with an envious glance at Jake’s crotch, – “they can’t say no if they’re drunk, right?””You are too fucking young to understand, dude,” – said the bigger man, – “I like my woman to say no. Fuck you bitch, who cares if you say no, you getting fucked anyway.””Yeah, that will get you shot around here,” – Rob nodded, – “Every girl here got a brother or a father with a shotgun.””Yeah,” – said Jake and finished his beer, thinking of his sad fate.”Hey, you hear that?” – Rob got to his feet and looked around the corner of the crumbling shed, – “Somebody’s coming.””Fuck. it’s a girl, Rob, coming right at us.” – Jake smiled widely, baring his yellow teeth, – “You know her?””First time I see her,” – said Rob, – “Looks like a city girl, all dressed fancy-like.””Fat,” – said Jake, – “you ever fuck a fat girl like that, Rob?””I fucked Kathy from the town, but she ain’t really fat, just big tits.””Me neither,” – Jake smiled again, – “A fat girl should have a big fat pussy, take my dick in, no problem. Let’s get her.”***Two young country lads walked out from behind the old shed and started walking towards Vivian, smiling at her. She smiled back and waved her hand at them.”Excuse me,” – she called out, – “my car ran out of gas out there on the road. Do you mind if I used your phone?”The thinner of the two guys gave a snickering laugh, and the larger one nodded.”I’ve got a big phone for you to use,” – he said, his eyes traveling up and down Vivian’s full figure. He continued walking straight at Vivian, while his companion started circling as if to get behind her. A predatory gleam appeared in his pale blue eyes. Suddenly the young woman felt afraid – out there in the middle of nowhere, with two men who looked, she now saw, rather intimidating. “You know what,” – she put on a big fake smile, – “never mind, on the other hand, my friends are supposed to be driving by any moment, I’ll just go wait for them in the car. My friend is a police officer.””Nice çankaya escort try,” – the larger man said, and Vivian knew she had to flee. She turned around and started running, but her tight skirt and high heels tripped her after only a few steps. She caught herself on her hands on soft earth, and tried to scramble back on her feet, but the smaller young man was already on her, grabbing her from behind, hands groping at her full round breasts through her clothing. She tried to kick back, to hit him, but she was too startled by this sudden violation of her private space to do any of this effectively. The larger man was now in front of her, grabbing the waistband of her skirt and pulling down. The narrow waistband slid past Vivian’s soft flabby belly, but got stuck around the young woman’s massive hips. “Stop, what are you doing?” – Vivian screamed at Jake, – “Let me go!”She squirmed under Rob’s groping hands and twisted around, freeing herself and ripping her blouse in the process. Vivian now stood in the middle of the field, with her blouse torn, showing her light blue bra, and her skirt riding low on her hips, exposing her matching panties. One of her shoes was lost. She glanced around, looking for a escape route, but the men were circling her like hunting wolves, and before she could start running, Rob jumped at her again, grabbing her by the upper arm and pulling on her bra strap until it broke.Vivian screamed as her bra was violently ripped off her body, along with the remains of her blouse, leaving her naked above the waist. She hunched down, covering her large round tits with her hands and arms, backing off from the two men. “Come here, you fat cow,” – said Jake, reaching to grab Vivian’s hair, – “and stop making noise.” Vivian staggered back, avoiding his reach, and Rob used this moment to get behind her and yank at the back of her skirt. The zipper broke instantly, and the button popped. The skirt slid over Vivian’s wide hips and slipped down around her feet, exposing her pale legs. The young woman screamed again, and started running, kicking off her remaining shoe, wearing nothing but panties. She did not know whether she was running towards her car or away from it; it was a mindless horror-filled flight of prey from a predator. Jake slammed into her with the force of a football player, knocking her down to the ground and landing on top of her. Vivian was so out of breath she couldn’t even scream; she just breathed hoarsely as she squirmed and struggled under the man’s heavy body.”Lie still, bitch,” – Jake growled as he straddled Vivian’s back and grabbed her by the hair, – “We ain’t gonna hurt you. We just wanna play with you a bit, have a party, have some fun.” Vivian moaned and whimpered. “Please let me go,” – she begged, – “please.””We’ll let you go,” – Rob said, – “but you gotta be nice to us first.””You gonna be nice to us?” – Jake pulled the pretty girl’s hair bending her head back, – “You gonna be nice?””Yes,” – Vivian cried out, – “Yes, I’ll be nice to you.””Get your big ass up,” – Jake ordered, getting off her body and pulling her up onto her feet. Vivian was exhausted; she still tried to resist being dragged into the shed, but it was over and she knew it was over. Jake and Rob held her firmly by her elbows as they led her into the wooden structure, and their free hands kept wandering over Vivian’s nearly naked body, squeezing her breasts, kneading her soft belly, pinching her nipples. She whimpered and tried to hunch her shoulders, to hide from the probing hands, but the men laughed it off and continued to grope her all the way to the shed.Inside the shed it smelled of rotting hay and stale beer – the bales of hay covered with tarp lined the wooden walls and served as crude furniture for the farm boys to sit around drinking beer, and, judging by a cum-stained twin-sized mattress in the corner of it, have sex with the too-drunk girls they usually brought here. Jake and Rob threw Vivian down on the mattress and she landed on her large ass, her beautiful, shapely alabaster-white legs spread apart. She looked at her captors with large pleading eyes, still believing deep down that there was a way out.Both men were staring at her body, breathing heavily. Crooked smiles played on their lips. “Who’s gonna be first?” – asked Rob hoarsely. – “I’ve never done this before.””Watch and learn, punk,” – Jake laughed and, motioning him aside, started to unzip his pants, – “you might have to help me hold her down.””Please,” – Vivian whimpered, crawling into the corner and trying to curl into a tight ball, covering herself with her hands, – “please don’t **** me.”Jake got on the mattress next to her and grabbed her by the throat. Vivian gasped as she felt a large, strong man’s hand almost encircle her soft slender neck and start squeezing.”You said you are gonna be nice, slut,” – said Jake in a quiet, growling voice, looking Vivian straight in the eyes and applying steady pressure to her throat, – “so be nice and spread those fat fucking legs for me.”For the first time in her life Vivian felt a total and complete lack of control. A man she did not know, a man who did not care about her, was deciding whether she should breathe or not. The force of Jake’s grip on the young woman’s throat was not enough to block her airways yet, but Vivian felt her head spin from the very thought that he could stop her breathing at any moment that he wanted too. Never has she been in anyone’s power so completely, except in her deepest, darkest dreams, having which she would never admit even to herself. Vivian felt an electric charge run down her spine as she surrendered and parted her beautiful smooth thighs, ready to be violated by this stranger. “That’s right,” – said Jake, and started pulling Vivian’s panties off. It was not easy to slide them down the fat beauty’s large round hips, so he just tore them off. Vivian was completely naked now, half-sitting on the dirty mattress, her lovely plump thighs parted and her fat white belly heaving up and down with her heavy breathing. Her large white breasts were completely exposed, but that was not why her nipples were getting as hard as pebbles. She was suddenly aware of a deep throbbing pool of hot moisture balgat escort that was her pussy. Vivian had always been a good girl and never liked to associate with dangerous men. Neither of her two boyfriends ever raised a hand to her even in play, and neither one liked to get rough. She was unused to being threatened, thrown around and manhandled, and it hit her as a great and horrible surprise that she would be aroused by such rough treatment by a stranger, but it was apparent that her pussy was soaking wet and ready for the two strange cocks.Jake took off his pants and underwear and was now kneeling between Vivian’s legs. She could not help but glance at his crotch – and as soon as she did, she froze in terror.Jake’s dick was huge. It dangled between his legs, swinging and twitching, as if possessing a life of its own. It was easily two times bigger that either of her old boyfriends’: both of them were around five inches long. Vivian stared at the monstrous penis, unable to move, unable to utter a sound, mesmerized and terrified at the same moment. It looked as big around as her wrist. Jake took his cock in his hand, bouncing it on his palm like a police baton, moving closer. A smile played on his lips as he looked into his helpless victim’s eyes. He slapped Vivian’s fat lower belly with his dick, making the girl’s soft flesh jiggle and ripple.”Give me that big fucking pussy,” – he said, making Vivian lift her legs.”No, no, no, please no,” – the pretty young woman pleaded, – “please, you are going to cripple me. Please, your cock is too big for me, please don’t put it in my pussy, you will tear me apart.”Jake listened to the beautiful fat girl pleading and begging with a smug smile on his face. Lowering his hand, he grabbed Vivian’s plump pussy mound and stuck a finger in her wet pussy. The girl gasped.”You are wet, city girl,” – Jake chuckled, moving his finger in and out of Vivian’s slick tight hole, – “You want that big dick in you.””Oh please,” – Vivian could not help but start whimpering with pleasure as Jake’s finger attacked her helpless body, – “Please, you are going to hurt me, you’re going to ruin me, please, could I suck it instead?”Jake did not reply. Grabbing hold of Vivian’s soft thighs, he held them apart and positioned the head of his massive dick at the entrance of the pretty young woman’s pussy. He pushed with his hips, and the head went halfway in, making Vivian cry out and start squirming. “Fuck, she’s tight,” – Jake said to Rob, who was sitting nearby, watching intently what his cousin did to the girl, – “I thought fat chicks had big pussies, but this one is really small. I’ve fucked f******n-year-olds in junior high that were bigger than her.””Your penis is too big for my pussy,” – Vivian cried, her whole being filled with a mixture of dread and excitement, for she knew that this huge cock was definitely going to enter her pussy sooner or later. There was one would-be boyfriend a couple years back, whose cock turned out to be too big for Vivian, but the guy had been a gentleman, and did not insist on fucking her, but was content with Vivian sucking him, and reciprocated by eating her pussy. This relationship never worked out, but sometimes Vivian wondered how it would feel if she let him fuck her after all. And sometimes, in the loneliness of her nights, she wondered how it would feel to be penetrated by a really big cock, like those of black porn stars. The idea always made her shiver in delicious fright, and she knew that she would never willingly allow such a monster cock to enter her.But now, nobody was giving her a choice. A huge cock head was pressing hard against her pussy lips, trying to force its way in. She was flinching and gasping, her hands feebly pushing against Jake’s chest. “Stop pushing me away, slut!” – Jake growled and slapped Vivian’s cheek. The fat beauty obeyed immediately, crying out in surprise and pain. Jake’s hard fingers dug deep into Vivian’s soft fat thighs as he pushed harder with his hips, forcing his dick into her helpless little pussy.Vivian started screaming.Jake’s huge dick filled her pussy, stretching it, sliding in deeper and deeper and deeper still, deeper than she ever though was possible. She could almost hear the walls of her pussy squeak as the monstrous cock pushed them to the limit: a hair more – and Jake would tear her apart. In all her life the pretty fat woman never felt more helpless, more forcefully violated than this. And then Jake started fucking her. She gasped for breath when the enormous dick left her wet passage, and screamed again when it returned, faster this time since her pussy was already stretched, and then again, and then again. Her beautiful white legs dangled helplessly in the air.”She’s making too much noise,” – Jake growled, – “shut her up with your dick, dude.”Rob was there in an instant, kneeling down next to Vivian’s head and grabbing her hair. He guided the girl’s blond head to his dick and stuck it in her mouth. “Suck, slut,” – he ordered, – “suck it good.”Vivian felt her head spinning as she started to suck on Rob’s sizable cock. It was far smaller than Jake’s, but it would still be the second biggest that she’s ever seen in real life, much less had felt inside her. She was not Vivian anymore – she was a plaything for the two men: a wet pussy and a pretty mouth for them to stick their big cocks into, and a few handfuls of soft fat fuckable female flesh for them to grab and slap. She felt Rob’s dick pulsing in her mouth and then a tight, hot, slightly salty load of cum shot into her throat. Rob grabbed the back of the young woman’s head and restricted her from flinching away.”Swallow it,” – he told her, tightening his grip on her hair, and Vivian obeyed, swallowing cum for the very first time in her life.Jake continued to fuck her, punishing her poor pussy, stretching it again and again. With Rob gone, Vivian could see Jake’s face above hers, as he started to pound her faster. She looked into his hard blue eyes with her large soft brown ones, not knowing whether to beg him to stop or to continue.”I am going to cum in you, slut,” – said Jake with a cruel smile, – “I am going to put a hillbilly baby into this fat belly.”This was too much elvankent escort for Vivian. As she gasped for breath on Jake’s giant dick, the realization of what was happening to her hit her head-on. And then came the realization that this was exactly what she wanted, exactly what she liked – to have her fat young body used by these powerful men, first as a toy, then as a cum dump, and finally as a baby-producing machine, all choice taken away from her. As Jake’s dick started pulsing and throbbing inside her abused pussy, stretching it even more, Vivian came as never before in her life, shaking and screaming, and then she blacked out. The young woman came to and found herself laying face down on the dirty mattress, her ass sticking up, and a dick sliding in and out of her pussy. It was, she guessed, Rob’s dick, as it slid in and out effortlessly, without much friction. The feeling, however, was very pleasant. Vivian moaned slightly and started moving her hips to meet the younger man’s thrusts.”You stretched her up, Jake,” – Rob complained, – “she’s so fucking loose I can’t feel anything.”He slapped Vivian’s ass a few times, letting his frustration show.”You hear that, slut?” – he said, giving her another slap and making her cry out plaintively, – “Jake here ruined you for other men. You have to be his bitch now, nobody else is gonna wanna fuck your giant fucking pussy anymore.” Sweet trembling passed through Vivian’s body, and she moaned louder, arching her back.”Hear that, Jake?” – Rob laughed, grabbing Vivian’s hair and pulling on it, making her head tilt back, – “the slut is in love with your horse dick now.”He fucked Vivian’s tender pussy for a while longer, then took his dick out.”This is fucking unbelievable, she got so loose. I should have gone first.” “Please,” – Vivian heard herself saying, – “please fuck me some more, please.””Just fuck her in the ass, man,” – said Jake. He was sitting on a hay bale, naked, watching Vivian get fucked and playing with his limp dick. Vivian squealed in protest as she felt Rob’s hands grab the cheeks of her ass and pull them apart. “That’s a nice tight asshole,” – Rob said and spat between the helpless fat girl’s ass cheeks. Vivian gasped and tried to clench her butt, but Jake stepped in and sharply smacked her on the hip. “Relax your asshole, bitch,” – he ordered. – “My cousin here wants to fuck your fat ass, ’cause your fat little pussy is too fucking stretched for him.” Vivian felt an unfamiliar sensation of something large and warm rubbing against her anus, probing, poking, starting to push its way in. She whimpered, trying to look around her shoulder at the merciless men holding her captive, to plead with them not to violate her virgin ass, but it was too late. The head of Rob’s dick stretched her tight sphincter and plunged into the moist unexplored depth of her fat white ass.The fat girl cried out in pain as the thick dick went deeper and deeper inside her, stretching her ass even more. She could hear Rob grunting as he started fucking her. “I am fucking your asshole, you fat fuck pillow,” – Rob said gleefully, and slapped Vivian’s soft ass cheek, – “You are a dirty ass fucking slut, aren’t you?”He kept at it, slapping the pretty young woman’s huge round ass with one hand and pulling her hair with the other. Vivian started to cry from pain and humiliation, and as her body shuddered with sobs, she felt a glimmer of a second orgasm starting somewhere deep inside her. The feeling of being used and abused as a fat fuck pillow, the feeling of submitting to the cruel desires of these two crude men was turning her on so powerfully that she forgot about the pain and concentrated on that feeling. Tears still running down her pretty face, Vivian moaned and cried out softly as Rob ravaged her anus and Jake watched.Suddenly the pretty girl felt the younger man’s dick pop out of her asshole, making the pain change, and cried out. A moment later, Rob stepped over her kneeling body and, lifting her head up by pulling her hair, put his darkly glistening dick in front of her face.”Clean it up, bitch,” – he ordered, – “it is going back into your pussy.”Vivian looked up at her tormentor with her beautiful huge eyes, silently pleading for mercy. Rob slapped her cheek, then the other one, then, using his fingers, forced the pretty girl to open her mouth. “Suck it, you fucking whore,”- he growled, and Vivian had no choice but to obey and take his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking her own filth. “This is the rock bottom,” – she thought, – “I really am a filthy ass-fucking slut, and I am tasting my own ass now, and oh my God, I want them to fuck me some more.””Good fat little slut,” – Rob slapped Vivian’s tit affectionately, – “Turn around and lay on your back.”The young woman obeyed wordlessly and parted her fleshy white thighs. Rob fondled her pussy for a moment and stuck his dick into her, picking up a fast rhythm immediately. He grabbed hold of Vivian’s fat lower belly and was pounding away at her.”I am going to cum in your pussy, slut,” – he informed the girl, – “make sure you get that baby.” “Come on, man, get on with it,” – Jake said, coming closer to them, his huge dick in his hand, erect once again, – “I want to fuck her again. I want to see that huge ass bounce when I fuck her like a dog.” Hearing herself discussed in that vile manner by her captors and masters drove poor Vivian over the edge. She gripped the filthy mattress and moaned, feeling the oncoming orgasm. And when a jet of hot sperm struck her womb for the second time in her life, she screamed, arching her back and shuddering all over, and laid there prostrate and limp. She could only moan softly when she became Jake’s property again and he stuck his monstrous penis into her now stretched pussy. Everything became a daze, there was just the feeling of cock sliding in and out, and hands pinching and squeezing her body, and distant voices calling her a good slut. “Hey,” – Jake asked her a while after he was done. – “is anybody waiting for you? Were you going to a party or something?””I was going home,” – she replied softly, – “I work from home.””You have a husband? boyfriend?””No boyfriend.””Good,” – Jake said, turning to Rob, – “we can keep her here at least until next week.”Vivian wanted to say something to that, but she became confused between wanting to go home and wanting to stay here and be a sex slave to these men who just gave her the most amazing orgasms she ever felt in her life, and so she just whimpered softly and drifted off to deep dreamless sleep.

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