Voyeur’s Delight


I sighed and walked to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of port and my port glass from the cupboard, and made myself comfortable in my office chair. It was going to be another lonely night alone while the wife is at work.After, I opened my lap top and went to the search engine. Tonight I will relax and get off to some webcam whore who will perform for my money and entertainment.Scrolling through the posting over many models, none seemed to strike me. They were either the same pose, written biography or didn’t offer what I was seeking. I clicked at random hoping to find someone to entertain me. After five clicks of the random button, the photo intrigued me.Standing with her back to the camera, a figure of a lithe woman standing in front of a new age chakra poster. Her pale white skin complimented her red hair, the clefts of her pert butt was so shapely. I drank my glass of port while I clicked on to her profile.”Dolly almanbahis Vixen.”“Hello ladies and gentlemen Dolly Vixen here. Twenty-three-year-old natural redhead looking to entertain and amuse just for you. I do all types of naughty and fun activities. If you want to see me dance I will dance. If you want a girlfriend I can be yours or if you want to see me pleasuring myself at your request I am happy to. Below is the list of naughty things I enjoy looking forward to hearing from you.”I logged in with the name Andy_S1974 and sent a request to view her webcam, paying for a half hour session.On my screen, a bedroom appeared with an empty office chair. “Hold on one moment just getting a drink.” Came a cheery voice then Dolly appeared holding a mug.I didn’t see her face yet, just the mug and a close up of a small set of breasts hidden underneath a green tank top. Her distinctive red hair draped around her shoulders.“Hi almanbahis yeni giriş Andy, welcome to my page. Just let me focus this camera,” she said.She moved the cam and her face came into view. Her eyes were bright and sparkling, the crooked small smile and the dusting of freckles across her nose welcomed me.“My name is Dolly, tell me a bit about yourself. What would you like to do today?”My heart beating fast as I replied and made my requests over the microphone.“Sure we can play. I haven’t had lunch yet but I do have this lolly pop.”Bringing the long twisted rainbow lollypop into view, she slowly caressed the stick with her fingers as she bought it to her mouth. Her lips enclosed around the sugary treat.“You look beautiful today, can I see your whole outfit?” A girlish squeal escaped her lips as she pulled the lollipop away. She sat in her office chair slightly twisting the chair, pushing almanbahis giriş the chair back she showed me her whole outfit of the tank top and daisy duke shorts with socks and sneakers.Standing up, she did a slow spin as if she was a doll in a display case. Waving the lollipop up and down the dress to show case what she was wearing. She raised an eye brow and gave a crooked smile showed flirtation.“Do you like?” She breathed out and stuck the lollipop back in her mouth. Sitting back down into her office chair again twisting on the chair.Blood flowed to my cock and I found my hand stroking it to hardness.“Yes, gorgeous. Now take off your shoes and socks.”Her fingers pulled the laces undone, she sat deep into the chair, crossing her legs as her feet kicked off the sneakers. Bringing her knees closer to her chest she pulled off her socks and tossed them.She crossed her legs again and her fingers went back to the stick of the lollipop. Her eyes looking through the camera as she pulled out the lollipop. “Show me what you can do with that lollipop,” I commanded.Putting the lollipop back into her mouth she gave fellatio to the sugary sweet.

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