Walking in the Rain Ch. 01

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Chapter I: Old Friends

In our lifetime we have all met and associated with people with all sorts of habits, some of which we could easily classify as quite strange, others are uninteresting and basically just more mundane. But in actuality regardless what characterization they may fall into most are really little more than a fetish of one extreme or another.

The person in this story, although having passed over into the afterlife, was a wonderful part of my life and my youth. Lorraine will always be special in my heart because she was so pure and quite innocent. Just like her, her fetish was pure and simple and just like her in life, her fetish falls somewhere in the middle of extremes.

If my memory serves me correctly it was a steamy hot humid summer Friday or Saturday night, I was alone with nothing much to do, so I just drove up and down the main drags of town, looking for my pals. I needed smokes so I headed for the local variety store, there I saw Lorraine, a girl I had known since grammar school.

Lorraine and I had a close buddy/buddy type relationship and kind of hung around with some of the same people, but we were somehow too buddy-buddy, so in that era, that almost always precluded anything further so we had never dated.

We chatted a while and seeing how we both had nothing to do, I asked her if she wanted hit the burger place with me. But she suggested we get a couple of sodas and sub-sandwiches, head for the park and see if anyone was around. When we arrived there was not a sole around so we sat outside of the parks outfield fence on the grass at the rivers edge and had our sandwiches, chips and sodas.

It had been threatening rain all-day, and just, as we were finishing up our food it began to sprinkle. Lorraine started acting silly, she got up and began to dance around in the light rain singing out that old song “Singing In The Rain.”

Being much more sensible, I sat under the tree avoiding most of the rain as she played the fool as she spun circles, singing as she danced. As she danced, I sat as any normal teenage boy would and watched as her light summer dress billowed above her knees giving me a great view of her thighs. In fact I soon found myself almost lying down resting on my elbow and arm. This angle afforded me an excellent view as she spun around, occasional providing me a glimpse of her white panties as she danced. What more could a teenage boy want?

Suddenly Lorraine ran to my side and began pulling me to my feet, “come on,” she said, “I love walking in the rain, walk with me. My repetitive protests fell on her deaf ears, until finally she won out and I relented.

After I discarded our trash, I ran back locked my car and followed or should I say, Lorraine almost dragged me toward the walking path that ran along the river’s edge.

As we walked the rain remained a light sprinkle, that is until we were easily a half-mile away from the car and in the heavily wooded section of the riverbank, then all hell broke loose. The silence was suddenly lost as the world was overwhelmed with a crash of thunder that must have had every wild animal within earshot scurrying for protection, That is all the wild animals in the entire world except Lorraine.

She released hand and danced ahead of me as she began again twirling as she literally spun along the worn path like a mad woman. The heavens had opened up and the rain that came down in wild torrents, never deterring Lorraine for a single moment. In fact it seemed to excite her even more, as Lorraine remained in the middle of the path away from what little protection that was afforded by the trees, while I tried to remain under them but she danced happily out in the downpour.

She seemed to become possessed, and then she shocked the hell out of this then somewhat naïve teenage boy when she held up her dress displaying her panties while she danced like a Can-Can Girl mere feet from my unbelieving eyes.

I must have looked like a buffoon with my cock rapidly rising and mouth agape as she merrily danced, putting her now soaked and transparent panties on full display.

“Come on you stick in the mud, dance with me.”

“You are loosing it girl, come on let’s get back to the car before we drown,” I responded.

Lorraine escort kocaeli ignored my complaints and danced over to me and pulled me away from the minor safety of the trees and out into the downpour holding me in a strangle hold, as she began to lead me around in the mud and rain to some made-up waltz.

As she forced me to dance, she laughed happily, kept humming some happy tune and rubbed her soaked body against mine.

It was all so weird, but Lorraine acted as if it was normal to be dancing in a torrential downpour. I mean she just acted as though was all so normal and we were safe and dry in some dance hall with a roof over our heads.

By this time I couldn’t help it, I was laughing my ass off too. No sense worrying about being wet, it was far too late for that; I was already soaked to the core. So I began playing along with this delusional dancing girl, I danced along and spun her out and back just like some a made up dance steps. Fred and Ginger, just two dancing fools dancing to her humming and the tempo of the pouring rain.

As I pulled her back toward me after her spin, I caught the awesome sight of her almost virtually naked body. Her soaked light summer dress and underwear clung to her wet body like a second skin becoming virtually transparent. And with the apparent joy that radiated all over her just from being out dancing in the rain created a picture of absolute perfect eroticism that began to really excite me.

I was now willingly dancing with her intentionally spinning her out and back repetitively so that I could enjoy the sight. Her nipples chilled by the cool rain, stood proud and erect. Her ass, legs and flat stomach were equally on display.

It was quite apparent that I was getting very turned-on and could no longer hide my obvious erection. I wanted her and just couldn’t hide it any longer so I stopped trying and pulled her back into me, grasped her tightly kissing her with passion.

Lorraine froze momentarily to my unexpected move, then she opened her mouth and our tongues began the age-old duel of love. I felt her body mold tightly into mine as she returned my kisses with a sudden and unexpected ardor.

As I held her close to me I could hear and feel a loud squishing between our bodies as more and more of the torrential downpour collected in little puddles between us. It was all so bizarre, but the strangeness of it all is what fed my growing desires.

The heat that was generated from our aroused and sexually charged bodies drastically contrasted the cool dampness created by our wet clothes in the night air. My erect cock nestled against her heated crotch making us both very aware of our needs with every twitch my cock made. I began to inadvertently grind my cock against her heat source as we kissed. Soon as one kiss broke we began another until must twitches and little thrusts were no longer inadvertent, in fact both of us no longer hid our desires as we began to openly hump into each other.

I was panting hard between kisses and my ears told me she was as well. I wanted her desperately and sure a boy of about nineteen needs little encouragement, but for some reason at that moment in time, it was more than that, I was mad about her.

“Come on Lorraine, let’s go somewhere warm and dry, I want to make love to you. Please can we go somewhere,” I begged?

“No, over there, let’s do it here in the rain, over there in the grass,” she said again, as she pointed to a grassy area near the river, a spot that was completely open and visible to whatever man or beast that might be lurking about. Worse yet, the spot she selected was a soaked grassy tiny hill totally unprotected from the rain.

At that time, of course I was thinking with my dick, so I followed her as she led me to the center of the knoll. Lorraine knelt on the soggy grass and I knelt beside her. I took her into my arms and began to kiss her again. As we kissed, Lorraine pushed me onto my back and lay on top of me. My hand began to explore her back and clutched her ass, as I slowly worked her dress upwards.

Her panties were sopping wet from the rain, and the skin of her ass was cold, but as my fingers found the crack of her ass I swear I could feel the heat of a raging inferno rising up from her kocaeli anal yapan escort pussy. My heart began to race in excitement as I grasped her firm rounded ass cheeks in my hands and began to mold them between my appreciative fingers, her ass felt like heaven itself.

Somewhere off in the distance of my rain chilled brain I heard Lorraine’s voice, it sounded a little erratic and slightly fearful as she whispered in my ear, “I’ve never gone all the way before. Please, please promise you won’t hurt me.”

Biting my lip and trying to act more adult than my years, I took a chance as I bravely whispered back, “I promise, but if you’re too afraid we can stop.”

“No, no, not now, I always dreamed of doing it like this, out in the rain, just don’t hurt me or make me pregnant, OK?” Lorraine whimpered.

I started to get up but she told me to lie back down. I did as she asked and watched in fascination as Lorraine reached behind her back and my heart fluttered when heard the unmistakable sound of the zipper on her dress being opened. Loraine knelt above me looking down into my eyes as she straddled my thighs letting her dress fall in a big heap onto my crotch.

As each newly exposed inch of her body as I watched her step free of her dress filled my field of vision it also captured my entire ability to reason. My eyes beheld its beauty making me instantly want to feel and taste all of her at the same time.

Lorraine kicked the rumpled ball of cotton that was once her dress aside, squatted back down onto me resting the gusset of her soaked panties on that lump in my trousers. As she did she maintained this cute little smile of her while her eyes held mine captive as she unhooked her bra and brazenly dragged it across my nose before throwing it aside with her rumpled dress.

Once settled in place she rubbed her hot crotch across my cock lump once or twice and then fell forward onto my chest while pushing her breasts into my face and she whispering. “Kiss them, kiss them nice and slow, I want to feel you suckle on them, I want you to be my little baby and nurse for me.”

With pleasure I did as she asked, I nursed like a hungry child. It was then that I felt her start to slide her soaked panties back and forth across the lump in my pants. As her panty covered pussy increased its pressure on my ever-expanding cock I nursed with an ever-increasing purpose on her nipples.

“Loraine, take your panties off,” I almost begged, “I want to eat your pussy.”

“You’d, I mean, you’d do that for me?”

“I want to do that more than anything else in the world right now. If you don’t want to lay down just slide up and straddle my face.”

But being impatient and wanting to finally take and maintain control of the situation I grabbed her ass and pulled her forward as I slid down further. Before she could do anything, I positioned myself under the junction of her thighs, I pulled her panties aside and began to attack her pussy with my tongue like a mad man.

After she got over her initial shock of having her pussy captured by a wanton mouth, she began smiling down at me as she watched her pussy being eaten for the first time in her young life. I took her hand and brought it to her panties so that she could hold them aside for me and I could free my hands to manipulate her nipples.

It seemed to be a total fascination for Lorraine to watch a tongue work on her tender virgin pussy. She became so totally wrapped-up in what was happening, she just complied by holding her panties out of the way and just staring down at me.

As she held her panties aside, inadvertently her index finger at first accidentally just rested on her clit but later in some natural way joined the fray. Lorraine had become so excited without realizing what she was doing she began to rub her clit as I continuously tried to bury my tongue deep into her pussy. I would occasionally lick her finger as she stroked her clit; it was so erotic to watch her masturbate.

While we worked on her pussy and clit together her finger set a tempo that got her to the mountaintop in record time. I heard her bellow out some moans and other unintelligible sounds that echoed across the silent river before she lost izmit yabancı escort it altogether.

Lorraine had let go of her panties, grasped my hair in both hands she pulled my mouth upwards as tightly as she could against her throbbing pussy and ground against my face without thought as to how rough she was being. At the same time I was almost overwhelmed with my inability to swallow as she almost instantaneously become rigid and released oodles of he pent up orgasmic fluids into my mouth.

Lorraine’s body remained upright momentarily as she gasped aloud trying to recapture the oxygen she so desperately needed although it still shook and vibrated. Just as she found her ability to breathe normally, she fell by my side, splashing into a little puddle as her spasms slowly waned, before becoming completely silent.

As Lorraine lay in the after glow, I rolled her out of the puddle on the grass onto her back and then in what must have seemed like a well rehearsed single motion, I removed her panties, pushed down my pants and underwear and mounted her. I bent forward and gently kissed her as I drove myself as deep as I could into her.

In a single violent thrust my cock tore into her, I heard her gasp aloud and once again became rigid as a stone. Although it hadn’t felt like I encountered much resistance from her hymen, still she was extremely tight and I gasped as well as the moist silky tightness enveloped my cock. Then we both remained frozen in place as I let her get past the initial shock and pain and I enjoyed the warmth of her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I felt that it would be better to just get it over with, are you ok?”

“Yeah, yeah I think so, but just move slowly okay?” she gasped back.

That’s just what I did; I took it very slow, moving only an inch or so in and out. After a few minutes she began to join in the motion. As her hips began to rock with me she began to pick up the pace. Following her lead I increased the length of my stroke and picked up my pace to match hers. Soon all you could hear was her non-stop moans and the squishy sounds of our mating we fucked in the soggy grass.

“Let yourself go Lorraine, try and come for me baby.” I whispered in her ear, “That’s it try and come soon, because I’m close and I’m going to have to pull out, come on baby, come for me, come for me.”

“Ooh-My-God you’re fucking me, I, I mean we’re really, really fucking.”

That’s all Lorraine managed to say as she let out a big, ” OOH GOD, AAHHHH,” as she exploded with her second orgasm.

Her loud orgasm triggered mine and I pulled out just in time to splash her belly and tits with an extended volley of sperm.

I was letting the last few dribbles fall on her upper chest Lorraine shocked me, by leaning forward and taking the last few drops into her mouth, and she continued to suck my cock until it shriveled up in the cold night air into a totally flaccid state.

Lorraine continued to lick the sides of my cock as it shrunk and said, “Mm, I like the taste of your cock, its not as bad as I thought, in fact it tastes pretty good.

“Well guess what honey, what you’re tasting on the sides of my cock is the juice from your own tasty pussy, do you like it?”


I reached down and stuck two fingers into her pussy and bought them to her lips, as she sucked my fingers clean she smiled, and I repeated the action at least six times.

“Hmm, you like the taste, don’t you?”

Lorraine gave we an odd smile and just smacked her lips as she laughed and laughed, then she pointed to my cock that had shriveled up in the cold. “It sure disappeared, where the hell did it go?” Lorraine said as she laughed like crazy.

It had stopped raining sometime during our fuck and we joked and laughed about the mess we were in. Both of us were soaked, covered in mud and our clothes were in the same condition. We waded into the cold river washed off the mud, dressed our wet bodies in wet clothes without underwear and happily walked back.

It was dead of summer and I had the heater on full blast as we drove to my house. I planned to sneak us into the basement and put our things through the washer and dryer in the basement, fortunately no one was home.

While our clothes were washed and dried we cuddled, kissed, touched and felt each inch of the other’s body as we lay on the old sofa. We managed to tongue each other to a nice orgasm before I took her home, promising to call tomorrow.

Chapter II: Lorraine, Mary Ann and I, Coming Soon.

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