What You Really Want


What You Really WantAnother Gor story… I did quite a bit of work in that universe. Again, I do not own the universe, it was created by John Norman in the 1960’s, and focuses heavily on male-dominated society and slavery. It was common for the lines between companion and slave to become blurred, and this story focuses heavily on that.—————————————————————————–The fire crackles merrily in the slightly chilly air of the plains, throwing embers and sparks skyward as he reclines there, waiting for you. His eyes wander as he waits, taking in the small group surrounding the fire… a few men, most of them seen to by a kajira or two. Their attention is certainly elsewhere, and he sighs, looking around in bored fashion.Soft footfalls herald your approach, breaking into his thought process as you reach his side and settle down next to him. He smiles to himself as you u*********sly trail your fingers along the fur that lines your boots. He laughs quietly, unable to help himself, watching as you look up at him furtively, as though you were doing something naughty. You smile then, meeting his eyes, although he swears he detects a hint of sadness there. Reaching out, he pulls you closer still, almost into his lap, dr****g his cloak around you to ward off the slight chill. Your lips brush his cheek, his ear, and he smiles, wrapping one arm around you.”I missed you.” he says quietly, settling back against the cushions, pulling you over him.”I missed you, too.” comes your soft reply, before your lips return to his ear. “I want you.” you whisper, and there is enough hunger in your voice that a chill runs up his spine, and he feels himself hardening for you already. His eyes meet yours again before he glances over his shoulder at the wagon… so close.”Not yet.” you breathe, and he draws in a short breath as your fingers begin to work at his belt beneath the cloak. He hears something different in your tone… something new. Challenge? This is a test, almost.. but for you, or for him?He glances around only briefly at the smattering of people around the fire.. all absorbed in their drinks, in their slaves. As your fingers unclasp his belt buckle, he pulls you closer, one large hand palming your breast through your clothes. He smiles to himself as he squeezes firmly, his thumb dragging over your flesh, finding your nipple erect and flicking it gently. You shudder lightly, your back arching ever so slightly.. but you place a hand gently on his chest, pushing him back, your eyes burning into his as you dart your free hand beneath his kilt, closing your soft hand around his manhood. He throbs in your grip as you pull him free of the kilt and expose him to the chilly night air. You lean in close again, hiding your exploration from the others in the area as you begin to stroke him slowly up and down. He groans very quietly, just loud enough for you to hear, as you brush your thumb lightly over his swollen head, circling gently around the ridge. He swells even more in your grasp as you tease him, keeping your touch feather-light.A wicked smile twitches your lips as you release him, his cock bobbing lighty in the night air. You reach into a pouch on your belt, drawing forth something… something red. Realization dawns on him as you bring it before you… slave silks. He remembers the very set… red, rich.. sumptuous. His favorite thing to see you in. Still smiling into his eyes, you trail the silk lightly over his length, drawing a soft gasp from his lips as the fabric drags over his sensitive tip, making his toes curl in his boots. Biting down on your bottom lip, you wrap the silk around his hardness lightly, closing your hand around him, beginning to stroke him up and down with a slow, steady rhythm. The new sensation of the silky material sliding up and down his shaft draws another groan from his lips, the pleasure causing his eyes to roll back slightly.”That’s so good…” he breathes, unable to do anything but watch your hand slide up adiosbet yeni giriş and down.. watch his swollen tip emerge from the red silk again and again. Smirking slightly, you bend a bit, leaning over him, your eyes burning into his as you throw caution to the winds and take his exposed tip lovingly into your mouth. His eyes dart around at once… no one seems to be looking closely, but this is still very… public. Your tongue swirls around his tip then, driving every coherent though from his mind as you hum quietly in your throat, continuing to stroke him, wrapped in the silks. You shift again, pulling up off of him wetly to move closer, to bring your lips to his ear again. “I want you to cum.” you whisper, your voice slightly rough with desire. “I need it. Please.”Your urgency is… palpable.. contagious. Already his climax is looming, his balls tightening.”Stop…” he breathes roughly, his hips lifting slightly. “I can’t hold back… I can’t…” he trails off into a low, quiet moan as your teasing strokes coax him over the edge. He hears your quiet, exulting laugh as he erupts for you, spurt after spurt of hot, viscuous seed painting your lovely red silks, little lights popping in his head as he cums and cums for you. You continue to coax, to stroke… more… more… until he is spent and he sags slightly against the cushions. Your lips brush across his cheek as you draw the silk up his length, folding the material carefully, neatly, tucking it back into your pouch. He watches with a slight smile, rearranging himself. You nestle in close to him then, whispering “I am still yours… still your kajira.” He hears the emotion in your voice, sees the tears that threaten to spill over, welling up in your eyes. “All I want is to please you.””You do.” he says quietly, brushing his thumb over your cheek. “Of course you do, no matter your station.”Suddenly, so quickly that he isn’t quite sure what is going on, you push against his chest, distancing yourself from him.”You don’t want me in your collar?” you ask softly, and he frowns at the expression on your face. Hurt, anger, sadness… all are present in your eyes, and he frowns further, propping himself upright. “Of course I do.” he says in frustration. “It isn’t that simple, there are things…” he trails off as he sees your tears have begun to fall, trailing down your cheeks as you whisper, “You don’t want me.”He frowns at you a moment, his thoughts jumbled. Then, suddenly, he rises to his feet, gripping your upper arm firmly, tugging you upward as well. You resist at first, pulling back, trying to pull your arm away, and he all but drags you toward the tent, ignoring your dragging feet. He pulls you through the flap into the tent that has been set aside for you, glancing only briefly at the sumptuous furs that line the wood floor before he pushes you urgently against one of the support beams, bending lower, claiming your lips hungrily with his own. You twist slightly, your lips unresponsive beneath his, and he growls softly, wedging his thigh between yours, pressing you more firmly against the wood. A shuddering sigh escapes your lips, and suddenly you are kissing him back with a hunger that matches his own, even threatens to outstep it. Your tongue searches almost frantically for his as he grips your bodice, pulling it open with brutal impatience, listening to the tearing of fabric, of buttons pattering on the wood floor. He hears your soft cry, of surprise, surely.. perhaps disapproval, but clothing can be repaired or replaced. He yanks again, firmly, then slides his knee up further, lifting you upward, burying his face in your breasts, suddenly bared.Another cry escapes your lips as he sucks a nipple into his mouth, tugging, flicking it against his teeth with the tip of his tongue, and you thread your fingers into his hair, holding him there. He sucks hard, flicking, nipping as he brings one hand up to palm the other breast, rolling your nipple firmly between finger and thumb. His other hand adiosbet giriş sneaks lower, palming your bottom firmly through your kilt, squeezing as he feasts upon your breasts. Your legs wrap almost u*********sly around his waist, and you squirm against the beam, searching… he smiles to himself at your shuddering gasp as his hardness presses between your thighs, even through the fabric.Quickly, impatiently, he lowers you to the floor, ignoring your moan of protest as he spins you about, pressing you forward against the beam as he unbuckles the belts about your waist… as he tugs the mangled bodice down… as he ungracefully stips your clothing away, tossing it indiscriminately aside, only interested in your naked body before his eyes. It is only moments before his wish is granted.. before you stand there in nothing but your fur-lined boots. His eyes roam over you hungrily, noting the gentle flush that graces your cheeks, before he takes you in his arms again, lowering you gently onto the furs, stretching out beside you. He pulls impatiently at one boot for a moment before disregarding it with a quiet huff, returning his mouth to your breasts, his hunger for you unsated. He is rougher than usual, perhaps.. more urgent as his lips roam eagerly over your flesh. As he explores, he works at his belt, unbuckling it, kicking off his boots, working his pants and kilt off, slow going as he refuses to lay off his attentions. Kicking his legs free, me moves over you at once, a light smile playing about his lips as he grips his cock in one hand, rubbing the head back and forth over one erect nipple… then the other. Your eyes plead with him, and he smiles wider, angling his hips, guiding his hardness between your breasts. Palming your breasts firmly, he tugs teasingly on your nipples as he begins to rock his hips slowly, grazing his manhood over your flesh. He catches you biting your lip, watching as his swollen tip moves closer, then pulls away. Humoring you, he moves closer, allowing his tip to bump lightly against your lips. As you give him a slow, sensuous lick, he reaches back, twisting, sliding a palm down your belly to dip his fingers between your thighs.As he has come to expect, he finds you hot.. wet… slippery. A whimper escapes your throat as his fingers open you up, as he drags his middle finger up and down your slit before plunging it inside. Your eyes flash at him again as you suck him into your mouth, and he responds by darting his finger in and out of your sex, drawing a hungry moan from your throat.”I DO want you.” he whispers, rubbing his thumb back and forth over your clit. “You ARE mine.” he continues, and feels you shudder around his questing fingers. “Say it.””No.” you gasp breathlessly, releasing him from the confines of your hot mouth. You shake your head back and forth briskly, though you don’t look away from his eyes. “I won’t.””No?” he repeats, eyebrows raised, and feels them raise more as you shake your head. He scoots backward, raising himself on his arms, letting you feel the slow journey of his manhood between your breasts… down your belly. “Sure about that?”You don’t answer, opting instead to suck your lip in between your teeth as his swollen tip nudges against your hungry pussy. “Sure you’re not..all mine?” he continues, holding eye contact as he angles his hips, lining himself up perfectly… as he moves forward with well-practiced motion, sinking every throbbing inch of his cock into your sex.Still you don’t answer… your nails dig into his upper arms as he begins to fuck you slowly, letting you feel his entire length again and again. The friction is utterly exquisite as he fills you completely, his eyes rolling back slightly. You shake your head again, as if by reflex , the strange game continuing, and he sets his jaw, maintaining a steady rhythm, watching with intent as your cheeks flush a deep pink… as your lips swell and your pupils dilate.”Say it.” he presses, increasing the force of his thrusts, bringing a adiosbet güvenilirmi breathless sound from your throat each time he pushes inside you. “I want to hear it.””No!” you maintain, your head tossing from side to side. “No. No…” Your voice trails off into a shuddering moan as you spasm violently around him, your nails digging in deeper, your back arching with your climax. He smiles exultantly as you cum, as you shudder and squirm, but it’s not enough… not now, not tonight. You are still trembling, still rolling your hips as he tugs himself free of you… as he rolls you over effortlessly, bunching up the furs, wedging them beneath your hips.”I know what you want.” he says, moving to his knees behind you, delivering a swat to your upraised rear. The sound reverberates into the night air, and you all but squeal into the furs, burying your face in them. “I know you want to feel me.. here.” he asserts, nudging the tip of his manhood against your puckered little hole, smiling at your soft cry.”NO!” you say just as assertively, squirming forward. “I don’t, I don’t want it!”His hands close inexorably on your hips, pulling you back into position as he angles himself, slick with your sex. “I think you do.” he says, pushing against your hole with a firm, steady pressure. “I think you want.. every… inch.””N..no.” you force out as he opens you slowly… as the head of his cock disappears into your ass. “I don’t…””No?” he asks softly, feeding you another inch, ever so slowly. “I think you want it. I think I know you better than you know yourself…” Leaning over you, he releases your hip, reaching forward to twist a hand in your hair. “I think you are mine… my slave, my slut, regardless of whether you wear me around your neck or around your finger.”Your reply is choked off as he angles just right, slipping past your resistance… watching in rapture as he sinks into your ass. You wail unabashedly into the furs, an exclamation of pain and of pleasure.”You belong to me.” he asserts, slowly rocking his hips. “All of you… your mouth…your ass, your pussy… all mine.” He watches your knuckles whiten, your grip tightening on the furs as he pistons slowly in and out of your hole, giving you half his length or so before pulling back. He smiles to himself as one hand releases its grip on the furs.. as it disppears beneath you… as your whimpers become soft, trembly moans.He can feel it building.. his climax and yours. Your breath comes in short, shallow gasps as you play with your clit… as he takes you from behind, delighting in the snug fit, keeping his thrusts gentle and slow.”More…” you burst out after a moment, and he smiles. “More… more!” He obliges you willingly, pulling back on your hair, fucking you with smooth, firm thrusts, claiming you… breaking your resistance. Your moans escalate in pitch, and he sets his jaw, his own climax looming as you spasm once around him.”Say it!” he growls through gritted teeth, his legs shaking as he nears the brink, and finally… you do.”Yours!” you wail, your shoulders hunching, a long, protracted shudder rippling through you as you cum hard for him. “Yours… I’m yours!” and then, with sobbing for breath, you cry out “Master!”With a cry of release, his body arches, tense, quivering as he erupts inside you, filling you with hot, thick spurts… giving you all he has to give as you spasm around him, milking him for all he is worth.Slowly, slowly he descends from his peak, watching in satisfaction as your back muscles ripple.. listening to your quivering little mews of fulfillment. Leaning forward, he presses light kisses up and down your spine.”See?” he says quietly, smiling. “You are mine… I do want you. Nothing can change that. You know if you want that collar, all you have to do is say the word. But having it, wearing it, isn’t what makes you mine. Our bond is stronger than steel… so by all means, drop to your knees and beg for my collar. Or stand beside me and wear my ring. The result is the same… your heart belongs to me.”Rolling to the side, clutching you to him, be brings the furs over you both, and you snuggle back against him silently… perhaps you are pondering his words… or perhaps you have already decided. With a contented smile, he decides to wait and see.

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