wife almost there..need help for the last step….


wife almost there..need help for the last step….wife almost there..need help for the last step….i have been playing on a few sites for the last 2-3 years and went from a conservative couple to a wife that has done a few ‘extra’ things….she has not yet done anybody outside of our marriage but i would love to see her rammed by a large black cock….and more.I will start by posting a few pics then explain more what we have done so far….i klasbahis yeni giriş am looking for some advices on how to jump to the next step…Last week I told her, while I was in her, that I often fantasize about her being with other guys with bigger cocks than me . I didn’t get the absolute thumbs up I was hoping for, but she didn’t withdraw like I was afraid she might. My guess is she could be into it but needs some klasbahis giriş thought processing time. She did cum hard so that’s a plus.not much happened so far although, we may have done a great step forward. So far , the struggle is for the wife to be in a position where people (BBC! or bulls) would be able to start talking with her. So although nothing happened yet (Despite 2 large black guys sitting right behind her checking klasbahis güvenilirmi her out in a pub i over heard them saying they would love to fuck her),dont think she heard them. it seems that next time that we go out, it would be nice to finish the night with a last drink in a pub while shes quite drunk and more talkative and her gaurd is down …i told her after those black guys were checking her out and they wanted to fuck her she smiled blushed and went red so that is the great step forward. Lots of people would be there and all looking to chat or for more and no reason why some people would not start chatting with her…!!!! so definitely something to look forward for next time that we go out….

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