Wife Rule #1


Wife Rule #1With some adaptation to the story, credit must go to indentcoupleIt all stated innocently enough. My best friend Candi called to tell me she was planning a long weekend in celebration of her husband’s 40th birthday. Candi asked if my husband, Mike, and I (my name is Robin) wanted to accompany them. We decided to go the Caribbean for four glorious days of fun and sun. I never guessed that it would change my life.Candi and I have been friends for about six years. Remember the movie Braveheart? Well, Candi looks just like the young Scottish lass, with a beautiful face, perfect skin, and long brown hair. She is only 5′ 3″ and has a full bust and swivel hips. As Mike has stated, “Candi is built for sex.” I am 5′ 6″, have short blonde hair and an athletic build with average breasts and narrow hips. Naked, my most striking feature is my long, thick nipples. Anyone who has known me for more than a weak has noticed my “silver bullets.” Eric, Candi’s husband, and Mike are total opposites. Eric is about 5′ 10″ with very dark hair and a thick build. He is a typical “man’s man” who loves to hunt and fish. Mike is 6′ 2″, thin and he likes to swim, run, and bike. He has lots of dirty blonde hair and a big smile.Day OneWe arrived in paradise on a Thursday, the day before Eric’ birthday. By the time we arrived, checked in, and changed it was about 3 pm. We decided to head right to the beach. I was immediately surprised to see many, but not all, of the woman were topless. I had not considered this possibility and wasn’t sure if I wanted to show Eric my tits. Apparently Eric wanted to see my tits and said, “So Candi, Robin, when in Rome…” and he pointed to a topless woman walking by.Before I had a chance to respond Candi answered, “Not today stud. Maybe tomorrow for your birthday,” and she winked at me. At this point I noticed that Mike was staring a Candi’s ample chest, apparently imagining her topless.The rest of the day was uneventful. We had a nice dinner, a few drinks and everyone decided to turn in at around 11 pm. As Mike undressed I sat and watched, fully dressed. When he was naked I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his muscular waist. Looking at him over his shoulder and reflected in a mirror I asked him “So, what do you think about Candi and I going topless on the beach.” I immediately saw his cock twitch.”Well…,” he stuttered a little, “Well Hon, as Eric said, ‘When in Rome.’ I guess it would be alright.””You just want to see Candi’s big tits.” I looked at his cock, another twitch. I continued, “And I think it would turn you on to see your wife expose herself.”This time his cock jumped! I didn’t expect this reaction. I was only k**ding, but apparently I hit a nerve. I decided to go with it.”Tell me how you want me to strip for all of the men on the beach.” I was smiling, just having fun.”I think it would be exciting to see you show off your breasts. I know how your nipples are always looking for some attention.” He tried to laugh.”You mean like this.” I stepped away from Mike and stated to slowly undress. I could already feel my nipples getting hard. As I undressed, I looked Mike in the eye through the mirror and said “Would this excite you Mike? To watch me take off my shirt in public (as I removed my shirt). To be standing in my bikini bottoms (I removed my shorts) and then to slowly remove my top, exposing my tits for anyone to see?” I dropped my bra without taking my eyes off Mike. His cock was now leaking pre-cum.”You know,” I continued, “I wouldn’t just be topless for a second or two. As I move around everyone will see my tits sway and jiggle. When I put on lotion my nipples will probably get really hard.” I moved around and then massaged my breasts as if I was applying lotion to demonstrate. My nipples rose to the occasion. “I can see you like that,” as I moved to him and pulled his hard as steel penis. Teasing Mike was really fun. “Maybe seeing my tits will make Eric’ cock just as hard as yours is now,” and then I started to giggle.Mike started to laugh as well and moved towards me. I said “I’m sorry I got you all worked up. I really am exhausted from the trip. Let’s go to sleep. I am sure tomorrow will be interesting.”Like a sad puppy, Mike just hung his head and said “O.K.”Feeling bad, I said “Well, come here, let me give you a quick hand job.” Within a minute he was ready to shoot (Mike usually has great staying power. I guess he was really excited). “Are you ready?” I asked. “Yes” he groaned. I don’t know why but I whispered “Just imagine Eric looking at my big nipples.. and he has a hard on.”Mike came. Hard. I couldn’t believe our little play acting excited him so. I went to sleep dreaming of what tomorrow would bring.Day Two (the morning)Mike was gone in the morning. As expected he went to swim laps in the pool. I was still in bed when someone knocked. I threw on a large white T-shirt and answered. It was Candi, wearing a robe.”I assumed Mike would be swimming and I wanted to talk to you before we all got together this morning.” Candi sat down. When she did her robe fell off her legs and her top opened a little to expose her ample cleavage. I don’t know why I noticed. Candi and I had traveled together before (without our husbands) and we had seen each other naked a few times. For some reason, this morning I noticed.I guess it was the prospect of Mike maybe seeing those big tits in a few hours. I had already decided that I wanted to go topless. I did not know how Candi felt about showing her tits to Mike.”Eric was really excited last night at the prospect of seeing us topless together on the beach.” Without waiting for an answer, she continued, “But what I found out this morning is that just south of the beach we were on yesterday is a nude beach. I think turnabout is fair play. If they want to see us, we should get to see them.” Candi was upping the ante.When I did not answer immediately, Candi said, “After all, seeing our tits is most of their fun.” With that Candi opened her robe to display her tits. She held them up and continued, “This is what sticks out on us. If we are going to show them what sticks out on us, why not see what sticks out on them?” Candi laughed. She was absentmindedly kneading her breasts. Then she added, “Of course, you don’t need to be naked to show off what sticks out on you.” And she pointed to my inch long nipples sticking through my white T-shirt.”I’ll take that as a sign that you want to play,” Candi said coyly.”Yes,” I finally said, “lets have some fun teasing our husbands.””Now that you put it that way, Robin. I was having the same idea. You know how a guy gets when his dick is hard, you know, so cooperative and compliant. He will do anything just to have an orgasm.””I know what you mean. I like teasing Mike and making him do what I want.””Me too,” said Candi, “me too. I think we need to pursue bahis siteleri this further.” We then had a long talk about what we wanted to do.We all had breakfast together and proceeded to the beach. Eric and Mike keep looking at our tits. I wondered if they noticed that we were looking at their crotches. Candi had told me that Eric had a very big penis. I never really thought about it before, but now I couldn’t keep my mind off of what it was going to look like.At the beach, Candi announced, “Well, it’s Eric’ birthday, what do you say that we shed some extra clothes on the beach.” The guys nodded eagerly. “How about it Mike, are you game?””It’s Eric’ birthday, anything he wants.” Mike said confidently.”I’m glad you put it that way Mike. Eric it is your birthday. Robin and I thought that instead of just a topless beach, you may want to go to the nude beach.”I quickly looked at Mike to gauge his reaction. He looked confused but did not speak.”After all, if you boys want to see us, you should be willing to do the same, right?”Eric said “Sure, I’ve got nothing to hide.”Mike repeated, although a little unsure this time, “It’s Eric’ birthday, anything he wants.””O.K.,” I said, “lets go.”We walked to the nude beach in silence. As we proceeded we were looking at the naked people all around us. I could sense that we were all thinking about being naked together. I could feel my nipples hardening.Candi picked a spot and without further discussion announced,”Well, its time to get rid of those tan lines.” She choose to remove her bottoms first. I looked down and followed suit (so to speak) and removed my bottoms. Without looking up, I noticed that Eric and Mike were sliding their suits over their ankles. I then looked up in Mike’s direction. He had turned sideways and was looking out to the water, rather than at any of us. I looked to Candi who wasn’t looking at anyone. She simply removed her top with a smile. I then looked at Eric and gasped! He had a big cock. I didn’t know how long it would be hard, but it was so thick! It was as thick as my wrist. I didn’t really see him, but I could feel Mike looking at me as I looked at Eric’ cock.I was still staring (it was probably a second or two, but it seemed longer) when Mike moved over to me. I heard Candi say to Eric, “Let me put some lotion on your back.” Then she whispered, “By the way, I think Robin likes your cock.” I then looked at Candi who was making a point to rub her round tits into Eric’ side while she applied lotion to his back. Candi’s tits were very different from mine. As I said they are large, probably a 36D, with some hang. She had a very large pink areola, with soft nipples. But, to my surprise, I found myself looking down at her pussy, her shaved, completely bare pussy! My nipples went ballistic! Then I noticed that Eric was still staring at me.I looked away and dropped my top. I was enjoying exposing myself. I had no idea how much this would excite me. I decided to give him (and anyone else who was watching) a show. I turned sideways to give Eric the best view of my protruding nipples and picked up the suntan lotion. I stated to apply lotion to my front, including pulling on my nipples when I did my breast. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eric’s rising erection. Incredibly, my nipples grew even longer. Then I turned to look at Mike and asked him to lotion my back.Candi now moved in front of Eric and he stated to rub lotion into her back. From the way she wiggled, I assumed that she was rubbing his hardening cock with her ass. I could see Mike steeling glances at her heavy tits and clean pussy. I then told Mike to sit in front of me while I did his back. When I was finished, I let my hand “slip” into his lap, just to make sure he was hard. He was. So far our plan was working, it had only been five minutes and they were both naked and hard.The rest of the day was really uneventful. Every hour or so Candi and I would tease our husbands into another erection. Usually it took as little as the re-application of suntan lotion (even I had to watch when Candi was rubbing lotion into her bare pussy). Of course, the water was a perfect place to reach down and give them a few good strokes and ask how they like the view. For their part, Eric and Mike said almost nothing. But their cocks said all there was to say.Day Two (the night)Our husbands spent the day in a state of perpetual arousal. As we dressed for dinner Mike pleaded for a fuck or even another hand job, anything for release. I fended him off on the excuse that we did not have time. Apparently Candi had to do the same with Eric. Candi and I were both nicely dressed including standard bras and panties. Our husbands wore linen slacks, sans underwear, at our suggestion.After dinner, we sat at the bar for an hour and encouraged our husbands to participate in some sort of drinking contest. Neither of them is a heavy drinker and the alcohol soon had them both very loose.Candi then suggested that we return to Eric’ room for the birthday celebration. We had the mandatory cake with a candle and Eric made a secret wish. Candi then suggested that we play an adult board game, “Since we’ve already seen each other naked, this should be fun,” she said.The game had some silly things, like describe your first time, and some more adventurous things, like whisper to a non- spouse a kinky fantasy (I don’t know what Candi told Mike). There was also the mandatory occasional removal of clothes. As the game progressed, the fact that our husbands were sans underwear and that Candi and I were fully dressed became evident. Mike was the first to loose his shirt and pants. Eric was naked next. At this point Candi still had on her bra and panties and I still had my bra, panties and short skirt.Candi drew the next card. It stated “Remove your next article of clothing and put it on your spouse.” Eric groaned, but did not object when Candi removed her bra and placed it over his hairy chest. He had to leave it on for two turns. I wanted to see if Eric’ cock responded to wearing Candi’s bra, but the table obstructed my view. However, I could see the effect that Candi’s naked chest was having on Mike. Sitting to my left, his hard penis was evident.Unfortunately for Mike, his turn was next and his card read “Stand with your hands on your head for 30 seconds.” Sheepishly, Mike stood, his erection quite obvious. Candi said, “Is that in praise of my naked tits? Mike, you have been looking at my tits all day and they still give you an erection?” Then Candi took over. “Eric, you stand up too and Robin take off your bra, I want to see if the sight of your tits gets Eric hard too.” Like a robot Eric stood up, still wearing Candi’s bra, and stared at my chest. I slowly pulled the straps down and then let the cups fall. Eric’ penis flew up.”Well, that settles that. We have a couple of tit men, canlı bahis Robin. Mike, just what is it about my tits that excites you so?” Candi asked. She also stated to gently knead her globes.Seeing Candi massage her tits had Mike as hard as a rock. He answered, “They just look so big and soft.””They are,” Candi answered. “Eric, what makes you so hard looking at Robin’s tit’s?”Without hesitation, he responded “Look at her nipples.” He was almost drooling. Following Candi’s lead, I was gently pulling on my nipples. “I’ve never seen nipples so long before.”I said, “Candi, it looks like we have two horny little boys on our hands, what should we do with them?””I think we should keep playing the game, except I think they should remain standing so that we can see the effect we are having on them. In fact, Mike put on Robin’s bra so that Eric is not the only one wearing women’s underwear.” Mike did it without hesitation. I drew the next card, “Remove an article of clothing from the person sitting next to you.”Candi said, “Since the boys want to wear our bras, I guess that means me.” She stood up and walked over to me. She then turned so that she faced the boys. I moved behind her and ever so slowly started to pull her panties down. When I was down to her bald pussy, Candi said “Robin stop. Look at what we are doing to their cocks, they’re dripping.” She was right, they were both starting to leak pre-cum. I then pulled her panties off her.Without drawing the next card Candi turned to face me, with her naked ass to the boys, and said, “Time to show the boys your pussy Robin.” She then dropped to her knees, brushing her breast against my stomach and legs as she went down. She quickly removed my skirt. Then she looked up at me, through my breasts and hard nipples, and removed my panties. As she pulled them down, her hand lightly brushed against my bush. As I stepped out, her face was only inches from my pussy, which was very wet by now. I wondered if Candi could smell my arousal.Candi moved next to me and turned to face the boys, “So boys, which do you prefer, a bald pussy or a blonde one?” She said as she pointed first to her pussy then mine.”Bald is beautiful,” responded Eric.”Blondes have more fun,” said Mike.”Well, loyal husbands, that’s good,” said Candi. “On with the game. Candi drew a card (I don’t think it was her turn anymore, but no one noticed). The card read “If there is a hard penis in the room, two girls give it a kiss!” (I later found out that she made this up)”There are two hard penises in the room, what will we do?” I asked.”Eric,” Candi said, “what did you wish for when you blew out the birthday candle?””That I would get a blow job from you and Robin.””Mike, it is Eric’ 40th birthday, don’t you think he deserves to have his wish?” Asked Candi.Mike stuttered, “It’s Eric’ birthday, anything he wants.”Then I surprised myself by saying, “Mike, its Eric’ birthday and Candi and I are going to give him a blow job. You want me to do a good job,” it was a statement, not a question, “I don’t think I can relax with you in the room. Maybe tomorrow we can all get together, but tonight is Eric’ birthday. Go back to our room and I will take care of you in about an hour. No masturbating, and leave the bra on, I like it.” I then scooted Mike out of the room.Candi then took over. “Well Eric you are finally going to live out one of you greatest fantasies, two beautiful woman are going to suck on your fat dick. But if you haven’t noticed yet we are in control and you are going to do it our way.Do you understand?””Yes!””Good. Now I am going to blindfold you. I think seeing us is making you overexcited. Next, since it is your birthday you have to have your spanking before you get your present. Get over my lap.” And Candi pulled Eric down to her lap by tugging hard on his penis. Without further ado, Candi started to spank Eric. When she got to twenty, she said, “Eric, since Robin is going to give you half your present, she is going to give you half your spanking. Go ahead Robin.” I started to laugh and spank at the same time. Candi warned him, “Don’t cum Eric, you will ruin the present.”After I finished spanking Eric, Candi said, “O.K. Eric, time for your present, lie down on the bed.” Eric complied, a bit gingerly when his burning ass hit the bedspread. Candi and I then crawled up and began to lick his thick cock. Then Candi said, “See Robin, it is too thick to get it all into your mouth. This is why Eric wants two women so badly, so that he can feel a mouth on both sides of his big cock.””You know Eric, with our mouths so close together sometimes I just can’t help but kiss Robin. You don’t mind if we kiss for a moment do you?” Candi winked and I (reluctantly) removed my mouth from Eric’ fat one. Since Eric was blindfolded, we did not actually kiss, Candi just made sounds like we were.”That was interesting,” Candi said, “now back to his dick.” We continued our licking and sucking, then Candi said, “God, Eric, Robin really loves your cock. You should see excited she is, ummmm, I’m pulling on one of her nipples now. It is soooooo long and hard.” She wasn’t touching me, but I moaned like she was. “Eric, would you like to suck on Robin’s nipples?””Yes!!!!” He almost screamed.”Would you like to fuck her too?””Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!!””Maybe I’ll let you if you promise to do everything we say. Do you promise to obey us?””Yes,” Eric answered.”Not good enough” I said, “say I promise to obey Candi and Robin at all times.””I promise to obey Candi and Robin at all times,” Eric repeated.”O.K. Eric, you can cum now.”I gave him one last suck, getting as much in my mouth as possible, while Candi jerked him off. When he yelled “I’m cumming,” Candi and I leaned in and let him explode all over our tits. Mostly Candi aimed him at my chest. It then occurred to me what was next. Candi kept stroking Eric’ cock, which remained hard.”O.K. Robin, let him suck your tits.” When my cum covered breasts hit his mouth I thought Eric would gag. But he didn’t, he just went right for my extended nipple. I then stated to move my breast around, making sure he had to lick up all the cum. Candi giggled, “If you want to fuck her tell Robin how much you like to suck your cum from her perfect tits,” Candi said.”I do, I love it,” Eric said.”Keep doing a good job and I’ll let you fuck her.” Eric’ efforts immediately increased. I really hadn’t planned on fucking Eric, but at this point, having sucked the thickest cock I had ever known, and having my nipples sucked, I just had to know how that dick would feel inside my dripping pussy.When Eric had finished cleaning my tits, Candi moved up and had him lick his semen off of her breasts. While Eric was doing that, Candi said, “Go ahead, try him out for size. Robin is going to fuck you Eric, remember, do not cum inside her.” I impaled myself on his thick tool. I never güvenilir bahis felt so full, so well fucked. I came in a minute and in buckets. Then I moved up and down until I came again. I then got off and Candi climbed aboard. She immediately and furiously bounced up and down. The whole time she was pulling and pinching her nipples. I had never seen another couple have sex before, it was exciting. Eric came within a minute. Candi said, “Open your mouth Eric, I’m a mess.” And with that Candi rose off his cock, turned herself around so that she was facing me and gently feed her cum soaked cunt to Eric. She stayed just within his reach so that I could watch the cum drain from her pussy and into his mouth.When Candi stopped leaking, she smeared her stretched out pussy all over Eric’ face. She got up and told him to “stay.”Candi came over to me just as I was pulling on my panties. “This has been wild.” I said, “Does he do that often? Suck your pussy after he cums?”. Candi said, “A few times, but never like that. Wow! I feel so sexy and powerful.” She then gave me a hug. Our naked breasts mashed and Candi looked up and gave me a gentle kiss on the neck. She looked down at my tits and my nipples were at full attention again. “You know, it is seeing the two of us together that drives them wild. We may have to explore that further.” My head spinning, I got dressed and returned to my room.I forgot that I had told Mike to wait up for me and to keep on the bra. He looked absolutely ridiculous lying on the bed with nothing but a bra and his thin hard on. I removed my skirt and panties, but kept on my shirt. I was excited by the fact that he was naked (except my underwear) and that I was covered.Mike excitedly asked “What happened?”I moved up so that my head was higher on the pillow than his head. My chest was almost in his face. I then reached down for his cock and started to stroke it lightly and said, “Are you sure you want to know?” I asked.”Yes please.””You sound like you are begging.” I liked the way this was going. “Go ahead, beg me to tell you.””Oh please Robin, anything, anything, just tell me what happened. I have been dying in here by myself.””O.K., but remember, you said anything.” I continued, “Before we started, we had to give Eric his birthday spanking,””You spanked Eric?” Mike asked.”Quiet, let me tell the story. Yes, we both did. It was really exciting. By the end, Eric’ thick dick was dripping and you could see it throbbing. We then blindfolded him, because Candi and I did not think we could perform with him watching. The two of us licked his cock. It was so thick that we each took a side, although our lips sometimes met. Then I tried to fit the head in my mouth, but I couldn’t. Candi then told him that if he agreed to do what we said, Eric could suck my tits and fuck me.” I had a firm grip on Mike’s cock when I said this, I wanted to feel his reaction. His cock surged. I had him.”Calm down,” I said, “let me finish the story.” At this point Eric was ready to cum. “I sucked his cockhead while Candi jerked him off. He then came in buckets all over our chests. Candi then said ‘O.K. Eric, you can suck Robin’s tits.’ Of course, Eric did not know that his cum was all over my tits. It did not matter, he just sucked away.” With that I opened my shirt and lowered my right nipple into Mike’s mouth. Despite the fact that I just told him that Eric came on my chest, he immediately began to nurse. At the same time, his cock was leaking so much pre-cum that I was barely touching him, afraid that he would cum. God this was fun.I continued, “When Eric was done licking his cum off my chest, Candi put her cum covered boobs into Eric’ mouth. She then said ‘Eric, you can fuck Robin, but do not cum inside her. Mike only agreed for her to suck you.'” I moved over Mike so that my left nipple slid into his hungry mouth and my pussy hairs just grazed the tip of his throbbing prick.I continued, “Mike, when I slid my pussy over Eric’ cock, it was unbelievable. It was so thick, so much bigger than yours. It felt sooooo gooood.” I began to moan a little, remembering what Eric’ cock felt like. “At first I just nested on it, moving my pussy back and forth, from side to side, feeling it stretch me like I have never been stretched before. I came just doing this. Then I started to bounce up and down.”I began to gently slid up and down on Mike. Mike moaned, “Please, I have to fuck you, I have to get inside you.”I laughed, “Funny you should say that Mike,” and I sat upright, lifted my shirt and pointed to my cunt, “look, you’re already inside me.” Despite myself, I laughed again. “Eric stretched me out so much, you can’t even feel my pussy.” And I laughed again. Actually, I could feel Mike get even harder. He enjoyed the humiliation of knowing that another man had stretched my cunt.Mike started to buck, to make me feel him. I continued to laugh. “Well, you will never cum inside me like this. There is no friction. I tell you what. Eric likes to lick Candi’s pussy after he cums inside her, if I can make you cum inside me, then you’re going to like my pussy.””Yes, anything, please make me cum, please!!!”With that I started to bounce up and down on Mike while I pulled on my own nipples. “Mike, look at me.” He did. I smiled and said, “I can’t feel your little dick… I’m all stretched out… tomorrow I will have to fuck Eric again so I can feel a cock inside me……. cum if you want your wife to get fucked.”And cum he did. I had fucked him with my mind rather than just my pussy. I may not have been able to feel his thin dick, but I could sure feel his hot cum shoot inside me. I came again, more from the game I was playing then from the small cock inside me. After our mutual orgasms, I really couldn’t feel Mike’s dick at all. Without hesitation, I slid off Mike’s dick (I couldn’t even feel it slip out) and straddled his head. Just like Candi, I kept my dripping pussy just within reach of his tongue so that I could watch him eat his cum out of my pussy. “Open your eyes, Mike, look at what you are doing.” I demanded. Given how stretched out I was, his seaman just flowed from my cunt to his lips. I was so excited. I even pulled away a little, and his head followed. He loved it!!I then put all my weight on his face, smothering him in our juices. For some reason I said, “I don’t know what we are going to do with you Mike, you can’t fuck like Eric and you don’t eat pussy as well as Candi. We’ll have to find something you can do.” Before he could react, I clamped my thighs around his head. In a few seconds I was coming again. At this point even Mike’s ears were full of semen and my cream.When I got off I said, “You liked that.” It was a statement, not a question. “Good, because it was fun for me and we are going to do it whenever I want.” Mike did not question my authority, instead he said, “Did Candi really eat you?””You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?” I responded, without answering his question. “We’ll see. For now it is time for sleep. Goodnight my pet.” And I rolled over and went to sleep.To Be Continued…

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