Wife takes huge knob


Wife takes huge knobI gave her the opportunity to back out after we saw the size of Marks huge bulbous door knob he had on the end of a upwardly curving 8 inch shaft which twitched with excitement. We had just returned from a nude walk around a pond at night with two other guys and we had already fucked her, we had a filing cabinet that was sturdy and the right height and size to let us fuck her. so we sahabet güvenilirmi padded it down with quilts, and pillows as usual and despite her fear prepared to let him enjoy her. She tried not to resist but her instinct made her squirm away until she told the rest of us to hold her. Mark would pullback when pushing in made her yelp. finally she hissed “put it in dammit” and with sahabet yeni giriş many grunts and yelps he pushed in past her narrow pussy lips.After that it was more bearable for her. She gasp in short quick breaths “You can go on just please god don’t hold back,just please cum as fast as you can” followed by “oh fuck please please please cum quick” He obliged by telling her after sahabet giriş a dozen strokes ” I’m gonna cum now” she yelped “It’s like being fucked with a baseball” and we could see the lump his knob made in her skinny tummy going back and forth.When he came pushing in as hard as he could the width of his dick head didn’t let any of his cum squirt back past the wide head, filling her already cum filled womb. she said she felt like a water balloon. She stopped him from pulling out letting him get seconds so he softened before he pulled out. She says he churns her insides. His knob is to big to fit in her mouth so she sucks the tip and jacks him off sometimes instead of fucking.

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