wife’s new hobby


wife’s new hobbymy wife, clare, is an accounts manager for an insurance company, standing 5foot 9 with a 36-24-32 figure and shoulder length red hair. she keeps herself fit by going to the gym and swimming 5 times week before work.we’re both 45 and been together since meeting at school when i moved to southampton with my parents,and only been with each other we’re both career people so we have a good lifestyle and a great sex life, which got even better when we went to her brothers wedding in wales. we booked a remote cottage and decided to have a two week holiday. the cottage was great secluded with a big garden. we had a couple of days before dave’s wedding so as clare had brought a complete new outfit she decided that we would spend the two days getting a tan. we had been sunbathing for a couple of hours clare topless as she always does when sunbathing, wearing just her pink bikini bottoms which are on the small side with tied sides. both of us were laying on our backs when someone said morningwe both looked up to see two old boys leaning on the garden wall, it was fred the farmer who owns the cottage and a farm workerclare reached out to grab her top, but fred said don’t bother on their behalf as it was so hotshe looked at me and i said its no different from being on holiday abroad fred and bert asked if everything was ok with the cottage and said that they had brought some fresh milk and eggs from the farm, both staring at flares breasts. they came through the gate and sat down on the bench, placing the milk and eggs on the table clare went to get up to take the milk and eggs inside,but i said i would go, asking fred and bert if they wanted a drink, both said yes to a beer and clare a glass of wine. i took the drinks out to see clare sitting up crossed legged in front of fred and bert, they were talking about the farm and area, both men sitting there in baggy trousers boots and shirts tucked in but undone to the waist showing off their firm taned bodies, it turned out they were both 76 and lost their wives ten years agothe conversation was light hearted with the odd complement towards clare, all the time they were talking to clare’s tits. with the sun beaming down and the three drinks we all had had i was feeling relaxed and a little light headed, and could see clare was the same. she was now laying on her back resting on her elbows, her knees bent up and slightly apartbert then asked clare if she had ever thought about having her nipples pieced, which made her giggle and she looked at me, as we had talked about it a couple of months ago because she has a pair of nipple clamps which she likes wearing, i told them we had talked about it and the reason why, clares nipples had now become hard which made fred smile even more.bert said he had his done and removed his shirt, showing us he’s nipple rings which he tugged, clare was now sitting upright,fred then told bert to show clare his other piecing, he asked her if she wanted to see them and clare replied yes.bert then stood up kicked off he’s boots and then dropped his trousers, bloody hell screamed clare, i was in shockbert had no pants on, standing 6ft away from my wife, with a massive cock hanging down between his legs, which had a thick ring through the helmet and three bars going through his cock evenly spaced, each getting bigger as they go up.clare had brought her hands up to her face, blushing, her chest rapidly rising and falling, her nipples had gone rock hard.fred said bert was blessed with an 11inch cock, still standing he lifted it up to show he had three ball studs on the under dikmen escort side, then he sat down not bothering to put his trousers back on, sitting on the bench legs apart his cock just hanging. clare was transfixed by it, I’ve only got 6 inches on a good day and i was clares only sexual partner.bert told us that his wife was also into piecings before she had died and it had made sex more sensitive.fred told clare to feel it, she looked at me and i nodded, she put out her hand and lifted the head,its heavy ,clare said not taking her eyes off it, she moved forward on her knees, then with both hands grabbed berts cock, lifting it like she was examining it, feeling the ring with her thumb. i stood there watching my wife handle another mans huge cock, her fingers not reaching around it. bert then stood up so it was easier for clare to handle it, as she was it was getting harder, to the point it was sticking straight out towards clares face.her hands were slowly moving up and down berts cockthen to my shock clare engulfed the helmet into her mouth, her mouth stretched around it taking 3 inches, then she started sucking.bert sat down, his cock sticking up clare didn’t take her mouth off the cock, but leaned forward trying to take more in her mouth. fred moved around behind clare pulled the tie strings on flares bikini bottoms, which fell to the floor, dropped his trouser and plunged his 8 inch cock straight into her pussy, forcing the full length in at the first attempt. clare gave a large groan as fred entered her forcing her mouth down beets cock, she know had about 5 inches of betts cock in her mouth and the first set of piecing . fred was ploughing into clare with full force making her come, her body shaking, coating fred cock in white pussy juice.fred kept fucking clare for another 5 or so minutes then grunted as he filled flares pussy with his spunk. he’s cock started to soften and plopped out, clare was still going at betts cock, fred said that i should fuck her now because i wouldn’t feel it after beets had he’s way. i looked at her my cock rock hard. i pulled down my short s and got behind clare, slipped my 6 inches into her warm filled pussy, some of freds spunk came out, two stokes and i shot my load. i sat down next to fred, bert got up pulling clare by her hair off his cock, then walked her over to where we was sitting, still by her hair, then placed her mouth down onto feeds cock, she took it into her mouth and started sucking.bert then moved behind clare and entered her slowly, clare grunting as her pussy was stretched by betts massive cock, the first set of piecing were forced past her lips, clare lifted her head off feeds cock and groaned as she come again fred grabbed her head and pushed it back onto his cock all the way down till her nose was in his pubic hair, making her gag, but she kept on sucking slowly berts managed to get all 11 inches into clare. i could hear clare screaming around feeds cock as bert fucked her,her body shaking as she had one orgasm after another. fred shot his load down flares throat, she tried to swallow as much as she could, but it dribbled down feeds cock. bertgrabbed his cock pulling out of clare who went aarrggghh. bert turned clare over and shot a massive load over her face and tits. clare laying there naked on the grass looked completely exhausted and a right state surrounded my the three of us.fred asked clare if she had enjoyed it, clare replied it was amasing and she had never come so hard or had so many orgasms. i got up and went to get drinks and towels to clean eryaman escort up with, and i walked back out to see clare laying between betts legs licking his cock clean. after awhile fred and bert got dressed and left, we talked about it and clare asked if i minded her fucking fred and bert, i said i loved watching her perform like a slut, she then asked me to fuck her as my cock was hard. i got on to and slipped my cockinto clare but couldn’t feel anything, it was well and truly stretched, i pulled out and clare gave me a blow job the following morning i still had a hard on , clare mounted me her pussy just starting to go back to its right size when the was a bang on the front door. clare got off put on a robe went and answered the door, i heard some talking and laughing, then she came back with a couple of parcels and said it was bert and he wanted to say thank you for yesterday.clare opened the large box, there was note on top.clare read it outdear clare, i would like to say thank you for yesterday by taking you out for a surprise, please put on the gifts in the boxes and meet me at the farm inane hour,bertclare opened the first bag and pulled out a blue silk dress, clare held it up to her body and it came down to her mid thigh, then she pulled out a half cup lace bra, followed by a lace suspender belt and black seamed stockings,clare said there was no knicker, i said perhaps they’re in the other box, clare opened the other box to find a note asking clare to wear only whats in the boxes. clare opened the bag and pulled out a pair of 5 inch blue high heels and a collar with a d ring which made us laugh, clare went and showered and came back to the bedroom,as i went to shower. i came back to find clare standing in the underwear and heels. my cock went rock hard straight away. i walked up behind her and my cock slipped up between her arse cheeks. i reached around and grabbed her breasts, the bra was holding her tits up but didn’t cover her nipples. clare asked me to put the collar on then she turned around to face me, i started to feel her up her pussy was wet, but clare said no as she only had ten minutes left to get ready. i slipped her dress over her head the front was low cut, going down to her waist, clare leaned forward to straighten her dress when i noticed that the dress feel away from her breasts exposing them. i drove down to the farm and was met by fred and bert standing at the door,fred opened flares door and as she got out she couldn’t help but show her stocking tops fred smiled, bert walked over to his garage and drove out a new range rover.we got in fred and bert in the front. we drove to cardiff and parked up behind a parade of shops. we got out again clare showing her stocking tops.clare and i followed fred and bert through a back door to find that we was in a tattoo and piecing shop. fred turned to clare and said she was going to get her nipples pieced, clare said ok. turning left we went down stairs and was met by a large heavily tattooed man, bert spoke to him but we didn’t here what he said. the tattooed man grabbed flares hand and led her into the room.i followed fred and bert intone an adjoining room . we sat down facing a curtain when fred opened it. there through the window was clare and the tattoo man talking, he put his hands on her shoulders and removed her dress,clare stepped out of it and the man picked ti up and hung it up. clare was standing there trying to cover her tits and pussy from the man. he showed her to a chair, clare sat in it the tattooed man then strapped her wrists and etimesgut escort ankles to the chair. he then pieced her nipples and put rings through them, he pulled the chair remote from the back of the chair and pushed the buttons, the chair move so her knee bent to 90 degreesand clare was sitting in the seated position. it then tilted back to 45 degree angle, the legs then started to part until she was spread and exposed.he then pushed the chair out of the room, our chair turned around and we faced another window, clare was brought in on the chair, still exposed and unable to get out.tthe tattooed man then left the room, we sat there for about five minutes until the large double doors opened on the other side of the room,there in front of me was my wife strapped to a chair unable to move just been exposed to a room of about twenty homeless down and out all in a quethe first was an old man about 70, short and skinny, i could see clare trying to move, then the speaker came on and we heard her screaming for him not to touch her and to be released. he played with clares newly pieced nipples making her flinch then kissed her full on the mouth with his dirty bearded face whilst holding her face still, he moved down her body till he was between her spread stockinged legs, he licked from the crack of her arse to her clitand back again. a buzzer sounded he was push out of the way by a tall young man who just dropped his dirty joggers and push his cock straight into clare, she was telling him not to but he started pumping into her, after a couple of minutes clare gave a small groan of pleasure, bert said to fred i told you she would like it,flares eyes were shut as he pumped away, the buzzer sounded again and he pulled out. flares eyes opened and she no keep going, the next bloke walked in stood next to her head and wanked his cock shooting his load over her face which he was holding with his spare hand. most of it went into her mouth which he then held shut so she had to swallow.buzzer, next bloke walk in stood close between her legs dropped his pants and then started to work his cock into her .clares eyes went wide and she screamed your in my arse, he smiled and carried on fucking her arse, we had tried it a couple of times but clare didn’t like it.then he grunted and shot his load up her, clades body shook as an orgasm exploded, aarrrghh she went , her body was still shaking when the next man entered her, he was an indian who kept calling er a fucking slut whilst fucking her pussy, fuck me harder you little cunt clare said,the indian went hammer and tonge at her but only lasted a couple more stroke before spunking up her pussy the next few blokes just fucked, leaving clare on the edge of an orgasm. four blokes left in the que, the next was a stocky bloke he walk in undid flares straps picked her out of the chair and led her over to the table, clares bent over the table and he started fucking her hard forcing the table against the wall, he grabbed her hair pull her head back , that sent her over and clare went into multiple orgasms. she didn’t notice that the other men had entered the room, one laid on the floor the stocky man pulled out and lowered clare onto his cock the two others dropped their trouser and started wanking into her mouth. the stocky man knelt down behind clare, she felt him try to enter her arse,she pushed him away but he grabbed her hair tight pulling her head back then slipped up her arse,clare groaned as he push his 8 inches up her till his ball banged her arse, he then pulled it out so the helmet just popped out then shoved it straight back up, the two wankers came together aiming at clares open mouth as both her holes where fucked, she had no choice but to swallow. the fuckers shot their load into her pussy and arse, as clare went into multiple oragsms againclare lay on the floor as the men leftto be continued

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