WoW 20 : The Country Hotel, Day 4


I arrive at your apartment again and you invite me in. It seems that you feel you have been missing out recently, with all my attention focused on helping Kira and Mia. I think that is a little unfair, as you first suggested and arranged their Training Courses and were there to help and to film the occasions. Indeed, you joined in to some degree and I’m sure you found pleasure in them.“Yes, I’m sorry, Simon,” you say, “I admit I am being unfair and I did enjoy your training of the girls, but obviously, I found it frustrating too. I just kept wishing it was me you were ‘training’ and though you promised to make it up to me, you were obviously completely spent after the girls had left. I just had to relieve myself afterwards and I admit I’ve used the tapes to help get myself off.By the way, both girls reviewed their tapes with me separately and enjoyed their experiences again; from a different angle! They have decided to share their filmed sessions with each other now, so they both know what happened, in full detail! I do think it’s best, so that no jealousies develop between them; they both got well and truly fucked, so they can have no complaints. For me, on the other hand…”“OK,” I say, “I do understand and I did promise to make it up to you, so let’s just decide how. I’m fit and ready to go again now, so you can choose what happens, or let me decide. I really don’t mind!”You say, “Well, obviously, I need you to fuck me as well as you did the girls, or even better. I’ve been dreaming about it and I realise that these Courses have all been about you doing the training. With my help, of course, but you have always taken the lead. I ankara travesti want this Course to be about me training you!”“Well, OK,” I say, “that seems very reasonable as you’re the boss, after all. There’s no one else here this time, so are you going to record this?”“I will,” you say, “but I’m not sure whether I’ll share it with the girls. What I have in mind may be a bit too ‘advanced’ for them! I will decide that later, but I reserve the right to keep this session private. I gave them that right, after all, even if they have now decided to share. I will just set the camera to record and we’ll keep all the action in the bedroom.”“Intriguing!” I say, “ So what thoughts do you have in that sexy mind of yours? I gather you want to be in charge here and I think I owe you at least three fucks to catch up with the others, but I don’t think I can do that in just one evening, much as I’d like to.”“I reckon on three, as well,” you smile, “and with your self-control, I think we could do that this evening if we take our time. What I have in mind is very simple; you fuck me in each one of my three holes, but keep back your cum for the final act. That would clear your ‘debt’ in one session!”“Hmm,” I say, “ If you mean what I think, that involves me fucking your ass, and I’ve told you before that’s something I don’t generally do. I did do it some time back, but I really hurt the girl and I don’t want to do that ever again. I want to give pleasure, not pain; perhaps a bit of play-acting, like light BDSM, but not real pain.”“That’s precisely why this is a training course for you,” you say. “The girl you tried this with was probably travesti ankara inexperienced and didn’t prepare herself properly. I have done this before and I want to show you that you can do it, and also that I will enjoy it. I really want to teach you that it is OK; I want you to do it!”I say I’m still not sure, but you say, “If we do this, this evening, we’ll be even, Simon. Remember I said I wanted you to fuck me in all three holes, and the right order to do that is obviously for you to fuck my mouth, then my pussy, then my ass, saving your cum for the ‘final act’, like I said. You are already skilled in fucking my mouth, but I think I can deep-throat you better than most. In fact, it’s something I promised to show the girls, didn’t I, so this could be a demonstration for them to watch on cam. I’d love you to fuck me doggie-style too, getting really deep into me. And then I will help you with the Grand Finale! Come on, Simon, you know you can do it and I really want you to.”“If you’re sure,” I say, “but you will need to guide me and reassure me; if I hurt you too, I don’t think I would ever be able to do that again.”You lead me to your bedroom, where the camera is already trained and focused on the bed. “We will need lots of lube later,” you say, and place a couple of tubes at strategic points around the bed. “But first, let’s get you prepared to show the girls how I can deep-throat you. I think Mia is especially keen to learn that, although she got you fairly deep, didn’t she? Maybe Kira would be keener to see fucking from behind, but I’m not sure yet whether I will show them any more than the deep-throat ankara travestiler session; it depends how everything goes!”You sit at the end of the bed and lower my jeans. You rub your cheeks against the swelling inside my briefs until my cock is firm enough and hard enough to force its way past the elastic waistband and allow the swollen head to expose itself to you. You look up at me and smile, saying, “I just love how you do that, Simon; no hands necessary!”You remove my briefs and drop my shirt from my shoulders, so I am standing (in both senses) right in front of your face. You remove your own dress; a simple shift, with nothing beneath it. You are fully made up tonight, with bright red lipstick, rouged cheeks and blue eye-shadow, framed by dark well-defined eyebrows and long mascaraed eyelashes. You look beautiful. You have clearly thought through the entire evening, and how you will present yourself on camera. Now you just have to put your plans into action.You stand facing me, side-on to the camera, and press your body firmly against mine, squeezing my cock between our bodies and moving in a slow sensual dance. I reach around to grasp your ass and pull you even harder against me, but you say, “No, Simon, I am taking control now. Just lie down on the bed on your back, with your feet towards the camera. I want to lie on you in the soixante-neuf position and show the camera just how deep I can take that cock of yours. You can play with my pussy and clit, of course, like you did for Kira. I give you permission to do whatever you want down there, but I will stop you if you’re distracting me too much! I will be in complete charge of your cock and will have to concentrate on the show for the girls. This is only Part One of Three, but there is no hurry tonight, is there; you can stay the night afterwards. Just tell me if you need to pause, because I realise I’m asking a lot of you tonight.”

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