A bet is a bet_(0)


Just to give you some background, my name is Jordan and I am your typical cocky jock, in my twenties. I had recently graduated college and when I was there I was on the club basketball team; my specialty was talking shit! It wasn’t just on the basketball court but in bars and at parties as well. I avoided a handful of fights that could have ended badly for me on occasion. After college, I moved out to Massachusetts having been originally from Seattle. I was a big Seahawks fan and loved betting on the games. This was just going to be another repeat win I could feel it!

I quickly made friends in the area through coworkers and what not. I was single and managed to get women pretty easily, I was 6 ft, 170, pretty cut and not too broad. I was invited to a friend’s super bowl party and was happy to go. There was about 25 people total at the party, my friend John was hosting it. John was recently married and a few people there were couples and singles. John ordered subs, had a ton of beers and wings. I was having a great time before the game even started. Obviously, there were quite a bit of Pats fans but there was about five people rooting for the Seahawks with me. I had about 6 beers before the game even kicked off.

Of course, I was shit talking about how the Seahawks were going to beat the Pats. Kim was there, she and I always got into it, she was a tiny little beauty, long blonde hair, tight body, big tits and a big attitude. Her boyfriend was Mike, a 6’4” black guy, always dressed in baggy jeans with a want to be thug attitude. She and I have gotten into heated arguments and he just stood there like a little bitch and didn’t say anything. I knew she wanted me and couldn’t understand why she was into this black dude.

The game was about to start when I asked Kim if she would cry when Tom Brady lost again before he retires? “You’re such a jerk Jordon, fuck off! Tom Brady isn’t retiring and they aren’t losing” I laughed; someone’s gonna be a sore loser I can tell already. She threw her wing at me, and I laughed again. I told her, wow Kim, you seem really confident your Pats are going to win, let’s make a little bet here. “Fuck off Jordan” Wow someone get upset and the game hasn’t even started, Kim its ok, I’ll wipe you tears away when you lose. “Fuck you Jordan you’re on.”

The liquor was running though my veins at this point, Fine I exclaimed, money or something else. “I’m not betting money,” Great I didn’t want you to, let’s make a bet, loser has to walk around naked the rest of the night after the game! “No whoever is losing at halftime has to be naked!” So, we will have to walk around naked the rest of the game, who here really wants to see me naked during the game come’on! Now you, I would love to see you naked for a full half! A few of the guys laughed and chuckled.

Jennifer, John’s wife, who couldn’t really stand me spoke up, “Hey Jordan if you are losing at the half, how about we dress you up like the little pansy you are for the rest of the game!” All the people started laughing as I turned red. “Well, since I am not going to be losing or even tied for that matter you’re on Kim, I’ve always wanted to see that fantastic little ass of yours!” Mike mad a face, but he wouldn’t say shit! What about the actual game I said? “We can decide at half time” Kim said.

At half time, you mean while you’re sitting there naked down by 14, no way we decide before kickoff. Kim said, “what are you thinking you little pansy!” The women laughed, especially Melissa and Erica, they were good friends of Kim and lesbians who seemed to have a thing against guys. I told her, “how about you don’t write a check you tush can’t cash, let’s bet that little ass of yours, I win I get to fuck you here in front of everyone!” I figured let’s push her as far as I can go now and see if we can settle somewhere in the middle, why not? By this point no one was watching the pregame show, everyone was fixated on me and Kim and the bet. “Well since you ass is going to be in a pretty slutty little dress already, deal, but if you lose, I get to fuck you!” Deal! I exclaimed, wait how the hell is she going to fuck me? “Wo wo wo wo, how do you plan on fucking me?” I said. Erica jumped up, don’t worry Jordan we can make sure we equip her for that, we’ve got some stuff in the car for that, as a matter of fact, I can’t wait to see your Alpha male self with a cute little skirt on, legs hiked up in the air, getting rammed in your virgin ass from Kim here in the middle of the floor.” Well since I’m not going to lose who cares I said with a grin.
Melissa spoke up, “who said his ass was a virgin, he seems like your typical closet guy, macho alpha male as a front but loves getting drilled in his ass.” A few of the girls laughed. You know what Kim, since you and all your little friends find this idea so funny, I am sure some of these other guys here who are all single would love to drain their balls in your tight little cunt; I’m guessing Mike hasn’t stretched you out, tough guy attitude but a small dick between those legs. With that the girls faces turned to disgust at my words, Mike jumped up from his seat.

“Who the fuck do you think you are man! How dare you talk to my woman and me like that. “It speak I said, you know what I said is true, all show of tough guy attitude with nothing to back it. I bet my dick is bigger than yours. Kim spoke up, “Jordan, I know Mike’s dick is much bigger than yours, how about this, if I lose, you and all your little single buddies can fuck me if your tiny little dick is somehow bigger than Mike’s dick. Now if your dick is not bigger than Mike’s, which well find out at half time, while your naked, than you get to take every inch of his small dick up your ass and take his load deep in your bowels, and how about the same thing on your end, all your little friend including any girls that want to equip themselves get to stretch you out wide and breed your ass pussy. Why do I say it that way, because after tonight you will have come here a man, and leave here a woman full of cum. Now if I lose, have at it boys, double team me do what you want, but your counting on the Pats losing and Jordan having a package to back it up.” Everyone sat in shock, I reached my hand out, “You’re on!” and we shook.

“Fuck this game I can’t wait for this brutal fucking tonight, Melissa were gonna spit roast Jordan!” Erica exclaimed, “gotta run out a get a few things though first” said Erica as she headed out. Some of the guys were high fiving me and what not, “damn this is great I haven’t gotten laid in months” I started to sweat a little while high fiving some of the guys, what did I just get myself into, what if I lose? I looked over at Kim and she had this evil dead stare at me, I glanced over at Mike and he had the same hate filled stare.

There it was opening kickoff, the game was underway, given the bet I put myself in I started to kick back a few beers. I could hear around me people snickering the whole time. Melissa came up to me and plopped a seat next to me, “So Jordan, your cocky son of a bitch, can I ask you a question, maybe a side bet or so.” “Sure, what’s up.” “Jordan, if you lose, and just get fucked by Kim, your gonna rip that ass open in pain, however, if at halftime your Seahawks are losing or even tied, me and Erica get the privilege of dressing you up like a woman, with Jennifer of course since it’s her house, in addition to that, we get to give you an enema and use three different toys on you. If the seahawks are winning, or tied, you get a private showing of me and Erica taking our double headed dildo in our asses and scissor ourselves. How does that sound?” “Wo wo wo what’s an enema and what toys?” “I thought you might asked that, well and enema is when we will your ass with water, and some lube and you shoot it all out, along with anything else that’s in there. When it comes to the toys, we have a butt plug trainer set that Erica is going to grab, three plugs with jewels on the bottom, one bigger than the other, the key is once we get the large plug in, if your losing you have to wear it the rest of the half.” “Fuck it I’m in, private showing of dykes butt fucking each other, I’m game, plus if you lose the game you got to scissor in front of the crowd.” “Jordan, sounds like a plan! Oh and by the way, Erica isn’t only grabbing some stuff for you, she’s getting some guys that might be interested in this to come too, you know the guys you call Fag when were all out?” “Oh, you mean like Marshall.” “Jordan your right on the money how did you know.

As I laughed the first quarter ended, John made his way to the front the score was 0-0, “ok guys and gals, I know a side bet between Kim and Jordan has seemed to take center of attention over this, since this is my house I wanted to let you know after the game is over make you way downstairs. To accommodate I have set up a make shift table where the festivities will take place to whomever the winner or loser may be. Now Jordan and Kim, you two got yourselves into this, I want you both to shake that no matter who wins, the loser and winner will uphold their end of the bet like a sportsman, Mike that includes you too, no fighting, crying or wimping out. Now Kim and Jordan please shake and honor your bets,” and we did, she looked at me like she could kill me with those eyes.

Erica came in not to long after with a few large bags and quickly ran up with Jennifer to her room. I also saw a bunch of people come in after her, mostly the gay guys she hung out with who all were looking around as they came in. Now there must have been around 35 people there. First the pats scored, Kim jumped up and started cheering in my face then the Seahawks answered right back and I did the same, the clock ran out in the second quarter just as the score read, 14-14, now I was sweating before as the Seahawks were down and score with two seconds left. I looked at Kim blush red as did she right back at me, both of us sweating. The crowd cheered! “Take it off, take it off” they shouted. I saw Kim with a defeated look, pull her shirt over her head, the guys went wild, just as I was waiting I looked to Erica and Melissa, Erica obviously didn’t know about the side bet as she ran up and grabbed my hand. The girls Jenn, Erica and a hesitant Melissa ran up the stairs with me.

“Erica I kinda made a side bet, it’s a lose win, kinda of.” She told Erica what she did, and Erica said a bets a bet, Jenn, start shaving him well get ready on your bed. Shave me? “Silly, you can’t dress like a woman with all that hair,” next thing I knew I was naked in the shower, being shaved down, after I was done, Jenn took Escort me out and applied a generous amount of make up to my face, “Com’on this is enough,” “Its enough when I say it is, a bets a bet.” Just as she said that a naked Melissa and Erica come in the bathroom, “Enema and butt plug time,” they say me down on the seat, applied a generous amount of cold lube and slowly worked it around my hole. Just then I felt a nozzle pry at my ass, with a little pressure and a generous stab I felt it break the plain. Not a moment more I felt a rush of cold lube and water burst through my ass hole filling me up, “That’s enough, that’s enough!” I screamed as they pulled the tube from my ass, when I felt my bowels emptying out, like I was pissing from my ass, a flood of water and anything else in there emptied out.

“My turn ladies!” as she walked over with what appeared to be a small butt plug. “Ok com’mon we don’t have to do this lady, no dildoing for you and we skip this, I’m embarrassed enough I have to wear this dress, that’s enough.” “Jordan, I could care less what I need to do, I just can’t wait to shove this in your ass for you being such a dick head to all of us girls. You’re going to get what’s coming to you. I can’t wait to see Mike split you in half. A bet’s a bet.” She gently lubed it up and had me bend over, she slowly worked it in, “OOOOOOWW” was all I could muster. They didn’t even move, Jenn, Melissa and Erica were all fascinated on my ass accepting this plug. They worked it in and out, Melissa came back over with a slightly larger one, lubed it up and worked it in too. They then moved onto the large one, I yelped as it pushed in passed my ass hole. “All set girls, now to finishing making him up.” They pulled out of a bag a wig, a small skirt, a top, bra and panties, fake tits, stockings, another makeup bag and heels. They dolled me up spending a lot of attention to detail. When I was done I looked in the mirror.

“And now I present Jordan the slut!” Holy shit, I was kind of hot! I couldn’t even recognize myself. “Melissa and Jenn, we did some great work here, he looks like such a bimbo slut.” At that tiny little boy clit is nowhere near as long as mikes foot long. “Ok ladies, that’s enough I did my part, how about a doubled headed dildoing for you two.” Erica walked over to the bag and grabbed two double headed dildos, “Jordan, this one is for me and Melissa, this one is for you and I if you lose.” The first one she held up was maybe 12 inches long total, and normal size girth, the second one was at least 20 inches long, one side was huge and thick and the other thinned out. “Well ladies let’s get to it, how about if Kim loses, you two have to use the huge one in front of everyone, I lose, you get to fuck me with that.” “Well Jordan, I kind of get to do that anyways that part of your side bet, but if you somehow have a bigger dick than Mike I still get to fuck you with it, along with this one in my strap on.” She held out a massive dildo, maybe 14 inches plus with a girth of my wrist.” “Deal!” I exclaimed.
The two of them stripped down and laid a towel on the floor, god they were the hottest lesbian couple I met, they slide in close and sucked on the dildo ends. First Melissa slide her end into her pussy, she moaned loudly, then once she got it in about halfway Erica worked her end in. They moved even closer together and then started moving it in and out, moaning in such a sexy scene. Jenn was even breathing heavy, my dick stood at full attention. I started touching myself and stroking, Jenn looked over and I noticed her hand go between her legs. The dildo was moving into Erica and out of Melissa, into Melissa and out of Erica. Their moans grew louder and louder, there is no way the people down stairs didn’t hear that. “IM CUMMMMING” screamed Melissa and with that she pulled the dildo out forcing it into Erica further as she squirted into the air landing all over Erica. “OHHHHH GOD FUCK ME” screamed Erica as she too came. They moved closer, Erica covered in Melissa’s juices and kissed passionately. I came in my hand and walked over to the bathroom.

‘You might want to drink that up, it will prep you for all the cum you’re going to be fed tonight.” Said Jenn. “Real funny,” I said as I cleaned my hands. Melissa and Erica started to get up and Erica approached me, “Jordan I can’t wait to do that with you, you nasty little sissy boy.” I shrugged her off and walked back down stairs.

They were all sitting around watching the beginning of the second half. “Holy fuck is that you.” The girls started cracking up, the guys just stood there in shock, I heard a voice “I can’t wait to breed that sissy little bitch!” Said Marshall. “Fuck you three-dollar bill.” They laughed as he apparently came with his fellow gay friends, about five of them total.

I looked over and saw Kim sitting with a pill in front of her covering some of her naked body. Damn her naked body was so sexy. I looked and saw Mike, “Hey white boy, or girl I guess, ready to measure your little dick?” I walked over, the crowd of people started walking over circling around us. “Want to take it out of those panties.” Everyone giggled all looking in awe. I pulled my soft dick out, it was about 5 inches right now. “Are you fucking joking!!” Mike exclaimed.
“Fuck you, its not hard yet,” I started to stroke it as it swelled to about 6/6.5 inches. Mike unbutton his pants and whipped out a flaccid what much of been 9 or 10-inch dick and plopped it right onto of mine. Everyone gasped. “Well I know why Kim is dating him.” One of the women said. “Bro that’s soft, this dick is going to destroy you tight little white ass, I’m going to wreck that shit!” He said. I gulped. “Well, well Jordan, all that talk and no balls to back it up, so when your Seahawks lose, I will like Mike take your virginity in front of all these people while you like helpless flopping your little sissy clit around getting fucked by a real man.” “Fuck you” I shouted. “Let’s just watch the game.”

I went and grabbed a few beers and sat down, everyone was staring at me. The game went back and forth as we all watched intently. I heard people snickering back and forth about the bet. Finally, it was the final two minutes. The Pats scored, “So Joran, how many guys you think you can take in one night.” Kim said, “Shut up Kim!” I was sweating, some of the makeup dripping, the beer was settling in now at least 10 beers deep. The Seahawks worked it up the line, now at the twenty with seconds left. “Hey Kim, do you think we can get two dicks in your ass at the same time? I mean if Mike has been in there we can probably get two, and Mike, is it ok if I stare into your eyes while I fuck your bitch!” A few guys laughed. They were at the one yard line, no one can stop Lynch, “It’s as good as done, there is no way your weak Pats defense can stop Marshawn Lynch! The play is called Marshawn Lynch back, it’s a passing play, when I saw it, the announcer yelled out, its intercepted! The Pats win! Holy shit!

Kim went crazy, my mouth dropped as I sat there in shock and awe. How did they lose, why didn’t they run it in with Marshawn Lynch! Kim completely naked dropped the pillow and ran over in front of me. “Time to pay up with that ass!” Everyone was focused on the two of us.

John walked to the front of the room, “Alright everyone, a bet is a bet Jordan, I invite everyone down into the basement where the bet will be finished tonight. If you don’t want to see this your welcome to hangout up here or leave. I have the basement all set up, and Melissa, Erica and Jenn are finishing up the set up for you all.” I stood up, “Hey everyone, lets agree no one wants to see two dudes doing it! This bet was ridiculous, even if I won no one was going to let me fuck Kim. Lett’s just call it a day!”

Mike spoke up, “Are your serious man, you want to talk all this trash and shit and think you can just walk away! When you do walk away tonight, it just might look a little funny, but your following through on it.” Everyone started cheering, “Fuck his ass!” “Ass fucking time!” cheers from everyone screamed out. I must have looked like I was going to cry, dressed like a slut, about to be treated like one.

Kim grabbed my hand, “This way slut!” and dragged me into the basement. Erica was wearing a strap on already, there was a small table with a towel over it, a pillow and a leather strap harness on the table. Everyone was following behind me. I pleaded, “Ok everyone this has gone far enough, come on, please don’t do this, I’m not gay I can’t go through with this.” Kim pushed me and I fell back on the table.

Erica spoke up, “Jordan, this has been a long time coming, this is happening, I did my parts of the bet, you do yours!” Her and Melissa stood next to me and Kim in front of me, Kim grabbed the bottom of my legs and lifted them up. Melissa and Erica buckled the leather straps around my knees, when the let go my legs were stuck hiked up in the air. I looked up and saw people circling around me, I was in a daze I couldn’t believe this is real life right now, I wanted to start crying. They had cuffs hanging off the knee straps and put them on my wrists. Now I was lying there on my back, legs in the air spread eagle, with my arms cuffed to my legs.

Kim and Mike were standing in front of me, everyone gathered around me on the sides to get a look. Mike slowly lowered his pants and took his shirt off. I looked in front of me lifting my head up to see, there was a huge bulge in his pants. Erica was sliding the strap on dildo onto Kim, of course it was the huge one. People were pulling their phones out at Mike kept stripping, the huge member finally popped out, even bigger than I remember from earlier today. At least 10 inches soft, he started stroking it, Kim knelt before him and started to lick on his dick. She started working it into her mouth, all I could see is her head bobbing up on down increasing in distance with each bob. As she was doing that Erica came over, “I’m gonna love seeing you get man handled by that snake, watching your sissy ass get broken in.” With that she slid my panties over to the side and squeezed a glob of lube out of the bottle, the cool lube was worked around the rim of my ass hole as she started working one, then two fingers in. Squeezing and adding more lube to my ass working more and more in this time adding a third finger.

I finally came out of my daze and pleaded, “Ok stop Erica, STOP! please, everyone we don’t have to do this, I’ll pay all of you! Just let’s not do this we don’t have to!” People started to laugh, Erica pulled her fingers out and said, Escort Bayan “Jordan I would love to stop, by your so damn pretty with that slutty little outfit, its such a turn on knowing we emasculated you into this sissy slut. Now let’s get this gangbang, going! Who wants to see Jordan take this big black cock!” Everyone cheered. “The crowed has spoken, now let’s get that sissy cock out, I would love to see it flop back and forth while you get fucked.” “But I’m not gay and this would make all of you gay for watching and doing,” “Jordan, I am gay number one, number two you’ve talked enough shit to get your shit stuffed in, from now on you won’t be able to talk shit after losing your virginity to Mike.” She ripped the panties and pulled the lace off to the side, exposing my now hard 7-inch dick.

“Well Jordan, looks like your mind is telling you stop but your body seems to be craving this cock,” said Kim as she finally finished sucking on Mikes cock. Mike stepped right in front of me and plopped his hard cock down on top of mine. It was 12 inches, slight curve at the end and about as thick as one of those miniature soda cans. It dwarfed my dick and hurt, Mike spoke up, “See this white boy, look at that, my dick goes further up than your belly button, this is how far inside your body my cock is going to go, I’m gonna fill you up then pull it all the way out, you’re going to feel empty for a minute, sad there no black cock in your ass, then I’m going to slam back into you what you crave. How does that sound slut?”

I pleaded with Mike, “Mike I know you’re not gay, neither am I, go fuck Kim, well forget any of this ever happened, I’m begging you.” Mike looked me in the eyes, “Damn white boy, I mean, white girl, I love fucking me some white bitch pussy, you’ve got a pair of tits, all dolled up and you pussy is lubed up and waiting, I aint gay, I’m just trying to get some pussy.” Everyone moved in closer, he took a step back, Kim covered his dick with some more lube and lined his dick up with my asshole. I felt it start pushing in as he gripped his hands around my hips. “NOOOO, NO, please don’t do this I am not ready for this! At least use a condom” I pleaded again. I heard people in the crowed snickering, “I can’t believe Jordan’s about to get fucked,” “This is so hot I’ve got a hard on,” “Do you think his dick will even fit?” “I’m total going to fuck the shit out of him, he looks hotter than most the girls I’ve been with,” “I’m getting this all on camera.”
I turned to my side to see shocked faces, jaws dropping and phones out and recording. I started to tear up as his head worked slowly past my anal ring my ass trying to strangle his huge cock and stop it with little to no success. “NO please, stop, it hurts so bad, you going to rip me in half, it can’t go any further.” Mike pulled his dick out then pushed it right back in, this time shoving the head and upper part back in where it was previously, then in deeper, 4 inches deep at least. Tears ran down my side, “Oh god I can’t anymore please stop.” I looked over at everyone, some of the guys were jerking off already, it’s as if nothing coming out of my mouth was processing as they stood in amazement. Mike just kept pushing and pulling, pushing in another 2 inches pulling back 1 inch.
“Ow ow ow,” I took deep heavy breaths, “Your hurting me, take it out! Please it hurts so much.” Mike looked me in the eyes, “I think you want some more dick baby is that what you’re saying? Your pussy is so tight baby. Can we get a cock over here for this boy to suck, he looks hungry?” I pleaded again, but Mike just increased the rhythm of his thrusts, he must have gotten at least 8 inches in by now, I closed my eyes and just kept breathing deep quick little breaths trying not to concentrate on the pain. I felt something slap me across the face, it was soft but heavy. When I opened my eyes, there was a soft dick pretty thick about the same thickness as Mike, it was laying right over my eye. It was Marshall standing there, cock slapping my face, sliding his dick around my mouth.

“Open wide my little cock slut, I believe you are here to service all of us tonight.” Marshall exclaimed. I tried to bob and weave his member from going into my mouth. He just kept slapping around harder. “Marshall, get the fuck out of here!” I saw Erica move closer, she grabbed my chin and held it in place, she then plugged my nose and force me to open my mouth. “Jordan, you going to take his dick in your mouth and like it, you put yourself here and now you’re going to deal with it.” Erica said as I final gave in, grabbed my head and turned it to the side, giving him better access to my mouth. I took the first few inch and gagged and choked. It tasty salty and smelled bad, I wanted to throw up, he just moved his hips forward and backward working his dick into and out of my mouth. “That’s it baby, you’re a natural born little cock slut, take that dick like a good little sissy.” Marshall said.

I stopped concentrating on the dick in my ass and was just trying to survive the one in my mouth. He just kept trying to push further and further, I was gagging and choking on his dick, spit and tears ran down my face. I started to yell, but the dick in my mouth muffed the sound. Mike was grabbing my hips and pushing past where my as was trying to accept, I kept trying to yell but just gagged even more. All of a sudden I felt Mikes hips slam against my ass. “And we are all the way in this tight pussy, god that shit is tight! Now who wants to see me fuck the shit out of this sissy slit!” Mike said as everyone cheered, I tried to scream in protest but that just made Marshall thrust his dick into my mouth further, his dick moved passed the back of my throat pushing his pelvis against my face, his balls slapping the side of my face.

Mike picked my ass up slight off the table pulling all the way up with a loud popping sound as his dick felt like it took my insides out with it, I felt the cool air enter my anal cavity now empty. Then he shoved all 12 inches right back in filling me up to my limit again. Him and Marshall started to develop a rhythm moving in and out, my ass dripping lube out making squishing sounds as he pulled out and in ramming into my ass, my face dripping spit, snot and tears with my makeup running down the side. The two of them used me like a fuck toy.

All of a sudden I felt mike grab me around the shoulder as his balls slapped against my ass balls deep into me. “Marshall I want to try something, mind if you take a little break?” Mike asked, “All yours Mike.” Marshall said. “Oh my god this is going to be amazing if he can do it” Kim said. I felt Marshalls dick leave my mouth, I kept gaging throwing up a little off the side of the table. I must of look like a mess. Mike started to pick me up off the table leaning me against him, compressing my body in. “Put me down Mike, come on man don’t do this.” I pleaded, “Oh no my little fuck slut, its breeding time for my sock puppet!” Mike said.

With that he lifted me off his dick till my ass was about to empty then pulled me in tightly. He shifted his arms around my back and used me like a jerking off device. I was only held up by his dick, I was impaled on his cock and it was ripping my ass apart. I yelled, “Oh gawd oh gawd, your tearing me up.” He then just started pounding, CLAP CLAP CLAP! The loud sounds of my ass hitting his hips, his balls slapping around my ass. Everyone was jeering and cheering him along. It hurt so bad, “oh god please stop!” I pleaded again. The pain slowly started going away after a minute or so when I had this weird feeling, I looked down and saw my dick was rock hard. He just kept thrusting along using me, I felt really turned on, my pleas turned to moans of pleasure, I felt really weird when all of a sudden and out of nowhere I felt an orgasm building up.

“Oh god no, please don’t, Ohhhhhhh.” I moaned loudly as jets of hot cum shot out onto my chest splattering onto Mikes. “Holy shit, this sissy just fucking came.” Mike shouted still pounding away. I turned beat red, here I am getting fucked by a guy as a straight male and I just came like a girl. Erica looked between up, “Holy shit that was a huge load too, he really did cum, I told you all Jordan was gayer than all of you.” Erica said.
Everyone moved in closer to look, holding their phones up higher. How the hell did I just cum, this hurt so bad, I was held up in the ¬¬air by his dick, sliding up and down his cock with thick hard strokes. Clap, clap, clap, his body still slamming into mine, his big ball sack slamming against my ass. “Hey everyone and for today’s magic trick Jordan the sissy will make Mikes huge meat pole disappear!” Ta da its gone!” Everyone started laughing “Jordan I got to say I am impressed with how this all turned out, your so damn hot everyone in her just wants a piece of that ass, and you even came so it looks like this bet was a win win,” said Jenn. I just laid there, held up by a dick tight in Mikes are being fucked like a puppet.

“Ooooh I’m about to breed this sissy bitch, oh yeah!” With that I blurted “No please don’t cum inside me anything but!” I stopped as I felt jets of warm goo shooting deep into my anal cavity right above my belly button. He lowered me back down onto the table, “You’re going to want a close of up this shit when I pull out.” Mike said as everyone went behind him. He slowly pulled all 12 inches out of me making me feel empty, I could feel a flood of liquid being pulled out with his dick and with a loud spoof suction noise I felt cool air in my ass and cum running down my legs. Phone cameras were snapping pictures, “Wow look how wide his asshole is now!” “Now that’s a gape!” I could hear people all talking.

Finally, he was done, “So whose next with this fuck puppet! I know Marshall has some work to do on his mouth! Kim honey you want next? I bred this bitch to be a good sissy” Mike said Kim was rubbing a generous amount of lube all over the dildo. “No Kim, not that thing, you made your point please no more.” I begged, Kim looked at me, “Jordan, I’ve been waiting to humiliate you for a long time, you talk so much shit and put so many women down, now you’re lying here, dressed up like one of the sluts you degrade, cock flopping around and all, getting your virgin ass rammed in front of all your friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome tonight. Now I’m going to rail your ass out like the helpless little slut you are while one of your friend’s face fucks you. So, who wants a blow job.” People were moving around, my friend Kyle walked up, “I’m sorry Jordan I haven’t gotten laid Bayan Escort in a while man, plus you look really hot, everyone else is going to get in on this anyways.” I couldn’t believe my friend wanted me to give him a blow job.
I shouted at him, “Are you serious Kyle, your gay if you do this.” I exclaimed as he started pulling his pants down. He dick was around 6 inches and soft, he walked up to my mouth. I turned the other way. Kim slapped my ass cheeks hard I teared up and sprung up to see her. “Jordan you’re going to suck and fuck every cock that presents itself to you, you got it.” Kim shouted as started to press the dildo against my ass hole, putting all her light weight into it as it pushed passed my anal ring. I nodded and opened my mouth for Kyle as he started pushing his dick in passed my lips. His dick was much easier to manage than Marshals or Mikes. “See Jordan, the faster all of us cum the sooner this will all be over. Now start sucking cum slut” Kyle said as I stared up at him with my eye tearing up, helplessly sucking his cock.

I moaned in pain as Kim really picked up her rhythm and pushed in further. “I’m going to gape you little asshole into a tunnel when I’m done with you Jordan. Kyle stop being a pussy and grab his head, he’s a little fuck slut, fuck sluts want throat fucking!” Kyles grabbed the back of my head, I tried to moan in protest but he forced his dick slam into my tonsils, I gaged spewing up a gurgle of saliva, tears streamed down my cheeks. My face was pressed against his pubes he released I gasped for air but rammed it right back down. Kyle managed to reposition himself, so my head was now tilted straight back and he pounded my throat, balls slapping against my eyes and forehead.

“That a boy Kyle, just use his mouth like you would pound a bitch’s pussy. Oh, god you’re so hot Kyle keep fucking him good, I want you to fill his belly with cum!” Kim said in a sexy voice, her dildo had to be all the way in I thought, when I felt at least another 4 inches drive deep into the depths of my ass. The plastic balls hit against my body, I tried to wiggle around but I was in pain. My ass made a loud squelching noise as the dildo thrusted in and out stretching my ass out to its limit. The two of them started to move in and out at the same time, a gaged and moaned as I was just fucked senseless. “Oh, god I’m cumming,” Kyle yelled as he shot a huge load deep down my throat. Kim high fived him over the top of me. As soon as Kyle pulled out I felt another dick slapping at my face.

“Open wide papi!” Marshall said as I took his soft cock in my mouth again, he withdrew as it got harder. He then slapped it down over and over on my face, it hurt now that his dick was hard. “Beg for my cock you little slut, beg,” I shook my head. “If you don’t beg I’m going to knock you out with this dick, you’ve made fun of us for being gay since you’ve known us, now you’re getting the royal gay treatment.” Marshal said. “Please give Marshall give me your huge cock!” “Not good enough.” As he slapped harder. “Please Marshal and Kim, fuck me good, face fuck me! Please!” “That’s a good little slut.” With that he pushed his bulbous head back into my mouth. My jaw stretched to accept it, he pulled back out, then pushed right back in slamming into my tonsils again. Pulling all the way out I gaged loudly and threw up a little bit off to the side, “That a boy you’ll be a cock sucking pro soon.” With that he slammed it back in, my eye opened wide and teared up, I let out a loud gargling sound, salvia flooded down my face, his balls rested on my eyes. His cock forced its way past my tonsils this time, my jaw felt like it was going to break he just kept pushing. “Holy crap look at that bulge in his throat, is that Marshalls dick?”

He pulled back out and then it started, in and out, in and out, gargle gargle gargle, spit. “There we go Marshal, throat fuck that slut, while I stuff his ass!” Kim exclaimed. The two of them moved in and out in a smooth rhythm, plastic balls pushing against my ass and Marshals balls slapping against my cheek. The pounding and assault went on for a few minutes, I fought for air as my ass gave into submission and went numb. “Ohhh yeah, I’m going to bust in this slut’s throat! Ohhhhhh!” With that little warning, Marshalls cum shot down my throat filling my belly. His dick was already past my tonsils so I didn’t even taste any of it. He grabbed the back of my head and smothered my face with his pubic area as I gagged and teared up my eyes bulging with the look of shock. With one quick pull, he exited out, I gasped for air and choked, he quickly slammed it back in and out again.

“Jordan clean up this mess you’ve made.” By this point I was so defeated I extended my tongue out and started to lick around the head of his cock, I slurped up all the saliva and cum I could as he slapped his dick against my face a few times. “Good sissy slut. Now this sissy has two holes open for fucking whose up next!” Kim slowly slid the dildo out of my ass and with a plop the dildo popped out. All the guys were pushing for the front, they can’t expect me to get fucked by all these guys. “Hey I got an idea! Help me out her Rich.” Two guys I knew Rich and Dan walked forward and started taking their boxers off. I just looked over to the side.

“No guys please it’s me Jordan! You’ll be gay if you fuck me or I suck you dick.” Dan spoke up, “First off Jordan, I’ve never liked you, so pounding your ass will be my pleasure, second, your dressed like a woman and as far as I am concerned you got a pussy. Lastly, I’ve seen this shit in porn and Rich and I are straight and confident in that, in reality no bitch would ever let us do this so I got to do this now if I’m going to ever do it.” Do what I thought to myself. Dan laid down on the couch nearest to me naked, his dick was average size maybe 7 inches hard not to thick. Rich grabbed me under my arm pits, Rich was much bigger than me, 6’3 220lbs. He lifted me up and walked over and laid me down onto Dan’s stomach, Dan wrapped his arms around me grabbed my legs that were still stuck in the harness. The group moved over with us.

Rich slid his boxers down reveling a 9-inch cock thicker than Marshalls. Erica walked over and applied some lube to Dan’s dick stroking it and guiding it into my gapped asshole. “Ohhh no,” It was too late Dan bucked me forward burring his cock into my ass. I looked up at Rich, “Rich please don’t face fuck me with that thing!” Rich laughed, “Face fuck, no way, I’m going to see how much we can stretch your boy pussy.” He lubed up his cock and leaned onto of my, pushing his head against my ass. “God no! You can’t, it won’t fit, you’ll tear my ass apart!”

He didn’t listen, the girls were chuckling, “Hey Jordan you’re the dirtiest slut here, I don’t think any girl here has had three cocks in them at once.” Said Erica. Rich pushed his body weight onto my ass, slowly his thick cocked forced its way in stretching me passed where I thought possible. My ass was burning up in pain, sharp stabbing pain waves shook my body. I kept panting, oww, oww, oww! Trying to not focus on the pain. Eric spoke up. “Holy crap, look their balls are hitting each out, there both balls deep!” The crowd shifted to catch a look.

Next thing I know Rich pulls out almost all the way, then Dan starts pulling out and Rich slams back in, Rich pull back and Dan slams back in. I finally got used to both dicks in my ass, it started to actually feel good, both of them were keeping my prostate busy with pressure. The two of them formed a fluid motion, one went in the other almost out, like pistons on a car they fucked me for about 10 minutes. My panting turned to moans that I couldn’t control, getting louder and louder, I felt that peeing sensation again as I knew another orgasm was building up. “Oh gawd, oh gawd, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum!” What the fuck was I saying, I couldn’t control myself. The two of them started moaning “Fuck yeah I’m Cumming” Said Rich, hot jets of cum shot deep into my ass, putting me over the edge, I exploded again. Rich slowly pulled out and Dan just rocked me back and forth.

I finally looked up and saw most of the guys pants down jerking off. I made eye contact with Ron, he walked over and I opened my mouth for him. “Oh, fuck yeah!” He exclaimed shooting his load into my mouth. Several other guys moved in, one after another exploding all over my sissy body. Dan moaned really loud pulling my body in really tight and shooting his load deep inside me. As he pulled out another guy helped lift me off Dan and lowed me onto the coach. He then slammed his dick into my ass pushing me so my shoulders were pressed against the couch. He fucked me for a few minutes before dumping his load inside me too.

I could barely open my eyes as one of the guys covered them with cum. I could make out it was Erica, she was wearing a harness with a large object dangling down. The 14-inch dildo I dreaded was swinging in front of my hiked-up legs. She laid it down over my cock hips pressed against me, lube ran off the tip as it made a splash hitting me, her nice tits were hanging down. The tip reached up halfway between my belly button and my chest. She slapped it down a few times and looked me in the eyes, “Jordan, you little fuck slut, blonde hair, cum stained, making running slut,” She lifted the dildo up and bent down, she blew into my stretched ass, “Jordan, your ass is like a giant gaping hole, let’s make sure we keep it that way.” Erika said. With that she rammed a quarter of the dildo up my ass, I started to see stars.

She withdrew, that slammed back in, in and out for about 5 minutes, everyone huddled around. “It’s almost all the way in,” Someone exclaimed. I could feel my inner organs adapting to the massive girth and size, my organs rearranged to accommodate the size of this monster. I finally felt her hips hit my ass, as soon as that happened she pulled all the way out with a loud pop! I felt like being at the top of a rollercoaster waiting to experience the drop, when all 14 inches slammed right back in, pulling out with a pop again, my ass desperately trying to hold onto the cock. Then she just pounded away as I laid there helplessly while I got fucked like a little sissy bitch.

I must have passed out, as I came too Kim was removing the straps and leather harness from around my neck. Everyone was walking up the stairs leaving the basement. Erika was snapping photos of my and walked over, “Jordan you won’t believe what you look like,” I laid limp, finally mustering up the energy to try and stand and I collapsed back onto the floor. Erika and Kim walked over and grabbed my arms to help lift me up like a new born deer. I sat on the couch and passed out, I couldn’t believe what just happened.

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