A COUNTRY HOUSEMolly Roberts was nervous. For the last four years her family had worked at Hermfold Manor. Her father Harold was the butler and head of household, her mother Janet was the cook. As each of her siblings had turned eighteen they too had been offered jobs with the owners of the Manor, Lord Daniels and his family. First her older sister Jenny had been taken on as a house keeper or maid and then her brother Ben had become the gardener and general handy man.The Daniels family were incredibly rich but also caring and considerate people, Lord William Daniels and his pretty, younger wife Caroline had two c***dren of their own, a son Marcus and daughter Cassandra were both only one or two years older than Molly and her siblings. Molly had lived in the house since her parents had moved in four years previously so in many ways thought of the Daniels as an extension of her own family.Molly’s family were the only people employed by the Daniels’ and a month ago, a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, Molly had been offered a position at the Manor as a maid similar to her sister.And now she was sitting in Lord Daniels study, about to decide her future.The pretty young redhead sat with her hands in her lap, opposite her Lord and Lady Daniels were both smiling, “Well Molly, we offered you the position here a month ago; we were hoping you had reached a decision.” He said”Yes I have.” she replied. “I would be very happy to accept the job, especially as it means I will be staying with my family here.””Yes I imagine that did help, knowing you would know the rest of the staff so well.” Laughed Lady Daniels”You do understand all your duties?” She continued.”Absolutely and I look forward to getting started as soon as possible.” Molly quickly replied.”Excellent. Then it is decided.” Said Lord Daniels “I believe your mother has already got your uniform ready in anticipation, please go and get changed and then come back here.”The girl leapt to her feet and hurried to the door, as she opened it Lord Daniels called out.”If you see Jenny on your way please ask her to come here at once.”Lord Daniels turned to his wife and smiled.”I didn’t doubt her for a moment.” he laughed and then leaned in to kiss his wife, raising his hand to cup and then gently squeeze her breast through her blouse. Lady Caroline returned her husband’s kiss and pressed her body against him. There was a knock at the door. Jenny stuck her head in. Lady Caroline stood to leave “I’ll go and tell her father, I know he’ll be really pleased.” She said, as she passed the brunette girl she smiled at her and mouthed.”Have fun.”Molly had passed her sister Jenny on the main stairs. Jenny was in her work uniform, a uniform Molly herself would soon be wearing. After telling Jenny to go to Lord Daniels study, she went into the kitchen.Her mother was waiting patiently, standing at the worktop preparing the evening meal. Molly rushed in.”I said yes mum, I’m staying.” she cried.”Of course you are dear, I knew my baby girl wouldn’t want to leave us behind, I am so glad though, we’d have all missed you terribly.””I know! And I’d have missed you too. “” William, I mean, Lord Daniels said you had my uniform already for me?””Of course,” Laughed the older woman “Follow me.”Then together they went to the laundry room, on one side were two large washing machines and three tumble dryers. Against the opposite wall were racks of slatted shelves and a full length mirror. Amongst the clothes and sheets on the shelves was a small neat pile of dark clothing, Janet picked this up and turned to her youngest daughter.”Here you go; I know it’s all in your size.”Molly stripped naked and began dressing in her new uniform.She started with a pair of dark grey stockings held up by a lacy garter belt and suspenders. Then she slipped on a short, charcoal coloured skirt that finished a good 2 inches above the top of the stockings. This was followed by a frilly, short sleeved top cut low front and back and clinched tight at the waist, a black velvet choker and finally a pair of 5 inch stiletto heel court shoes. Molly admired herself in the mirror. “Yes.” she looked fine. Jenny had longer legs than her but Molly had her sister beat up top. She adjusted the top to reveal a little more cleavage then tuned to her mother.Janet was dress similarly to her daughter except her skirt was cream and she Escort was wearing a small apron to protect all her exposed skin from splashes when cooking.”You look fantastic.” she smiled and kissed her daughter on the lips.Molly opened he mouth and slid her tongue out to entwine with her mother’s, the two women remained like that for a while, tasting each other. Then Janette dropped her hand and slid it under Molly’s Skirt, pressing two fingers against the girl’s naked vagina. At her mother’s touch Molly shivered and felt her pussy start to moisten.”Oh good girl you shaved this morning I see.” said Janet.”Of course; I want to make a good impression on my first day.” she replied wriggling against her mother’s probing fingers.”I’d love to stay and play mum, but his lordship wants me back upstairs.” she sighed.”Of course sweetheart, there will be plenty of time later.”Molly hurried back to the study, knocked and waited.After a moment Lord Daniels’ voice responded.” Come in.”Lord William was alone, seated behind his large oak desk. “Ah Molly.” He beamed “please stand in the middle of the room and raise your arms, turn around.””Yes the uniform suits you very well. Now come over her please.”Molly walked round the desk to see her sister knelt in front of the Lord, her head bobbing up and down in his lap. In her excitement Molly had forgotten about sending her in earlier. The front of Jenny’s top was open and her breasts clearly visible. “Yep mine are defiantly better.” flashed through Molly’s head.”Won’t you join your sister.” suggested Lord William.Molly reached up and pulled down the elasticated top, her pert C cup breasts spilling free. Then she dropped to her knees alongside Jenny and leaned in.Jenny in turn slid her lips from their employer’s engorged cock and offered it to her sisters open mouth.Molly wasted no time sucking the swollen head into her mouth, saliva pooling round it as she did so. For several minutes the two girls took turns sucking and licking Lord William’s impressive member. Then he quietly said Jenny. “Do it.”The older girl stood, leaving Molly to enjoy the cock alone, Jenny walked round behind her sister and then pushed the tiny skirt up round her waist and began licking her exposed ass and dripping pussy. Molly sighed with pleasure and redoubled her efforts on the cock in her mouth.After a few more minutes Lord William gently gave another command.”Ok girls bend over the desk.” he ordered.The two girls stood with their hands flat on the desks read leather top, leaning over side by side; Jenny pulled her own skirt off as she did so, presenting their wanton holes to the master of the house, their suspenders framing their smooth rounded asses for his pleasure.Lord William moved behind Molly and pressed his throbbing cock against her waiting pussy, he then thrust in to her. She moaned as she finally felt her cunt lips stretched by something bigger than fingers or tongues. After about a dozen slow thrusts he pulled out and then entered Jenny. This continued for may be fifteen minutes until both girls had shuddered through their own orgasms; Lord William’s staying power was everything Molly had been lead to believe it would be.At last he cried out and hammering hard into Molly one last time he emptied his seed into her waiting cunt, she felt pulse after pulse of cum spurting into her triggering a second orgasm.He then pulled out and walked round the desk offering the slowly shrinking cock to the two housemaids to lick clean “Welcome to the House;” he said as Molly sucked her own juices from his cock.Meanwhile After leaving the Study Lady Daniels had sort out Molly’s father, Harold Roberts.She found him in the billiards room and after giving him the good news asked him to lay back on the table his already hardening cock sticking proudly into the air. Lady Caroline quickly stripped naked, like all the women of the house she didn’t wear underwear and climbing onto the table mounted him allowing his cock to push into her as she slid down onto him.”I am…so pleased… She’s staying.” She panted as she bounced up and down on Harold’s thick rod.”Yes, your ladyship.” He gasped, “I am very happy that my whole family has chosen to serve yours.””In any way we can.””She will make a fine addition to the household I am sure.” The voluptuous blonde groaned.Harold lifted his hips off the table Escort Bayan impaling Lady Caroline on to his rigid penis.” I assume she is with his lordship now?” he asked”Yes he’s probably screwing her hot little box right now!” she replied.”My Molly is a proper little slut.” He agreed.Ben Roberts appeared at the open French doors. “Did I hear you say Molly has accepted?” he called”Yes!” cried out the couple on the Billiard table together.”Ben,” Said Lady Caroline between gasps,” Get in here and fuck my ass, I want you and your father to plug both my holes!”The younger man wasted no time stripping off his overalls and positioning himself behind his employer’s wife. Then spitting on his already hard cock he smeared it with saliva and pressed it against Lady Caroline’s tightest hole. Harold paused and then felt his sons cock pushing in to the woman sandwiched between them, only a thin membrane of skin separating father from son. Soon the three of them built into a rhythm that had Lady Caroline screaming with pleasure as she was filled with the two hard fuck sticks.”I am ready!” groaned Harold, “Where do you want it Ma’am?””Over my tits.” she managed to moan. Hearing this Ben pulled out allowing the exhausted woman to almost fall off his father, he caught her as she leaned against him. Harold stood quickly, aiming his already spurting cock at her heaving Double D breasts, thick ropes of cum soon covered Lady Caroline’s impressive chest and as she dropped to her knees, Ben walked round in front of her, fisting his pole and then adding his semen to the mix. Lady Caroline smiled.” That was perfect.” she purred, and now I think it is almost dinner time.”Later that evening.Lord Daniels was sat at the head of the table his wife opposite. Cassandra and Marcus were sat on either side of the table, the meal was finished and Jenny and Molly, still in their Uniforms were just finishing clearing the table. In the Kitchen Janet had finished the cooking and now she and Ben were loading the dishwasher before clearing the worktop of the empty pans and pots. Harold Roberts was stood quietly behind his Lordship’s chair to sooner anticipate his needs.”So what have you two been up to today?” Lady Daniels asked her gaze travelling between her c***dren.”We went out riding.” replied Marcus; “We stopped for a picnic by the lake and the stallion got the scent of our mares.” “Yes.” chimed in Cassandra. “He got rely excited and then once I’d seen the size of him…well so was I, so being a true gentleman Marc helped me relieve my tension.”Yep. I fucked this horny little bitch six ways from Sunday.” laughed Marcus nodding to his sister.”Oh yes Marc made me cum at least three times, he’s almost got the staying power you have daddy,” she smiled.”What positions did you use?” Their father asked.”Well we started off standing up, leaning against the big willow, then I did her doggy style, or should I say horsey style.” Grinned Marcus.”Yeah and after I’d cum a few times, I could tell Marc was tiring so we swapped to me riding him so he could play with my tits as well.” Finished Cassandra.”Mmm, you know I love your boobs s*s, they are almost as big as mums.””That’s why I let you cum over them at the end.” His sister giggled,” they’re still sticky with it now, look!” and with that she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her 38D chest , which sure enough was still glistening with her brothers semen. “Oh very nice dear. “Their mother said, “Harold and ben were kind enough to do the same for me earlier.” and she too pulled off her blouse to reveal and even more epic rack smeared with copious amounts of the men’s spunk.”Wanna taste mum?” Cassandra asked leaning towards her mother and lifting her tits towards her.Lady Caroline leant over herself and ran her tongue over her daughter’s breasts, as her head pulled away a line of saliva stretched from the tip of her tongue to the end of Cassandras stiffening nipple.Marcus turned to his father ,”I see Molly has accepted the post.” he said placing his hand on the exposed ass check of the girl in question as she was stood next to him clearing away his empty wine glass.”Now Marcus, address Molly directly!” Said his father sternly.” We have always taught you that the Roberts’ are people not objects, why they are almost family.””I am sorry Molly,” Marcus said sincerely. But he didn’t remove Bayan Escort his hand from its gentle squeezing of her ass.”It’s not a problem sir.” She smiled.”Please Marcus is fine. And may I say how pleased I am. You are a stunning woman easily a match for any of the women in our household and I look forward to having you again and again.””Me to sir…Marcus.” she relied.”I’d ask to do you now but the sight of mums boobs has got to me and I want a tit fuck from her and then cum over her face tonight, would you mind waking me tomorrow morning with a blow job?””Of course not …Marcus.” Molly grinned,” It will be my pleasure.”Lady Caroline stood from the table. “I like the sound of that.” she said,” Come on through into the lounge we can do it on the sofa. Jenny would you join us. I’d love you to eat me while my son uses my breasts for his pervy little pleasure.” She laughed.The three of the left the room shedding clothing as they went.Lord Daniels turned to Molly I am sorry about that dear he said.”No my lord, seriously its fine.” she laughed “I kinda like being treated like a sex toy. It was a big part of why I agreed to take the job. I like to make people happy.”Well that shouldn’t be a problem, the things you were doing to my cock with your lips earlier certainly made me happy.” Turning to the girl’s father he said.”You’ve raised an excellent little cock sucker here Harold, You should be very proud.”Oh I am, very proud indeed.” he replied.”I can see how proud you are Harold.” piped up Cassandra staring at his crotch. “It’s practically sticking out of your waist band!””Why don’t you two girls hop up on the table.” suggested Lord Daniels, “then we can eat those succulent pussies of yours.”The girls perched on the edge of the table side by side their legs spread wide and looped over each other. Lord Daniels buried his head in Molly’s lap, kissing her hairless mound and lapping at her already open folds. Harold did the same to Cassandra, he loved the way his employers daughter kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed in a small thin strip just above her vagina.”Do you want a taste of Marc’s cum too Molly?” panted Cassandra as they writhed on the men’s tongues.”Mmm, yes please.” The red head replied and repeated Lady Caroline’s actions from a few minutes earlier. While she was doing this Cassandra pulled at her top until once again Molly’s pert breasts popped free of their confinement.Janet had finished tidying the kitchen and was now enjoying the feel of her sons cock stretching her pussy as she lay back on the work top with Ben stood between her legs hammering his stiff rod in and out of her”Do it!” she cried,” Harder baby! Mummy wants to feel you filling her tonight.””Oh yeah,” he groaned as he humped into his mother.” And isn’t it great news about Molly.” He added.”I can’t wait to finally fuck my little sister. She’s so fucking hot!””Plenty of time for that later honey, right now concentrate on me, I got an itch and only my bull cocked son can scratch it.” Janet said firmly and then wrapped her legs behind her sons back, pulling him deeper into her wet depths.Back upstairs, Molly and Cassandra had both shuddered through their first orgasms”Please.” Molly begged, “Please fuck me now.””Yes.” Panted Cassandra next to her.” I want a cock in me now!”The two men stood then without a word swapped places and drove their rigid cocks into the wide open and waiting cunts of their own daughters. The girls cried out in ecstasy as their fathers fucked them hard and fast. First Cassandra and then Molly lay back unknowingly mimicking Janet’s position in the kitchen. Harold lifted is daughter’s legs until her stiletto heels were over his head and began to fuck her like a man possessed.Next to them Lord Daniels followed suit and soon the table was creaking with the stress of the frenzied couplings taking place on it.Oh Jeez! Cried Harold as his cock finally started to empty into his daughter his thick semen spraying up into her waiting womb.”Yess! Yess Daddy! Oh fuck me! Oh god cum in me!” She cried as she felt his cock jerking inside her.”Ohh I am cumming again!” Molly screamed.”Fuck yes!” Bellowed Lord Daniels as he too shot his sperm into his daughter’s accepting cunt.From the lounge came cries of pleasure as Lady Caroline climaxed over Jenny’s mouth and tongue as her son emptied his balls in to his mother’s open mouth and over her face and tits. And down in the kitchen Ben pulled out at the last moment shooting half a dozen spurts of hot white jism over his mother’s stomach and pussy.After this everyone retired to their own beds, but tomorrow would be another day.

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