A Double Seduction (part 4)


A Double Seduction (part 4)This is meant to be the final scene in Double Seduction video.Inga is lying in her bed and talking on the phone when the scene begins. She has on a short t-shirt over her new monokini thong, and we hear her side of the conversation.“You’ve already given me so much, Diana, you really don’t have to give me anything more for my birthday.”“Okay, then, come over around 8, and I’ll model for you all of the new lingerie you ordered for me. And I insist that you have to be wearing your very sexiest lingerie, too.”“Okay, I’ll see you then.”Inga smiles and puts down the phone. She’s slowly tracing her finger around her thong while she thinks of a plan. She stops and calls Catalina on the phone.“Cat, this is Inga. You remember I promised we could get together on my birthday?”“Okay, here’s what I want you to do. Be here at 8:15 but no sooner because I won’t be ready. When I open the door, I want you to already be standing there naked.“You’re right. This is a test. Do you want to be my sex slave or not. I want you nude at my door at 8:15.”“Great, then I’ll see you in a couple of days. I can hardly wait!”She puts the phone on the nightstand and has a huge smile. Then she pulls the thong to one side and plays with herself while she imagines her plan until she has an orgasm and then falls asleep.The scene bahis şirketleri changes. Inga is in her apartment wearing a loose blouse, tight jeans, and boots and the doorbell rings. She answers it and Diana comes in with a shopping bag full of lingerie. Diana has on a blouse and long skirt. They hug and kiss. Diana tells her “happy birthday, I brought your present that I ordered for you..” She smiles wickedly. “There’s only a dozen pieces that I get to watch you take off and put on for me.” “Cool. Let’s see what you wore for me, first.”Diana takes off her skirt and shoes and blouse. She’s wearing a transparent, low-cut bodysuit. She spins and asks “Do you like it?”Inga rubs her hands over Diana’s body. “I love it. And I’ll love it even more when it’s on the floor.”“First, you’ve got some items of your own to try on.”Inga undresses and starts putting on different lingerie and modeling it — a teddy and then a cami and then a bodysuit similar to Diana’s. She’s just finished taking it off and is putting on a bra and thong set bra when the doorbell rings. Inga hasn’t put on the bra yet and is just standing there in her thong. “Go answer the door.”“Okay, just let me put the skirt and blouse back on.”“No, I want you to answer it wearing your lingerie. It turns me on. Besides, you’re wearing more than I am.” The bell rings bahis firmaları again twice. Diana’s going nervously to the door. She cracks it open and peeks around the edge and sees Catalina standing there nude. “What are you doing here?” Diana says angrily.Catalina answers “I didn’t know you’d be here. But hurry and let me in.” She pushes open the door and rushes inside and Diana closes it behind herInga picks up a teddy and carries it to Catalina. “You are so hot, slave,” and she kisses Catalina. “Put this on for now.”Inga walks back to the other side of the room and talks to the two girls. “Today’s my birthday, and you both said you want to give me something special. Let me tell you what I really want. First, I want you to tell each other what you like best about her body.”Catalina frowns but she looks at Diana. “Diana, I’ve always admired your figure and your long legs.”Diana was frowning and had her arms crossed, but the sincere compliment defrosts her a little. She tells Catalina “And I like looking at your breasts. And your shaved pussy is very cute.”Inga keeps giving directions. “Very good. Now I want you girls to kiss for me.”They kiss politely.“Was that a kiss? That’s not how you kiss me! I want a real kiss and keep kissing until I tell you to stop or I’ll send you both home and I’ll go find some new girlfriends.”The kaçak bahis siteleri two kiss again very passionately, and Inga lets them continue. Finally she has them stop. “Next, Catalina, I want you to take off Diana’s lingerie and kiss her tummy and legs that you admire.” Catalina does that and Diana gets very turned on.“Now, Diana, I want you to take off Catalina’s lingerie and kiss her breasts and play with her cute pussy.”Both of the girls smile widely and Diana follows Inga’s instructions. Catalina is panting from Diana’s touch and Diana kneels down to eat her, Inga pulls off her thong and starts kissing Catalina. Catalina’s having trouble kissing back because she’s panting from Diana’s tongue. Inga gives them new orders “I want you both on your hands and knees with your butt where I can reach it. And I want you kissing again.” Catalina hates that Diana has stopped licking her before her orgasm and is pleading with Inga to let her cum. The girls arrange so they can kiss each other while Inga fingers them both from behind. After they both have an orgasm, Inga tells them “I can’t wait any more, it’s my turn!” Inga lies on her back while the other girls grab and lick her breasts and legs. The two girls’ tongues both meet at Inga’s pussy. They laugh at the unexpected kiss, and they eat her at the same time. The scene ends with all three of them continuing to have sex, including Diana and Catalina kissing and trigging at the end while Inga is watching with satisfaction and masturbating while she watches her best friends cum together.

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