A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 1


Chapter 1

I had just finished my Plus 2 finals when my father informed me that I should go to Kerala to keep my Granny company.

“Your uncle and aunty are going to Mumbai to attend his boss’s son’s wedding. They are taking their Anu and Sutha (my young cousins) with them also as a holiday sight seeing. They will be away for two weeks . Granny will be alone. She cannot travel that far, you know. You can keep her company and the servants are there to look after the household.”

I was overjoyed to here this news as I was facing a hot and boring summer in Chennai.

“When do I leave, papa?” I asked eagerly.

“I have asked Muthu (his clerk) to book a ticket for tomorrow”

“A bit of country air will do you good” said my Mother. “I wish I can go too but you know your father, without me he is totally lost”

“It’s okay Amma, I think I will manage with Granny. I will be taking a few novels with me to keep me occupied. I look forward to the rains there.” I said.

I boarded the Mangalore Mail the next night and reached my village the following day by about 10.00 am. Granny invited me in and informed me that my uncle, aunt and cousins had left for Mumbai just that morning. She called for the maid Naani, who has been working for a few years now at our household. She joined work as a young girl, and had become a permanent worker more or less. When Naani walked into the hall, I had a shock. She was wearing a blouse made of thin material and was wearing a home tailored white bra commonly used in Kerala, and was wearing a white mundu (dhoti). The blouse was only making a half-hearted attempt to restrain her huge breasts. Her plump midriff was exposed, showing her deep navel and all six inches below it. Her pretty face lit up and she gave me broad grin when she saw me.

“Oh! Mohan etta (Elder Brother,a term of respect), when did you come? It has been two years since we saw you! How are your parents?” she inquired customarily.

“Oh, they are fine Naani, I was busy with my studies, that’s why I did not come for the past two years. I heard you were married, how is your husband?” I asked her.

“He is in Chennai, working in a factory. You have grown up now with a beard and moustache. He looks handsome, doesn’t he Granny?” she jokingly nodded at my Granny.

“Naani, take Mohan’s bags to the east room upstairs and prepare his bath.” My Granny told her.

As she carried my bags past me, I couldn’t help but appreciate her swaying firm bulging buttocks. She was about two years four years older than me. The last time I saw her she was wearing a loose blouse and skirt. Her features then were not remarkable. Maybe after two years she appears sexy to me, or maybe I have grown to appreciate women better.

I changed into my lungi and went to the bathroom to take my bath. Naani was there filling the big brass container with water. She handed me my towel and showed me where the soap box was. As she keçiören escort was going out, my hand accidentally brushed her buttocks. It sent a tinge through my entire body. The taught flesh, a result of hard work these village lasses do, is seldom felt in city girls. (You can feel them in crowded buses).

I took my bath and had my breakfast. Naani was not to be seen around. Since I did not have proper sleep in the train, I went to my room to lie down for a while. The next thing I knew was my Granny calling me down for lunch.

After lunch, Granny went for afternoon nap as usual. Since it was a hot day, I decided to go to the pond, where there is a pump-house under the mango tree on the high bank of the pond. Since it faces the paddy fields, there will be a cool breeze if you open the windows. I took a pillow and a novel to read. As I opened the window, I could see the village ladies planting paddy seedlings in my uncle’s fields. They were ankle-deep in mud; their dhotis tucked high exposing more than half their thighs. They were chatting and joking as they stooped and planted rows and rows of paddy seedlings. I lay down on the bench, opened my book and started reading. The cool breeze, the quiet countryside, the distant chatter of the women working soon lulled me to sleep.

I did not know how long I slept. When I woke up, it was almost sun set. I could hear people talking loudly nearby. The inside of the pump-house was getting dark. I realized that the ladies had finished their work for the day, and were washing up in the pond prior to going home. I peeked through the holes in the decorative cement blocks, which were used in the walls of the pump house to provide ventilation. I could not believe my eyes! The village women were actually taking their bath there. Since the pond was about ten feet below ground level, it offered relative privacy and outsiders never came here since it was on our private property.

The ladies were in various state of undress. Most of them were topless, only wearing a thin handloom towel around their waists. Some were washing their clothes; others were waist deep in the water scrubbing their bodies using tender coconut husks as sponges, yet others were on the steps leading to the pond, changing into clean clothes. Without the slightest bit of shyness, they stripped themselves naked and dried their bodies and hairs, before the stepped into clean clothes.

It was such a feast for my eyes! There were huge breasts, perky breasts, small cute breasts, and sagging breasts to ogle. My! What thighs! And what buttocks! Kerala village ladies have very firm and prominent buttocks. In the process of drying their hairs, some of them bent down with their buttocks facing me. They glistened in the setting sun. I noticed that all of them had hairy cunts. Since they were mostly standing, only their hairy triangles could be seen. With cool nonchalance they dressed up and kızılay escort one by one started leaving for home bidding each other good-bye.

My prick was engorged to the point of pain. Never had I seen such a sight before. Without realizing it I was stroking myself. My hands moved faster at the sight of so many semi-naked women. Soon I was squirting my juice profusely on the wall and cement floor of the pump house. I let out a small groan. Lucky for me the women’s chatter drowned it.

It was then that I noticed Naani coming down the steps with a bundle of clothes.

“Why so late Naani?’ one of the girls asked.

“I went home to take these dirty clothes. I won’t have time to wash them tomorrow” she replied as she put them down on the steps of the pond, at the water’s edge. She then proceeded to strip, removing her blouse and her mundu. For a second I had a glimpse of her well-rounded and formed buttocks, as she deftly covered her lower torso with a thin towel. She then proceeded to untie the knotted the local tailor made bra. Two large orbs leaped out as though they enjoyed the sudden freedom they were given after a whole day of being restricted in their tight confines. The towel being of a small size hardly covered her waist. It’s edges barely overlapped. As she took a step her voluptuous thigh was clearly exposed on one side. She sat on the water’s edge at the far end of the steps and proceeded to wash he clothes. Unfortunately her back was towards me and I felt a tinge of pang. One by one the women finished their bath and left. Naani was now alone. After having soaped all her laundry, she carried them to the washing stone, which was at the center of the steps. This time, she squatted facing me. From where I was peeping, I could clearly see between her thighs, the towel she was wearing barely doing its function. More over the setting sun’s light was just at the right angle to illuminate the dark recess. Her hairy mould was clearly visible now. I felt another wave of tingling in my groin as my prick stirred and swelled. I imagined I could see a reddish split amidst her dark furry mould. As she beat her clothes on the washing stone, both her firm globes were seen to swing up and down.

This sight was too much for me. I pumped my cock harder and faster. At one stage she must have felt an inch in her cunt, for she stopped for a moment, peered between her thighs and started to scratch her mould. But then, it must have been a profound itch, because soon she stood up, looked left and right, removed her towel, became completely naked and sat on the washing stone. She spread her thighs and as though she was showing her cunt to me, spread her cunt lips wide. Then with one finger she started to tease her clitoris, slowly at first, and then gathering speed, she used her entire hand to rub her cunt. She closed her eyes and started to moan softly. She was alternatingly opening and closing her thighs. kocatepe escort With the other hand she was squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. My hand was equally busy. I pumped my prick with increasing speed. Then she did something surprising. She spat saliva on to her fingers and inserted three of them into her cunt and started moving them in and out. I had seen this in blue films, but this live show, that too by a village woman was an unimaginable for me. Her cunt must have been quite moist by now for I could hear the moist splashing sound her hand was producing. She bent down and watched her hand moving. She gradually increased her speed and finally clasped her hand with both her thighs while uttering a prolonged loud guttural sound. I spurted my juice once again in copious amounts. The wall and floor was wet once again.

Nanni had once again gained her composure. While sitting at the edge of the washing stone, she spread her cunt lips wide and started to piss. A strong jet of golden water arched through the air and landed on the step below. She must have been holding her water for quite some time now for the stream was spurting from between her red fleshy cunt lips for about five long minutes it seemed to me before it subsided in short jerky spurts and stopped. Her face showed a great sense of relief.

She then slowly stood up and proceeded to wash her clothes, completely naked. She must have known that no one will come here at this time. This time she was showing her bum to me. As she bent to rinse her clothes in the water her broad hips and fleshy big buttocks provided a tempting sight for me. I very nearly wanted to go and grab her from behind. What a lucky man her husband was! After finishing her washing, she proceeded to take her bath.

It was already dusk and getting dark. I could not see clearly. Only her outline was visible. I waited for her to finish her bath before getting out of the pump house. She dressed and gathered her washings and made to the path. I waited for another five minutes before locking up the pump house and going home.

As I neared my house, Nanni suddenly stepped out from behind a tamarind tree and blocked my path. I couldn’t hide my shock and shame for I knew then that she must have been aware of my presence in the pump house.

“Did you enjoy the show Mohan etta?” she asked me.

I hung my face and started to stammer.

She slowly brought her right hand to my groin and gently pressed my penis. I was taken aback by her deed. I was expecting a scolding from her and was afraid that she might tell my granny about it. Her gentle squeezing of my penis was producing the desired effect. It was a first for me and I let her continue.

“How did you know that I was in there?” I asked her.

“Just before going to my house to fetch my clothes I noticed that the windows were open. I peeked inside and saw you sleeping there. When I returned the windows were still open.”

My prick was now fully erect and was pushing my lungi into a tent. I held her hand to it, but she smiled at me and said, “Come again tomorrow”, and gently removed her hand and went on her way.

I had to tell a long story to my Granny about my whereabouts the whole afternoon.

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