A Line Crossed Ch. 01


The main character is a consenting 21 year old.

For a long time now, I have been sexually attracted to my father, it started at the age of 18 when I had an aversion to showering I.e. baths or nothing, this resulted in my father effectively dragging me into the shower while on holiday and for reasons beyond me, perhaps he was caught up in the moment, we were both completely naked, so, while my mother sat on a laptop browsing the net, her husband was in the shower, WITH HIS COCK OUT, soaping up and washing her and his son, me, since that day, the thought of my father dragging me into the shower, stripping me naked and washing my naked body while I stared idly at his wet and soapy penis has carried me through more fantasies than I could explain, I don’t think im gay, but I am hungry for my father.


I stared out of the window of my father’s car into the night, we were returning from our weekly dinner, per my mom and dads post divorce agreement and both of us had had far too much to drink, so we should not have been driving, but, the area was quiet around this time of night so we should have been lucky.

‘The worst part is the lack of sex’ my father complained.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked curiously.

‘I mean, I haven’t had any in months, what would you do?’

I thought back to that shower as a boy, how I wished he had taken advantage of me, get me to wank him or suck him, hell, he could have bent me over and fucked me raw, god what a life, I replayed the fantasies repeatedly 1xbet yeni giriş in my head, him sneaking into my bed at night and us fooling around, me sneaking under his covers and playing with his dick, near constant anal sex, until the culmination, mother walking in and finding us together, his dick pumping in and out of my tight ass, she goes mad and gets institutionalised, while we fly off into the sunset together, not as father and son, but lovers.

But alas, those thoughts remain fantasy, as we drove through the night i checked my father out, for a man in his fifties he was in pretty good shape, he didn’t have a six pack sure but if he was on a beach he could take his shirt off and not look ridiculous.

‘So what would you do?’

‘Come again?’ I asked him, snapping out of my stupor.

‘What I said was, what do you think I should do? Do I confront her or not?’ He asked sharply.

‘You could get a bit on the side, someone to take care of that for you while you focus on your girlfriend’ I suggested, not entirely sure of where my brain was taking me.

‘I can’t do that, I don’t have the money.’

My alcohol soaked brain raced and before I knew it, i was into the breach. ‘I could do it’

‘you must be joking.

‘No I’m not, if you want sex you can fuck me, if you want a BJ, I’ll suck you, I can make you feel good if you let me’ I exclaimed, mentally reviewing just how much I had drunk this evening.

My dad took one look at me and carried on driving, 1xbet giriş I began mentally kicking myself, he would never see me again, what the hell was I thinking? Asking my dad to make me his lover, I put my head against the window and shut my eyes, desperately holding back tears at what had just happened, when suddenly.


I opened my eyes in shock, while I was getting upset, we had pulled into a small lay-by, I turned to ask my father and almost immediately received my answer, there was the cock I had fallen for all those years ago, standing proudly to attention.

‘You said you would suck me whenever I liked and I wanna get suck now so go on, suck me’ my father said suggestively.

Excitedly, I undid my seatbelt, lent over to the other side of the car and shoved as much of my dads cock in my mouth as I could, I began sucking on it like a baby at it’s mother’s nipple, I was where I had longed to be, the fantasy was finally a reality.

‘Fucking hell thats nice, move your head up and down, would ya?’ He grunted.

Without response I began furiously moving my mouth up and down on his cock, the head of his penis smacking the back of my throat as I desperately tried to fight my gag reflex, I moved my tongue all over his shaft, desperately trying to enhance his pleasure as best as I could, as we both began moaning, him with his head craned back in pleasure, me with my mouth full of his meaty fuck stick, I began to flashback to the shower.

How I wished I had gotten 1xbet güvenilirmi on my knees and sucked him without asking, him standing over me in dominance while I, his little boy serviced him like my mom never could, I tried to savour the moment as much as I could and drifted into the dream.

‘OH FUCK IM CUMMING’ my dad shouted, snapping me out of my daze.

I felt ropes of hot, sticky cum coat the back of my throat, I tried to swallow as much of it as I could but I felt my gag reflex going into overdrive and I had to pull away, causing a small amount of cum to go on my face and shirt, as I began scooping up and eating, I failed to notice my father ashamedly zipping up his jeans.

‘I, I’m sorry son I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry’ my dad whimpered.

‘Dad it’s okay, I liked it I want to do it again as soon as possible.’

He didn’t respond as we pulled away, the rest of the drive home was spent in an awkward silence as I struggled to fight back tears, when we arrived home he unlockedthe door without even looking at me.

‘Goodbye son’

‘Dad please I liked it, I want more, please let me make you happy’ I pleaded.

‘Get out of the car son’

I did as commanded and watched as he drove away without even looking at me, tearing my heart out.

1 week later…

I felt sick as I approached my dad’s car, what would he say? Would he hurt me? What was gonna happen?

‘Hi dad’

I didn’t get a reply as we drove off in silence, when we arrived at the restaurant, we pulled into a quiet, dark section of the carpark, as I looked around in confusion, I felt an arm drape across my shoulders.

‘So, does that offer still stand?’

I felt a grin creep across my lips in anticipation.

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