A Neighbor Has Ideas


Not too long ago I was sitting catatonic at my computer and there was a knock on my door. I really didn’t want to answer as I was thinking about nice titties but went to the door anyway. Opening the door I saw one of my neighbors with a nice smile on her face.

“Hi Kate. Nice to see you on this dreary day, you look very nice indeed.” My eyes were focused on her nice pair which still seemed very fantastic considering the fact she was into her retirement years. I was guessing on the age seeing through the short dyed hair and the excess makeup on her face.

“I was wondering if you would like to come over and have a drink?” Sharon asked. “We haven’t had a chance to get to know one another and we’ve been neighbors for a year. I think I’m going to like you and I hope you’ll like me.”

As I said Sharon was in her 60’s (at least I think so) but looking at her body you’d never know. A little on the heavy side but certainly nothing that would turn you off, the extra pounds made her tits bigger. She had dark hair cut short (dyed), blue eyes, not too many wrinkles in the face. Her best assets were two very nice titties. Her top was cut low enough for me to be able to see 25% of her cleavage, which was pale milky white which accentuated the tiny blue veins. More than a handful, I gave them a good long stare and she could see that I was looking at her goods and didn’t seem to mind at all. The bottom was quite curvy under her pants, a bonus to the package. I on the other side was tall with gray hair, trim build and I could already feel the bulge in my pants growing large, something that she noticed. My best asset was the blue eyes which had attracted many a female.

Don replied “Why don’t you come in and have a drink with me? I’ve got beer, wine, or vodka. What is your choice dear?”

I loosely grabbed her waist and brought her into my apartment. It was cluttered but still neat in a scattered kind of way. She sat down and I went to the kitchen and prepared two martinis with olive. I used decent vodka and vermouth and as I brought her the drink she seemed to be in a hurry to drink it and hoped for another. Within 5 minutes she had downed the drink and being a gentleman asked her if she wanted another which she agreed to. This lead to a third and the conversation picked up.

Sharon started to slur as she said “What do you do every day? I rarely see you in the parking garage?”

Don replied, “I review music and old movies as well as writing fiction.”

“What do you write about?” she asked.

“I think it would be better if you read one of my stories I have online.”

“I’ll get it up on my computer and let you read it. Give me a minute and I’ll have it ready for you.”

I went to the lit sight and picked out my highest rated story about Janice and let her read.

Ten minutes later she lifted her eyes up and slurred “I guess you really like the titties. No one has ever done that to me before. My husband ataşehir escort was in and out of my pussy. I never climaxed anymore than a couple of times.”

“Sorry to hear that. Sex can be so much fun. At our age we don’t have to worry about pregnancy anymore?”

She gave me a smile and said “would you like to do all of that to my titties?”

“Oh yes Sharon. Not only are titties made for sucking out milk but to be fucked.”

Without hesitating she pulled her top off and pulled her bra down so they were supporting the pretty good size gourds and said “Would these do?” I had to marvel at how well they had aged over the years. They had to be at least 44d and pure alabaster white. If I could describe their size they were like canteloupes. She had a few brown spots on the top but they didn’t distract from the beauty of them. Her nipples capped them off so nicely. They were a pale pink and the tips were like small pebbles and aureoles were large, perhaps 3 inches across filled with little bumps. While they didn’t stick straight out, the gourd like beauties were most inviting to me. she teasingly cupped them saying “Do you like them Don? Do whatever you want to them. When we get done I want them to be sore but with pleasure.”

“Do you want the full treatment? It could take an hour. I will definitely put you on the edge of begging for more so you can cum. Some women can cum with just titty play. I’d certainly like to try if you’re willing.”

“I assume you want to go to the bedroom so lead the way and give me the full treatment.”

I led her by the hand and we sat down on the edge of the bed. Again I marveled at her titties as they completely sprang free on her chest bouncing as they rested. While I was watching I was also taking my clothes off. This was going to be a fun time hopefully for both of us. Sharon had removed her shoes and Levis but not her French panties bringing even more allure to her.

I gently pushed her down on the bed and watched her titties spread out until they looked even bigger. I gently pushed them together from her sides and felt a sense of firmness as I pushed them together to make her cleavage tight. I wanted to see how she was going to look.

“Sharon you have a very nice pair. Your husband was a fool for not taking advantage of these beautiful mounds.”

I leaned over and while firmly squeezing her titties I slowly began to lick her nipples first the left and then the right making sure that I licked every part of it slowly. After five minutes she began to groan saying “Don’t stop Don. You’re really turning me on.” I watched as her hand was underneath her panties playing with herself. Her nipples were wet but she was going to get soaked with baby oil which I had in a nightstand drawer. As I leaned over to get it she said “what are you doing?” in a tone that suggested a little doubt on her part. “I’m going to use a baby oil to massage these magnificent titties ataşehir escort bayan to give them more lubrication for my cock.” She smiled as I squirted a good size amount of the oil in her cleavage and then slowly began to cover each square inch of them. They glistened and the tiny blue veins her breasts had seemed to stand out even more. I made sure there was plenty in her cleavage and made extra sure the bottoms weren’t forgotten. Beside this was an interesting place because it allowed for your entire hand to be covered with breast flesh, something I took full advantage of. I poured a little more on them and made them sopping wet so they were hard to hold. I continued rubbing the oil around and she began to rub herself a little moaning “don’t stop you don’t know how much your turning me on.”

“Sharon this is only the beginning for you. Should I stop?”

She replied, “nooooo! I’ve never felt this way before ever.”

That was a cue for me to see how hard and long I can make those nipples. I began with a combination of licking and biting. The first bite brought a groan from her so I knew I had hit a nerve and was on the right track. I spent the next ten minutes alternating on her nipples each time biting just a little harder. Each time she would groan out. The nipples that were a 1/4 inch to begin with had grown even larger and more sensitive. I decided to give one last nice massage to the white beauties touching the top, middle, and underneath before putting my cock to use on them. They were gorgeous tits and I made a vow if she was willing to let me squeeze, massage, lick and fuck these titties I wouldn’t stop. God they were soooooo good I didn’t want to stop. To Sharon I was probably packing in 30 years worth of attention.

Waiting long enough I shoved the head of my cock underneath her left breast and covered my now rock hard purple head with beautiful breast flesh into the lower part of her titties and just let my cock feel it. Can you imagine the feeling if your cock was surrounded by breast flesh. They were so heavy that most of my cock disappeared from sight.

I transferred my cock to the right one all the way trying without success to fill my hands with them As I squeezed, her nipples were between two of my fingers and I could feel the nipples which I had paid so much attention to become even harder.

“Sharon I’m going to need a little help. Could you push them together and make the cleavage tighter for me?” She pushed on the sides of her titties and made the cleavage tight enough that a credit card would hardly fit. It completely covered my cock and as I slid up I didn’t see anything at all until the head reached the top and the head popped out. As I slid back down I heard more groaning from her and didn’t see it until it it came back and popped up again. As I continued I could feel her beginning to climax and I had to feel how wet she was so I put my hand in her panties and shove my fingers in to feel how wet she was. Dripping was the right way to explain as she bucked hard against my hand and cried out “Oh god.” All the while I’m having my way with her gorgeous love mounds, so white and beautiful.

Suddenly without warning I pulled her panties off and slowly slid my now engorged cocked into her sopping wet pussy like a cork screw. Slowly I slid it in and Sharon let out a scream “fuck me hard Don. Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” I needed to be careful so as not to cum because I wanted to save my white load of cum for her beautiful white mountains of flesh, the best I’ve ever seen in my life. However tempting the mounds were her cunt sure was hot, tight, and inviting me to shoot my load inside her. That decision was soon decided by her cries of “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Fuck me deeper Don. I want to cum again.” As good as it felt I pulled it out with her I think for the moment collapsing in satisfaction.

I moved my cock to the bullet size nipples and while she was squeezing them together moved my cock back and forth on the nipples. Not only did the nipples have oil on them but her love juice and my but precum from my manhood left tiny little pools on the nipples which turned her on even more. It seemed like the precum filtered through her body to her pussy and I could feel her beginning to cum yet again. I also new with the amount of precum from me I was going to shoot white spurts all over her beautiful white mounds of gorgeous lovemaking toys.

Sharon grabbed the bottom of her heavy breasts and licked off each nipple. “I want to taste both of us together”, she said. I watched her lovingly lick it off her gorgeous nipples. I couldn’t resist in shoving my sperm filled cock into her luscious mouth. She took it all the down past the gag point tempting me as if tempting me to cum. It felt so good as the lired painted lips slowly worked on the shaft making it want to spurt down her throat.

She completed her cleansing job on her titties and I with great willpower moved my aching shaft back to her long white cleavage and began my fucking of her white mammaries. The feeling was like her pussy but softer and smoother and Sharon really seemed to be getting into it.

She pushed her titties even harder so the combination of oil and pre- cum with her talking to me, “Cum on my titties, you want to spurt it all over them. They want to feel the hot load. It is going to be warm isn’t it? Do you have enough cum to cover these 48dd beauties? I want to you to cum. I want it so bad. Fuck those melons hard.”

I pushed and thrusted harder and I could not stop from cumming anymore. I let out a huge load of white sperm in her cleavage wanting to pull my cock out but unable to because of how good it felt. There three bursts and I relaxed and pulled my shaft out. Sharon took it in her mouth and licked it clean while I took the huge load in her cleavage and rubbed it all over her titties like baby lotion. What a beautiful fucking she gave me.

“You know Don this was the first time anyone fucked my titties. I really liked it with everything else you did to me.”

“How about a shower? We need to clean up and who knows…”

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