A new lesson for an old friend pt.6


A new lesson for an old friend pt.6Our gazes locked on one another and i could tell she was as close to the edge as i was.I used my left hand to spread one of her ass cheeks so not only could i insert my thumb into her asshole, but so that the sounds of my cock pounding her soaking core were more audible.I pumbed her holes harder still driving sounds from her throat i’d never heard before Escort not even in porn.When i thought that if we did’nt finish soon someone was gonna think i was killing her, she gave one last primal yelp and her pussy clinched impossibly tighter still.I stayed inside of her just long enough to feel the warm gush of her finish hit my balls.As she wrethed and twitched still Escort Bayan bent over the sinki oozed my junk all over her plump ass,the thick pale jizz glidinng around on her cheeks turned me on all over again.I lifted her into my arms cradling her against my chest and took her out to the couch in the den.I could still hear mark and the rest of his friends carrying Bayan Escort on up stairs, i shook my head from side to side thinking boys and their toys.They would soon find out what was better than every video game put together in the world. “Prime grade A pussy” i mumbled glancing down at the sleeping girl in my arms,i lay here down and took a seat on the floor at her head.She could rest for now, but i’m determined to be a hell of a first i thought as my mind triled off too all the amazing things i could do too this girls body.Asmall grin spread across my face as i looked for to the rest of my week and my great imagination.

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