A Present for Karna! (Erotica Story over 18+)

Big Tits

In the country of America and the state of Florida in the great city of Jacksonville there is a man sitting at his desk in an office. He is wearing a blue shirt and a tie that matches his shirt; he is also wearing a pair of polished black shoes and black trousers. He is around six foot two in height as well and a nice toned frame. He has a picture of his loving fiancée at his desk, she is absolutely stunning he peers at her wanting to go home and see her once again and it will happen within a few minutes as he about to finish his final report for the day.

A lovely co-worker approaches him; she is wearing a long black skirt and white blouse, and black high heels as foot wear; she also has long black hair and opal black eyes. She stands at five foot six and has a nice athletic body to boot.
“Dolph, are you getting ready to leave for home?”
“Oh, hi Natalya, yes I have to just finish this final report and send it and I am done for today.”
“That is great; this week has been intense, huh? Have you got anything special to plan for this weekend with your fiancée; hey is that her in the picture?” as she points to the picture.
“Yes, that is Karna; it has been an intense week, and there is not anything planned for this weekend yet. I am sure we will go to the beach or something though.”
“She is extremely beautiful, aren’t you a lucky man!”
“Very lucky, I am very blessed to be able to wake up to her every day.”
“Aw, look at you all head over heels in love; I cannot imagine why a guy would not be. I mean, look at her I would be into her, if she was not taken or spoken for” she reveals she is either bi-sexual or a lesbian which startles Dolph slightly.

Dolph turns around as he sends the e-mail for his final report. Next he lowers his voice as he thinks about the discussion Karna and himself had the previous night about wanting to have a girl and him at the same time.
“So, you would want to get naughty with her if given the chance?”
Natalya looks at Dolph in shock and laughs nervously at him.
“Hey, I was just joking about that, I mean, she is beautiful, but I do not want you to think that um.”
Natalya then takes a deep breath to try and compose her- self and stares at Dolph directly, “Yes I would.”
Dolph smiles up at Natalya as he looks over her once, “what are your plans for after work?”
Natalya simply smiles back and watches him, “nothing special” she replied shortly after watching him.
Dolph stands up and whispers into the right ear of Natalya so no one could possibly hear what he about to say.
“Would you want some fin with the both of us? Karna has been telling me she wants a girl.”
Natalya feels a rush run through her as Dolph whispered those words into her right ear. She pictures Karna’s olive skin and imagining what her body would look like; the thought makes her muscles clench.
“Yes, I would like that very much”, Natalya whispers back after she had time to think to herself about Karna’s sexy body.
Dolph sits back down and smiles knowingly what is in store for his love Karna later tonight.
“Well I am done with work and I am ready to leave if you are then.”
“Give me a second; I will be right with you” as she grabs her stuff and dashes off to the little girls room, she comes back soon to find Dolph waiting kindly and patiently at his desk for her.
Natalya sneakily slips something in her hand and it is revealed to be her black laced thong, she is one naughty girl doing that in the workplace. Dolph’s face tells the bigger story than I could ever; he is shocked but loves it as he looks at Natalya as he received her thong.
Natalya slyly winks at him as she starts to walk towards the exit.
Dolph follows her after carefully hiding her thong in his suit pocket as he is now wearing a nice suit coat on top of his shirt to hide her thong from everyone else at work.

They both get outside the building so no one can hear what Dolph is about to tell Natalya, “If you want follow me in the car and park across the street from our house; please wait about ten minutes and then let yourself in quietly. I will leave the front door unlocked. We will both be in our bedroom and I will blindfold her and begin licking her pussy and you will swap and take over from me!”
Natalya simply nods and smiles at Dolph as she walks to her car, she drives a lovely Mercedes Benz which is coloured black.
Dolph then walks towards his own car which is Ford Puma, it is Karna’s company car she was able to get him one as well being the financial controller for Jacksonville and is key role job she pretty much is the boss of her office. He slowly inserts the key to his magnificent red Puma and opens the door and starts up the engines and waits for Natalya to get behind his car with her car.
Natalya just about reaches her car as it was parked much further back due to parking spaces in the office car park. Natalya gets opens her car and gets in and she clenches her legs together as she realizes what her, Dolph and his love Karna are about to do. She follows Dolph’s car and wishing to herself that Dolph’s place is not too far away from work.
It is not as it only takes them five minutes before Dolph pulls up in his drive way and parks his Ford Puma right next to Karna’s red Ford Puma. He shuts the car off and walks inside as Karna left the door open as it one hot day she is standing waiting for her fiancée to come home as she works only eight A.m. until noon. She has silky black hair the most beautiful gemstone eyes that are coloured Hazel; she stands five foot eight and is wearing a black tank top exposing her arms fully and it is a high cut showing off her wonderful navel piercing and toned body. Her top shows a lot of cleavage as she has really busty chest around 36 D bra size, she is wearing black shorts as well showing off her wonderful long legs, she never wears tights and you can see why, she is a goddess and Dolph is one lucky man. Meanwhile Natalya parks her car across the road and sits there patiently; she does her eye make-up to look especially nice for Karna. She looks too see that their house is extremely nice from across the road, Karna is a rich woman who was very successful at a young age becoming a full qualified chartered accountant at only the age of twenty six. Inside the house us really nicely decorated and has carpets with beautiful patterns in it, it has swimming pool in the back garden and three bedrooms, a Kitchen and a living room.

“Karna I am home” he says excitedly.
“Hello baby, how was your day today?”
“It was great Karna,” He picks her up off of her feet and holds her close to him and plans a kiss deeply on her luscious lips. She happens to be wearing some pink lipstick, but barely any; it is just to highlight her lips Escort a bit more, she is more an eye make type of girl.
After they part their lips, Dolph says, “I am now taking you to bed, right now, no arguments, no buts!”
“Oh, sure!” she replied startled at first, she continues, “sure take me to bed; I am sure you have something wonderful planned for me as usual?”
“You know me Karna-baby.” He then continues to hold Karna; but he hoists her up fully into his arms; she wraps his arms around him as he carries her to the bedroom. He places her gently down on their soft bed which is covered whit with roses on the bed sheets, Karna is girly girl, Dolph is okay with it as he always treats her like the princess she is!
Karna lies back on the bed her silky hair spreads across the pillows she looks at him with those hazel eyes. Dolph quickly leans in and start to kiss her weak spot, her neck; he starts nibbling on it as well which makes her start to get moist downstairs.
“Mm Dolph,” she moaned as she lies back; she closes her goddess like hazel eyes slowly; this allows her to feel Dolph’s kissing and nibbling on her neck.
Dolph lets both of his hands roam Karna’s entire body as his lips explore her soft skin; he urges her to hold her arms up as he removes her black tank top over her head. She is now wearing a red laced bra which holds together her firm thirty six D beasts together an amazing sight to be held indeed. Dolph reaches behind Karna’s back and unclips her bra before taking it off her amazing large breasts pop out in front of him. He then removes her shorts revealing her red laced knickers, a thong type. Dolph does not stop there he just cannot wait any longer to get his fiancée naked. Next he slides off her red knickers from her body; she holds up her legs to help him; Karna is now fully naked lying on her back on the bed; looking up at the ceiling.

“Wow someone is very horny today?” she smiles after saying that as she thinks to herself ‘I love it when he is like this’
“Of course I am, after all the teasing you did to me this morning, who would not be?”
He then kisses down her lovely curvy body that has more curves than a racetrack; he stops briefly at her luscious and inviting breasts. He swirls his tongue around them before kissing down to her stomach and spreading her legs wide; he plants a firm kiss on her outer labia lips of her wonderful waxed and shaved pussy.
Karna moans softly, “Mm baby; that feels so good!” he then stops for a second and goes into the drawer of Karna’s side of the bed and finds her bedroom blindfold, she is a kinky girl as there are also some pink fluffy handcuffs as well.
“I have something different planned for you today.” explained Dolph as he places the blindfold on Karna before going back to licking her sweet, tight and wet pussy.
Karna curls her luscious lips into a wonderful curvy smile the best looking one ever known to man. Karna then moans out loudly, “Mm, Dolph!”
Dolph smiles into her wet pussy as he enjoys the taste of it; something he can never get enough of as he starts to flick his tongue over her tiny clit that is now exposed from the licking of her out labia. He reaches up and massages both of her breasts at the same time.
“Mm, Baby you make me feel so fucking good!” she screams as she then squirm’s around on her bed; but this just makes even moister. Karna’s body temperature rises slowly along with her arousal rate.
Dolph suddenly pulls away and smiles, although Karna cannot see it. “Oh, just you wait darling; you are going to feel even better Karna. This is just the beginning; I have had all day to think about what I am going to do to you this weekend.”
Karna: “Oh kinky!” replied Karna.
Tem minutes have now passed and the sexy and sultry Natalya gets out of her car. Smoothing down her skirt over her hips as she then makes her way inside of Karna and Dolph’s house. She hears the sounds of moans and licks from upstairs; next she makes her way quietly upstairs not making a sound at all to surprise young Karna. Natalya pauses at the door to watch Dolph between Karna’s spread legs; Karna is blindfolded and is squirming and trembling in pleasure. Natalya feels her own Pussy get moister underneath her skirt, she watches the hot scene that unfolds right in front of her*
Dolph feels like he is being watched as he pulls away from Karna and smiles at Natalya. Dolph’s lips and chin are drenched with Karna’s love-juices. He motions with his head to tell you that Karna is all hers right now as he keeps on feeling Karna’s firm breasts.
“Mm, baby!” moaned Karna once more.
Natalya quietly walks towards Karna and bends down, snow sitting between her legs. She watches Karna’s nipples being pulled and pinched as she inhales her lovely strawberry scent from her perfume and pussy. Then Natalya slowly takes one long lick across her slit, from the base to the clitoris, her tongue licking between her pussy and her outer labia*
Karna moans, “Mm, Oh my god that feels too good, do not stop licking me baby!”
Dolph keeps playing with Karna’s large breasts as he smiles down at Natalya thinking about how good she is licking Karna.
Natalya takes another long lick and flattening her tongue on her clitoris; she closes her lips around it and sucks it at first gently and then harder.
Karna continues to squirm on the bed as she is being pleasured to no end; she keeps on moaning, but getting louder “MMMMM!”
Dolph continues to watch the scene just smiling; waiting for the moment to take her blindfold off so she can see what is actually happening and going on.
Natalya now wets the tip of her finger with Karna’s love-juices. She then places it over Karna’s clitoris and gently rubs it in circles clockwise and then anti-clockwise while her tongue makes its way between her pink folds; gently pushing inside her wet, moist cavern. She moves in and out in time with her finger moving over her clitoris.
Karna senses a different touch but still moans out, “Mm, Oh my god yes, Baby!”
Natalya suddenly plunges her mouth onto Karna’s pussy and sucks hard; her tongue moving hard and swift now; she pinches her clit between her fingers and pulling on it.
Dolph takes his hands off of Karna’s breasts before moving his mouth towards her left ear. He whispers to Karna, “I am now taking your blindfold off now, say hello to Natalya.”
Dolph removes Karna’s blindfold to let her see Natalya.

Karna screams out gently in shock as Dolph removes her blindfold. Karna realizes there is a nice hot woman licking her pussy; she simply smiles as it has been one of her life long fantasies,
Natalya smiles back at Karna; She gently ease a finger inside of her while maintaining eye contact with Karna; she hooks her finger inside and slowly works Escort Bayan it in and out of her pussy while her tongue laps at her clitoris. Natalya now moves her finger a little faster and adds another finger. She then uses her teeth to nibble on Karna’s tiny and beautiful exposed clitoris that is now pink and swelled up nice and hard.
Dolph now starts to play with Karna’s silky black long hair as Natalya continues her skillful work between Karna’s legs and inside her sacred place.
Karna looks at both Natalya and Dolph with her perfect hazel eyes; they roll back slightly to the back of her head. Suddenly she screams out again in pleasure, “Mm Yes, what is her name Love!” as she did not quite hear it as she was being pleasured too much!
“Her name is Natalya; she saw your picture at work and told me how beautiful you were.” said Dolph to Karna.
Karna: “Mm, Natalya!
Natalya grins and suddenly takes her fingers out starts slapping Karna’s pussy with her palm; she alternates between slapping and licking it thoroughly. She pushes then another finger inside of Karna’s love tunnel; she turns both of them inwards and moves them in and out faster and rougher. Natalya’s tongue then licks her clitoris at the same time constantly as she tortures Karna in pleasure.
“Oh God, Natalya, mm, you are going to make me cum soon!” as she feels a massive orgasm building up inside of her body. She begins to shake wildly and buck as Dolph holds her down on the bed.
He looks at Natalya. “Natalya, I should warn you, Karna can squirt!”
Natalya after hearing that hooks both of her fingers inside her deeper so it stretches her inner labia and pussy walls. She is trying to find the squishy G-spot; once she finds it she hits it over and over again wanting to see and feel Karna squirt; lapping at her clit and biting down on it, this sends Karna into ecstasy.
She screams louder than ever, “NATALYA, NATALYA, NATALYA; fuck yes I am cumming, mm yes!” Karna finally squirt all over Natalya’s Face!
She shakes for ages on the bed in one of her best orgasms she has ever had.
Natalya opens her mouth wide and gulps; she feels her juices run down to the back of her throat; tasting all of it on her tongue as she slowly rubs Karna’s pussy.
Natalya smiles as she watches her shake and tremble, kissing her inner thighs and stomach.
Karna finally catches her breath and is like “Wow what an orgasm!” and then she smiles delightfully.

Dolph smiles down at his true love Karna as he watches her finish trembling; his hands still running through Karna’s hair.
Karna whispers into Dolph’s ear, “Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy!”
“But I am sure we are far from done!” she smiles teasingly at Dolph after saying that.
Dolph looks back down at you and says “You are welcome Sugarpuff, but I think you should thank someone else as well.”
Karna smiles again, “Thank you Natalya; you were amazing I have never been licked so well before!”
Natalya replies “You are very welcome Karna, You taste so sweet!”
Karna blushes slightly, “Thank you; please let me taste myself!!”
Dolph then answers with “As for us being done, I am not sure. I never did talk about more with Natalya, just really about licking and eating you out.”
“By all means; why do you not come here and find out how you taste, sweetie”
Karna needs no second invitation as she crawls seductively on all fours; totally naked with that perfect petit ass facing Dolph. Natalya gets closer towards Natalya and kisses her on her precious lips and licks it clean from her lips with her tongue, “Mm like strawberries!” declared Karna.
Natalya smiles and winks at Karna.

“Dolph I want to watch you and Natalya for a bit!” I smile after and look at both of you with my seductive hazel eyes
Dolph looks over at Natalya and smiles at her. “Is that ok?” asked Dolph to Natalya.
Natalya grins and spanks Karna on her cute ass; staring at Dolph and she nods shyly
Karna moans playfully ” oh my; Natalya you naughty little minx!”
“Well, Karna, why do you not get Natalya naked then and then you can sit back and watch me lick her.”
Karna moves slowly over to Natalya and approaches her; she smiles and looks deep into her eyes with her hazel eyes; Karna slowly takes her white blouse off revealing her in her black laced Bra.
Natalya watches Karna and Dolph as she is slowly being undressed; feeling the cold air on her nipples as they both stiffen and tighten. Karna then removes her black skirt slowly and then finally her bra and unclips it; It falls onto the floor; I smile and say, “There you go my love.”

Dolph smiles at the sight of Karna and Natalya being naked as he lies down on the bed and pulls Natalya over on top of his face. Dolph plants a soft kiss on her pussy before sliding his tongue out and slowly licking between her outer pussy lips. Natalya holds the rails for support as she slowly moves her pussy back and forth onto Dolph’s mouth.
Dolph starts to move his tongue faster as he reaches up for Natalya’s breasts which are also as large as Karna’s breasts being a D cup. Dolph’s tongue then parts Natalya’s outer labia; as he teases the entrance with the tip of his tongue.
Karna moves in to French kiss Natalya and they both make out with her slowly; Karna strokes her hair at the same time showing how good of a lover she can be.
Natalya arches her back and moans softly into Karna’s mouth; she moves her tongue inside of Karna’s mouth and kisses her back.
Karna continues to stroke her hair and twirl it around her small fingers; she pushes my tongue in deeper and play tonsil hockey with her.
Dolph brings one hand to Natalya’s clitoris as he reveals it before rubbing it slowly in circles while sliding his tongue inside of her moist love-tunnel.
Natalya shivers and bites her bottom lip to a stiff moan.
Karna lowers her head now and slowly sucks on her amazing breasts; she flicks her tongue over her cute nipples after she has sucked on each one of them.
Natalya gets up and off of Dolph’s mouth; Natalya then lies on her back and parts her legs, “I want you both to alternate lick my pussy, Mm”
Karna goes lower now on Natalya, wanting to taste Natalya for the first time; she slowly licks up along her slit from the bottom. Karna suddenly then licks all the way upwards from the bottom of her pussy and repeats it several times with perfection and she has never licked a girl before!

“Mm.” now moaned Natalya.

As Karna slides out of the way; Dolph then brings is head in and swirls his tongue around Natalya’s clitoris as he pulls it back with his fingers before sucking on it gently.
Next Karna slides two of her fingers index upwards into Natalya’s soaking wet pussy. Natalya’s scent and Karna’s aroma of both of their Bayan Escort wet pussies now consumes Karna’s bedroom as Dolph licks Natalya’s Clitoris, Dolph love the smell in the air right now and cannot get enough.
Natalya raises her hips and grabs Karna’s bed-sheets in her hands as she clenches them into fists; she is trembling and squirming on the bed.
Dolph continues to suck on Natalya’s clit, but a little harder as he lets Karna use her fingers.
Karna asks her “Natalya do you like that baby?”
Natalya using one hand to trace Dolph’s bulge through his trousers
“Mm yes, I like that a lot!”
Karna moves her fingers in and out of Natalya as she hears Natalya’s words; she is excited to hear that.
Karna moves them fast and hard hitting her G-spot perfectly as she knows how to squirt and she is going to show Natalya how she does it.
Dolph moans softly as his rock hard bulge feels Natalya’s hand all over it. He starts to suck even harder as Karna’s fingers work faster and harder.
Natalya moans and writhers on the sheets; naked and spread between Karna and Dolph; she grabs Andy’s bulge and squeezes hard.
Natalya slowly lowers his zipper and moves her hand inside, closing her fist around his full ten 10 inch cock as she pumps it twice.
Dolph moans deeper as he continues to suck but his moans vibrate Natalya’s clitoris as he continue to suck and swirl his tongue around Natalya’s swollen clit.
“Ah, fuck, do it more baby, more!
Karna does not need to be told again as she fingers Natalya even faster with both of her two fingers that are a perfect fit. Natalya’s pussy walls wrap around them tightly she loves the feel of her hot, wet and steamy pussy.
Karna tells Dolph to move away as she starts to multitask on Natalya and she licks and suck her Clitoris tightly wanting to make her squirt like she did earlier.
“Mm Natalya, you taste amazing!”
Dolph moves away as Karna asked him to and he knew not to argue with her and watches her work on Natalya’s perfect pussy.
OH MY GOD YES!” screamed out Natalya loudly.
Karna pulls on her tiny but swollen clitoris gently with her teeth not wanting to hurt her, but tease the hell out of her. Karna’s fingers are working really fast now smashing her G-spot over and over as she pounds it harder than ever. Karna sense that Natalya is ready to hit her peak of her climax and gets ready for her.
Natalya’s hips suddenly buck as Karna’s mouth and fingers work on her; her pussy spasms as her orgasm finally takes place and hits her hard. She is screaming long and loud as her pussy clenches hard around Karna’s fingers and mouth.

As Karna continues her act; he starts to remove his tie and shirt and throws them to the side. He thinks it is about time for him to finally remove his clothes since the girls are both fully naked, after all it is only fair.
Karna moans “Mm, that is it Natalya, cum for us!” as she finally squirts in the middle of her climax.
Natalya is shaking and squirming, grabbing the sheets as she comes down from her orgasm.
Karna moves in now to suck Dolph’s cock getting him ready to make love to her.
“Natalya I am not totally comfortable with you fucking my man but you can watch and play!” explained Karna.
She says that as Karna sucks Dolph through his zipper.
Karna says “I cannot wait any longer!”
“Yes, fuck him!” yells Natalya as she strokes her pussy watching in from behind she wants to see how good Dolph fucks his beautiful fiancée.

Dolph moans deeply as he feels Karna’s mouth over his boxers; she pulls down his boxers and really goes to work on his cock. He gets sucked so perfectly, slow and gentle to begin with before she picks up the pace. She wraps those dick-sucking lips as they are shaped so lucidly and perfect for this type of action. They wrap around his huge cock and he moans, “Mm Karna!”
Dolph reaches for Karna’s silky black hair he holds it gently like reigns and she forces her mouth deeper over hard cock.
“Mm, Karna; Mm baby you feel make me feel so good you suck better than anyone!”
“Karna looks up at him and her lips curl into a smile and she peers at him with her hazel eyes and then licks his balls nicely they are shaven much like her pussy.
“Mm. Natalya come and lick my pussy while I suck him and fuck him!” said a naughty Karna who is really turned on right now.

She finishes sucking Dolph as Natalya licks Karna’s pussy again, “Mm; Natalya, that feels good!”
“I am now going to lick you; as I get fucked by the man of my dreams!”
Karna gets into doggy style and licks up and down Natalya’s pussy that is still wet from earlier. Dolph slides his cock deep inside Karna’s pussy as she still soaking wet and needs no lube or warming up process.
“Mm, fuck me baby!” moaned Karna into Natalya’s clitoris.
“Mm Karna you sure you never licked pussy before?” asked Natalya
“No Natalya!” replied Karna
Dolph now begins to pound Karna’s tight cavern, it fills up with liquid very quickly; “Mm, harder, give it to me now!” moaned Karna.
Dolph obliges and starts to pound her harder in doggy style and he spanks her on the ass several times which only makes her even hornier.
Karna now devours Natalya pussy as she dives her tongue deep inside of her and smothers her face and nose into it.
“Mm Karna, fuck yes, make me cum again!” screamed Natalya.
Dolph grabs two handfuls of Karna black silky hair and pulls it gently.
“You are mine bitch, you are my little slut aren’t you!” he says to Karna, who likes it when he talks dirty to her!”
“Yes baby I am, fuck me like the little slut that I am!” screamed Karna.
He fucks her harder and deeper than before with his 10 inch cock completely filling her up. He grinds his balls onto her clitoris, and Makes Karna cum once again.
“Fuck baby, Mm Dolph I am cumming again!” as she has another orgasm but this time she does not squirt.
Natalya then cums inside of Karna’s mouth as she continued to lick and make her pussy vibrates from her moans.
“Oh Karna you lick so good for someone that has never done this before!” after her sentence she screams again,” fuck I am cumming Karna!”
Natalya shakes in Karna’s face as she cums in her mouth.
“Karna yells for Dolph to cum in her mouth and for Natalya to cum swap with her!”
Natalya smiles devilishly. As Dolph pulls his cock out of Karna’s sweet little pussy, she starts sucking him and then Natalya takes her turn.
He eventually strokes himself and Karna pushes him into her mouth “YOU KNOW I DO NOT LIKE CUM ON MY FACE!” yelled Karna before pushing it in her mouth. He cums inside of her mouth and then Karna spits it gently into Natalya’s mouth so she can taste.
Karna licks her lips and the shows Dolph it is all gone, Natalya swallows as well and does the same thing, they all have a gentle hug. They then clean up the mess Natalya thanks Karna for letting her share Dolph with her and Karna thanks Dolph for giving her Natalya for the night.

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