Accidental Encounter


Like most guys, I think, I have long had a curiosity about what it would be like to try sex with another man. Also, like most guys, I consider myself completely heterosexual and would never have the nerve to actually pursue my curiosities.

Often, when I fantasize about sex, it involves another man. Maybe it’s because I can and do have sex with women that I don’t have to wonder what it’s like. Recently, while looking through an adult video and toy catalog, I decided to explore my fantasies in a safe, private way. I decided to buy a realistic dildo. I figured I could experiment a little with it and if it didn’t interest me I always had a toy to use on a partner.

I came home from work surprised to find the package had arrived so quickly. Immediately my anxiety grew in anticipation of what awaited me in this nondescript box. I dug into the packaging to find an amazingly detailed 7″ long cock that was about 5″ in circumference. The cock itself was about 6″ long, but the balls and suction-cup base made it 7″ overall. Looking it over, I was taken by how well-made it was, with veins and a skin-like texture. It even looked a lot like my own!

Almost immediately, I took it into the den, where I started exploring it: first holding it, then squeezing it and stroking it. I got this electrical charge when I thought about what it would be like to put it in my mouth. I stuck the base to the desktop, sat down and grabbed the cock with both my hands and pointed the head toward my waiting mouth.

I closed my eyes and imagined I was about to give a blowjob to a real man as I opened my lips and stuck my tongue out, searching for the head. My tongue reached that sensitive part on the underneath side of the head as my upper lip caressed the tip of this perfect specimen. I surrounded my lips around the head and flicked my tongue around the bottom of the cock, doing just what I knew would feel great to me.

I then open my mouth to take the whole head in and sucked it as I backed my head off the cock until my lips met at the very tip. I repeated this several times and noticed I had gotten quite hard myself. I ventured further down the cock, making sure to open my mouth real wide so my teeth wouldn’t scrape. I then surrounded my lips securely around it and pulled my head back as before.

I was taking in about three inches now and thinking how amazing it must be for anyone to be able to deep throat. I started wiggling my tongue back and forth as I began bobbing up and down, increasing my pace. Each time I went down I pressed myself a little further until I began to feel the head hitting the back of my throat. I was taking in about four or four and a-half inches now with no problem.

I decided that it wouldn’t be a good job if I didn’t go all the way so I pressed on, going gradually deeper with each try. When I got about five inches in my mouth, the head hit the very back of my throat, which caused a slight gag reflex. I tried to relax and decided to continue. Finally, I went for it all and stuffed my mouth all the way to the base! I could feel the point where pinbahis yeni giriş the head pushed pass the end of my mouth and actually entered my throat! I would get a little gag just as it went by, but then it would be o.k.

I started bobbing up and down at a fast pace, imagining I was working my partner up to cum a huge load. With each stroke, he penetrated my throat until finally I imagined he burst his load down my throat and then all over in my mouth. The taste was strange to me, but I was so horny I gulped down as fast as I could.

By now, I was so hard my own cock ached as it strained to be freed from my pants. So, I stripped off my pants and underwear and began stroking myself while looking at the perfect cock. It wasn’t long before I started imagining what it would be like if this cock were to penetrate me. Before I could change my mind, I grabbed a condom and some lube and lubed up the cock. I then stuck a lubed finger in my ass to try to get it ready.

I climbed up on the chair and positioned myself over the cock still stuck to the desktop and lowered my ass until I could feel the head at my opening. I pushed myself down onto the head, gently and felt this massive member parting my virgin hole. Just when I thought I had the whole head in, it kept pushing me open wider until it became too painful, so I backed out. Maybe I needed more lube, I thought.

So, I greased up the cock and my own ass some more, this time leaving an extra amount on the head. I tried again, and rather quickly got back to the same spot. I was getting a mixture of excitement and pleasure and pain, but I decided the pain was bearable and considering how this was a “normal-sized” cock, it must be able to fit.

I pushed down further, met with a shock of pain as I finally got past the huge head. Then I got a burst of pleasure like I never felt before as this cock rubbed my insides. I rested for a moment and when I collected my senses, I lowered myself further, feeling my ass getting filled to the hilt. At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his.

I started moving my ass up and down the shaft as though I was being fucked from behind. I put one hand up to my nipple to tease it while the other went to my own shaft, now as hard as it has ever been. I started stroking it to the rhythm of my ass getting fucked–

“Don’t move!”

I jumped a bit, startled, as I opened my eyes to see a stranger with a knife standing just a few feet in front of me. I was so shocked, frightened and simultaneously embarrassed that I froze, looking at him, wondering what he was going to do. It seemed like minutes, though I’m sure it was only a second or two, before he spoke again.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I…I…”, was all I could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed.

“I saw what you’ve been doing, I was watching you from the window.” I looked over to the window and realized the blinds were completely open.

“I was looking to see if anyone was home because I was going to rip you off. pinbahis giriş But I see you like to suck cock and take it up the ass, too.”

“No, I was just…”

“Shut up, I don’t want to hear it. Instead of ripping you off, I think I’ll just let you suck me off.” With that he started undoing his belt and taking down his pants.

“Take that thing out of your ass and sit down in the chair.” I complied, as I was in no position to argue with him, since he had a knife. He brought his cock up toward my face.

“No suck it. Suck it like you sucked that dildo. Like you enjoy it the way I know you do.” I just sat there frozen for a second or two.

“Do it! I mean it!” I realized I had no choice but to comply, so I opened up my lips. Before I could do anything else, he moved himself forward and pushed his head into my open, waiting mouth. My head spun with electricity and whirled with the thoughts of what I was now doing. I instinctively began to lick the head of his cock, tasting the first bit of salty pre-cum. He moaned and shoved himself further into my mouth, even before I was ready.

He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. This was a lot more hurried than the blowjob I gave to the dildo. As he forced his cock rapdily into my mouth I tried to accommodate his size while darting my tongue around the underneath side of his member.

“Yeah, that’s it, work it. Work your tongue on me. You’re good at this. I think you’ve sucked cock before.”

I tried to say, “no,” but my mouth was full of his cock and it sounded more like, “mmmm.”

“You like sucking cock, don’t you? I’ll bet you like eating cum, too. Suck my dick and make me cum. Make me cum in your mouth.”

With that he began thrusting deeper, pushing himself all the way into my mouth. I fought back the gag reflex with each thrust and pushed my tongue tightly up to the bottom-side of his cock. I wanted to get him off as quickly as I could so he would be done with me.

“Oh, yeah, that feels great. Keep it up. Keep doing that.”

I realized then that I was not repulsed by this at all. Rather, I was so turned on, my own cock was achingly hard. I felt his cock pulse in my mouth once or twice. He started thrusting frantically now.

He let out a groan and said, “I’m going to cum,” but by the time he got to the word “cum” I felt his first shot burst into my mouth, hitting the roof of my mouth, the back of my throat and my tongue.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” he said as he continued thrusting like a madman, shooting blast after blast into my mouth. I tried swallowing, but with his cock still in my mouth it was difficult. Finally, he shuddered and with his last thrust, left his cock in my mouth, holding it there for a while.

“Ok, now suck out all the rest of my cum in my cock and swallow it.” I tightened my lips around his now smaller cock and pulled my head back, squeezing out the last of his cum with my lips into my waiting mouth.

When I pulled my mouth off completely, he said, “Open you mouth and let me see my load.”

I complied, pinbahis güvenilirmi to which he responded, “Oh, yeah, nice job. Now swallow it. Swallow it all.” Once again, I did as he said. It was strange tasting and a strange, sticky texture that was hard to completely swallow, as there was residue in my mouth, reminding me of what I had just done.

“Look at your cock,” he said. “I think you enjoyed that. I’ll bet you want to get fucked, too.” I wondered what he was planning, as his cock didn’t look like it was in any condition to fuck, but soon he started stroking it back to life. It responded rather slowly at first, and I found myself watching it as he nursed it back to life. After a little while it was semi-erect.

Before I could think of what would happen next, he said, “Bend over the desk, I’m going to take you from behind. This time, I didn’t even hesitate as I leaned over the desk, pointing my ass back at him. He grabbed my ass with both hands and parted my cheeks slightly as he pushed the head of his cock to my hole. I was still well lubed from when I was playing with the dildo, and thankfully I was stretched some and his cock wasn’t totally erect. As he pushed the head of his cock into my ass, I felt only pleasure, no pain.

“Oh, yeah, virgin ass!” he moaned as he pushed his cock in deeper, pushing me forward as he did so. This caused my own cock to rub on the desktop, which was like I was getting jerked off.

He grabbed my hips on either side with his hands and shoved himself forward and all the way into me, sending a bolt of pleasure right up my insides. I moaned out load in obvious pleasure, as I was unable to hold it in.

“I knew you wanted me to fuck you,” he said as he started thrusting himself into me with a rhythm. I could feel his cock quickly returning to it’s full hardness as it soon filled me up as much as the dildo had done earlier.

I was resting my upper body on my forearms as he fucked my from behind. He took his hands off my hips while still thrusting me and I soon felt his fingers teasing my nipples, flicking and rubbing them. This was sending waves of pleasure that felt like they were connected right to the inside of my cock.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” was all I could moan out as he teased my nipples and thrust his cock deep into my ass, pushing my own cock back and forth on the desktop. I soon found myself beyond the point of no return and began to cum, shooting onto my stomach and the desk.

As I cried out with pleasure, each spasm of my cumming caused me to clench my ass around his cock, when he let out, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!” as I felt the first blast of warmth shoot into my ass. He fucked me quickly and forcefully as he shot out what must have been the very last drop he had inside until he collapsed on me, his cock still resting inside my ass.

After a minute, he got up and pulled his cock out and said, “That was great.”

When I got up, he saw the cum I had left on the desk and ordered me to lick it up before it stained the desk. I bent down and began to lap up my own cum until I had cleaned off all that I could. By this time, he had put his pants back on and started to leave saying, “You seemed to enjoy that a lot. Maybe I’ll come back again some time.”

With that he left the room, and within a minute I could hear him leave the house.

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