After the party my brother’s 19 year-old girl


After the party my brother’s 19 year-old girlMy younger brother’s 19 year-old girlfriend and her friends have always been really up for a good time. They were the girls at school who all the guys wanted to sleep with. They all dressed in the latest fashions and looked hot. They regularly stay out partying till all hours of the morning and arrived at our place a loud, drunken mob to sleep it off in our large living room.Tonight they arrived at our house again and, following some sort of drunken reasoning, decided to continue the party in our living room, complete with music, yelling, and jumping around.The racket woke me up, and I allowed it to continue for the time it took me to reach the living room from my bedroom. Then I told them to be quiet and turn off the music system. I stormed back to bed assuming that my message had been understood and not bothering to wait for any replies. I left them murmuring complaints about my lack of cool.About thirty minutes later I was awoken by the creak of my bedroom door. My brother’s Escort girlfriend was sneaking into my room. I assumed it was to ask me to be reasonable and to let them party so I switched on my lamp to startle the intruder.Standing at the side of my bed was a slim 19 year-old blond, with blue eyes, a gorgeous face and a tight body. She was dressed in her night-club gear, a tight top housing two large firm breasts and a revealing skirt.She was shocked by the light but gathered herself quickly and told me that she’d come to apologize for their party and waking me up. I told her it was OK but that she needed to leave so that I could get some sleep. She refused, instead crawling onto my bed and insisting that she make it up to me. She said that my brother and the other girls were so drunk they had all fallen asleep. With that she slipped off her top to reveal her breasts. As I gazed at her chest, she slipped into my bed and rolled her body against mine. She planted her tequila-coated tongue in my mouth and Escort Bayan snaked her hand under the bed covers. She worked her mouth down my bare chest, pulled back the covers and roughly tugged at my shorts. I was still a bit shocked, but managed to help by lifting my hips. She slid my shorts down.As soon as my cock burst from my shorts, she swooped on to it and began sucking it rigid. She was on her knees on the edge of the bed, her ass bobbing high in the air. Her skirt now riding up her thighs and exposing her white panties taut against her pussy. I felt a momentary pang of guilt, taking advantage of a drunken teenage girl, but that seemed to vanish through the end of my dick with a particularly ferocious suck. I massaged her pussy, first through her panties and then, after gently easing them to one side, I ran my fingers through her sopping folds while I relaxed and enjoyed the blowjob I was receiving.She released my cock from her mouth, spun around and straddled me with such speed it seemed Bayan Escort she was practicing for an Olympic event. She gripped my cock between her fingertips and lowered herself onto me in one warm, fluid dip. Immediately she began rocking up and down, her eyes half closed and rolled back in her head. Slowly at first, in almost imperceivable shifts of her hips, but she built up speed until she was violently thrashing up and down the full length of my cock. It felt wonderful.I have no idea if she climaxed, or how many times, but she kept up her frantic pace for a long time. I normally find it impossible to hold back my orgasm in this position, and with having a great pair of tits bouncing in my face but eventually the speed of her movement and the sight of this nubile, tender body bouncing in all the right places forced me over the edge. I closed my eyes and felt the white heat of my orgasm spear through my mind. My cock pulsed again and again.She kept bouncing until my cock began to soften inside her and then eased herself off. She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked our juices from my rapidly shrinking tool.She stood, slid her panties back into place and replaced her top. After apologizing for the noise once more, crept back into the living room.

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