Subject: Air bnb Surprise Nifty needs your donations. If you enjoy the stories on this site, please donate! fty/ Thank you for the positive feedback on my stories. It is very much appreciated. I write quickly, from memory or not, you decide. Usual disclaimers. Adult/youth (m/t) Recently I had to visit Glasgow for a few days business. I don’t much like hotels and decided to book through air bnb, and found myself a lovely city centre apartment. I was there for 4 days, so naturally wanted to try and set up a bed guest for some casual fun. I am more of a dominant top than anything, so I changed my title message on that well known gay ‘dating’ app, looking for a willing young sub to help me enjoy my stay! The first morning was free and I started to chat to a few guys online. The usual mixture of jokers and timewasters, those looking for money, and a smattering of seemingly genuine characters filled an hour or so. I went out for a coffee and to have a look at the area. It was city centre, busy, a good selection of cafes, shops, restaurants and two universities in the city, which always means a supply of eager bottoms. Back in the apartment I flipped open the app and a few ‘hi’ messages were there. I responded to a couple and one pinged back quickly and we started to chat. Mostly a blank profile, of course. Anyway, he messaged that he was an 18 year old student, not experienced much, really wants to try being dominated. Yes, all sounded like the usual clichéd, fake profile, but I was in the mood to meander through a conversation, on the off chance. He’d only been with one guy, 27, but was into daddy /son porn and wanted to explore that. After chatting a bit, he sent a face pic. A very cute red head! Young, strong, square and handsome face, smooth and a little freckly. I was certainly hoping he was for real. After discussing ideas about why and what he wanted to explore, we exchanged more revealing photos. My interest surged with every photo. Slim, trim and certainly on the athletic side, not an ounce of fat about him. His cock was about 6 inches, uncut, fair-ish pubic hair at the base and very sparse fuzz on his balls. A beautiful photo of his legs spread, revealing his tight boyhole, surrounded by a circle of soft looking hair. Another photo of him, firm muscle-ass in the mirror; the sort of ass you could bounce bricks off of. I was slowly stroking, looking at these photos, hoping against hope that he was for real. Then, he had to go. Urg. “Can we chat tonight? I have classes to go to now. I’ll be free after 6.” “Sure, look forward to it.” I responded, thinking, at least I’ve got a few decent photos to look at. As often happens on these apps, the conversation was quickly both raunchy and very friendly. It was almost time for my first meeting and decided not to bust a nutt, but to wait for tonight and see what transpired. A couple of other young guys were possible too, so I was hopeful that some young ass would be taking me in that night. Evening arrived, no message. Bugger, a time-waster. I made dinner and afterwards sat down to hook a willing ass. Couple of minutes chatting and surfing, up pops my red head. “Hey, have a good day?” “It was OK, just meetings. What about you?” “Yeah, it was OK. Went to see a film with friends.” “Ah. I thought you’d forgotten about me. Lol” “No daddy, how could I forget? Haha.” My cock twitched at that. I suggested we chat on another app, and he agreed. OK, so I either have the real thing here, or someone very willing to play a part. I still didn’t really know. Other guys on the other app wanted a meet, but there was something about this one that pulled me in, at least for another day. Our chat returned to what he wanted to do, and what he’d done. Full on sex talk for about 30 minutes. He hadn’t been fucked by the guy he’d met, it was a quick blow job my red head had given the guy, in quick meets, a couple of times. He had played with his own ass, fingering and fucking himself with a candle quite regularly. “Mmm. I’d love to see that!” What a photo! Close up of his tight hole stretching round a white candle. Sticky, glistening boy-cunt, looking real enough to touch. I took the opportunity now to see if he was a willing boy for daddy. “Send me some photos of you now. Daddy wants to see his boy obey.” “Yes daddy. You really like young boys?” “Yes. And you’re the best.” Cliché chat! There’s something about the willingness of role play on apps that doesn’t always play out in real life. However, I was more than happy to have this virtual boy do as I asked, for now. Every requested pose was provided. Stripping off of jeans etc, kneeling on his bed, boxers on, boxers half – way down, on his back, mirror shot, all provided to his daddy. Candle sucked, candle in ass, and with that, I knew he says a real boy! “So, boy, when can we meet?” “I’ll be free tomorrow afternoon after 1:30.” …………………….. The following day I was so horny for this eager young ass. My morning meeting was full of distracting thoughts, and a few adjustments to my attention seeking dick. Back at the apartment, just after 1:45, a message came through. “Hey. hatay escort How are you?” “Really good. Busy morning, but really happy to be meeting you at last.” “Yeah. I want to, but I’m really nervous lols.” (Was this the usual brush – off?) “Honestly, it’s ok. I understand. We don’t have to do anything, just chat. No pressure.” After some more reassurance, we agreed to go ahead and I gave him the address. Quicker than I’d anticipated, the buzzer went and I let him into the building. A knock on the door and I looked through the security peep-hole to see his handsome face. I opened the door and my chin hit the floor. He stood there, green blazer, grey trousers, big school bag over his shoulder. He was one of the kids from the school a street away. That’s why he’d said classes and not lectures, it hadn’t registered he was possibly a school student, not university. Maybe that’s why he’d asked if I really like young boys. A few things began to make sense from our chat. I didn’t fluster but asked him in and sat down to chat. He suddenly looked younger. My mind had obviously been registering a uni student, but now a school pupil sat next to me, I saw the younger boy. “So, how old are you?” “I’m 16. Sorry. Is it ok? Do you want me to go?” He looked nervous. “No, it’s cool. I’m just really surprised. I thought you were from the university.” “I wasn’t really going to meet anyone, but I liked chatting with you and thought I would.” “Well, lucky me then.” We sat and chatted for a while until we were both relaxed and happy to go on. He was certainly a kinky young boy. What we had chatted about was what he wanted for sure. He had liked sucking the guy and hadn’t wanted a return favour. But, he really wanted an older man, to be in charge of him. His kink was quite wide, which really surprised me. I suppose that’s the joys of the Internet, seeing things that turn you on and you’d like to try. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well he communicated his desires. Relaxed, keen, horny, he was pretty bloody stunning. What to do? My mind was racing, having such a gorgeous creature at my command. “Want to play boy?” grinning. “Yes daddy.” big grin too. “Come here. Kiss me.” He shuffled along the sofa and leaned into me. His kiss was soft, not hurried. Lips parted and a slow, lingering kiss began. Tongues touched and slid over, lips pushed with more urgency. Little sighs escaped his mouth. He tasted sweet and minty. The kiss lasted for some minutes, a glorious prelude of what was to come. “That’s not from the Internet.” “I had a couple of girlfriends before.” “Time daddy saw his boy properly. Go close the blinds and come back and stand here (pointing to the middle of the room).” He closed the blinds and I turned on a couple of side lights, making the atmosphere more comfortable, more subdued, and hopefully relaxed enough for this boy to follow his daddy’s orders totally. He stood in the centre, infront of me on the sofa. “Let’s see you undress. Do it slowly and keep your underwear on till I tell you.” He pulled off his blazer and set it down on the chair near him. His white shirt was neat on his body, his tie still fully done up. His trousers hung close to his legs, the bulge in the front of his crotch told daddy he was excited. ” Turn slowly, let daddy look at you.” He turned, sideways first, his boy bulge more prominent, and the delicious curve of his ass. From behind, his shoulders were quite broad, his torso narrowing to the hips. The white shirt accentuated his athletic physique. His dark grey trousers stretched over his ass. It looked full, the material staining to hold in that perfect looking fuck machine. “Shoes and socks off. Then unbuckle your belt and open your trousers. Stay facing away from me.” He knelt down and did as he had been instructed. Standing, I watched his body and arms move as he opened his trousers. “Slip your trousers down, just below your ass, then lift your shirt at the back.” The sense of control was very strong. He did exactly as he was told. The trousers were pulled down and his shirt covered his ass. He lifted the shirt, as instructed. I don’t know why, but I was surprised to see pants, not boxers. Skin tight, curving under each buttock, the cleft of his ass visible through the straining cloth. “Bend forward and sretch your legs.” Fuck. That could’ve been enough to cum over there and then. “Trousers off and get back in that position.” This time his ballsac was visible through his legs. The material had worked its way into his ass cleft and one side of his pants revealed a bit more of his left ass cheek. The tops of his legs were smooth, only light hair on his calves, and I imagined shins too. “Shirt and tie off. Stay facing away from me.” He straightened, undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He threw them on the chair. His back was defined. Muscles clenched and twisted as he moved. What an astonishing boy I had in front of me. Light freckles on his shoulders, athletic muscles already formed, narrow hips and a stunning ass. “Turn.” I smiled broadly at him, and he at me. The pants hugged his balls neatly and his hard hurma escort cock lay to the left, twitching and straining, a little damp patch on his pants at the cock head. “You look amazing boy.” “Thank you daddy.” “I see you are enjoying yourself.” pointing at his crotch. “I am daddy.” “Come here and kneel between my legs.” I placed a finger under his chin and lifted his face. “Is this the kind of thing you wanted boy.” “Yes daddy.” “Good boy. Now daddy needs more from you. Open my jeans and take out my cock. You know what daddy wants.” His handsome face looked at my crotch and his hands set to work. Unbuckling my belt, opening the zip, finding his daddy’s raging cock. I had no underwear on, and his hand grasped my cock and pulled it free of the jeans. ” You know what to do with your pretty mouth, boy.” He shuffled closer. His face dropped into my crotch and I watched as his tongue began circling my exposed cock head. A string of precum hung from my piss-slit to the tip of his tongue when he pulled back a little. He went back and slid his mouth down over my entire cock. He held himself there, nose pressed into my crotch, mouth almost obscenely stretched to its limit. He spluttered, gagged a little. He pulled up and plunged straight down after a breath. He deep throated my cock into his mouth a number of times. His soft throat clung to my cock, my cock nudging deep in the back. He pulled his mouth to the top and slurped on the head, cleaning the strings of saliva and pre-cum. “Time for daddy to take control of his cock. Go through to the bedroom, and lie on the bed, on your back.” I watched as he walked, his body was truly magnificent. Even through the strained cloth of his pants, I could see his ass was perfection, with dimples forming on the side of each cheek as he walked, the muscles tensing and relaxing. He lay on the bed, I took him under the arms and swung him round so his head was at the edge, and I stood over him. I pulled him back a little further and his head dropped slightly over the edge. My favourite position for a dominant throat fuck. I nestled my balls on his face. “Lick.” His tongue lapped like a little dog. His chest, abdomen, pant hugged crotch and strong boy legs were a feast to look at as he licked at my sac. I pushed forward, his tongue followed. I reached back and lifted his head into my ass. His tongue found his daddy’s hole. “Lick.” Again, the eager little pup lapped away at me, tongue circling my man cunt, digging deep, frantically pushing and straining. I felt in total control of this boy. It was all as we had discussed. I revelled in the raw desire of this sub-boy. I let his head go, dropping a little over the edge of the bed again. I took a step back, lowering myself slightly, lining my cock up with his mouth. “Ready boy?” “Yes daddy.” I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed my cock in, slowly and to the root. I held it only for a couple of seconds then withdrew. “Remember and tap my legs if it’s too much, or you need a breather.” “OK.” I began to slowly fuck his face, going deeper each thrust. His reflex was minimal, thanks to practice on bananas! Horny little fucker! I looked down at his throat, watching it expand as I drove in deeper. His adam’s apple shifting to accomodate a thick man cock. “OK. Ready boy?” He nodded as best he could. I withdrew to my cockhead, his lips sealed around, and pushed in. My balls squashed against his nose and eyes, leaning my weight into him. My cockhead was pushing against the inside of his throat. I held for five, then withdrew. One hand on his shoulder, I placed the other on his throat and drove my thick, straining cock into him again. I felt his throat expand under my hand. I thrust as deeply as I could, my weight bearing down on his face, using every millimeter of his throat. I held for five again. I repeated this several times, dominating this boys mouth. A couple of times his legs twitched and twisted slightly, but he never signaled to stop. “Open wide. ” I grabbed my cock. This was going to be very quick, and a very big load. Basically, I’d been edging for a day and a half. The surge from the bottom of my balls began. I aimed at his open mouth and watched a thick load rush from my cock onto his upturned face. Another thick spurt straight into his mouth, which I drove down into his throat. I pulsed the last drops of cum directly into his throat. Even if he didn’t want to, he had no option but to swallow. I glanced down and realised the dark patch on his pants was bigger, and glistened with his pre-cum. We had started by agreeing his cock was out of bounds till I said otherwise. My legs were shaking. He sat up, wiping his mouth. I bent down and kissed his abused mouth. His eyes were a little red and watery, globs of daddy cum his face. I scraped the cum into his mouth, and he sucked my finger dry. “Hell. That was incredible boy.” “I loved it.” Some boys are just naturally highly sexed. I remember I was, but didn’t have the Internet to help explore my ridiculously high sex drive. Was I glad things had changed, looking down at this eager 16 year ığdır escort old sub. “Time to shower. Leave the door open, let me watch you.” He dropped his pants, a long string of pre-cum broke as they hit the floor. The en-suite shower room was close to the bottom of the bed. With the door open, I could see everything. He was stunning. The water was soon running and bouncing off of his body. His erection looked fit to burst, stood out from a neat bush of light red /blond hair. His almost smooth balls tight and ready to unload. He soaped himself, turning, offering me a look over his entire body. His chest, smooth and already well defined pecs and abdomen. Thigh and calf muscles, sinewy, sculpted knots of muscle as he moved in the hairless thighs and lightly haired calves. I was so enamoured by his back and ass. I could have simply jacked off watching him there in the shower. That ass would soon be mine. “Clean your boyhole well. Make sure to get some water and soap in there. Let me see.” He placed his forehead against the wall, spread his legs and stuck his ass out. He took the soap and rubbed over his boypussy. I watched a slim finger push into his boyhole, then two. The water ran over his body, down his back, between and over the globes of his ass. This boy was a high quality porn star! He massaged and fingered his boypussy, cleaning and opening himself. A few minutes of torture, watching this adonis with my second raging hard on, I told him that it was enough showering and for him to dry himself and come to the bed. “You need a reward for being such a good boy for daddy. Kneel on the edge of the bed, raise your ass.” He probably thought I was going to fuck him, but I got on the floor behind him. The strong ass muscles framed his hole. His back was angled down, his face in the bed covers. His feet splayed, twitching slightly in anticipation. I leaned forward and smelled his boy-cunt. It was clean, soapy, delicious. The fair circle of light hair was still damp and clung to his cunt lips. There was a slight puffiness and darkening around his entrance, because of his fingering. His beautiful ballsac was tight but visible between his open legs. I stroked his sac, he shivered. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed until I had exerted quite a fair pressure on his boyballs. He shivered and gasped “Uh, daddy”. I leant in and let the tip of my tongue touch the centre of his hole. He tasted delicious. I circled my tongue round and round his cunt-lips, squeazing and massaging his balls. He was moaning softly. I went to work giving him his first rimming. Long, lingering licks, strong forced entry into him, sucking his lips out a little and gently chewing on them. I spent what seemed like a very long time tongue deep in his boypussy. “Is this good boy?” “It’s incredible.” Now, it was time to break his ass in with daddy cock. I was so unsure what position I wanted him in. On all fours, on his back, kneeling on the floor over the bed? Then I thought I wanted to see him ride my fat cock. I lay on the bed next to him and told him to straddle my body, facing away from me. He placed his knees either side, giving me such amazing views of his boycunt as he stretched himself over me. His ass now sat just below my balls. I lubed my cock. “OK boy. Feel behind and hold my cock, then sit down on it, take it into your pussy.” He raised himself and maneuvered till he felt my cock against his entrance. He began sitting down onto my cock. I watched as it slid inside him, his boypussy lips giving way to his daddy’s thick cock. I was all in quickly. He leaned forward and put his hands on my thighs and began to ride my cock, without any directions. I watched as this stunning boy pleasured himself on my cock. His shoulders were slightly rounded as he leant on my legs, his freckles still visible. The tensing of his asscheeks was beautiful as he slid himself up and down. I could see his stretched fuckhole when he pulled up, then watch my cock being eaten as he slid down again. I was nearing my second load. I held his hips tight and began fucking up into him as he rode my dick. I was beside myself with lust. “Take my load boy. Your pussy is mine. I’m marking your cunt, I own your cunt.” I thrust 4 or 5 cum shots into him, he was riding my cock like crazy. I gasped, groaned and moaned aloud. “Fuck boy. That was incredible.” “Yes daddy.” With some difficulty, I got him to swivel round, still with my cock in him. His cock was drooling pre-cum. I grabbed it and within 30 seconds of stroking him, he shot an unbelievable load! My chest and face were splattered, and my open mouth got a nice morcel of his boycum. The tensing of his pussy muscles felt like they could bruise my dick! He likewise moaned and groaned, even shouted as he let go his boyload. Knackered, hugging him on the bed, I was in some disbelief at what a surprise I’d found. We chatted about what we had done. He said how amazing it was, how good he felt, how glad he’d come to see me. All too soon, it was time for him to go. Showered and dressed, I kissed this incredible schoolboy at the door to the apartment. I watched the green blazered, dark trousered sex god walk to the lift. He turned in the lift and smiled and waved, his white shirt and tie neat and tidy again. There was absolutely no doubt that I was going to try and get this surprise of a boy back again before I left the city.

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