Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 06


This is a fantasy series about my adventures when I retired to a quiet Suffolk seaside village in the UK.

It seemed that the womenfolk had a massive sexual appetite.


The date of the village summer fair was fast approaching.

I’d done well in getting donations from the village, and even some from people and businesses in nearby Southwold.

Most of them were stored in the church vestry, which was a bit of a ‘danger area’ from the point of view of being alone with Vanessa Cradock, the vicar’s wife. I knew that when we came to sticking numbers on the prizes there might be temptations, at least on Vanessa’s part, she did seem to have an ‘appetite.’

I shouldn’t have worried because on the day we’d allocated, there were two other volunteers present.

Cynthia and Oliver were a couple in their sixties, just a year or two older than me, but very colourful characters.

Oliver was a retired executive in the film industry, and Cynthia was a retired thespian, who had been in repertory theatre, and had bit parts in one or two films. They lived in a large thatched house just up from the church.

I’d only met them for the first time that morning, but they were the sort of couple that you just got along with. Cynthia was particularly delightful. That’s possibly the wrong word, I should say, delicious. Even though she was a mature woman, she hadn’t lost her figure. Tall, blonde, slightly greying hair, a trim waist, and underneath the summer dress, a very attractive butt.

Oliver was of similar stature to myself. He had a winning smile, and a great sense of humour, and he obviously knew about Vanessa’s proclivities. I suspected he might even have had experience of her himself.

The morning went well, we managed to get all of the numbers onto the prizes by lunchtime. Vanessa was extremely chuffed, and when Oliver invited all of us back to his house for lunch, we all readily accepted, and made our way up the lane.

The house was incredible. Thatched, timbered outside, with a traditional cottage garden, full of roses and shrubs that were an absolute picture. The inside was a surprise. Although with oak beams and leaded light windows, the furniture and furnishings were quite contemporary.

We were ushered into a large lounge, full of sofas and loungers, which opened out onto a York stone patio. Surrounded by climbing roses, there was a large pergola over, and above a hot tub, and a dining area with long settees and plump cushions.

Vanessa had been there before, but I hadn’t, and I was truly impressed.

“I love your house, it’s fantastic,” I said, and I meant it.

Cynthia smiled. “Thank you Mike, we love it too. We’ve worked hard for it, and I’m glad you like it.”

“There’s been some wild parties here you know,” added Oliver.

Cynthia looked pained.

“Not ours I hasten to add,” she said quickly. “The previous owners were, (and she named a famous politician involved in a sex scandal) known for colourful parties. But we can let our hair down occasionally, can’t we Olly?”

I noticed Oliver blushed, and looked sideways at Vanessa. Had I stumbled upon a hidden secret, I decided that it might be a possibility.

After a light lunch, and just a glass of wine, both Vanessa and myself left, but not before Oliver had invited both of us, including the vicar, to a small party the following Saturday evening.

As we walked back along the lane, Vanessa said, “Actually Gerald is going to be away for the weekend on a retreat. Do you think we could go together?”

I thought quickly, would going to a party with the vicar’s wife be a mistake? In a flash, I decided life is too short, and I’d go for it.

“I’d love to go with you Vanessa, are you sure Gerald won’t mind?”

“He won’t have a choice, I decide what I’m doing in our house.”

Vanessa’s severe face appeared then, and I got an inkling of the hierarchy at the vicarage!

“Great, I’ll walk up to the vicarage about 7.45pm. Have you been to one of these before? What do we wear?”

We had reached the vicarage gate. Vanessa smiled, and with a nervous cough, Escort replied, “Men wear just casual, the ladies tend to dress up a bit.”

She raised her eyebrows, and added, “I think it may be an exciting evening.”

And she opened the gate and was gone. My mind was racing, and I suddenly knew that Saturday evening could be another adventure.

I arrived at the vicarage at just before 7.45pm. When Vanessa opened the door I had to do a double take.

She was wearing a red, tight fitting dress, cut low, and her hair and make up were perfection. She must have seen my mouth drop open, because her first words were, “Have you not seen a woman dressed up before?”

“There’s dressed up, and there’s dressed up,” I managed to reply.

“Help me on with my coat please Mike.”

Vanessa was holding a light cotton coat, and turning, she seemed to wiggle her ass at me, before slipping her arms into the sleeves.

As we walked up the lane towards Oliver and Cynthia’s, Vanessa finally revealed why she had said that it might be an exciting evening.

“I have to tell you Mike,” she confided, “I’ve been to two of Oliver’s parties before, and I’m hoping you realise they’re naughty ones.”

“You mean ‘swinging’ parties?” I simulated a shocked expression, but then giggled.

“It’s ok Vanessa, I’m not easily shocked, and whatever you want to do tonight, do it!”

As it turned out there were four couples at the party including Vanessa and myself.

Oliver and Cynthia, of course, Steven and Pauline, Craig and Caitlin.

Steven and Pauline were of our vintage. Steven, a retired bank manager, and Pauline, a musician, married to each other, and living in Ipswich. Steven was tall and thin, Pauline was wonderfully black, of Jamaican origin, and was quite short, but voluptuously built.

Craig was no more than thirty, well honed, with a slight Aussie accent. Caitlin was much younger, early twenties, short blonde hair, a perfect figure and tall. Both were friends of friends in the film industry, from Oliver’s previous career.

“Come in, come and meet everyone,” Oliver did the introductions, and gave us both a glass of bubbly.

It was an intimate gathering, but there was a sexual tension in the air, as all of us contemplated who might be coupled with who.

As we drank more wine, and snacked on the buffet, it soon became clear how the evening would work out.

Cynthia was paying a lot of attention to both Caitlin and Craig, which left myself and Vanessa engaging with Steven and Pauline.

It was clear that Steven had an attraction to Vanessa, and in a way, her domineering personality matched Steven’s slightly reticent way of agreeing with everything she said.

Pauline on the other hand was ‘sex on legs.” I just wanted to kiss those full lips, or feel them around my cock. When you’re holding a relatively polite conversation with someone, and at the same time imagining having sex with them, it can be quite difficult. But we’ve all done it at some time, I’m sure.

The evening was fuelled by more wine, and there was quiet music playing in the background. As the sun started to go down outside, the room became lit by just a couple of table lamps. I was guessing that the hosts would break the ice, and I was right, but not totally in the way I expected.

Everyone was sitting around the room on the ample cushions and sofas. Vanessa and I were on one side of the room with Steven and Pauline, while Cynthia was sitting next to Caitlin, and Craig and Oliver were standing, over on the other side.

As I was talking to Pauline, I saw her looking over at the others, and I turned my head to see Cynthia and Caitlin kissing.

We were both fascinated by this, and when Vanessa and Steven had both seen what we were looking at, Vanessa said quietly, “I think this is where the party begins.”

I looked at Pauline, and those lips.

Smiling, she said, “Go on then, kiss me, you’ve been wanting to all evening.”

I leaned forward, and those plump, lipstick coated lips made contact with mine. With both our lips parted, Pauline’s tongue flicked out Escort Bayan to touch mine. It felt so erotic, and I wanted it to go on, but Pauline pulled away, and whispered to Steven, “I think Vanessa may be wanting to play now.”

Vanessa beckoned to him, expecting him to know his place, and he obediently came and sat down beside her on our extended sofa. I had just enough time to see her start to unzip his trousers, before Pauline had pulled my face back towards her, and was kissing me again.

As our tongues sparred with each other, Pauline took my hand and placed it on the mound of her left breast. The hardness of her nipple pressed through her cotton dress, growing harder, and bigger, as I stroked it.

I could feel my desire rising in my trousers, and elsewhere in the room there was a gasp, as someone else’s journey of pleasure began.

The urgency of our kisses increased, and I felt Pauline’s fingers seeking out my belt and zip.

Just above the background music in the room there was the unmistakeable sound of clothing being removed, and people moving their limbs so that lingerie and underwear could be discarded.

I saw that the gasp had come from Cynthia who was now riding Craig’s cock, alongside the incredible naked body of Caitlin, who had Oliver’s head between her thighs, feeding him her pussy.

Stripping out of my shirt, trousers, and boxers, I was able to watch Pauline undress. When she unclasped her bra, and her enormous breasts were allowed to hang free, I just wanted to bury my face in them. And then looking down there were no panties to remove, just shapely, dark skinned thighs, with black, lace topped, hold ups on.

I only had eyes for Pauline. Her dusky skin glowed in the half light, her dark nipples and areolae accentuated her sexuality, and with her thighs slightly parted there was the briefest glint of pussy juice seeping from between her plump, pink labia.

“Fuck me, Steven, go on, fuck me hard.”

Vanessa’s voice was imploring Pauline’s husband to give her everything. Pauline’s voice, however, was more measured.

“Let me feel you inside me, Mike, but take it slowly, I’m feeling so horny.”

Edging my body above her, my stiff cock pushed open her pussy lips, wetting the head, and as her pussy opened, sliding inch by inch inside her.

“Oh my good god, that’s so good, Mike, just stay there, don’t move.”

Pauline’s thighs wrapped themselves around my buttocks, and as they gripped me tightly, they slipped up almost around my waist. Finally I was feeling those huge breasts, pressed against my chest. Pauline’s breath exhaling into my neck, I softly kissed her ear, sucking the part of her lobe that was holding her ear ring.

Still buried, unmoving inside her, I lifted myself up onto my elbows, lowering my mouth to take in her nipple. I’d found the trigger.

“Oh YES.” Pauline’s cry was the loudest in the room at that point. There was much noise of everyone having sex. All four men were pleasuring their women, all four women were being fucked by men who were fucking them for the first time.

As I sucked Pauline’s nipple it was as though it was wired directly to her pussy.

She loosened her thighs gripping me, and I flexed my hips, withdrawing my cock an inch or two, and then sinking deep inside her once more. Her pussy was swimming in juices. It was oozing, it was so wet, it was a new sensation to me.

We seemed to relax into one another. We were enveloped by soft cushions, and it became so easy to create a mutual rhythm. As one of us pushed, the other pulled back, Pauline’s fingers clasping my shoulders, her breathing becoming shorter, but both of us building our pleasure slowly.

Even when we both heard Cynthia cumming, our bodies remained in tune. As Cynthia’s cry of satisfaction was joined by Vanessa’s, and she was giving out a muffled scream, Steven was beginning to cum himself.

Pauline was starting to pant, and I was thrusting more quickly. Her eyes were opening and closing, and she was licking her lips.

Just then, Caitlin, who was being fucked by Oliver was shouting, “Oh fuck, Bayan Escort I’m cumming.”

It triggered Pauline’s orgasm. With Caitlin shouting from across the room, I had to press downwards as her bucking hips threatened to throw me off.

As Pauline calmed down I still hadn’t cum, but it wasn’t always a necessary result, when giving pleasure to another. Rolling to one side, my cock slipped from Pauline’s soaking pussy, and we lay there with all the other couples having come to a post orgasmic conclusion.

Oliver broke the relative silence with the offer of a night cap before we all left for home. Both Steven and Pauline had enjoyed themselves, and Vanessa had a satisfied glow.

When we finally left it was after midnight, and the two of us walked back to the vicarage under the stars. No one was about, so Vanessa clutched onto my arm and was in a light hearted mood.

As we walked I said, “What would Gerald say if he knew you’d been out to a swinging party?”

Squeezing my arm more tightly Vanessa replied, “Gerald does as he’s told. We have a slightly unusual relationship where he allows me certain freedoms, even though he’s a man of the cloth.”

I was fascinated by the admission, but was soon to get a clue as to how the relationship worked.

We’d reached the gate to the vicarage, and stepping just behind the hedge, Vanessa pulled me to her, and kissed me.

“Thank you for escorting me tonight Mike, I appreciate it. I know you weren’t sure how it would go, but I saw how you satisfied Pauline, it was quite exciting watching you two.”

“I enjoyed tonight, it was fun.”

“Would you like to come in for a second nightcap?” Vanessa had a soft, almost loving look in the moonlight.

I knew where this was all going, and maybe because I’d not completed my own pleasure earlier, I readily accepted the invitation.

Once inside, Vanessa poured us both a brandy, and in between getting the drinks and sitting down, she had checked her phone.

“Excuse me, it’s a text from Gerald. He knew about tonight and he likes to be told what happened.”

Looking at me, she pulled a face, “He get’s a kick out of the details, it sounds a bit kinky, but we are both relaxed about it.”

I took a swig of the cognac while Vanessa texted back. Even though it was nearly 1am there was a reply. She smiled, and giggled slightly as she returned the text, and then took the phone, and propped it up on the coffee table.

“What have you done that for?” I asked.

Taking my glass, she stood up, and peeled off her dress. In a moment she removed her lingerie, and was naked.

“I’m recording a little action drama for Gerald to enjoy.”

Vanessa was on her knees unzipping my trousers, and in seconds she pulled them around my ankles and was sucking my cock.

“Bloody hell Vanessa, oh my god, you’re so bad.”

I was hard, and erect very quickly, pre cum was combined with Vanessa’s saliva, and along with her pussy juices, she was ready for me, and she jumped across my thighs, impaling herself on me.

Both of us were grunting in a lustful frenzy. Vanessa was humping up and down, her breasts bouncing, and unlike earlier in the evening I came quickly.

“God, Vanessa, fuck, I’m can’t hold on.”

Vanessa ground down on me, stimulating her clit.

“I’m cumming too, Mike…, god yes.”

I was feeling myself spurting inside Vanessa’s cunt, as she was starting to shudder in climax. All this was going to be watched by Gerald within the next hour, in his room on retreat.

When we separated, and fell back on the sofa, Vanessa reached for the phone, and instead of switching it off, as I expected her to, she held it between her knees, and parted her thighs. I could see my spunk oozing from her pussy, and Gerald would watch that too.

“Look at this my darling,” she whispered into the phone. “If you were here, I’d make you lick me clean.”

As I was pulling my boxers and trousers back up, Vanessa was texting, and attaching the video to Gerald.

She pressed ‘Send’ and raised her eyebrows, leaning over to kiss me.

“Oh Mike, I really hope you aren’t angry, Gerald and I will get so much from this. I hope you won’t be embarrassed when you see him.

And so the evening came to an end.

Eventful, exciting, erotic, and perhaps the precursor to more adventures.

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