Amorous High Desert Adventure


The radiance the sun is breaking the crest of the far mountain range as you pull the jeep to a stop and set the brake. We are on a day trip in western Nevada’s’ high desert mountains. The majesty of the deserts ever-changing colors race across the desert floor below, drawn back to the sun as it rises on the horizon.

I am drawn from the morning’s majesty to you turning in your seat beside me. Smiling you strip your sweatshirt over your fiery red hair letting your pendulous bosom hang naked and free.

Draping the garment over the steering wheel you take your crimson mane in hands pulling it behind your head. Sliding a hair tie from your wrist, I watch your boobs jiggle as you make several turns, securing a shoulder length pony tail.

Hands fall to your breasts, fingers cupping and molding them, the nipples already hard from the cool of the morning air. In a low sultry voice you query,

“Lee, would you like me to suck your dick while you watch the Sun rise.”

Ogling your breasts, my manhood stirring in my jeans, I nod yes and say, “Nothing would please me more Jen”.

Reaching across the seats to work my belt and jeans your hands reach in and free my already burgeoning cock. As if shaking hands with an old friend your firm grip slides up and down my shaft stretching the foreskin over the head and backdown. Teasing a drop of pre-cum from the tip you lean forward and swipe it with your tongue.

Savoring the taste you look me in the eyes, “Are you ready”.

Lifting up I push my pants down to knees and settle back in the seat,

“Any time you are Jen”.

Leaning forward engulfing the head I feel your tongue as it slathers around and down my shaft. Bobbing up and down on a third of it a few times you plunge your wet mouth fully into my lap.

“Jen,” I gasp, “I have never been taken that deep before.”

Easing your mouth off of my cock, “It’s my hidden talent Lee, glad you like it.”

Closing your mouth around my rigid staff I feel what has to be the back of your throat, as your mouth fucks my cock. Stopping occasionally to lick my length and swirl your tongue around the bulging head of my manhood as your smiling eyes stare into mine.

To keep from cumming too soon, I try to focus on the beauty of the morning unfolding through the windshield.

Pausing briefly to catch a breath, “Don’t hold back, cum in my mouth Lee, I want your cum in my mouth”.

Completely forgetting the scenery, I moan out a response of pleasure as the wet warmth of your mouth engulfs my cock. Every time you go down the full length and come up with a tongue swirl, I get closer to orgasm.

Using your other hand, you grip and massage my balls. I know you feel them tighten, telling you I am almost at the point of no return. My body stiffens, I try to warn you but all I can do is groan and tap your bare shoulder.

My cock seems to swell in size as my seed rushes the length of my shaft spilling into your mouth. Spurt after spurt of sperm is unleashed as your lips tighten around my dick so as not to lose a single drop. The sensation of what can only be your throat muscles gulping as you swallow my semen only serves to increase güvenilir bahis my pleasure.

As the last of me is oozing from my now spent phallus, you stay with it sucking, tongue twirling and massaging my dick to softness.

Rising from my lap and licking your lips your grin tells me have enjoyed it almost as much as I did.

“Wow, that was a lot of cum Lee. For a minute there I didn’t think I could take all of it.”

“I have no words that can express the gratification I feel right now,” I exhale.

Smiling you tell me, “There’s a view farther up the canyon I want to enjoy for a while”.

I take your meaning. As you snuggle back into your shirt, I am already thinking about wiping my tongue around your honeypot until it’s your turn to cum in my mouth.

With my pants back in place and seatbelts secure you start the jeeps motor. Working a lever, you engage the front wheels. Now in four wheel drive you turn to me,

“We’ll need it from here on, it’s about to get rough.”

We spend the next 20 minutes crawling over large rocks and traversing deep ruts on a trail trying to pass itself of as a road. Civilization far below us you pull up securing the brakes and killing the engine.

Turning in my seat I bring our lips together and a hand to your breast. Tongues dancing, I knead the firm roundness of you flesh.

Moments pass before we stop for air. Opening your door and dropping to the ground you step to the back of the jeep. When I join you, I find you fishing a worn Navajo blanket from behind the seats.

Kicking some small rocks aside and spreading it on the ground,

“This has to be one of my most favorite spots on earth.”

I am struck by the stunning contrasts of ragged, rough and smooth. The canyon below is split through the middle by a flowing blue water river.

Guiding you down to the blanket, I take up where I left off. Kissing your lips firmly I put my hand up under your top caressing and tweaking the nipple of one breast then the other.

Sensing you want more I slide my hand over your stomach and into your jeans. As my hand finds the wet warmth of your vulva your hands busy themselves open your pants allowing me unrestricted access to your pleasure.

Fingers probing the wetness I spread your lips and delve into the opening there. Slow thrusting two fingers you start to hump your cunt against my hand. Teasingly I slide my drenched hand back up your belly to massage and mold your breasts.

Taking that as an opportunity, you heel your boots off and pull one leg from your jeans and blue panties. Laid bare to the morning the crimson landing strip at the top of your slit glistens in the morning sun. Your clitoris peeks out above the swollen in lips beneath it.

Easing down between your spread legs my face is mere inches from your lips. Staring into the inviting sight before me I inhale the fragrance of your desire. Leaning in I swipe my tongue through the folds one side then other savoring the flavor of your wetness.

I play my tongue over the petals as the moans of your delight fill my ears. Opening my mouth over your clitoris I flick it repeatedly. Your hips move against me as I güvenilir bahis siteleri close my lips around the center of your excitement. Suckling it as I would your nipples it throbs on my tongue.

Slowly I ease away from the bud of your genital flower wiping and swiping the length of your passion. When I again tend to your quivering clitoris, I ease two fingers into your passage.

My ears are rewarded with the exclamations of your pleasure as I concentrate fully on bringing you to a climax.

Pressing your cunt tight to my mouth your hands go to my head guiding me to places that give you the most pleasure. I slather your cooze as two fingers fuck in and out of you. Your movements are uncontrolled as you ride my face grinding toward an orgasm.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Yes, Lee don’t stop eating me. Make me cream on your face.”

Locking my lips tight to your clit I suck and tongue it firmly as you hump my face.

Aaaahhhhhhh, ooohhhhh, yes, I’m cummmming.’

Glued to your sex my mouth rides out the thrashing, trembling and quivering orgasm that racks your body with relief.

The juices expelled in my mouth are confirmation or your release. Lapping up the wetness as you quiver uncontrollably you start to giggle.

When the giggle turns to a squirm,

“Lee, stop, you’re going to make me pee.”

Reluctantly I pull my mouth away from your satiated cunt. Standing on very wobbly legs you step off the blanket and squat next to one of the Jeeps rear tires.

With your relief streaming to the ground between your feet you look over at me,

“That is some mouth you got. Lee this is one trip to mountains I will never forget.”

Still laying on the blanket, “For me as well Jen, never will I.”

With your legs back under you, leaning against the Jeep you put a foot into panties and pants, as I get up, fold the red and blue Navajo blanket and stow it back in where it came from.

“Uh Lee, I’m spent, you better drive from here.”

“Show me the way Jen.”

Moments later we are buckled in and ready to go. The trail we are on is a forty-mile loop that ends not far from where we jumped off the beaten path. Mostly downhill from here, I put the transmission in low gear, release the brake and slip the clutch.

A few hours and twenty miles later I pull off onto a wide spot. Time for a rest and some lunch.

We step off away from the Jeep to have our relief. On returning we get into the back and pull out a couple of packs and the Navajo blanket.

Rummaging through one of the packs I retrieve a camp stove and a gas bottle. When they were properly screwed together, I push the piezo button sparking the burner to life.

Pouring water from a jug you fill a bush pot and set it to heat on the stove. Minutes later I grab the pot with a set of grip handles and divide it evenly between the two packages of freeze-dried meals you have open. You close the tops sealing in the heat. Now we wait.

I get the two folding chairs from the Jeep and set them up next to each other while you remove two plastic bottles of refreshment from an ice filled chest.

When the meals have had time to rehydrate, we each iddaa siteleri take one to a chair. Opening the streaming packages and stirring the contents we chow down on hot food and cold drinks in the still cool mountain air.

Suitably satiated and now holding hands we enjoy the vast expanse of desert that lays before us.

We are still miles out from prying eyes when I notice you eyeing the red and blue blanket on the ground.

Leaving your chair to kneel between my legs you open my jeans freeing my half hard cock from its confines. Stroking it a few times you go down on me sucking, slurping and licking me to full hardness.

Satisfied with what you have accomplished You stand up, step to the blanket pushing you pants down and off one leg.

Kneeling with your ass facing me you look over your shoulder,

“Take me Lee, I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Kneeling behind you cock in hand, I rub it up and down your already wet slit, parting your folds until I find your hole and push in. Your muscles contract around my shaft as I bury the length in you.

“Uuhh, yeah pump me Lee.”

With hands holding your hips I start thrusting slow. As my rhythm builds you begin matching my strokes with movements of your own,

Harder Lee, pump me harder.”

Increasing my pace in time with your uhs and ohs I enjoy the velvet feeling of being inside you.

“That’s it fuck me, yes, I’m almost there.

Your breath quickens and a loud long moan emits from your mouth,

“Ohhhhhh, Lee I cumming.”

Your body convulses around my cock, milking me for my jizz. Plunging into you one last time I can’t hold back any longer. Streams cum flow from my cock pouring deep in your cunt.

“Oh yes, I can feel it Lee, unload that big beautiful dick in me. Keep me cumming please.”

Still joined, catching our breath, we both heard it at the same time. A vehicle was working its way up the trail we were headed down.

When I pulled out a drizzle of sperm oozes out of you running down toward your clit and dropping to the blanket. I fasted my pants as you quickly put your leg in yours. Laying on your back, you hiked them up.

You are still laying there like you’ve been resting as another Jeep tops over the ridge we are parked on. The driver pulls to a stop, rolling down a window. A brunette with shoulder length hair asks if we are alright. We assured her we were. With that her and her female passenger drove off.

“Lesbians,” You say, “I know them. They are up here looking to do the same thing we are.”

A giggling fit ensues,

“So, Jen would you have wanted me to stop, if they had rolled up five minutes sooner.”

“I don’t know, ha, maybe not if I knew it was them, I’m just thankful they didn’t.”

Slowly we gathered up our possessions and loaded them in the back of the Jeep.

You put a towel on the passenger seat and hop in.

“My crotch is a mess,” You say dipping a hand to it, “I can feel your jizz soaking through my jeans.”

Lifting it to your face you inhale the aroma of our coupling and lick your fingers.

As I start maneuvering back on the trail, “Lee, I am going to have to go home, clean up and change clothes before we go out to dinner.”

I lumber your Jeep the rest of the way down the mountain trail to the main road. Hungry for dinner and more of your body for dessert I pull onto the blacktop heading for town.

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