An Encounter with Passion


“You’re a pleasure machine, aren’t you?”

A completely sated Michael had used those exact words to describe Mandy after she had given him a hand job: her first ever.

Mandy is a writer of erotic fiction. She has written a few stories, but mostly she relies on her imagination to find acceptable material. She wanted to write something based on reality for a change. Common sense told her that she needed to actually watch a male experiencing sexual pleasure to write realistically and knowledgably about it so she chose a male from a few whom she had met online and decided to do just that.

She set out ground rules and gave him boundaries before meeting him so that there were no misunderstandings between them and so that he was very aware, she was there for discovery purposes only. The ground rules she set were that she was to stay fully dressed at all times; he of course would be completely naked. He could not touch her. This rule was for her sake more than his as she is so starved for affection she feared his touch might trigger her own sexual responsiveness. This was not what she wanted at this time.

Michael wanted to bring his own array of toys to show her what could be done to men and she allowed this. Mandy thought it might be educational.

Saturday night arrived.

Michael had booked a motel room for them both, as it would be more private than a park setting. He was going to pick her up after he finished work at 9 pm. The closer it came to 9 pm the more Mandy began to have second thoughts about all of this.

She did not really know Michael very well having only briefly met him once, however that particular time he had simply jacked off and ejaculated in front of her to let her see what that looked like. It was dark and she could not see what he was doing very well.

Anyway, moving along…Mandy began to fear that he might not adhere to her boundaries: that he may have a secret agenda all of his own.

One of her biggest downfalls was that she was impulsive by nature and this time, if she went through with it, she could get herself in real trouble.

She was about to call the whole thing off but Michael was already on his way to pick her up. She mentally tossed up all that he had done to arrange this meeting with her to help her learn more about male sexuality against her fear for her own safety and for a moment fear won. She turned off her phone and waited, watching from another area further up the street and fully hidden from view. She had it in mind to let him wait, hope he got the message that she had changed her mind and then he would simply drive seyranbağları escort off into the night, though possibly really pissed off, but at least she would be safe.

She felt bad about doing this to him though.

She knew this was wrong on so many levels and that Michael did not deserve to be stood-up like this so she turned her bloody phone back on and it immediately rang – no prize for guessing who was on the other end.

She tried to explain to him what she was feeling and how anxious she was about being alone with him and he calmed her fears slightly, enough for her to be able to trust him and at least get in the car.

She again laid out the ground rules and he was still okay with them.

He asked her to trust him and told her she would be safe with him.

The more he spoke to her, the calmer she began to feel inside.

They drove into the hotel car park at nine-forty-five.

He went and got the key to the room as one would expect the male to do and they went inside.

Throughout the course of the drive, Michael had managed to reassure Mandy of his trustworthiness and Mandy, in turn, was now out of her fight/ flight mode.

She had decided to trust him completely and to enjoy this time she was going to spend with him.

The playthings he had brought along for her to use on his body amused her. There were tea strainers and rope, rubber gloves and baby oil, some leather thing a male sticks his cock and balls through, a little whip: some of the items were everyday kitchen utensils. It was unbelievable.

He was about to go into the bathroom and strip off, however she grabbed a hold of him and said, “Hang on a minute. I want to strip you naked.”

He complied.

She slowly undid each button of his shirt whilst looking into his eyes for signs of dilation. She wanted to know if this was arousing him. She removed the shirt. Then she got him to raise his arms and lifted off his singlet. She unbuckled his belt.

Mandy had stopped looking at his face now partly out of shyness and partly because she wanted to concentrate on what she was doing.

Lowering his zip excited her, as this was the first zip she has ever lowered with her own hands.

He was wearing black underwear and the removal of this item left him completely open to her view.

She looked him over and then said in what was meant to be a teasing way but really, it missed the mark: “You should feel quite privileged. You’re the first man I’ve ever undressed.”

He looked surprised but not disbelieving.

Mandy sincan escort was delighted to see that Michael was partially erect.

She told him to lie face up on the single bed in the corner of the room.

He did. He lay there and waited while Mandy decided what she wanted to use on him first.

She chose the baby oil.

Mandy applied a generous amount to her palm, then rubbed it between both of her hands in order to slick them both up, and then began to slide her fingers along his upper body, feeling his coarse hair on his chest as a contrast to the slippery sensation of the oil.

He groaned.

She let her hands drift lower to smooth the oil over his pubic region and into his spread thighs. Michael spread his legs wider. She visually and tactilely examined his cock and balls. He was fully erect now; his penis held a deep purple color in its tip, and it was not standing up rigid and straight like a led pipe, as she had previously believed men’s cocks did. This one had a slight bend to it. It reminded her of a cobra ready to strike.

She put more baby oil on her hands and decided to touch him more intimately.

She placed her hand around his cock completely encasing him and moved in an up and down motion as she had watched him do to himself once before. He raised his arm up to his forehead, covering his eyes and groaned, “Oh, that’s nice.”

She looked at him and rubbed her thumb over the tip, which was getting quite slippery with his own natural moisture. She began to manipulate his balls using squeezing techniques she had read about in Literotica stories and this worked well. She actually had no idea what she was doing. She was giving this hand job on pure instinct. Touching, kneading, and pulling his cock and balls at a random pace.

One thing she did notice is that Michael rarely moved during this hand job. He groaned a lot, but rarely moved except once when he leaned forward putting his hand over hers to fasten the friction of the movement right at the end, which led to his orgasm.

The writer now knows that cum is actually a thick white substance not a clear fluid gel as previously thought.

After Michael came, he turned over onto his stomach and lay quiet and very sleepy. Mandy instinctively began to rub his shoulders and back in a therapeutic way and as a way of showing affection for the man.

He looked up to her and said, “You’re a pleasure machine, aren’t you? That is the best hand job I have ever had, and I am not just saying that because you are here. It is hard to believe you have never done sıhhiye escort that before. You knew exactly where all the sensitive points on a man were.”

Mandy looked at him and teased, “Just imagine what I could do with my tongue.” To which he just simply replied, “Oh fuck!”

She smiled at him, however on the inside she swelled up with pride that he thought that that way about her.

She wanted to see if she could do it again, but he told her, “It would take a little longer to get him up this time as he had just blown a huge load.”

She lay on his stomach cuddling into him.

Mandy began to blow some bursts of air gently onto his flaccid member, and was delighted to see him fall back and groan.

“Wanna bet,” she thought introspectively and smiled to herself as she lay against his belly.

“Do you want to put my cock in your mouth?” Michael asked enquiringly.

Mandy was not comfortable taking him into her mouth just yet. However, for now she was willing to try other ways of stimulating him to a second erection. She lifted his cock up with her hand and began to blow on his balls through her pursed lips. His cock was soft to touch and easy to manipulate.

She repeated some of the actions, which had gotten him hard twenty-five minutes ago and lo and behold, his cock began to rise and harden all over again.

This was fun. She was actually having a ball doing this and learning heaps.

He of course was also having a brilliant time.

Mandy squeezed and massaged his cock with her bare fingers for several minutes until he was rock hard and bent in that odd shape again. She then turned to the table putting on the blue latex gloves he’d brought with him, took the baby oil squirting it over his genitalia and down the crack of his arse and began rubbing vigorously both regions.

Mandy had one hand on his swollen, hard, bent cock massaging in an ever quickening up and down motion just as he had shown her. A finger on the other hand gently massaged his slowly pulsating, anal orifice.

He was going nuts.

He was also moving this time…and watching.

Mandy kept up the pace, although her hand was becoming sore at the wrist.

He came again.

He was amazed.

He said, “He hadn’t come twice in forty-five minutes in a long, long time.”

That, of course, made Mandy feel very special. I would say that that was not bad outcome for someone working on pure instinct and who up last night had no real experience in that field.

Michael lay quietly, almost sedated afterwards.

When he rose off the bed, Mandy was amused to see him walk to the bathroom as if he were intoxicated.

He told her, “She had drained all the testosterone out of him.”

She laughed.

Michael got dressed and they left the room. The only telltale signs they had been there was the linen on the floor.

Lesson one achieved.

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