An Older Couple Fuck You…


We are out to dinner at a nice restaurant one night. There is an older couple seated across from us — they look like they are in their early 50s. They are well dressed and obviously wealthy.

She is so sour and doesn’t smile. He is great, smiles, chats, and is very fit and happy with life. She goes to the bathroom and he wants to chat.

You ‘accidentally’ let your loose dress slip and he can see all of your legs and pussy. He keeps chatting and is staring at your pussy. The three of us know what is going on.

You use a finger to rub your clit and he is watching you but he maintains the small talk. Your pussy is throbbing and sopping.

His wife walks back from the toilet and you cover up. The conversation stops when the wife comes back looking sour.

You mumble to me, “I bet you can’t fuck old sour puss over there, she looks like a dragon.” I grunt, “Challenge accepted.”

We have a few courses and some more wine. The other couple are drinking alot and start to loosen up.

I overhear that they are taking a lot about art. I ask the wife about art and what she loves. Well, she starts talking to me, ignoring her husband and you, she doesn’t stop talking.

You and the husband are chatting quietly, sexual tension building, flirting. All of a sudden he says, “I want to facefuck you.” You smile saying, “Let’s go!”

You both get up at the same time and the wife simply rolls her eyes. You two walk off and he takes you straight into the men’s toilet. You go in to kiss him and he says, “No, I take what I want.”

He pushes you down onto the floor. He pulls out his throbbing cock and pushes it into your mouth, and starts facefucking you straight away. bahis şirketleri You start gagging, and it turns you on being used. He fucks your face for a while.

A younger guy walks in and starts watching. He pulls his cock out and starts wanking. The old guy grunts, “Look you dirty whore, you are attracting all the young cocks.” Another two guys turn up and do the same.

After a while the old guy says, “Ok, you three, cum in her mouth.” The three young guys take turns fucking your mouth then one after another they cum in your mouth.

They get some cum on your face, in your hair and on your dress. The old guy mumbles, “Clean yourself up and let’s go.”

You clean yourself up over the sink. He then takes your arm and walks you back to the table.

You sit down at our table and the wife notices your makeup is smudged, your hair is tussled, and there is cum in your hair.

The wife asks, “Did you have fun?”, with a wry smile. You respond, “I had a lot of fun and need more.”

The guy says, “That settles it, I’ll fix up these bills and let’s get out of here.”

He yells to the wait staff, “Put these bills on my account, we are leaving.”

The guy takes you by the arm and walks you out of the restaurant. I take the arm of his wife. There is a car waiting outside, and the guy walks you to the car and asks you to slide into the middle seat. I escort the wife to the other side and then sit in the front.

You are in the back in the middle with the couple sitting beside you, on either side of you. Everyone is chatting and it is nice. The wife puts her hand on the inside of your thigh and starts rubbing it, getting higher and higher.

After a while she bahis firmaları is rubbing your pussy. You are trying to figure out what is going on. The husband turns to you, looks you up and down and says, “Oh, don’t worry about that, my wife is the ‘taste tester’ if you like. She will need to approve you and then she has her way first.”

As he says that the wife slips her finger into your pussy and then brings it to her mouth to taste you. She moans, “mmmmm”, approvingly and she sucks your juices off her finger. He reaches down and pushes your dress up and pulls your ass forward, exposing your pussy.

The wife starts rubbing your pussy, then slides two fingers inside you.

She fingers you slowly and delicately, getting firmer and faster.

The driver can see her finger banging your pussy.

It turns you on that you are being finger fucked in a car full of people.

The driver pulls the car up in front of a big house in a wealthy neighbourhood. Everyone gets out and goes inside.

The husband and wife take us to a small cosy bar area within the house and she says to him, “Fix them both something nice to drink would you.” She then disappears into another room.

The three of us chat and have a drink. After about 10 minutes she reappears and we are both shocked. She has on this super-hot leather lingerie outfit and is carrying a small whip. Her hair is up and she has touched up her makeup.

She walks in and grabs her drink.

You say, “Wow, you look fucking hot.”

She responds, “This is my house and there are rules. If you want to stay we will have so much fun and you will have so much pleasure. But you do exactly what I say, when is say it.”

“If kaçak bahis siteleri you don’t like it, you can leave right now.”

We look at each other and say, “We’re staying.”

“Good, now take off all your clothes and hang them in this cupboard.”

We undress and they watch us get naked. They lead us into another room which is basically a big bedroom. She tells me to sit in an armchair close to the bed, and ties me to it. She tells her husband to sit in another chair. She puts a blindfold on you and lays you on the bed.

You are nervous and not sure what to expect.

You feel her hands on you, expertly working your body for pleasure.

She starts fingering you, slowly. But then she has all her fingers inside you.

Then after a few minutes you feel her small fist working into your pussy. She starts fisting you and you orgasm straight away.

By this time the guy and I have raging hard ons. She says to her husband, “Get over here and fuck her.”

He walks over and slides his cock into your pussy.

After watching for a few minutes she pulls your blindfold off.

She commands you, “Now you are going to eat my pussy.”

She sits on your face and grinds her pussy on your face until you can’t breathe and you have juices from your forehead to your chin.

“Aren’t you a dirty little whore, your husband is watching you get ravaged and you don’t care do you?”, she mocks.

“I bet you would take 10 cocks tonight if I would let you.”

The husband is ramming your pussy now.

Pounding you into the bed.

“You can move in here and all our dinner party guests can fuck you whenever they want. You would love that wouldn’t you?”

At this point you can’t take it – you explode into an orgasm your whole body shaking and convulsing – waves of pleasure flooding you.

They fuck you for another two hours while I am tied to the chair watching every move.

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