Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-3


After my wife walked in the door, I Almost lost it. As I gave her one very passionate welcome-home kiss. She smiled and said “Sonny.. If I knew me being away for such a short time would bring me such of a fine welcoming, I’d go away more often!” Playing it off I lied, “Yes Baby! I did miss you greatly!”

That night Annie.. I fucked your mom like a maniac. I know you must have heard all the loud grunting and screaming.. But all the while that I was slamming my cock into your mom. It was with thoughts of having my cock buried deep inside of your tiny pussy. With your mom screaming “OH SONNY! BABY! YEAH! FUCK ME HONEY! FUCK ME HARD! CAUSE I’VE BEEN BAD DADDY!!”

I must say that after that night, our family threesome changed considerably. Best of all you Annie. Began wanting and needing my undivided attention for you, almost every moment of my free time.

Remember the many times we found a corner in our home to love each other. When I’d pull your panties down, and eat the hell out of your young pussy? Then the times when you’d unzip my shorts, pull out my cock, and give Daddy a quick blow-job? But very risque’ was with your mom in the next room. With you whispering, “Daddy.. Quick! Take my panties down and eat my pussy?” All of which I was happy to do.

Now at your age of thirteen, you definitely wanted my cock inside of you. But aside from your pleas, I knew your pussy was way to small for my cock. O instead, we enjoyed more than the average quota of oral sex. All of which I might add, you led.

But I knew you needed that special loving. So I got you a dildo vibrator to help satisfy you during our quiet times. However your masturbation affected your mother too. She even told me, “Sonny.. I think our little girl is growing up fast!” I asked Emily as to why she was saying this. She replied “Well by all that buzzing and moaning going on in her room lately. I’m certain that we better get her on birth control in a hurry.”

Soon I too felt the affects of your vibrator, Annie. Because at first your mom use to moan “Fuck Me Sonny!” She now says “Fuck Me Daddy!” Probably after hearing Escort you say it, during one of your heated Daddy-Daughter moments. Let me say it now Princess. That I am daddy to but one person. And that person’s name is Annie, and you are she.

Remember that one occasion you had tears in your eyes? Remember Annie? After I ate and sucked your pussy to three orgasms? Then I sucked and licked your pussy and thighs dry? After you broke into tears. Because you was so happy!

But the time you explicitly whispered to me, “I need you to fuck me so badly Daddy..” Well yes I needed the same from you Princess. But that’s when I assured you that once you’ve become a sixteen. Many more doors will open up for us. Then what seemed like a lifetime, your 16th birthday was approaching.

Needless to say before and during that 16th birthday. You made it known to me about the promise I made to you when you were 13. About our physical loving would escalate to intercourse, after you turned into a Sweet-Sixteen.

But for some reason when the time arrived, I felt a bit of apprehension or uncertainty in your character. Now I would never force anything onto you, Honey. So I was still willing to take your lead, but only if you were willing. After all, this would be a big step for the both of us.

Finally the moment came for us to spend a weekend alone. One that had your mom going to spend time with her father. I was sitting in my favorite chair, wearing my robe and boxers, while you were getting ready for bed. I was enjoying a MA-rated sex movie on HBO when you came in and joined me..

Daddy.. Since I was 12, I started feeling seriously horny from time to time. Being honest, my pussy was leaking cum most everyday from first time you touched my panty covered pussy. It was a feeling as strong as it was sudden.

I knew that it was wrong. But I needed a man inside of my pussy. And that man I wanted in there was my daddy.. Then you gave me that awesome promise.. One that I looked upon as the the time I would officially give my virginity to you Daddy. Yes at 16 I became indecisive. But It took several Escort Bayan days on the Internet for me to figure my thoughts out. That I would only be satisfied if I was fucked by you, Daddy.

I still remember the first time I initiated that moment between the two of us. I hadn’t planned it when I went to the kitchen for some water. But when I caught you watching porn in the living room, while fondling your cock. I couldn’t help it but to approach you.

You thought you changed the channel quickly enough for me not to notice, didn’t you? You thought that stuffing your cock back into your underwear and under your robe, was enough to hide it from me, didn’t you?

So I made up a story about how I couldn’t sleep. I told you I wanted us to watch documentaries together. Then I sat in your lap before you could protest.

I knew you loved feeling my young butt against your hard cock.. You always have.. I could feel it, Daddy.

That is why I started moving until my nightie rode up. Letting you see clearly that I wasn’t wearing panties. Letting you smell the musty aroma from my pussy, filling your senses. Knowing how much you and I both love you eating my pussy..

That’s why I started humping up and down on your cock-bulge. That is until it found its place between my ass cheeks. Just like the time you removed your pajama bottom in bed with me when I was 13.

Oh Daddy, that’s where your cock belongs… Resting in your daughter’s ass-cheeks Daddy… Did you look down then? Did you love seeing your boner sitting in my ass, Daddy?

Oh Daddy, I am so horny, so wet… I wanted you to feel my wetness. That is why I turned around to face you; opening your robe; pulling your cock out your boxers and placing it up under me, as I straddled your lap.

I then ground my pussy against your cock and pushed my small titties against your chest, to kiss your neck. With me writhing in your lap, I could hardly contain my moans. “Oh Daddy.. I Love You So Much.. I Need You Daddy..”

I whispered “Daddy” over and over again. After you had pulled my nightie down, Bayan Escort and was then exchanging sucks on my titties. I wanted to ask you to fuck me right then. I cannot begin to explain how great your cock felt, pressed against my soft pussy and clit.

At that point, I didn’t care which hole you were fucking me in. The dildo helped. But I needed your cock inside of my pussy Daddy!

I loved it when you put your hands on my hips and helped me grind and push my pussy harder against your dick… I had an orgasm right there and then, Daddy. Allowing all my love-goo to drip down onto your thighs.. In your lap.. While being held safely in your arms..

I can’t imagine what you were thinking then, Daddy? Didn’t you fight hard against the urge to grab me and pump your big cock into my virgin, tight pussy? Did you even want to fuck me that first time we slept together when I was only 13? When we spooned, and your hard cock-tip rested on my cunt lips?

Just knowing that you fucked mom with thoughts about your big cock inside of me Daddy. Made me, your precious daughter, so very happy, and so very wet!

Oh Annie.. Baby.. Your daddy needs you so badly. And Daddy needs his cock deep inside of your 16-year-old pussy, fucking the hell out of you. With you moaning back, “Yes Daddy.. Fuck Me.. My Pussy Is All Yours Daddy!”

Yet here on this living room chair, I don’t think is proper. At least not for your first special time. Giving me your cherry is very special Annie. You are not whore.. You’re my precious, loving daughter. And I as long as I have breath. Will make love to you in the most fulfilling manner that I can.

So instead making love here on my recliner. Lets first shower together, and express our passion under the shower-head..Then we can take a special moment to dry each other off, followed by a light massage from me.

Oh Honey! I have a sexy and beautiful red see-through nightie for you. One that I bought for this special occasion. All for my little-girl’s daddy & daughter Sweet Sixteen’ special loving.

“Lets go Princess..” I said. Smiling, you got off of my lap and said, “I Love You Daddy..” Then hand-in-hand, we went to my master bedroom. Where we undressed. To enjoy our incest and very loving shower together.

… … …

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