Another Football Season… Ch. 05


I awoke alone Friday morning wondering why my husband wasn’t still with me. We had shared an incredible oral sex session late last night and I had hoped to give him another sexy blow job when we woke.

Slipping on my robe and after stopping in the bath room to pee I made my way down stairs.

Barry was sitting at the kitchen table reading the sports section.

“Last night was incredible.” I said.

He looked up from the paper and with a rather distasteful tone in his voice he said. “I hope so cause I missed the come back of the century. The Bucs scored three TD’s in the fourth quarter and beat the Colts by 2.”

I didn’t fully understand until he added. “I copped out on the guys to come home and service you and missed the best come back in years.”

I was instantly pissed at him and nearly screamed. “Service me!”

He just shook his head yes.

“You fucking bastard if I remember correctly it was me that got down on my knees and sucked you off.” I hissed.

Barry looked up again and just said. “What ever.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. This fucking football zombie would rather watch a fucking game instead of having me suck his cock and swallow his sticky cum load. I turned and ran up the steps to the bed room.

Flopping down on the same bed where we cuddled so tenderly after incredible shower sex I cried my eyes out for nearly an hour. And the longer I cried the more enraged I got.

His words “service me” burned into my brain. I’d show him about servicing someone. He wouldn’t get close to being serviced until long after the pro bowl if at all.

I heard the faint sound of the garage door opening and knew the bastard was leaving for the office. In my fit of rage I fumbled through my purse and found Franklin’s business card. Staring at it for a moment I thought about his massive cock and how it would feel stuffed in my throat.

My mind raced wondering if I should call him now. After all it was only a little past nine in the morning and he was most likely hard at work already. I knew once I dialed the number printed on his card I would be obligated to make good on the gauntlet I’d thrown down for him to fuck my mouth with every inch of his enormous black cock.

I wasn’t sure I was up for the challenge and returned his card to the secret compartment in my purse.

Even though I decided not to contact Franklin I was still mad enough that I knew I wanted another man’s cock buried inside me today. Perhaps Sam would be interested in a Friday afternoon roll in the hay. If not I could always head to the mall and spend a couple hundred of that bastards hard earned dollars.

I slipped into a pink lace thong and slid a similar colored sun dress over my head. A pair of delightful pink pumps and a quick brushing of my hair prepared me for what ever came my way today.

I giggled thinking perhaps I’d come home to my son of a bitch husband with the smell of another man’s cum on my skin.

As I sipped a cup of coffee at the breakfast table I picked up my phone and dialed Sam’s number. It rang twice then went to his voice mail.

His greeting was. “Hi Sam here. Sorry I couldn’t take your call but if you’ll leave your name and number I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

I waited for the beep then left him a message. “Hi Sam it’s Margaret. It’s about ten o’clock Friday morning and I was wondering if you might be free this afternoon. I need to see you baby. Call me?”

After leaving him a message I decided to head for the mall. After all the mall was full of horny men who’d jump at the chance to fuck a hot little MILF.

I left the top up on the Benz and as I backed out of the garage I noticed Chuck Sampson our next door neighbor trimming the shrubs between our properties.

I pushed the window button and as the glass glided down I smiled at Chuck and said. “Morning Chuck you’re hard at work already.”

Chuck set his electric trimmer down next to the bushes and walked over to the passenger side of the Benz. “I’ve been at this since eight this morning Peg. Should be done in another hour or so.” Chuck said.

“The shrubbery looks good.” I said.

He smiled at me and replied. “Thanks Peg I like keeping the bush trimmed.”

Chuck is a retired attorney and spends his retirement working around the house and playing an occasional round of golf. He’s a little overweight and has thinning hair but is still quite a handsome man.

“Where you off to Peg?” He asked.

I smiled and replied. “A little shopping at the mall.”

Chuck always paid attention to me when we are outside at the same time and I often wondered if he ever cheated on his wife Millie who is a little more than over weight.

“Gonna spend some of Barry’s hard earned money are ya?” Chuck asked.

I grinned widely and replied. “As much as possible.”

He straightened up as he said. “Well have a good time.”

“I’ll try.” I said as Chuck turned and headed back to his work.

As I backed the rest of the way out the drive I wondered bursa evi olan escort if perhaps Chuck would be interested in spending a couple hours working on me. I dispelled the idea knowing that cock was too close to home.

It’s a short ten minute drive to the mall and there were lots of parking spaces close to the entrance at ten fifteen in the morning.

Slipping the Benz into park I pulled down the visor and flipped open the vanity mirror. My hair didn’t need any attention but I took the time to apply some pale pink lip gloss and a squirt or two of perfume just in case I ran into an inviting cock this morning.

Shoe stores are a Margaret magnet and my favorite is Just for Her an upscale shop that always has something I really like. Their inventory ranges from sandals to stilettos with the added advantage of being very expensive a bonus since I wanted to part my football zombie bastard husband with as much of his money as possible today.

As I turned the corner and walked slowly between their short display windows the two young men that had the morning shift both looked toward me. One of them wore a long sleeve white shirt a red neck tie and tight navy blue slacks. The other a taller but clearly younger man had on a green vee neck sweater and khaki pants.

I spend some time looking over the offerings in their display and making a mental note of several I’d like to try on. Trying on shoes is one of my favorite past times. Shoe salesmen mall wide cringe when I enter their shops.

I turned and smiled widely at the two young studs as I entered the store.

The older one stepped from behind the counter and said. “Morning ma’am can I help you?”

“Yes you can.” I replied with a smile on my lips.

As he approached I noticed his eyes look down then up again then he offered. “Have a seat. Which style caught your eye?”

I smiled again and asked to see a pair of black pumps that were in the middle of the display window.

He slid a fitting stool in front of the chair I had taken and asked. “Do you know your size ma’am?”

“It’s usually a seven but sometimes an eight depending on the shoe.” I replied.

His eyes roamed up and down my form as he suggested. “Let me measure your foot just to be sure.”

“Okay.” I answered as he reached around and pulled the size ruler from the container attached to the back of his fitting stool.

I crossed my legs as he reached to slip my pink pump off my foot. “These are very pretty.” He offered as he removed my shoe.

I grinned and said. “Well thank you I try to take care of my feet.”

He looked up at me with a confused expression on his face then said. “I was talking about your pumps ma’am.”

“Oh excuse me.” I replied wiggling my toes at him.

I often flirt with shoe sales men and even at this early hour I could tell he would be a willing recipient of any flirtatious gestures on my part.

He guided my heel to the butt end of the size ruler and leaned forward to read the size. “Looks like a seven will be perfect.”

I lifted my leg and slowly crossed it over the other making my self comfortable as he stood and said. “Let’s see you wanted to try on style 4987 I believe.”

“I guess for starters yes.” I said not knowing if the pumps I was looking at were style 4987.

“Just a moment ma’am.” He said as he turned and walked toward the stock room.

His counter part was leaning against the wall behind the register and I smiled at him when I caught him gawking at me.

A moment later my young sales man returned to the sales floor but instead of coming directly to where I was seated he side stepped behind the counter and bent over.

As he again approached he kind of grinned and said. “State law requires that you wear socks while trying on shoes ma’am.”

He extended his hand which was holding a pair of white knee high stockings. They are the type that nurses wear under their pants and in fact I’d seen Chuck’s wife Millie wearing them under the house coats she always seems to be dressed in. The stockings look dingy and quite wrinkled. There was no way I was going to slip my feet into those disgusting stockings.

“They will never do.” I exclaimed.

He offered. “Perhaps we have something on our special discount table over there that will suffice.”

I stood up and kind of limped over with one shoe on to the large round table where their discounted hose were displayed.

Flipping several items over I found the cutest pair of ankle high white stockings with a tiny lace fringe around the top. They were marked $7.99 which I thought was rather high for a discounted item.

“These will do.” I remarked as I turned and limped back to my seat.

He was already seated on the fitting stool as I slipped by my leg touched his thigh. Sitting down I lifted my foot toward him and he slipped off my other shoe placing it on the floor under his stool.

His eyes again moved up then down taking in my shapely form.

I smiled altıparmak escort knowing he was probably undressing me with his eyes.

“I’ll get these.” I said as I slipped the cute lace fringed socks from the wrapper.

He leaned back giving me a little more room and I lifted on leg off the seat to slip the sock over my sexy toes. His eyes watched as the material slid over my heel and I pulled it tight up around my ankle. I folded the tiny lace fringe down over the top of the sock.

Knowing he was watching me so intently when I lifted my second foot I gave him a view of my shapely thigh letting my sun dress slip up over my knee. His eyes widened some what but the view didn’t seem to distract him much. I assumed he’d had ample opportunities to look up woman’s dresses before so my little show didn’t faze him in the least.

As I folded the lace down on the second sock he reached down and lifted a shoe box into his lap.

“Here we are.” He said as he flipped the lid off and slid it under the bottom of the shoe box.

The black pumps I had selected had about a three inch heel and were your basic black evening type shoe. Good for dancing and perhaps mingling at a party but no where near high enough to be considered fuck me kind of shoes.

He pointed the back of the shoe toward me holding it under and just in front of the heel. His free hand slipped behind my ankle just above the lace trim of my new stockings. My toes slipped into the pump and his skillful hand somehow produced a shoe horn to assist my heel over the stiff back of the shoe.

For the second or two that his hand held my leg I could tell he had very soft hands.

“Always try on both shoes ma’am.” He suggested then added. “No two shoes or feet are exactly the same.

We repeated the same movements but with the second his hand lingered a moment longer on the back of my ankle and I was able to confirm that he indeed has very soft and rather skillful fingers.

Standing up I took a step or two and felt a slight twinge of pain in my toes. “Kinda narrow.” I offered.

“They’ll stretch.” He suggested.

As I walked a little more the leather did give a tiny bit but my toes were still quite firmly held in place by the leather material.

I stepped in front of a viewing mirror and moved my feet to see how I looked wearing this pair of classic black pumps.

The white stockings and lacy tops accentuated the shoes and I thought to my self “I could build a rather kinky maid costume with this foot wear as a starting point.

Knowing I seldom get a chance or wish to wear such a formal pair of heels I turned and asked. “Do you have something similar but with a little higher heel?”

“I believe I do.” He replied then said. “Frank grab me a pair of 9321’s in size eight would ya?” Speaking to his counterpart.

Frank jumped into action and in a second disappeared into the stock room.

“New guy.” He said.

“You the manager?” I asked.

He grinned and answered. “Yep.” Then added. “Let me slip these off.”

His soft hand lingered even longer on my ankle as he slipped my foot out of the three inch heels.

Frank being the quote unquote new guy was apparently having trouble finding the 9321’s that his boss had requested.

After an anxious moment he said. “Excuse me please ma’am.”

“Sure take your time.” I said then added. “I have all morning.”

Just as the store manager was about to enter the stock room Frank rounded the corner carrying a box. “Found them Bill.” He said proudly.

He handed the box to my salesman who turned and uttered as he did. “Two points for you Frank.” Shaking his head side to side as he walk back to his fitting stool.

Taking a seat on the stool Bill smiled at me. “Sorry about the delay.”

“No problem Bill.” I replied addressing him using his name now that Frank had inadvertently given me that information.

Bill removed both shoes from the box and held them up offering me a look at the style. These were also black but had higher heels.

“How high are they?” I asked.

“Four and a half inches ma’am.” He replied.

“Hmmmm… that’s more like it.” I replied.

“Let’s see how a size eight fits.” Bill suggested.

I lifted my leg making sure he would get a good look up my thigh as he again used his soft skillful hands to slip my foot into the shoe.

Rather then returning my foot to the floor I lifted my leg to get a look at how high the heels were. I unknowingly gave Bill a wider look at my thighs not the underside but the silky smooth flesh between . He smiled widely at me as I realized he was enjoying the view.

I let him slip my other foot into the shoe without giving him a second chance to look up my dress.

Standing on these higher heels I felt taller and quite sexy. I moved toward the mirror again and viewed the shoes and my legs together. The higher the heel the better my legs looked and with the white lacy socks I thought it was a rather sexy image.

Turning to Bill I asked. “Does your wife wear heels this high?”

He smiled at me as I walked slowly back to where he was watching me move. One sexy foot directly in front of the other moving my hips slightly in a seductive motion.

“Not married ma’am.” Bill answered as I approached his stool.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Don’t you think these heels scream fuck me?”

His jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he heard me use a word that I assumed not many of his customers used.

I sat down across from him a wide smile on my lips. I thought “Time to turn up the heat a little.”

“What do you think Billie.” I asked.

He wasn’t sure if I was asking him what he thought about the shoes screaming fuck me or not and as he blushed slightly he said. “They look very nice on you ma’am.”

I smiled sheepishly at him knowing what he was thinking wasn’t the same as what he said.

“I don’t suppose you have this style in red do you.” I asked as I again lifted my leg and gave him a peek between my thighs.

Bill was catching on finally and jumped at the chance to try and shock me.

“We do have it in red ma’am but I think the red ones might make you look like a whore.” He said with a wide grin on his lips.

He and I were quickly getting into a flirtatious shock match and I smiled as I leaned forward and whispered. “What makes you think I’m not a whore.”

Bill shot back so only he and I could hear. “Whores don’t spend three hundred dollars on shoes ma’am.”

I was still smiling as I replied. “And not all whores charge for their sexual favors.”

His eyes widened as I figured he thought of having me fuck him wearing those whorish red heels flashed through his mind.

I grinned at him and said. “How bout you let me decide if the red ones are good for me or not.”

“Certainly.” He replied then stood to retrieve the red heels from the stock room.

I noticed him nod at Frank as he walk away and Frank quickly followed Bill into the stock room.

It took longer than expected for Bill to return I assumed because he was telling Frank that I was coming on to him.

When he did he was carrying three shoe boxes. As he sat down in front of me I thought I noticed a slight bulge in his slacks and I always accept the challenge of seeing if I can make a man’s trouser bulge grow.

“I took the liberty of bringing a couple extra pair for you to consider ma’am.” Bill explained.

Bill flipped the lid off the first box which contained the red heels similar to the black ones I’d just tried on.

“Let’s try these first.” He suggested.

Since I now had his undivided attention when I lifted my leg to have him slip my foot into the red heels I let my other leg move to the side giving him an even longer look up my dress than before. The grin that appeared on his face confirmed that he was able to see the tiny patch of pink lace covering my pussy.

“Now the other.” Bill said hoping to take another look at my lacy thong.

I let the hem of my sun dress slide up above my knees and gave him an eye full of creamy thighs and pink lace.

He swallowed hard and fidgeted a little on his stool as he asked. “How do they feel.”

I stood up and as I walked away from him toward the mirror at the end of the seats I replied. “They feel wonderful.” I turned to face him admiring the reflection of the shoes and my lacy socks before I added. “And they look very sexy.”

Bill smiled and replied. “I couldn’t agree more.”

“I love these. How much are they?” I asked.

Bill raised an eyebrow and replied. “Two seventy five.”

I assumed his raised eyebrow was an indication that he thought I wasn’t willing to part with that much just for one sexy pair of red high heels.

“Let me think about them.” I said not wanting him to give up hope of a good sale.

Just then Frank appeared from the stock room. His tie was loosened and he appeared to be sweating just a bit.

“Got that shipment unpacked.” He said to his boss then added. “Mind if I run over to Orange Julius?”

Billed looked at his watch for a moment then replied. “No problem take a break. I’ll see you in thirty.”

Frank smiled at me as he slipped past and headed out toward the mall.

I smiled widely at Bill as I sat back down in front of him.

Seizing the opportunity to crank up the flirtatious heat on this young bachelor I said in a very sexy tone of voice. “Finally alone.”

Bill looked up and instantly replied. “Hopefully we won’t be interrupted by any other customers.”

I just grinned at him and nodded my agreement.

“Let me see what else you picked out for me.” I asked.

Bill reached down and slid the top box off his stack of shoes and reached for the one resting on the floor.

“I think you will like these.” He said flipping the lid off and letting it fall to the carpet.

The box contained a pair of white stilettos. At least six inch spike heels that I instantly knew would be a challenge to keep my balance on.

He reached in the box and lifted one sexy shoe by the thin ankle strap holding it up for me to view.

I smiled and remarked. “Now those really scream fuck me!”

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