April Does Deux


It had only been twenty four hours since their last fuck but to Rob it felt like too long. His cock eagerly sprang up as April zipped open his trousers. He guided her head down, forcing the long shaft between her rosy lips.

She was leaning across the gear shift, kneeling on the passenger seat of Rob’s car. They had parked at their usual spot, near the sports field that was always abandoned on weekdays. Rob sometimes fantasised about getting April to himself for a whole day, to be able to fuck her long and slow, and not worry about getting caught. But he realised that most of the time it was the secrecy that turned him on. Fucking your best friend’s 19 year old daughter was one of the kinkiest things Rob could imagine – and he was doing it almost every day.

April now came up for air, her face wet with saliva and Rob’s pre-cum. She smiled at him.

“My panties are so wet. I’ve been thinking about your cock all day and it makes me so horny,” she gasped, kissing Rob and covering his lips with his own juices, “Do you think about me Rob?”

“Are you fucking kidding? I hardly do anything but think of you, baby. I think about that tight little pussy,” he said as his fingers rubbed her through her panties, “God you are wet. I think you better take those off.”

April moaned, sitting down on the passenger seat, against the door and facing Rob. One of her legs was up near his head, while the other lay across his lap, her foot playing with his cock. She wriggled out of her panties, giving them to Rob. He held the damp material around his cock, rubbing the remnants of her juices onto him. April watched him, biting her lower lip and moaning softly.

“Touch my pussy, Rob. Touch it while you touch your dick.” April told him.

With one hand still around his cock, Rob kept his other hand busy fingering her cunt. Rob started by gently moving around her pussy lips, but soon April was inching her ass across the seat, urging him to enter her with his fingers. He pushed one digit inside, but April moaned ‘More…”, so he tried another, then another. She shuddered at his touch, and leaned back and closed her eyes. Her hands were caressing her inner thighs, close but not interfering with his touch.

“You are so wet…God, you are soaking…I wish I could get further in there.” Rob was panting as he watched his hand move around inside April. His other hand rubbed faster and faster, up and down, over his cock. He wanted to be inside her, but saw she was really getting off on his hand so let her have her pleasure for now. Her ass cheeks tightened against the seat, then rose up and down rhythmically in time with his hand’s motions. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back against the seat rest. Rob pulled out his index finger, and pushed it against her clit. She tensed a little.

“Oh yes, yes. Touch it, pull it, rub it, please just make me cum…”April began mumbling to herself. Rob was now pulling his cock and Aprils’ clit in time, hoping they could cum together. He could tell she was breathing heavier, a sign that she was nearing her climax. She was biting her lower lip gently and still moving her hips slightly against the push and pull of Rob’s hand.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you, baby?” Rob encouraged her orgasm, “You’re gonna cum on my hand, then you’re gonna lick off all your juices, then you can mix it with my fucking cream from my cock.”

As Rob spoke April exploded. Her legs tensed against the seat, and one kicked the door opposite her. She pushed herself hard against Rob’s hand, pushing him ever further inside her. Being no longer able to resist, she put her own fingers on her clit, joining Rob as he furiously caused friction on her most sensitive spot. She let out a primitive moan Escort that ascended to a scream more befitting a young girl like April. A small gush of her juices passed over Rob’s fingers and out of her pussy, to be squirted over the seat.

The sight of April’s climax set Rob off and his hand became a blur as it jerked his cock. He didn’t want to waste his cum on an air shot, and so turned his body a little, removing his hand from April’s cunt. She grunted as his hand left her, sounding upset, but opened her eyes to see Rob aiming his cock at her swollen pussy lips. He didn’t enter her but slapped his cock against the lips, erupting at the touch. He semen spurted out, some mixing with her short pubic hair, the bigger shots making it up to her belly. April put her fingers in the sticky fluid, rubbing it into her skin, moaning with delight.

Rob remembered what he had said and put his still wet hand from her pussy into April’s open mouth. She sucked hungrily at her juices, licking his fingers. She scooped some of Rob’s cum from her belly and put it to her lips, slowly tasting it, pushing her fingers in and out of her mouth like they were mini cocks covered in cum. Rob moaned and fell backwards into his seat, spent and exhausted.

He looked at the dashboard clock and noticed the time. He was on his lunchbreak, and was due back in ten minutes. Tucking his deflating cock back into his pants, he told April to put her panties back on and clean herself up a little. She eventually found her panties on the floor. Rob dropped her off at the corner of her street, kissing her briefly on the lips before speeding off. April pressed her damp thighs together in anticipation of his return.

Entering her home, April ran up the stairs to the bathroom and had a long shower. She made sure to remove all signs of Rob from her body. Her parents were strict, and watched April for any signs of reckless behaviour. If she stank of sex, they would notice.

After dressing in a light blouse and shorts April went to get something to eat from the kitchen. It was her one free day from work and the house was empty. She always met Rob on her free day and she had come to think of it as her ‘free fuck day’ as it was the only time she could meet him and not have to make something up to excuse herself from those around her. When they were both working they would have to steal moments, always scared of being caught. On the weekends they would have to work out detailed lies to escape from their families and have time together.

Closing the fridge door, April noticed the family gardener was outside, pruning some bushes. She hadn’t seen him when she came in, and hoped that he hadn’t seen her walking in, hair askew and legs wobbling. She chided herself for forgetting that it was his day to come. As she watched him, he looked up at her, smiling in greeting. She smiled back, playing to her role as sweet boss’ daughter. Gregory reminded her of her father, but they were in different roles. Gregory had been on the house staff for about five years, and was always sweet to April, cutting her her favourite flowers from their extensive gardens. He looked gentle and wise, and April wondered if he had a family of his own. She suddenly felt guilty for not knowing anything about him, but assuring herself that he had been in the back garden the whole time April grabbed her soda and took it outside to the pool deck.

Picking the lounge chair in the shade of the beach umbrella, April lay down and settled her drink beside her. Her pussy was still tingling from her time with Rob, and she closed her eyes and let herself drift away, back to his touch

“You’ll get burnt”

A man’s voice woke April from her light slumber. She looked up Escort Bayan to see Gregory standing over her with his rake.

“Pardon?’ she asked.

“The sun. It has moved while you’ve been sleeping. You’ll get burnt if you’re not careful’ He smiled at April.

April sat up and noticed that the umbrella was indeed not shading her anymore.

‘Thank you, Gregory. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“You are worked too hard, dear April. It is good you have these days off to relax, and catch up on your beauty sleep.” Gregory smiled again at April, trying not to look at the gap in her blouse, now exposing an ample cleavage. She yawned and stretched, her breasts thrust forward as her back bent.

Gregory had always admired April. He knew she was not the good girl that her parents thought, or at least wished, her to be. He had seen her come home numerous times, dishevelled, and secretly smiling to herself. The thought of what she was up to was sometimes too much for Gregory, and he would go to the maintenance shed and masturbate till he shot his cum over the dirt floor. Now she was laying before him, teasing him with her beauty, her long brown hair tumbling down over her breasts as she finished stretching and began to get up.

“Thanks again.’ She said as she began to leave the deck. She paused as she walked away, remembering her drink. Her tight shorts strained against her toned ass as she bent down to retrieve the glass. It was almost too much for Gregory to bear, and he subconsciously let out a low groan. April pretended not to notice, but made sure stood up extra slowly, allowing Gregory to get a long look. So, she thought, Gregory doesn’t just think of me as a little girl. She turned around smiling, dazzling him with her white teeth and ruby lips. Tossing her hair, April glanced at Gregory’s shorts and saw what she wanted. An erection was beginning, and his cock was starting to run out of room in those shorts.

“You know, Greg,’ April said in her sweetest voice, ‘I think you work too hard as well. I bet you never get a day off. And in hot weather like this…you really need to relax.” She sat down on the lounge chair again, spreading her legs a little and rubbing her hands slowly over her knees and up her legs. “Can I help you relax?”

Gregory paused, wondering if she was coming onto him, or if he was just imagining it. Her hands were on her thighs, moving up and down the sun-kissed flesh. Gregory looked April in the eyes, and she licked her lips.

“How do you think you can help me relax?” he asked, stepping closer to the lounge chair.

“Well, you do look pretty…tense.” April replied, glancing down at his shorts. “I think I can relieve some of that pressure.”

April reached out, putting her fingers into the pockets of Gregory’s shorts and pulling him closer still. She let out a little moan as her fingers now traced the front seam, running over the ridges of his expanding cock.

“Oh fuck.” Gregory sighed.

“Not yet.” April whispered and tugged at his shorts, pulling them down to his thighs, letting his cock spring out. She felt her pussy tingle at the sight of fresh meat. Leaning forward she opened her mouth and breathed over the head of his penis. The hot air made Greg’s cock tremble. April smiled and looked up at him. Keeping her eyes on him she moved her head forward, mouth open and enveloped his cock slowly. Greg felt it hit the back of her throat as she stopped, and clamped her lips down around it. Her tongue moved inside her mouth, pushing around the cock, making it wet. Greg tensed his buttocks as he felt her chin touching his balls. He still couldn’t believe what was happening.

April began to suck. With her lips still closed she Bayan Escort moved away from Greg, drawing her saliva up the length of his shaft. She paused for a moment at his head, before quickly sucking back down, containing his cock once again in her mouth.

“Faster…” Greg grunted. His hand went to the back of her head, holding her forward on his cock, letting it tickle the back of her throat, before he tugged on her hair, letting her come back up for some air. She took his signal and began to move faster over his penis, sucking and blowing alternately. Both his hands went to her head now, adding pressure to the movements, fucking her face harder. He wanted to cum desperately, his cock aching and his balls full. But he didn’t know if he could still fuck her if he came now, so he reluctantly pulled her head back and off his cock. His pre-cum made a string between the tip of his cock and her lips. April ran her tongue around her mouth, licking all the juices.

“My pussy needs you, Greg. It needs to be fucked so hard.” April pulled her legs up and pulled down her shorts, kicking them off across the ground. She was wearing no panties. April turned around on the lounge chair, pushing her ass out towards Greg as she kneeled on the seat and wrapped her arms around the head rest.

Greg stepped completely out of his shorts and put a leg either side of the chair. His cock stood erect over her tight ass cheeks. April was making small moaning sounds, her pussy twitching to be touched. Greg ran his hands over his cock, making them wet with his pre-cum. He pushed one wet finger gently into the lips of April’s pussy, making her gasp. She was wet inside and more than ready to be entered. Bending his legs a little to allow his cock access upwards, Greg aimed his penis and pushed slowly. There was little resistance up her slippery cunt and Greg felt himself become completely enclosed within her.

“Ohh, fuck that feels fantastic.” April breathed, closing her eyes and pushing gently back against Greg. He pushed forward still more, until he felt his balls touch her ass. He steadied his feet on the ground as he pulled out a little and reached around to feel her tits through her light blouse. Squeezing them, Greg thrust upwards again.

They began to fuck in rhythm, pussy and cock meeting harder and harder. Greg began to pant, like a dog, as they moved together like two animals.

“Harder, harder…” April pleaded, the lounge chair creaking under their furious movements. She was contracting her pussy around his cock, pulling on it with her tight pussy muscles. Greg had never had a fuck like it and the intense pleasure was too much to handle.

“I’m cumming” he managed to gasp.

April pulled off his cock quickly, and turned around, sitting on the lounge chair his cock aimed straight at her mouth.

“On my face, baby, let me taste it”

Greg obliged, his cock exploding, cum spraying in fits and starts over her entire face. She closed her eyes, letting her face be covered by the white cream. Her tongue darted out to catch some, licking it up eagerly. She was moaning, one hand on her tits, the other rubbing her sensitive pussy.

As Greg’s cock began to deflate he heard a car pull up in the driveway. Cursing, he grabbed his shorts, pulled them on and ran for his shed. April didn’t seem to care who was coming home, her hand still massaging her pussy as she lay back on the lounge, moaning softly.

“Is anyone home?” said a voice from inside the house.

“Mmmm” is all April could manage.

A shadow came over April, blocking the sun. She had heard his footsteps and knowing who it was, continued to masturbate.

“You look like you had an eventful day” said Nicholas, April’s mother’s new husband. His cock was tingling at the sight of the spent teenager, touching her obviously raw pussy in front of him.

“It’s never enough” said April, opening her eyes and winking at him. She could never have enough.

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