Ass Woman Kissed


Many, many years ago I read a book called “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. It’s stayed in my memory all this time because of its form: almost completely dialogue.

Thought I’d give that a go with the always welcome twist of anal. Comments (pro and con) are encouraged.


“Hello? Hello…I’m here!”

“Susan? Over here, it’s Mike. Wait, just stay there and I’ll come to you. Just keep talking and I’ll follow your voice.”

“Okay, Mike, thank God and trust me, I won’t move. Oh…I can hear you walking, you’re very close.”

“Almost there, taking it slow in case there’s something in the walk path.”

“Yes, please be careful, I’m already scared to death.”

“I will. Wave a hand in front of you if ya don’t mind.”

“Okay, I’m doing it…oh there you are!”

“Gotcha. You’re okay now. Are you hurt?”

“No, just terrified. What happened?”

“Not sure. I was talking to Steve on my personal cell and he told me there was a blackout on the east side of the county, something to do with the grid. Next thing I know, the power went out and the call dropped.”

“Wow, my first thought was terrorists or something like that.”

“I’m kinda hoping for aliens. Maybe a little War of the World’s action.”

“Oh dear God! You’re crazy. So where’s your phone? The flashlight woulda been handy navigating this building in the dark.”

“Well, I was on the balcony over the atrium and it slipped outta my hand. I heard it break. I don’t understand why the back-up generators haven’t kicked on anyway.”

“Oh, I forgot about them. Maybe it is aliens after all.”

“See? And you said I was crazy. Have you just stayed in your office the whole time?”

“Yes. Randy and the others left right away but I figured the lights would come back on or the generators. I really didn’t want to be walking around this maze in the dark.”

“And you wouldn’t have had to if you had your phone. I’ve been saying for months that it’s a safety issue to leave them.”

“I agree but I see their point. There’s a lot of proprietary equipment in here, if you’re taking pictures, well, there could be sabotage or espionage, something.”

“And who on this staff do you think would even consider that? With the money they pay us? They just don’t want operators and engineers on Facebook or guys like me watching porn all day.”

“Thank you for making me laugh. I’m really glad it was you that found me. By the way, why didn’t you leave?”

“I thought about it but remember, I was right there over the door. It’s pitch black outside and when I say pitch black, I mean it. It must be overcast because there’s nothing even from the moon, no light whatsoever. Some people made their way out there, I heard ’em but I couldn’t see any headlights. The biggest problem is that I can’t find security so we’d need a code to even get out now. We’re safe here. Got bored and figured I’d see if anyone else stayed.”

“So we’re the only two still in the facility? Other than security, I’m sure a couple of them are in the control room.”

“As far as I can tell. I’m pretty sure security is gone, too. I just went from the atrium this way because there’s vending machines over here.”

“Vending machines won’t work without power you silly man.”

“I know but it’s a state of emergency, I was gonna kick the glass outta one but I found you on the way.”

“I’m glad you did and happy I must rate higher than Mountain Dew since you’ve stayed. Do you want to sit down?”

“Yeah, why the hell are we standing in the doorway? Hey, you still have that cozy sofa in here?”

“Sure do. And no, you’re not using it to take a nap. Give me your hand, this is the one room in here that I know the lay-out blindfolded.”

“Who’d a thunk it, you and me finally holding hands in the dark and heading to a couch. It’s about damn time.”

“Crazy! Keep making me laugh. Here it is.”

“Oh, hell yeah, might as well sit in my lap if you’re gonna be that close.”

“In all seriousness, I’m scared Mike. It’s got to have been an hour, maybe more. Would you mind holding me?”

“There’s not a guy on this earth that’d say no to that. Better?”

“That’s nice but…I know you were just kidding but can I…can I sit in your lap? I mean would that be inappropriate given the circumstances? Oh, oh wow, you’re strong. I guess it’s okay, huh? Thank you.”

“Trust me Susan, I’m getting the better end of this deal. I’ve thought about something like this quite a bit over the years.”

“Oh Mike, are you ever serious?”

“I’m being serious right now. You’re a beautiful, very sexy woman and the only reason I’ve never pursued it is because we both know you’re outta my league. I mean, I’m happy we’re friends and hope nothing changes when power gets restored but I’ve always been attracted to you.”

“Oh my. T-thank you, I never knew but that’s as flattering a thing as anyone has said to me in a long time, especially coming from you. Since you’re being transparent, I’ve had feelings for you also but my life is…very complicated.”

“Really? We need to work something Sex Hikayeleri out. Hell, let’s just go to dinner or something when this is over. I’ll work through any complications to be with you. You’re as nice a person as I know, sooo classy, sooo gorgeous. All the guys here think that, they’re just intimidated, hell, I am.”

“Stop. And not all the men put me on some pedestal, trust me. And if you only knew, I’m certainly not worthy of one. Classy? That makes me laugh. Anyway, you’re making me blush, not that you can tell. Ohhh…”

“Yeah, your face is warm. See, I can tell.”

“No, no, put it back, your hand feels nice against my cheek. Mmmmm.”

“Not for nothing, that’s cool but now my arm is right between your boobs.”

“I know, but you’re not really touching anything. It’s alright.”

“Yeah, maybe right now but, uh, I’m still a guy and we all follow the little captain into battle if ya know what I mean. We’re gonna be talking about something popping up if we don’t change positions.”

“Seriously, Mike?”

“Yes, seriously. Did you not hear what I said? My brain knows we’re just friends, the uh, tool just knows you’re smoking hot. Add to that the fact that I might actually have a chance…”

“Thank you. Again. You don’t appreciate the, uh, complications. When the lights come back, I’ll, I don’t know, don’t want to think about that. Well, I guess we’ll just deal with something ‘popping up’ if it happens because I have no interest in moving. I understand it’s just a biological reaction. It’s okay.”

“If you say so. I don’t really wanna move either, truth be told, I wanna hold you as long as I can. And I’ll let it drop ’til you’re ready but like i said, there’s no problem imaginable that I wouldn’t hurdle for you.”

“Perfect, my knight in shining armor. I still hope the lights come back on soon. When they do, maybe we could talk about doing more of this when…oh my! Oh Mike…I didn’t think…oh my, I can feel it. I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t embarrass you but…you must be wearing very loose slacks.”

“See? I warned you. If this is weird for you, I understand, we can adjust or something.”

“I…no, uh, it’s…it’s fine. I’m not so concerned about the blackout anymore.”

“Alright, I gotta put this out there just on the off chance. Do you want me to make love to you? Can I?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but feeling you, feeling you against me. The hell with my…baggage. Yes. Make love to me, please make love to me.”


“Jesus, even if I just get a picture of ’em, I have to see these in the light! They feel amazing…so firm!”

“Mmmmm…you will, ohhh…you can twist my nipples harder if you want. Ohhh…yes, suck them, nibble…yesss…oh God!”

“Damn Susan, I could, I would do this all night but I gotta get you outta this skirt. Oh, here’s the zipper. Baby, I can’t wait to taste you.”

“Oh God, I can’t wait ’til you do, haven’t been touched in, well, awhile. Here, let me sit up a bit…there, you can pull it down now.”

“Is this a…holy shit, a thong? I’m gonna rip my pants! Never woulda figured you for that…fuck, you’re so wet. Lift up for me again…yeah…there we go.”

“Oh Mike, Mike I’m wet because this is so wonderful! Tell me what you’re going to do to me. Please, keep talking, tell me!”

“That’s so hot, hearing you say that, you’re a dirty girl, Susan.”

“You’ve no idea, Mike. I’m dirtier than…oh, ohhhmigod…ohhh, Mike!”

“That’s just two fingers, baby, and I can tell that’s only ’cause you’re soaked. Feel like a damned virgin. Mmmmmm, so sweet.”

“Did you just lick your fingers? Wait, w-where are you going?”

“Just getting outta these clothes ’cause after I eat that sweet pussy ’til you can’t stand it anymore I’m gonna shove my dick inside you immediately. And you’re damned right I licked my fingers, not wasting a drop.”

“That sounds fantastic, I…do you want me to sit back…like this?”

“Yeah, put your legs on my shoulders.”

“Okay, is that good, oh wait, wait…Wait! I don’t mean to be a buzzkill. Sorry for the bad timing but before we get carried away, do you have protection by any chance?”

“Fuck…no, I don’t. I’ll pull out, I promise.”

“Okay, you just absolutely can’t come inside me. But I trust you. I mean…well, you can just come on me, or finish in my mouth. In fact…if you want, there’s coconut oil in my purse…”

“Holy shit Susan, please don’t finish that sentence! If I hear you say that I can fuck you in the ass, I’ll blow my load right now.”

“Don’t do that…not yet anyway but, well, let’s just leave it there. It’s an option.”

“Stop, just stop. We will definitely revisit all of that but right now I’m getting drunk off of this scent. Can I finally eat this pussy?”

“Yes, it’s just….Aaaaah! Ohmigod, ohhh! Up and down…my God, ohmigod! Push your tongue in a little deeper, fuck, yes, fuck! Oh that’s good, sooo gooood! Ohhh, eat me Mike, eat my pussy!”

“Mmmmm, like honey!”


“Yes, yes! Ohhh, flick my clit…suck on Erotik Hikayeler it. Aaaaah, Miiiike!! Eat meeeee! Oh, yeah, do that just wet it first, it’s tight back there. Shove it in my pussy and get it weettttt!!”


“Ohgod, oh yes, oh yes!! Push it in slowly, nice and sloooow! Oh, baby, ohgod, I can take two if you go easy…ohhh, that’ll make me cum!!”


“Yes, yes, yes, put ’em both in my ass! Slow, go slow…ohhh, that’s soo fucking gooood! Oh Mike, Mike you’re gonna make me cum so hhaaarrrrrddd!!!”


“Damn, Susan, you give head like a pornstar and I mean that as the highest compliment.”

“Thank you. Well, you took care of me like you’ve had a lot of practice, so I tried my best. By the way, you drink pineapple juice don’t you?”

“Yep, just for that reason. Wasn’t planning on it coming into play tonight but I’m glad it worked out for the best.”

“I’ll say. I didn’t even swallow all your jizz right away, I wanted to savor it for a while.”

“Whoa, it’s still a little sensitive, gimme a minute before you start trying to wake him up. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before I’m drilling that pussy.”

“You can’t say that right after you tell me to hold on. I don’t suppose you could…”

“…go down on you again? Yes, I certainly can. Lie back and spread ’em.”

“I hope this doesn’t make me sound too, too slutty, but if I get the oil you can probably get three, maybe four fingers in my ass. Might as well, right?”

“Fuck, I can’t believe I just heard that; from you! Will you marry me? Get the stuff.”


“You probably know this but I have to say it for my own…protection. There’s no such thing as too much lube and when you think there’s enough, add some more, okay?”

“Lemme tell you something; the hottest woman I know basically asked me to fist her in the ass. I’m gonna use as much as physically possible, believe me.”

“Thank you, for all of this! Okay, yes, you can go a little faster with that first one. Ohhh, spin it around like a top a little…yes, yes, like that exactly. Alright, that’s good, let’s get the second one in there.”

“Hard to imagine from what I just felt that you can even fit two, I know you can ’cause I’ve had ’em in there, but still.”

“Yes, it’s tight, or so I’ve been told but it’s pretty elastic, too. Oh yeah, yes, perfect pace…nice and smooth. Ohh this is getting really good Mike. You can use your tongue when you get ’em all in and I promise I won’t…ohhh, I promise I won’t last very…aaahhh…very long.”

“Last as long as you want, I could go down on you for hours. Okay, pulling out and going for number three if you’re ready.”

“Yes, do it!”


“Ohmigod…hold that! Aaahhh…don’t move. It’s stretched so…far. Oh fuck, this is amazing! Let me…adjust a little bit and maybe…we can try…squeezing your thumb…in, your thumb…in, too.”

“Jesus, Susan are you sure? I feel like my fingers are in a hot vice now.”

“Please…just let’s…try…ohhh fuck, ohhh!”


“Too much! Ohhh, you were…right.”

“Are you alright, did I hurt you? Lemme pull ’em all.”

“No, no! Please god no! J-just your…thumb. The rest stay. Ooohhh, it’s fucking goood! So, so gooood!”

“Probably not the same from my end but I love having my fingers in your asshole.”

“Just wait ’til…you’re f-fucking me…oohhh back there. Aaaaah…okay, keep s-still again, I’m gonna bump…bump against you. Wwhhooo…ohmigod…ohmigod, yes! Yes, yes, yes!! Ohhh, Mike! Eat my pussy Mike!! Eat meaaaahhhhhh!!!”


“Susan! Susan, are you okay?”

“Huh, what? Yes, yes I’m fine. I think I fainted a little. Wow. Amazing.”

“Wow is right. It was like a faucet opened, ‘squirt is pee’ my ass. That was sweet nectar.”

“I would guess so; when you pressed on my clit, my god, it was like getting electrocuted with pleasure. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“You don’t have to, my ears are still ringing from your screaming.”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve never been happier in my life, making you cum like that.”

“Good, I’m relieved to hear you say that. You wanna hear something funny?”

“What’s that?”

“I can feel air going in my ass. It must still be gaped a little.”

“That is ‘funny’ I guess. Is that a good thing?”

“It’s not really good or bad, it just is.”

“How long before there’s room for more than just air in there?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m gonna need a little break. It’s kinda throbbing, not hurt, I promise. But not just yet. Can you lay down with me for a little while and I’ll let you know? Your choice, any hole you want.”

“All of ’em if ya don’t mind. Scooch over some so I can spoon you.”

“Mmmm, that’s nice. Keep playing with my nipples and it’ll speed up my recovery.”


“You’re gonna tell me everything, right? I want to know what you’re feeling and I’ll share with you, also. Okay?”

“Sure. Still never woulda figured you for dirty talk. Or thongs, anal, Tecavüz Hikayeleri swallowing, fisting…”

“…Stop, you think I’m a dirty whore now don’t you?”

“Susan, if you say one more thing like that, we’re gonna have issues. All I’m saying is that you’re far more…liberated…than I imagined. Now compared to pre-blackout? You’re even sexier and light years more of a turn-on than you ever were in fantasy. Now drop that nonsense. Nope, hush, we’re moving on. Okay, I’m about to slide my hard dick into your asshole and I already know from feeling around in there that it’s gonna be unreal. Ready?”

“Ready? Ohmigod yes! Fuck me, fuck my dirty little ass, Mike.”

“Okay, here we go, the collector’s edition narrated by the director himself.”

“Ha, only you could make me laugh right now. Quit it, crazy man.”

“Okay, we got coconut oil dripping off my dick and I’m rubbing the head in little circles around your asshole. Feels firm and soft at the same time. Warm.”

“I’m winking it for you, can you feel that?”

“Oh fuck yes I feel it! Just when I think you can’t get any sexier. Okay, I’m going in slow and it’s already getting tight…and slick, tight and slick.”

“Mmmm, Mike this is gonna be so good!”

“Jesus Susan, it’s like putting a hot glove on that’s a size too small. Fuck me! You had almost my whole hand inside you and yet you’re choking my dick. Unbelievable!”

“Oohhh, I told you; resilient. Aaahhh, you’re head is in my sphincter! Oohhh that’s…just wow! Stick it all the way in, one shot, don’t stop, okaaaay? Aaaaahh!”

“Can’t stop, fuck! Fuck it’s so hot. So fucking hot, tight…your asshole is like a steaming, juicy…I don’t know what. Tight, Jesus, pulsing tight.”

“Ohhh, oh God your dick feels incredible! You’re so hard! Like a rock, ohmygooodd!”

“That’s all your ass, don’t think I’ve ever been so hard. Man, gotta be about half…holy fuck, what was that? Did you do that on purpose?”

“Did you like it?”

“Like it, fuck! You almost made me cum.”

“Just a little flex for you, for making me feel sooo good. Don’t stop, keep going.”

“You made me stop, I don’t think I coulda moved, put me on lockdown. That was mind-blowing but I’d take it easy with that unless you want this load right away. Okay, almost there, almost buried in your smoking, python constriction of an ass.”

“Mmmmm, this is wonderful. I can feel the veins in your dick…so deep. Oohhh.”

“Almost there, oh Susan. Aaahhh, couldn’t wait, huh? Pushing back to get it all. Dirty, dirty girl.”

“I couldn’t take it…anymore. Oohhh, you’re filling me…so deep. Can’t breath! Ohhh, Mike, start fucking me. J-just do it! Fuck me! Fuck meeee! Aaaaah, fuck my ass!!!”

“Yeah, you got it. Hold this sweet ass so I can go harder!”

“Yes! Harder!! Fuck my ass haaarrdderrr!”

“Yeah, yeah! Take it!! Fuck the hell outta you, take it!!!”

“Ohg-god! Oh M-Mike… Fuck meeee!!!”


“I’m gonna cum, Susan! Fuck I’m gonna cum in your asssss! Fuck! Fuuuccck!”

“Ohhhhh, Mike! It’s hot, I feeeel it! Flood my ass, fill my dirty ass!!! Aaaaahh!”


“Damn, you’re insatiable. Lemme guess, you want ass fuck number four?”

“I want you to fuck me wherever you want. And if you were a woman and felt what I’ve felt tonight, well you’d be insatiable, too.”

“I need to fuck your pussy, still. Guess I’d have to clean this tired little guy off first.”

“I have some wipes in my purse. Very gentle.”

“Okay. Maybe I could just stick it in your asshole one more time. Damn, I need two dicks, three, I want to be inside you everywhere at the…hey, you see that?”

“Ohmigod, it’s lights, flashlights. Finally.”

“That’s gotta be security…or the cops.”

“It’s security, I’m certain.”

“How are you ‘certain’?”

“Well, remember how I told you not all guys are scared to approach me and how there’s complications, why I don’t deserve any…pedestal?”

“Yeah, you’re wrong but I remember. What’s this have to do with security?”

“Alright, I’m just gonna spit it out. I’ve been sleeping with Zeke for the last year or so and…”

“Zeke, the captain or whatever? Okay.”

“That’s not all, Mike. I’m not sure how it happened but in the last few months I’ve been…oh, please, please don’t judge me. Recently I’ve been having sex with Walt, Dan and Ray also. Sometimes they share me, all four of them together.”

“Holy shit!”

“Oh, there’s nothing holy about it. It was starting to get outta hand, I mean I was sore all the time. So now they draw straws or something to see who gets to have me one-on-one most shifts and I only get gangbanged once a week. Tonight.”

“I-I don’t even know what to say. Holy shit!”

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have let us happen but I wanted to be with you at least once before…you know, you found out or I stopped this madness.”

“Susan, I’ll be honest, this is a lot to process. Fuck, a shit-ton but I don’t regret one second. Not one.”

“You’re gonna make me cry. I guess you have choices and I want to give you one more. You can join us if you’d like.”

“Um, I don’t know, I uh…yeah, sure. What am I saying, yes, fucking hell yes!”

“Oh, thank you! This is gonna be fantastic! Hi guys, it’s about time! You know Mike, right? We got started a little early.”

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