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This is my second story for Nifty, so I guess I should be getting better. This is the second chapter of six. This one will traverse some darker themes but hopefully be worth it in the long haul, like Les Miserables but with 100% less singing.  

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“Stay back Woz”

The man obeyed for now, uncertain of my intentions. The Remington was still in his hands though, loaded.

I pushed the kid sideways, towards the red Ford on the roadside. Fumbling in my pocket, I managed to trigger the automatic unlock. Orange lights flashed and the car gave a reassuring “bleep bleep”.

“When I tell you, get in the passenger side kid. No stupid shit…I will kill you if I have to. Understand?”

The boy was shaking so much I couldn”t tell if he was nodding or afraid. Then I heard a soft “o…ok”.

Raising my voice, I looked up at Woz.

“I don”t suppose you are willing to come quietly now Woz?”

He looked lost, but still defiant.

“When you are ready to come in on your own steam Woz, ring me. You know my number. Till then, me and the boy will be getting better acquainted…I promise not to damage him too much. If you don”t take too long.”

I opened the passenger door and shoved the kid into the opening.

“Now Mikey…in.”

Before Woz could get a clear shot, I did a combat roll over the bonnet and scampered in the driver”s side. I heard the shotgun, a single round, and the scream of pellets past my ear. Then I felt the burn of impact, my shoulder feeling like hot irons had rasped over it. I didn”t have time to worry though and managed to gun the car into life. Flooring the accelerator, I headed into the street in a cloud of tyre smoke, picking up speed as we tore down towards the T intersection at the bottom.

In my rear view mirror I saw Woz climb into his Chrysler, the car pulling out and following. Woz had hit the metal too, and I saw him gaining in spite of my complete disregard for road rules. I indicated left, then pulled a right at the last second, wheels screaming a protest as we darted off down a main street, traffic and pedestrians now visible on either side. Keeping a watch behind, I saw the Chrysler weaving through traffic in vain attempt to get closer.

“Your Dad definitely isn”t giving up kid. Time for some fun.”

There was an intersection ahead, the lights turning orange just as we approached. I hit the accelerator.

“What are you doing?”

It was the first thing the boy had said since the guns came out. Maybe he was recovering; pity that probably wouldn”t last.

“Hang on kid…”

His eyes widened as we continued to accelerate, the light now firmly red. I saw the traffic either side begin to move, the gap closing as we sped towards it.

Now he screamed and closed his eyed. A part of me wished I could too. We made it, just, slotting the gap between a taxi and an eighteen-wheeler. Horns blared, tyres screeched as cars and trucks hit their brakes and stopped suddenly. I could just make out the Chrysler, hitting the brakes at the last second and doing a handbrake turn, ending up sliding around 180 degrees and coming to a halt amongst the confusion of the intersection.

I realised I was sweating and felt more alive than I had for the last month. There was too much to be done to enjoy it though, and too many questions nagging at my brain. Most of them were personified in the kid sitting next to me in the car, his breathing ragged and his eyes out on stalks. First thing first.

Pulling out the cuffs I had intended for Woz, I snapped one around his left wrist, attaching the other to the headrest.

“Hey! What the…”

“Just so you don”t think about jumping out before we reach our destination boy. Relax and enjoy…this is going to be a long drive.”

I made a mental note to air out the car before I returned it to Avis. The stench of urine was pretty hard to take. Even the boy was noticing it now, and the spreading dark patch on his pants. He looked embarrassed, as well as terrified. I triggered the child lock, securing all the passenger doors, before I turned to him casually. Maybe talking would help him relax; it might also distract him enough to forget trying to escape.

“So kid…what did you have to tell your Dad so urgently?”


“I said, what did you have to tell your Dad? You were in a busting hurry to talk to him about something.”

“Why the fuck should I tell you?”

“Well, I do know your Dad, so I might be able to gauge how he will react. Conversely, given the circumstances, I doubt I will be telling him anything. So, I”m the perfect soundboard. Fire away.”

The boy considered for a while, as the streets sped past. Eventually he came to some sort of decision, or at least a partial one.

“How long did you know my Dad?”

“I told you, he was about your age when we first met.”

“Did you two…did you two do anything together…I mean, physically?”

Now I was the one to be floored.

“The hell made you ask that?”

“N…nothing…I…just…I hear him in the morning, I mean there”s only one bedroom and the sofa, and he”s on the sofa and I can hear him when I get up, and he talks in his sleep a lot. And other things…and I heard him, lots of times, saying something like “Brian”, and moaning, and it sounded like…well, it sounded like…”



I let it ride for a while, adjusting to this idea. The kid had to be wrong. He must be wrong. Woz only took, he never gave, and he never gave a shit.

A beautiful young stud laid out for me, his skin shining with sweat. Our tent was cramped, and hot like a furnace, but I didn”t mind…it meant Woz went naked, like me, and I saw his exposed body, the way his cock sort of pulsed, semi hard. I knew what was making it move. He stirred, moaning, and looked over at me with a grin.

“Hey Sarge…any chance of some morning fun?”

“I thought you”d never ask Woz…”

He zonguldak escort lay back, relaxed, that grin broadening as I reached for his cock, and cupped his testicles, rolling them in the velvet bag of his sack. Soft little sighs…and a throaty moan as I licked out his tip still barely inside his foreskin, my long pointed tongue coming in use to service my stud, lapping at his tip inside its hiding place then suckling his head as his cock reached full erection and his beautiful fat purple head swelled in my mouth. Straight my ass…

The kid”s voice jolted me back to the here and now.

“Why did you and Dad leave the army?”

“He left after me kid.”

“Why did you?”

I grunted, my expression sour.

“Don”t ask don”t tell.”

“I don”t know what you want then; how can I tell if I don”t ask and you don”t tell me?”

“Fuck kid, are you totally dense? I didn”t mean it as an order. It”s the policy they had when your Dad and me were there. If you were into guys, keep it to yourself. They won”t ask, you don”t tell, and nobody has to do anything about it.”

Now he turned to look at me, his expression suddenly animated.

“You mean, you asked?”

“No…I told. Sort of. Well, I didn”t have much choice. Someone reported me, and that was it. DD…dishonourable discharge.”

“Who told on you?”

“Your Dad.”

That stopped him in his tracks.


“There were reasons, kid. It”s complicated. Everything about that time was complicated. Stuff you should never know, stuff no one should ever know. At least that”s what I used to think.”

“Dad refuses to talk about it.”

“Smart man, your Dad. I know I called him a moron, but he was the smartest guy I knew. And the sexiest. Fucking hell he was hot…is hot. Looks like you take after him, lucky boy.”

“Maybe, maybe not…”


“I guess…well, you”re like the only gay adult I”ve ever known like to talk to and stuff.”

Something deep inside curled up in a ball at that. It was heartwarming and pathetic and troubling, that I of all the guys, in all the fucked up situations, would be the gay advisor to this lost boy. Still, I wanted to know, so I nodded at him to continue.

“Yeah, I…well, when I came home, I wanted to see him because I wanted to get in first before anyone got to him. See, I was at school, and we had gym before lunch. I liked to work out during lunch, so I stayed. One of my friends did too; he”s one of the best footballers in the school, and I really like him. We”ve been…well, we”ve been fooling around for a bit, nothing major, but we got talking and joking, and he was begging for it, so I gave him a blowjob. There was this storage room in the gym, nobody ever goes in it and so I thought we were safe but…”

“You got sprung.”

“Yeah, the coach of the softball team came in looking for some shit. Totally blown…sorry, bad choice…”

“I”m guessing your friend rediscovered his straightness pretty fast. They are like that straight guys, a blowjob is a blowjob, it doesn”t mean they love you or anything.”

“He made out I forced him, blackmailed him and stuff, and he wasn”t a…well, like me. They bought it, I guess they didn”t want to suspend one of their best linemen or expose him. Just me…so I got suspended, and it was round the whole school by the time I got back to my locker. I wanted to tell Dad I was gay before anyone from school did.”

“I love the irony kid. And part of me would love to be the one to tell the asshole, just to see his expression. Don”t worry…I won”t do it. Still, after what he did to me…karma is sweet sometimes.”

“How…how do you think he will react?”

“I don”t know kid. I hope he loves you as much as he did before. Mine beat the shit out of me and threw me out of home when he found out. Similar situation to yours, just the captain from the water polo team instead of a footballer. I think…I think Woz will be ok, but he may need time.”

“So, now you owe me something.”

“How you figure that?”

“I told you, so you tell me.”

“We”ll see.”

“Why do you want to take my Dad in? What has he done? And what was he doing before he came back here? Are you a cop or something?”

Now it was my turn to stare straight ahead and sigh.

“Do I look like a cop? You know how I said you should be the one to tell him you”re gay, even though I might want to? Well, that”s one he needs to be the one to tell you, even though I”d like to tell you. It”s his right; and his obligation.”

“He won”t come. He doesn”t give a shit about me. The fucker left me for dead.”

“Yes he will. I know him better than you; I know about this better than you.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw the look on his face kid. And unlike you, I know about these things. Your Dad didn”t know my intentions, all he knew was there were many ways that standoff ended bad and not many it ended good, for you most of all. Even still, when he got clear, he went for his gun to try something, anything, and he damn near wiped himself out at that intersection.”

“Most of all though kid, I saw his face when I held the gun to your head. I”ve seen that look before, when someone faces losing the thing that means the most to them in their lives. Trust me kid, if in that moment he could have guaranteed your safety by dying then and there, he would have. I know that look. He just didn”t trust me or know what I was about enough to make the call.”

The kid was silent then, and I could tell he was troubled. I thought I could work out why too; he had tried to rationalise his position, chatting with his new gay buddy and seemingly secure for now. It would be so much easier to adjust to if his Dad was an asshole who didn”t give a flying fuck. He had to deal with the reality instead; that his Dad might die to protect him, soon, and at my hands.

“What are you going to do with him?”

“Some people want to talk to him kid.”



“Do you ever not bullshit Brian?”

“Almost never kid…except when I”m serious.”

I pulled into the parking area, slotting into the carefully numbered spot. Unit 23…serviced apartment hell, but nice enough for here. The studio apartment was small, but reasonably well equipped, and in a generally quiet area. It suited me till now, it would have to do while I worked out what to do next.

Plan B. Life always needed a plan B. And frequently a plan C and D too. For now, I would try B.

“O.k. kid, I am going to get out and come round your side, then I”m going to lead you up to the unit. It”s comfy, you”ll like it, cable TV and all. We are going to spend some time together, until your Dad does what I know he will, and you will stay calm and strong for him like he tunalı escort would want you to. Understand?”

“Aye aye Sarge.”

“How the fuck…?”

“Dad..when he talked in his sleep. Brian was “Sarge” sometimes, and I could tell he meant something.”

“Do me a favour kid, don”t call me that. I”m a civilian now, just a normal Joe. That was a while ago.”

I got out, still troubled, and walked round to the passenger door, hauling the kid out by his shirt. If I was a little rough, I blamed my troubled mind, and the thoughts of Woz that circled ever faster. This was not going to plan; but no plan of action ever survived first contact with the enemy. I even remembered teaching that to Woz, in one of our early talks in the barracks.

“Private Wozniacki reporting sir!”

I looked the earnest young man up and down, taking in the newness of his fatigues, the quiver of his eyes, and the line of his body. Something about him caught me straight away, the scent of his sweat, the sight of his bulge, he was a hot package all right. Something else though; the look in his eye, a twinkle, but also an innocence. Here was one who could be bad, but never really bad. He made me feel protective, as well as horny.

“Do us both a favour Fuzzy, and don”t call me sir. Save that for officers, they like that shit. I”m Specialist Martinek, or Specialist in company. When it”s just us, Brian will do fine.”

“Thanks S….Brian.”

“Now, I”ve been assigned as your buddy, sort of mentor. You just cracked the jackpot…I”m the best there is. It”s my job to teach you the ropes, keep you out of trouble, and get you to PV2 as fast as possible. Going to work with me Fuzzy?”

“Yes Brian. Uh…Brian. Permission to ask a question?”

“Fuzzy, just go ahead and ask.”

“Why Fuzzy?”

“That”s your first lesson…”

I couldn”t stop looking into his eyes, all the time I was teaching him, just to see that twinkle. He was a good student too. The best I had.

“O.k. kid…up those stairs.”

The kid trotted slowly, my pistol digging a hole in his back the whole way. He needed a reminder of how serious this was, if only to keep this under control. I didn”t need any more unexpected interference from the kid, I had already made one mistake thanks to him and that was two too many.

We reached the doorway, and I pulled out the swipe card, seeing the little green light flash as the door swung inwards. I pushed the kid in, past the sink and kitchenette, heading for the bed.

“Right Mikey. Strip off…I don”t want to be smelling piss the whole time I”m here, and you reek. Come on…off with them. All of them, I”ll wash your clothes here so you will have them back soon.”

He hesitated then, and I had to get the gun out and point it at him before he obeyed, reluctantly. Off came his pants, then his shirt, then finally he dropped his soaking boxers to the floor. I waved the gun towards the cupboard next to the kitchenette, and he looked quizzically for a moment before getting the hint and walking over to open it up. He found the front loader and threw his clothes in, adding a generous portion of powder and setting the machine for a wash cycle. He clearly knew what he was doing, so he appeared at least partially domesticated.

He stood then, uncertainty taking over again, his hands covering his genitals. I had a good view regardless and couldn”t help but take a look. The resemblance to my memories of Woz were startling; even disturbing. Same height, same lean body budding with muscle, same shy smile, same twinkle in his eye. Apart from the hair colouring, it was like looking at my beloved Woz again. The memories cut like a knife.



“Sorry…just you look a lot like your Dad.”

“I didn”t believe when Mum first told me. When I saw him though, I knew she must be right.”

“Tell me, if I”m allowed a question oh barrack room lawyer, what happened? How did your Mum and Woz…?”

“Mum told me a year ago. According to her, they were highschool sweethearts in their senior year. Dad was pretty nice, but they didn”t like have sex or anything, he wanted to wait he said. But after their Prom, he got drunk, and they ended up doing it in a field. She knew she was pregnant before they finished senior year, but she never told him. He was going into the army, his family didn”t have enough for college and he wanted to, and she didn”t want to make him change his plans. They broke up, and she didn”t see him again, thanks to both their parents agreeing to keep them apart.”

“So now you have a Dad again…”

“Mum…she got sick, about a year ago. She told me about Dad then and tried to find him. She managed to track him through my Gran, and he agreed to take me on at least until I finished school.”

“So…my Woz decided to try and be the Dad you needed. I guess I should be impressed…”

“I know he must have done bad stuff to you, and you said he had reasons, but he”s been good to me the last few months at least.”

“I”m just jealous kid.”

Yes, jealous. One of my secret fantasies had always been Woz and me, together, adopting a kid of our own. He was never as good looking as this even in my fantasies; I had never imagined a younger thinner Woz of course, just some random kid who we got to have as part of our family, someone to love and bind us together. In realised too, that I would always have shied away from the idea of Woz fucking a woman, making a new life between them. My fantasies said more about me than I cared to admit.

He was still looking at me, the kid, and I realised he was looking at my shoulder. I reached up with one hand and notice there was a tear in my jacket. My hand came away bloodied.

“You”re hurt!”

“Yeah, just a scratch though I think.”

“Let me help…”

“First thing”s first kid. Stay there a second.”

I rummaged in my bag, finding what I was looking for. First, I threw a pair of my boxers at the kid, and he put them on happily, glad I think to have something to keep the eyes of the disquieting man from his assets. I got a good sight of them though, when he caught my boxers in his hands and bent to put them on. Just like Woz there too…long shaft, plump and soft, with the long foreskin quivering as he moved. Heavy scrotum, carrying two large man orbs. I realised I was hardening, despite the situation, but the view was quickly interrupted by blue fabric and I let out a soft sigh of regret. He picked that up too and smiled a cheeky smile. This one would break hearts.

“Now you are decent…or slightly less indecent anyway, we need to have a serious talk. First, I”m going to need to take care of you. This is mainly so I don”t have to worry. Now, sit on that chair there.”

tunceli escort The boy obeyed, his eyes frightened again. I showed him what else I had taken from my bag, and he shuddered.

“I need to make sure you are where I can keep you safe kid. And know I don”t have to worry. So…sit.”

He did, and I bent to do what I had to quickly before he recovered. Ankles tied together, so he couldn”t walk, and then tied to the heavy chair screwed into the carpet to avoid theft. I thanked the Lord for dishonest guests of serviced apartments past.

“I will leave your hands untied for now kid, but when I leave you will need to be fully restrained. It”s for your own good Mikey.”

He nodded, his head down. I grunted, satisfied. He seemed compliant, which was what I needed.

With the kid under control, I put the gun down on the table, and took off my jacket, then my shirt. It hurt, and I realised for the first time that I had taken more than just a scratch. I stood to do some exercises, testing the movement in my arm. It seemed to work, even though everything hurt like shit.

Glancing up at the kid, I saw he was looking at me, but not at my face. His eyes were locked on my torso, his pink tongue slightly extended and his eyes glazed.

“Like what you see kid?”

He grinned then, a cheeky grin and shrugged.

“Sorry…you are kind of hot for an old guy. Leaner than most too…lots of older guys have a big gut but you”re all flat and hard…”

“Thanks…I think.”

“All those scars…”

“With the stuff I”ve done kid, I”m surprised there aren”t more.”

“You look like the hot daddies on Pornhub…better even “cos you”re real…”

“Like hot daddies do you kid?”

“Yeah, my first ever guy was a bit like that, older and a big body with lots of hair on his chest…in my junior year, he was the senior quarterback. I had the hots for him all year, and I thought he never noticed me. Turned out he had; that first kiss was so good, I came in my boxers before he even touched me.”

“Do yourself a favour and think about him then and forget me kid…I”m bad news, or worse.”

“Do you want me…to help with your shoulder…”

I shouldn”t have, but I did need help, as tending to the wound would be a bitch on my own.

“Fine…I”ll get the stuff…you wait there…sorry, guess you haven”t got a choice…”

“Har har…”

I pulled up one of the little chairs and sat next to the boy. He was careful, and gentle, washing the wound, finding the pellet lodged under the surface and wincing for me as he extracted it, then binding up the wound with a bandage. His fingers lingered, running the length of one scar over my chest, across my left nipple making me shudder and hiss, then down my belly and playing in the patch of coarse thick hair leading to my groin. I stopped him with one hand. His eyes burned with some internal fire, never wavering.

“Enough…now, I have some things to do kid, and you need to be nice and safe.”

I led him to the bed, shuffling on his hobbled feet, and tied them off to the heater unit attached to the wall. Then I tied his hands together, not tightly but just tight enough. He looked at me then with a sort of hangdog look, and I ignored it as best I could. Instead, I took a soda from the minibar, placing it next to him and popping the top, then put the remote for the TV in his hands.

“Now, keep yourself occupied, I won”t be gone long. And Mikey, one word of advice. Do not, under any circumstances, try to escape. You may think I”m a nice guy, or at least can be nice if I want. You don”t know me kid. You don”t know me at all. You would not be the first kid I have buried…just take that on board and stay quiet.”

He looked scared now, and nodded fast, his head bobbing with the sandy coloured bangs over his forehead following a split second behind making a sort of sine wave in hair. I sighed again; he reminded me of Woz, his hair did the same thing whenever he nodded taking in the hard won knowledge that would keep him alive. Now I hoped that same obedience and attention would keep his son alive.

I pulled a fresh shirt from the bag, and put my jacket back on over the top, the shoulder still hurting like a bitch but not as bad as it did. Painkillers and antibiotics…and other things. The nearby shops would bring me what I needed, and I needed to think, and make some calls. Calls I didn”t want the kid hearing. A new plan was forming, hesitantly, though it had been in the back of my mind ever since that day a month ago. It had reached the front of my mind, hesitantly and uncertainly when I had been sent after Woz. Now the kid had pitched me full bore into the maelstrom, and I needed to be away from him to think straight.

The door locked with a satisfying click, and I headed for the bar across the street first. A familiar face smiled when I went in.

“Good to see you Dennis!”

“You too Rodrigo. Same as usual.”

“Soda water on the rocks. Hard core as always Dennis.”

“You know me Rodrigo, last of the hard liquor drinkers.”

The smiling barman dispensed the soda, handing me the glass with a slice of lemon draped inside in his usual deliberate fashion. I had been here a week now, preparing and finding Woz, and we had become good mates or as much as you could. It was still one of the things you could count on, the barman”s profession drawing people who liked people, and talking, and keeping their mouth shut when required too.

“So, my friend…what makes your face so long today?”

“New troubles Rodrigo…but I think new opportunities too.”

“That sounds good my friend…you sound more optimistic than you did. Have you had better news on…?”

“No Rodrigo…that is the same as always. It”s just I think I might have found a way out…well, not out of that, but out of worse things.”

“Worse? Ahhh….you must be talking about making peace then…”


“I am Catholic, so we know all about that Dennis. Every time we go to confession, we face it, it is part of our religion. Without repentance, there can be no forgiveness. We need to repent and atone for our sins…and we are then free.”

“Free…it sounds like a happy dream Rodrigo.”

“Maybe…but you look like you need that dream my friend, and maybe a part of you found it…”

I made the calls, the numbers still fresh in my memory. There was no turning back now, I was committed. Then I headed for the shops, buying some painkillers and topical antibiotics, then some oral ones too under the counter with the wave of a twenty. Then I found myself whistling a little as I walked round the corner store, buying chips and chocolate and soda. A growing teen needed his junkfood, and it gave me a kick to get some treats for him. Besides, Woz would probably disapprove, and that pleased me even more.

Finally, I headed back, taking the steps two at a time and whistling….

To find the door open wide and the kid gone, the heater pulled off the wall and dangling by its power cord.


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