Au Pair


She had been smoldering in the way back of his mind like an ember. Just when he thought he could shake the thought of her, there she was; in the color of polished pine, in the scent of a stranger or the way the light shone off of his water glass at lunch. He knew it was wrong – more than wrong, even. He knew that he was…perverse. Yet the thought of her infiltrated his mind spreading particulate of her within him like a fine mist.

He had spent hours pondering on how to get her alone and what she tasted like. Powerful as a narcotic, his imagination led him to create the body hiding underneath her clothes and he had kissed and licked and touched every inch of her already.

Yet none of it existed. The reality mocked his desire.

He gripped the neck of the bottle of beer like a vice and irritably drank a slug of its contents. He stood in the threshold between the kitchen and the living room and watched her cheerily converse with guests. It was a rare warm day in San Francisco and the pale yellow sundress she wore seemed to glow. She was mixing cake batter by hand. “Yeah, for months,” she said enthusiastically. “I think he was up at five this morning wanting to put up decorations.” She laughed and he held his breath; her lips were glossy pink and he had imagined them hugging the girth of his cock a thousand times. “But he’s the birthday boy, so he got his way…this time.” She laughed again. He huffed through his nose and took another swig of beer. The guests filtered outside to join the rest of the party.

He drank in her features. The rise of her breasts shook as she manipulated the baking utensil; they were just big enough to fit into each of his hands. He was suddenly aware that she was looking straight at him. She addressed him formally, a wry look upon her face. He felt his shoulders relax as he approached her. “You don’t have to call me that at home,” he replied easily.

She shrugged her shoulders, the scalloped edge of her bra suddenly visible. “You have company,” she reasoned with an accent, “I want to follow the rules.” She blinked innocently as she waited for his response. All he could think of was the pace at which his cock was growing.

He recovered quickly and flashed a smile. “You keep me honest even when I want to break my own rules.”

“Someone has to.” She winked at him and turned her attention to the cake trays.

From this close he fully realized how young she was and shame swept through him in a warm wave. He looked out of the windows of the kitchen and cleared his throat. “So the – ah – cake will be ready in time to open presents?”

“It’s already done.” she scooped batter into one tray, then the other. “This cake is for tomorrow, his actual birthday. You know – for family dinner.”

He placed his palms upon the countertop. “Will you be joining us?”

Her glossy lips curled into a smile. “I will if you want me to.”

“If you don’t have any plans, I mean, I know it’s your bahis siteleri day off an…”

“I’ll be there.” She turned toward the oven, opened its mouth and shoved the pans inside.

Through the light fabric of her dress he could see the curve of her delicious ass and the…was – was she not wearing underwear? He averted his eyes, drank from his beer again and pressed his erection against the kitchen island between them. He glanced back at her as she fussed with the oven racks. “Jesus,” he breathed. She wasn’t wearing underwear. He was certain of it.

“Hey!” The hand landed swiftly upon his shoulder, scaring the hell out of him. “You gonna come outside sometime?” His friend carried a large wrapped present under one arm.

“Yeah – I’ll be out in a few. I just have to go over a few things with the au pair.” His tone had an official edge to it. It was the same voice he used at work.

“Alright buddy – see you out there!”

He turned back toward her, intent on giving her a trivial yet very detailed task, but he was instead stunned into silence. She was bringing a batter-coated fingertip to her mouth. Her eyes met his as she inserted her finger into her mouth and sucked. She raised her eyebrows, only for an instant, before carrying the bowl to the sink. He finally inhaled. She knew…she had to know what she was doing. She was young, yes, but not stupid. Not naive. He wasn’t known for hiring imbeciles. The times he had caught her alone down in the kitchen at night wearing nothing but a long t-shirt and panties, the countless times she reached and stretched over him for one thing or another and movie nights where she wore nothing but a t-shirt giving him a full view of what he could have…

The words came out of his mouth before he knew what he was doing. “Go upstairs to my office.” His voice was low and not at all familiar to her ear. She stood still, her back facing him. “Do I need to repeat myself?” She straightened her posture. “Be a good girl and go upstairs to my office,” he demanded. She didn’t move. He felt himself teeter upon the edge of panic. Just before he rushed to apologize, she strode out of the kitchen and disappeared around the corner.

His entire body was alight as he followed after her, through the kitchen, cutting through the living room and ascending the stairs in quick succession. He found her standing in front of a wall of bookshelves, the light from the sun highlighting the flotsam in the air. He closed the office door, locked it and approached her.

He stared intently at her, feeling erotic potency rush through him. She appeared slightly alarmed, yet said nothing. He leaned in and smelled the crook of her neck. She smelled so light a pure and so…young. Instead of shame, he felt…powerful. He kissed her skin and felt the muscles beneath it tighten. Her breath quickened. He dragged his free hand slowly up her leg, snagging the fabric of her dress and exposing her pale limb. Higher and higher canlı bahis until… He watched her leg move slightly…open slightly. He would have cum if he weren’t so intent on fucking her.

He removed his hands and backed away. She was flush and wide-eyed and breathing hard. “Pull down your top.” Her eyes didn’t move from his as she reached up with shaking hands and slowly revealed the taupe lace bra that had been hidden from view. The lace cup barely covered half of her breast and he could see the rim of her areola as her chest heaved. He let out a long breath and nodded. “Now pull down the straps.” She hesitated. “Come on…I can smell you from here, sweet girl.” Her already flushed cheeks bloomed with fresh color. He traced the side of her face with the back of his fingers. “Take down your bra. I want to see you.” His index finger traced the edge of her lip as she followed directions.

As her breasts came into view he couldn’t help but rub the swell of his erection. They were full and with perfect little nipples that puckered in the exposed air. He grabbed them, one in each hand and squeezed them. He tested her sensitivity, moving more and more toward the nipple while applying more pressure. A groan escaped her lips. He pinched the entire nipple and rolled them between his fingers, hard. Her eyes closed as her mouth opened to release a long moan. “Ooh, you like that, don’t you?” He squeezed and rolled her nipples again. “Is your pussy throbbing?” Her pink tongue licked at her bottom lip. She nodded. “Would you like some toys that would do this,” he squeezed and pulled, “so I can do other things with my hands?” He didn’t wait for an answer before pinching at her nipples again. She leaned against the books and thrust out her chest. He accepted the invitation and leaned down to suck a nipple into his mouth. He sucked and swirled his tongue over the sensitive nub and she keened. With the other hand he squeezed the other breast hard.

Her fingers suddenly combed through his hair and cradled his head as he sucked at her breast. There was power in the thrill of her approval. He moved from her nipple to her mouth and finally tasted the tongue and lips he had fantasized about for so long. She tasted like the sweetness of cake and a hint of…bourbon? He pulled away and looked into her innocent face with faint freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose. Not so innocent as he assumed. He kissed her again, this time with slowness. She returned his rhythm.

“Lift your dress,” he whispered as he unbuckled his belt. “You’re not wearing panties, are you?” She shook her head. “My god… you’ve just been waiting to get fucked, haven’t you?” She shook her head no, but the renewed color in her cheeks told him otherwise. He felt the hot length of his cock in his hands and watched her eyes dart downward, then quickly back up. He felt his erection surge at the hint of her apprehension. “Lift your dress,” he asserted with a nod. She did as she was told. güvenilir bahis He was on the verge of cumming and didn’t dare look down at her bare pussy. “I’m going to fuck you,” he stated, “right here.” Her expression shifted to disbelief, or perhaps it was simply relief. Whatever it was, he wasted little time as he slid the thick rubbery head of his cock through the creamy cleft of her labia and pushed his way inside of her.

She gasped and he felt her contract around his girth. “Sshh, sshh sweet girl – sshhh.” He pushed her against the books and pulled her leg higher toward his waist. “Open for me…open up.” He pumped his cock slowly, reveling in her incredibly warm tightness. “Relax…open – be a good girl – relax an…ohhh…yessss,” he hissed as she panted. His cock slid forward to fill her up until he was met with a hard stop. The base of his erection was still several inches outside of her. “We have some work to do,” he whispered mischievously. She was digging her fingers into his shoulder and making sounds that were either pleasure or pain. He was so far gone into his desire that it didn’t matter.

He began to thrust into her at an increasing speed. He could feel his legs tremble and his balls already tingling. “Fuck…you’re so wet for me…so hot for me…my sweet good girl.” Her head lolled and she bit at her lip, trying to not to shout. “Sshh…keep quiet. We wouldn’t want anyone to hear us. Can’t…let anyone know that I’m fucking you. It’s just us…you and I…”

In half-lidded euphoria she leveled her gaze. “Yes…s..Sir,” she breathed in time.

He grunted, slamming his cock into her and pulling at her breast. He was overwhelmed by his own virility. “You’re my good girl,” he quietly laid claim, “you’re my sweet girl with such a hot little pussy just for me…”

She pulled his face close to her own. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered, “oh god, you’re so…fucking big. Please don’t stop…please keep fucking me, Sir. Please…”

Her words lit a fuse that traveled from his ear to his balls. The sensation brewing at the base of his cock almost rendered him dumbfounded. “L…look at me,” he ordered. She obeyed. “I’m going to cum in you.”

She licked at her lips. “Please cum in me, Sir.”

Hot whips of cum erupted through his cock and deep into her pussy. He grabbed at the bookcase as to not fall over and she clung to him while balancing on the ball of one foot. He shuddered, biting at her bare shoulder. He doubted that he had ever had such a powerful and almost excruciating orgasm.

They were both breathing hard. Sounds from the party drifted from downstairs.

They stared at one another as they untangled limbs and clothing. He kissed her and he could sense her embarrassment. Lifting her chin he gazed at her approvingly “Make sure the cake doesn’t burn,” he directed softly, and then gently kissed her lips. “I’ll be down to your room tonight. The party’s perfect.”

She leaned heavily against the library behind her and sighed, “Thank you, Sir.”

He tucked his cock back into his pants and strode to the door. He didn’t look back at all; he just turned the lock, exited the room and walked downstairs.

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