B6 Chapter 12 Barocca Duz Rhiannon


B6 Chapter 12 Barocca Duz RhiannonChapter 12: Barocca Duz Rhiannon After the events of the banquet, Rhiannon and Barocca were among the first to leave to explore each other’s bodies in private. They strolled through the corridors until they found quarters that Barocca were unoccupied. Barocca unlocked the door, and they were inside. “I’ve been looking forward to this, since I saw you with your hard-on at the table,” said Rhiannon, as she licked her lips, while she looked at Barocca. “The feeling’s mutual,” said Barocca, as she turned on her charm. “That piece of meat between your legs is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” “Well, what are we waiting for?” asked Rhiannon. “Relax, big girl,” replied Barocca. “We’ve got the whole night ahead of us. I’m crazy about you, but you’re still all sticky from your antics with Tiffany. There’s a shower in the next room. Why don’t you clean yourself off in there? And then we’ll let the fun begin.” “Good idea, Barocca. I’ll be out before you know it.” Rhiannon entered the other room, closed the door, and took her tote bag with her. Barocca gave a little pout as Rhiannon disappeared. She hadn’t expected things to be that easy, but this would require a slight change in plans. Seizing an idea, Barocca called the cafeteria, and spoke to one of her girlfriends there. “That’s right. Send another two bottles of wine to room 213. I’ve got a little celebration going on.” A few moments later, Barocca had the wine before her on the table. Reaching into her totebag, she pulled out a vial of white powder, and poured the contents into each of the bottles. “There’s enough sedatives in this stuff to knock out an elephant,” she thought. “That ought to be enough to handle my ‘guest’. And to make sure that I don’t go beddy-bye too…” Barocca pulled the ring off of her middle finger. Pressing a hidden release pin on the inside, the large blue gemstone lifted back on a tiny hinge. Sitting below in the recess was a tiny pink pill. “I never go anywhere without the antidote for this stuff,” Barocca chuckled to herself. She washed the pill down with a drink of water, and settled on the couch to wait for Rhiannon. Shortly afterwards, Rhiannon strode out of the bedroom, freshly washed. Rhiannon was naked, which surprised Barocca slightly, but she was a little startled when she saw that there was no cock between her legs. “Whoever lives here didn’t have anything that would fit me. And besides, we won’t be needing clothes for much longer anyway.” Rhiannon noticed Barocca’s expression. “Weren’t you paying attention out there? My cock will be here when I want it, don’t worry.” Barocca smiled and handed Rhiannon a glass of wine. “I thought we’d get comfortable, before we really get going.” “Smart thinking, girl! If you were on my crew, you’d probably get a promotion for this.” Barocca began slowly pumping Rhiannon for information. It was a combination of the d**gged wine causing Rhiannon to be slightly looser with information than she normally would be; and like many before her, Rhiannon was quickly falling for Barocca’s exotic looks. Barocca found that all she had to do was use her sultry voice, and not get into something too sensitive, and she found that Rhiannon was a regular fountain of information. Barocca also found that along with talking freely, Rhiannon also consumed the wine like it was water. After half an hour, she’d drank almost a bottle by herself, while Barocca was still nursing the same glass she’d started with. “So tell me, Rhiannon,” Barocca cooed. “Just how much can you really do with your medical technology nowadays? Could you take an earth girl, and make her into one of your own?” “Oh, shure…” replied Rhiannon. Her speech was starting to become slightly slurred, but otherwise, her metabolism showed little effects from the wine. “We could turn her upside down and all around, if we wanted. We could make her as big and strong as one of ush, y’know….” “But would you be able to give her a cock of her own? Like yours and Vantha’s?” “Oh fuck, yesh!” blurted Rhiannon. “We could make ‘er big enough to run inna three-leg race, all by ‘erself, if we wanted to.” She paused to drain yet another glass of wine. “Hell, I s’pose we could even do the job with that stuff you had earlier. ‘Course, it’d be more difficult without a manual for it, an all…but thos’re some of the basic things that’re on all the versions.” Barocca smiled, and mentally filed that tidbit away in her brain. This might help her plan out after all. “But ya know what?” Rhiannon asked with a silly smile. “Thash enough of this technical shit for now. We’re here ta have fun, ya know?” “Are you sure you feel up to it?” Barocca asked with a smile. “Oh fuck yeah!” giggled Rhiannon. “Don’t think I ain’t noticed how you been feedin’ me the wine all night. Yer tryin’ ta get me plastered, and take advantage of me. Aren’t ya?” “Well…” Barocca played her cards carefully here. She couldn’t afford to have Rhiannon fly off the handle and leave. “Well, ish workin’ honey! But I got some news fer ya,” Rhiannon laughed. “I been on Earth before, y’know. Yer booze and alcohol don’ work on ush the same way ash you girls. We loosen up, and we talk kinda silly. But thash all we do…” “Oh really?” answered Barocca with a sexy smile. “Then by all means, let’s see that piece of meat of yours, so we can get started, Rhiannon.” “Okay. All I gots to do is concentrate for a minnit.” Rhiannon closed her eyes, and a moment later, gave out a loud hiccup. “Oopsh! Not that way…” she giggled. Barocca was trying to make herself maintain a straight face. This was going to turn out to be even easier than she had thought. Now Rhiannon seemed to have her concentration focused again. Suddenly, where there had been nothing between her legs, Rhiannon had a limp cock that was over a foot long, and thicker than Barocca’s wrist. Beneath it, Barocca spotted two testicles that were already bigger than her own. “Surprised ya, huh?” laughed Rhiannon. “And jush to prove it’s not just fer show…” Rhiannon closed her eyes, and knitted her brow. Before Barocca’s eyes, Rhiannon’s prick filled with blood at an incredible rate, and was at its full length of over three feet in less than a minute. The massive shaft was as thick as Barocca’s ankle. Veins stood out prominently, and it pulsed like it had a life of its own. “Oh my god…” muttered Barocca, as she saw what Rhiannon had in store for her. “Aw, don’t go draggin’ yer religion inta thish…” giggled Rhiannon. “We’re here ta fuck, an’ have fun, right?” Knowing she was backed into a corner, Barocca resigned herself to having to pleasure Rhiannon, in order to get her way. She had to hope that the d**gs would kick in, and knock Rhiannon out sometime soon in the night. And she’d have to hope that she could truly survive a session with the monstrous pillar that was Rhiannon’s cock. “Okay,” replied Barocca. “But first let’s get over on the bed, where there’s more room than the couch.” “Thash more like it,” giggled Rhiannon. “Thash my girl!” Barocca helped Rhiannon over to the bed, where she sat on the edge. She grunted when she realized just how heavy Rhiannon was. Barocca knelt in front of her, and moved her hand to Rhiannon’s crotch. Her hot fuck juices flooded onto Barocca’s hand when she fondled Rhiannon’s heavy balls from below, and began stroking her cunt lips. “You can play w’my box some other time, girl,” said Rhiannon. “I thought I told you that I wanna fuck tonight.” Barocca then closed her fingers around the head of Rhiannon’s swelling prick. “Oh, Rhiannon!” she gasped. She felt her nipples hardening and a strong surge of bestial desire shot through her as her clit became engorged with the hot blood of lust. Barocca released Rhiannon’s swollen prick and stood up, licking her lips excitedly as she gazed down at her with eyes that were already glazed over with desire. Somehow, she was hornier than she ever had been before. Barocca stood there for a couple minutes, just looking down at her big-cocked shemale visitor and savoring the growing lust in her loins. She admired the alien girl’s muscular body and huge cock and relished this short period of sexual anticipation. Then Barocca bent down and whispered into Rhiannon’s ears. “I want you to lie on your back, honey. Be a good girl and roll onto your back,” Barocca whispered as she used both hands to nudge the huge girl. Barocca felt a moment of slight desperation when she realized that she might never be able to move Rhiannon into just the right position by herself, without her cooperation. To her delight, Rhiannon, somehow under-standing what was expected of her, and rolled slightly. Now she was lying dead center on her spine, her legs spread slightly out to the sides, her huge cock sticking straight up into the air. Barocca gaped in awe at the sight of Rhiannon’s mammoth cock, as it pointed vertically into the air. Well over three feet long, she definitely outclassed anything Barocca had ever seen before; even Ebony. Barocca pulled off her bikini bra and skirt, so that she was now naked. “Oh, you big wonderful brute!” Barocca cried out happily as she quickly straddled Rhiannon’s hips, and began fondling and stroking her prick. “Flattery’ll get ya everywhere with me,” giggled Rhiannon. Rhiannon couldn’t under-stand it, but she seemed to be having trouble keeping her eyes open. Barocca held herself above her while her hand moved to the base of her cock. As the tip of Rhiannon’s huge prick began to part her swollen pussy lips, she moved downward so that it was directly centered on her pussy-slit. “I can hardly wait to feel your big cock shoving up inside me, Rhiannon,” Barocca groaned thickly, chewing on her lower lip in concentration. Barocca lowered herself a bit more, adjusted Rhiannon’s cock again and moaned with pleasure as she felt the broad, smooth head of her gigantic cock pressing Escort Bayan against the rim of her pussyhole. Barocca felt her thick fuck juices flowing out of her aroused cunt, already drenching Rhiannon’s prick, and paused a moment, before taking the next step. “Well, what’re ya stoppin’ fer up there? Don’t tell me yer gettin’ cold feet.” “Hey, if I’d known you were this damned big, I would’ve brought a stepladder with me.” Rhiannon moaned excitedly and Barocca could feel and see Rhiannon’s big body trembling all over with excitement. Barocca glanced down and trembled herself when she saw that Rhiannon’s huge prick was coated with a fine film of pre-cum, which continually oozed out of the gaping piss-slit. “Rhiannon, I need to have your big cock deep inside me so, so deep.” Barocca let her hips fall. The head of Rhiannon’s prick began to enter her. “Oh, yes, I want us to fuck each other so badly!” Barocca whimpered. Barocca closed her eyes for a moment, feeling dizzy with savage lust that threatened to overwhelm her. She took a deep breath and lowered her body more. “Oh my gosh!” Barocca cried as she felt the flared rim of Rhiannon’s cockhead stretching her cunt. “Rhiannon, I’ve never done it like this before. It’s so thrilling!” Barocca cried, gazing down lovingly at Rhiannon. Barocca continued to lower her body over her enormous prick. “Well, don’t tell me thash all yer gonna do,” commented Rhiannon. “Keep goin’ girl!” “Just give me a minute,” retorted Barocca. “You gals are bigger than anything we’re used to. Hell, we don’t even have training manuals for something the size of your prick.” Rhiannon shuddered, softly pounding at the bed with her powerful fists, her prick sticking straight up from her body. “Easy, tiger, easy,” admonished Barocca. Barocca shivered all over as she felt the pulsing cockhead inside her. She released her hold on the base of the gigantic prick. Then she eased herself on down in a smooth, steady movement. At least ten inches forced their way inside of her pussy. The base of Rhiannon’s cock seemed like a dot in the distance as Barocca pushed herself slowly down on the trembling prickshaft. Rhiannon’s prick was so long that she still had a long way to go before she would have even half of the entire length inside her. And her cock was so unusually thick that the pulsing meat sc****d against the walls of Barocca’s pussy. Barocca gritted her teeth and slid her body down at least another foot on Rhiannon’s massive prick. Barocca didn’t have a ruler, but her body told her that she’d swallowed well over two feet of cockmeat inside her pussy. “At least the twenty-inch mark,” she thought to herself. “Ooh, this is it!” Barocca gasped. She had finally shoved herself even further down ontoRhiannon’s huge cock. There was something in the tremendous size of Rhiannon that Barocca recognized as a challenge, and she was determined to show that she was up to it. Grunting and straining, Barocca forced her body down even more onto Rhiannon’s missile. She stopped only when there was only a few more inches of cockmeat left to shove inside her pussy. Her crotch was almost grinding against Rhiannon’s now and she moved her legs in a slow erotic motion against Rhiannon’s thighs. Barocca couldn’t measure things, but by now, she estimated that at least thirty inches of Rhiannon’s cock was wedged inside her pussy. “Holy shit,” mumbled Rhiannon, as she got a good look at just how much of her prick Barocca had managed to swallow. “Yer really an eager beaver, ain’t ya?” “I told you I that wanted to fuck tonight, didn’t I?” replied Barocca with a wicked grin. As badly as Barocca wanted to prove that she could take all of Rhiannon inside of her, she had to use a little common sense, and hold off at her body’s limits. She still had to carry out her plan, as well as hope that she could survive a full-fledged sex session with Rhiannon, even in her intoxicated state. For just a few minutes, Barocca remained in that lewd position before Rhiannon began the serious business of fucking hard. Barocca could feel Rhiannon’s gigantic prick shuddering against the tensed walls of her pussy, and she moaned at the obscenely delicious feeling. Barocca felt more and more of her fuck juices flooding needfully into her cunt. They swirled about the thick cock filling her pussy, and she could feel those juices overflowing her swollen pussy lips and oozing down her straining thighs. “Damn! Yer box is like a vise on my dick,” Rhiannon cried out. “Fuck me harder, big girl!” Barocca called out. “I want to see what this rod can do.” Barocca’s clit grew hard and stiff. She was sure her clit would explode right against Rhiannon’s cock pressing so excitingly against it. Barocca felt more of her aroused blood engorging her clit, and she knew she had never before been so sexually stimulated. The walls of her cunt automatically clenched about the sides of the enormous prick filling her. Barocca’s pussy muscles tightened so hard that both she and Rhiannon gasped with pain. For a moment, Rhiannon wondered if she had hurt Barocca. But in the next instant, Barocca moaned with pleasure and Rhiannon grinned with delight. Rhiannon’s thick cock was pressing against the walls of Barocca’s pussy harder than ever before. Her cock was stretching Barocca’s pussy to the absolute limit, and there was a delicious kind of pain, which blended with the ache of desire in Barocca’s loins, giving her more and more pleasure. As Barocca continued to delay the beginning of this most thrilling of all possible shemale fucks, she was amazed to feel the unexpected movement of Rhiannon’s hips beneath her. The Vectran girl, obviously tired of waiting for Barocca to start fucking her, was trying to lift her ass and hips up from the bed. Rhiannon continued to move, and Barocca groaned as she felt the head of her cock pushing demandingly against the back wall of her cunt. A shiver of incredible excitement raced up and down her spine. “Oh, Rhiannon, you sexy, overgrown monster!” Barocca laughed in a strangled way. “Yer jush sayin’ that, cuz you know ish true,” giggled Rhiannon from below. Barocca was delighted by Rhiannon’s eager movements beneath her. And she was even more thrilled by the sensational feel of having her pussy completely impaled on the full length of Rhiannon’s throb-bing prick. Barocca felt as if her prick were filling her pussy in a way she had never experienced before. But then Barocca realized that she didn’t care why this fuck was already the most intensely satisfying one of her life. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was sharing a good hard fuck with this magnificent woman. “Rhiannon, your cock feels even bigger than ever inside me!” Barocca cried, tears of pleasure filling her eyes. “It’s filling me all up like it’s never filled me up before and I love it! Do you hear me, Rhiannon?” Rhiannon trembled beneath her as she groaned in response to the obvious lust in Barocca’s voice. But it wasn’t just the pleasure which Rhiannon was reacting to. It was also the lust, which made Barocca’s voice hoarse and needy-sounding. Barocca noticed that Rhiannon hadn’t replied to her, she’d just kept on humping her. She saw that Rhiannon’s eyes were now closed. “Great,” thought Barocca. “I can’t tell if she’s lost in concentration, or if the d**gs I’ve given her have worked yet.” With the throbbing meat of Rhiannon’s cock deep inside her pussy, Barocca moved forward a bit so that her prick pushed even more snugly against the upper part of her cunt-slit. The pressure of her enormous hard-on against her twitching clit sent a new wave of lust and pleasure racing through Barocca. “Oof!” grunted Barocca. “Well, that answers my own question,” she thought. “Nothing left to do but hang on, and hope that I survive this ride.” “Unh, yes,” Barocca moaned, wiggling her hips from one side to the other. Lewd, cunt-drooling sensations ripped through her with more and more intensity. Barocca’s breathing grew labored. Her nostrils were flaring as both girls panted for much-needed oxygen to fill their parched lungs. Barocca looked down at Rhiannon. Her body was still humping and fucking her as hard as ever. But it didn’t look like she’d be carrying on more conversation with her. Maybe she could ride this out and come out on top after all. Barocca glanced down and saw her nipples growing as hard as rocks. They were so stiff now that they throbbed with a painful sort of aching desire. She used both hands to lift her hefty tits to her mouth. Barocca squeezed both of her trembling tit-mounds hard together until they almost formed one obscenely big tit. She was squeezing her tits so tightly together that her nipples were actually pressed against each other. Barocca moaned as she felt her nips pulsing violently against one another. Then, as Rhiannon gazed up at the girl with glazed eyes, Barocca sucked both of her nips into her hungry mouth. Barocca moaned as she used her tongue to lick all over the twin buds. She wrapped her lips about the bases of the trembling nips and she sucked just as hard as she could. Next, she sank her teeth into the blood-engorged nipples. It was as though Rhiannon could sense Barocca’s lewd behavior. Rhiannon panted excitedly and again she pawed at the bed with her fists. Barocca glanced down at her. Incredible as it seemed, Rhiannon was already beginning to throw off the d**g’s effects, and Barocca trembled as she realized that soon now Rhiannon might be alert enough to fuck her with even more of her power. Barocca knew she had to concentrate and finish the job at hand. “Rhiannon,” Barocca panted. “Your prick feels so good in my tight little cunt!” “That box of yersh is anythin’ but little! Keep doin’ what yer doin!”Rhiannon grunted, enjoying the feel of Barocca’s strong cunt muscles gripping the sides of her cock and squeezing harder than ever before. Rhiannon Bayan escort twisted her head from side to side now, basking in the wet heat that embraced and squeezed her pulsing prick. The usually powerful Vectran girl had been reduced to a weak, wriggling mass of flesh by Barocca’s pussy. Rhiannon was weak, not only because of the d**g she had been given earlier, but because of the savage desire that coursed through her entire body. Still the power of Rhiannon, even in her weakened state, was almost more than Barocca could cope with. With every bit of her strength, Rhiannon moved beneath Barocca. “Okay! Take it easy, I get the message,” Barocca said with a high-pitched giggle. Barocca raised her hips and slid her pussy partly off of Rhiannon’s cock. She held herself in that lewd position for a moment, smiling down at Rhiannon. “Okay, Rhiannon, get ready. I’m gonna fuck your big prick back into me!” Barocca said in a taunting, husky voice. Barocca suddenly lowered herself again, taking Rhiannon’s mighty cock back into her. She trembled, and Rhiannon groaned as her broad cockhead struck the back wall of her cunt. Rhiannon rolled her head back and forth on the pillow. Barocca raised herself up on Rhiannon’s prick again, but this time she continued to rise until only her pulsing cockhead was still inside her pussy. Then, hovering over Rhiannon for a breathless moment, she thrust herself back onto the hard cock, fucking down harder than before. Barocca grunted as she felt her pubic bone grinding into Rhiannon’s muscular body. “Ooh, Rhiannon, your cock is damn near all the way inside me again! I love it!” Barocca rose up on the long thick prick that pulsed so insistently inside her. “Here goes!” Barocca chirped as she rammed her pussy back down over the thick cock, which stretched out her cunt-walls so deliciously. The savage force of Barocca’s movement buried Rhiannon’s cock even deeper inside her cunt. The walls of her pussy ached painfully, ecstatically. Barocca gasped as she tightened the muscles of her pussy about the sides of Rhiannon’s shuddering prick. Barocca’s mouth was gaping open, as she panted in pleasure. Her face and tits were flushed with desire, and more and more juice seeped from her cunt, sloshing about Rhiannon’s thick impaling prick. Barocca rocked back and forth on Rhiannon’s cock. She enjoyed the way the thick meat stretched her pussy-walls, and she moaned continually with pleasure, her moans mingling with Rhiannon’s. Again, Barocca rose up on Rhiannon’s enormous cock. And again she slid back down the meaty prick until she thought she’d pass out from pleasure. “Ooh, I’m gonna fuck you faster now!” Barocca cried as she began to rise and fall on Rhiannon’s prick with steady, rhythmic movements, which grew faster and more frenzied. Rhiannon moaned louder than before, catching the note of sexual hysteria in Barocca’s voice. Barocca fucked her feverish pussy faster and harder up and down the length of Rhiannon’s mammoth cock. She was deliberately positioned so that the shaft of the big prick sc****d over her throbbing clit with each thrust, making her moan with increasing pleasure. Barocca slid up and down on Rhiannon’s cock with greater speed. She let her pussy slam against the rod of prickmeat with more and more force. “Oh, damn, yes!” Barocca screamed, overwhelmed by pleasure. And the ecstatic sen-sations only grew stronger as she continued to fuck Rhiannon. Barocca could feel Rhiannon’s prick swelling even more inside her. Her cock was pushing painfully against her already stretched pussy-walls. “Unh! It hurts so good!” Barocca cried, throwing her head back and howling like a wild banshee. Rhiannon let out a series of groans. Barocca laughed with delight when she heard the lust which thickened the sounds coming from Rhiannon’s throat. Barocca’s laugh abruptly changed into a sob of pleasure as again she fell downward, eagerly impaling her pussy on Rhiannon’s mighty cock. “Yes, it’s so fuckin’, friggin’ good!” Barocca gasped, her pleasure mounting. Barocca’s up-and-down movements grew more frenzied as her lust heightened. She was rising and falling on Rhiannon’s prick faster and harder now. She could hear Rhiannon grunting with satisfaction each time she felt the huge cockhead smacking up against the back wall of her cunt. As she continued to fuck Rhiannon, Barocca started to feel as if she had lost all control over the action. Her body was responding automatically now. It was as if her pussy had taken complete control of the situation. Barocca felt a heady, delicious feeling as she was fucked like never before in her life, and she thrilled to it. She no longer had to think about what she was doing. All Barocca had to do was to continue to gaze down at Rhiannon’s magnificent, muscular body and think how much she adored fucking her. And, all the while, her body continued to rise and fall over her, fucking her pussy on her thick prick with each savage downward thrust of her pussy. Barocca pounded herself into Rhiannon with growing force. Barocca gazed lovingly down at Rhiannon as she rammed her cunt up and down her cock again and again. Rhiannon began to lift her hips and ass up from the bed, eagerly meeting each downward thrust of Barocca’s pussy. Rhiannon moaned again and again. Barocca trembled with excitement. She knew what Rhiannon’s whining meant, that she was making this fuck just as good and thrilling for her as she was for her. “Oh, that is so good!” Barocca groaned, loving the way Rhiannon’s thick prick filled up every bit of space inside her cunt, and the way the heavy cock meat pulsed against her tensed pussy-walls. She tightened her cunt muscles as much as she could, grunting with the effort. Rhiannon shuddered violently, showing her obvious appreciation of Barocca’s erotic movements. Barocca’s own body began to shake violently. The powerful sexual sensations inside her built up, and the pressure inside her loins was becoming almost unbearable. Suddenly, before her very eyes, the incredible was happening to Barocca. As she rode up and down on Rhiannon’s magnificent cock, Barocca’s own member suddenly began to spring to life on its own. The fantastic heat from Rhiannon’s cock was spreading throughout her body, and she could feel it everywhere, especially in her loins. Quicker then she would’ve thought possible, Barocca was sporting her full two-foot erection, as it bounced and wiggled on Rhiannon’s muscular tummy and her ribcage. Barocca felt as if she could keep fucking Rhiannon’s cock for all eternity. But her pussy was rapidly reaching the point where Barocca knew that she needed release from the intense sexual tension. This pressure was becoming so strong that she knew it could not be denied for much longer. Each new surge of pleasure added to the pent-up pressure consuming every fiber of her body. Barocca felt torn. She hated to give up the thrill of fucking Rhiannon. But at the same time, she needed to cum so badly that she felt almost sick with need. And she also wanted desperately needed to feel Rhiannon’s cum gushing into her ravaged cunt. Next Rhiannon did the unexpected to Barocca. Along her face still bore the same trance-like expression, as she humped her, Rhiannon could somehow sense Barocca’s cock directly in front of her face. Rhiannon’s hands found her meaty tits, and pried them slightly apart, making more room for Barocca’s shaft. Then Rhiannon’s mouth slowly opened wide. Barocca’s loins were on fire. Her clit was twitching violently, and she felt as if her clit would burst wide open. Her pussy-walls were tensed so hard around the pulsing sides of Rhiannon’s prick that they made a deep, aching pain fill her cunt. Goosebumps broke out all over Barocca’s body, joining the erotic flush that already covered her from head to toe. Every single inch of her naked flesh burned and throbbed and her skin felt super-sensitive. Rhiannon’s mouth opened wider than Barocca would have thought possible, and she quickly engulfed her huge cockhead. Barocca felt her tits aching and her nipples throbbing violently. As she had done before, Barocca gathered both her tits in her hands and lewdly squeezed them together. Her nips burned as she raised them to her mouth. She lowered her face and moaned with pleasure as she sucked the nipples into her mouth. Along with the nips, Barocca sucked in as much of the surrounding tit-flesh as she could. She began to suck hard at once. Now Rhiannon began to suck on Barocca’s prick like a vacuum cleaner. Barocca groan-ed, enjoying the way her nipples pulsed against her tongue. She licked all over her nips and titflesh until they were obscenely coated with her warm saliva. Then she sucked her nips again, sucking so hard that the surrounding titflesh grew red and purplish, bruised looking. Finally, just as she had done before, Barocca sank her sharp teeth into the sides of her nipples, savoring the jolting pain that lanced through her tits. Barocca moaned, forcing herself to slow the bouncing up and down motion on Rhiannon’s cock to just gentle gyrations now, as she continued to suck and nibble her tits. Rhiannon sucked Barocca’s cock even harder now. Her mouth easily engulfed the huge cockhead, and her tongue was driving Barocca wild as she worked on her piss slit. Finally Barocca released her tits, watching them bob back into place. They jutted straight out from her chest. And her well-sucked and bitten nipples stuck prominently out from her areola, half an inch long. She continued to gyrate on Rhiannon’s hard, thick prick. Barocca’s pussy twitched and spasmed almost painfully, making Rhiannon whimper. But Barocca knew that it was a whimper of pleasure and that Rhiannon loved the way she was so violently fucking her now. Barocca ground her hips feverishly on Rhiannon’s hard prick, her entire body shuddering with pleasure. She had not missed one beat and Escort she continued to fuck her harder and faster, knowing that their orgasms were only moments away now. Barocca groaned with heightened excitement and pleasure as she and Rhiannon continued to fuck each other, harder and faster with each passing second. “Oh, Rhiannon, my pussy’s squeezing your prick so hard now,” panted Barocca. “It feels like my pussy’s trying to tug your cock right off of you…” Barocca felt Rhiannon’s prick growing even thicker and harder inside her twitching pussy, and she felt more cuntjuice gush out from between her swollen pussy lips. The thick sauce soaked into Rhiannon’s cock and finally spilled down, pooling onto her crotch. Suddenly, Barocca felt her pussy spasming violently and she knew that she was starting to cum. She concentrated solely on the strong orgasm that was beginning to pound through her. “I’m cumming, Rhiannon! Cumming! Oh, you’re making my pussy cum so hard!” She felt a mind-blowing explosion of unreal pleasure throughout her body. It was the most powerful orgasm of her life, and Barocca knew it could only get better when Rhiannon’s cock finally came inside her pussy. Barocca shrieked, howling with ecstasy as her orgasming cunt convulsed around Rhiannon’s prick. Rhiannon moved her ass and hips up from the bed even harder and more powerfully than before. “Ooh, yes, Rhiannon, fuck me hard! That feels so good!” Barocca wailed, her pussy spasming hard. Barocca continued to jerk her body on Rhiannon’s cock. Her entire body was shaking violently with the sexual release that overwhelmed her with its intensity. Barocca’s orgasm had barely ended before another struck her. Amazingly, this new climax was even more thrilling than the first, as her cock began to shoot its load off into Rhiannon’s mouth. “Shoot your cum inside me now, Rhiannon! I want to feel you coming inside me, as I cum into your mouth! Do it, Rhiannon, give me your cum! You know how much I need it!” For the first time since she’d become a shemale, Barocca experienced a mouth that was capable of taking everything she could dish out, and demand more. Rhiannon was sucking her cum down her throat faster than she could deliver it. Barocca cried out loudly as still another orgasm throbbed through her loins. She threw her head back and wailed loud and long, com-pletely surrendering to the ecstasy sweeping through her. Orgasm after orgasm pounded through her, each one somehow more exciting and containing more fury than the one before. Barocca’s cock was spasming and clenching uncontrollably now. Her vision grew dim, and she felt as if her lungs would burst as she struggled to breathe. “Cum, Rhiannon, cum!” Barocca begged desperately. Barocca felt Rhiannon’s prick growing even thicker inside her pussy and suddenly there was a gush of hot cum flooding into her. A blistering, blazing orgasm assaulted her. The bursts of sticky spunk splashing into her twitching pussy only intensified her own orgasms. It was like someone had forced a hose shooting out boiling water into her cunt. Rhiannon’s cock was shooting off so hard, Barocca could actually feel herself being lifted several inches higher on her cock, as the cum forced its way into her womb. “Yes, Rhiannon, yes! Now we’re cumming together! I love it!” Rhiannon and Barocca shot off together like this for several minutes. Rhiannon’s enormous load of cum mingled with Barocca’s pussy juice thickly until the whole load backed up, ran out of her cuntlips and dribbled down into their crotches. Barocca gently pulled her cockhead out of Rhiannon’s mouth. Usually there was some residual dripping of jism after an orgasm, but not this time. Rhiannon had sucked Barocca until she was almost bone-dry. “Wow. She really did a number on me,” thought Barocca. “Almost saves me the trouble of having to clean up.” By the time both girls had stopped spasming, both of their hips and thighs were splashed with cum, and the bedcovers had a large circular stain from their sweat and jism mixing together. “Now that’s what I call a fuck,” exclaimed Barocca. To her surprise, Rhiannon was silent. Her breathing was normal, and a blissful smile had crawled across her face, but other than that, Rhiannon was oblivious to Barocca’s words. “It’s about fucking time,” Barocca thought. “She swallowed enough stuff in the wine to knock out half a dozen girls.” It took a moment to free herself from Rhiannon’s cock. Barocca actually couldn’t rise up high enough and lift herself off of it vertically. It was simply too long. She needed longer legs, or she’d have to step on Rhiannon’s tummy. Barocca couldn’t risk waking her, after all she’d gone through to get this far. Fortunately, Barocca could lean her body weight forward, and in this manner she was able to carefully slide herself off of Rhiannon’s cock. Barocca took great care not to step on or brush against Rhiannon’s arms or head as she did so. Once Barocca was finally off, Rhiannon’s cock slowly sprang back to a near vertical position. It was still throbbing slightly, and a very thin stream of fluid was still seeping out of her hole, and down her shaft. It was almost as though Rhiannon’s cock had a mind of its own, and was demanding that the fun and games continue. “Good fucking grief,” Barocca said to herself, not believing what she was seeing. “She’s still ready and raring to go.” Satisfied that Rhiannon was out for the time being, Barocca quickly rifled though her belongings, and found the four CD’s that had been turned over to her by Tiffany earlier. “Now that I have these back in my possession my friend, I have some delightful ideas I’m going to put into play,” Barocca softly muttered, as she stuffed them into her tote bag. She quickly cleaned herself off, and threw on her clothes. Next, Barocca pulled out her cellular phone, and punched Jeanne’s number. “Jeanne? It’s Barocca,” she forced herself to speak in hushed tones. “Did I wake you?” “No, but you did interrupt something important.” Jeanne’s voice was panting, and flushed with excitement. “Look, I’m sorry about that, girlfriend. But what I’ve got to say is more important than getting your rocks off.” “All right, spill it, Barocca.” “Just get over to Dee Dee’s lab in ten minutes, and wait outside for me.” “What? Not another mad scientist experiment?” “Don’t ask questions, Jeanne. I’ve got the software back again, and this time I know some other tricks to use from it.” “Barocca, I don’t know if this is the right thing to do now…” “Jeanne, do I have to remind you that once our ‘company’ is gone tomorrow, they’re more than likely gonna turn us over to Ebony? When she gets done with us, neither one of us may be able to walk again.” There was silence on the end of the line, as Jeanne recalled Ebony’s vicious threats to her, and she knew the giant amazon was more than capable of backing them up. “Be at Dee Dee’s lab in ten minutes, Jeanne. I’ve got a ‘secret weapon’ we can use that nobody’s counted on. Otherwise, you may be on your own against Ebony.” “All right, Barocca. I’ll be there.” Barocca clicked the cellular phone off, and stuffed it in her purse. A quick glance around the room to make sure that Rhiannon was still u*********s, and that she hadn’t forgotten any-thing. Then Barocca was out the door and headed for Dee Dee’s lab. Rhiannon heard what she thought was a bird chirping and squawking. It was actually the high-pitched beeps of Barocca’s cellular phone as it activated. Rhiannon had just finished one of the most intense and powerful orgasms that she could remember. Barocca had certainly known how to bring out the best in both of them. But instead of being her usual lively self, Rhiannon felt like she was swimming in slow motion through a sea of incredibly thick, dark water. Rhiannon felt herself drifting in and out of consciousness, and not being able to open her eyelids more than a fraction. They felt like they each weighed a pound. What little Rhiannon could see was blurry and distorted. One moment she had seen Barocca bent over the couch. The next, her mouth was moving, but she didn’t seem to be saying anything as she held a small black object to her lips. The next thing Rhiannon knew, Barocca was gone, and she began to realize that her head was throbbing like a base drum. Summoning her strength, Rhiannon managed to roll to the side of the bed, but that was all she could do in her present state. Still trying to fight off the effects of the d**g in her system, Rhiannon paused. In her condition, her body forgot where it was, as her muscles relaxed, and her body’s inner gyroscope began to flicker too. The result of all this was that Rhiannon fell from the bed. The fall of not quite two feet didn’t hurt Rhiannon, as she landed on the thick carpet. But her larger Vectran body was far too big for the bed, and Rhiannon struck the edge of the nightstand with her temple as she fell. This knocked Rhiannon completely out for the next hour. When Rhiannon woke again, her head hurt worse than ever, but her vision was clear. Her muscles felt like jelly, as she tried to fight off the effects of the d**g. Rhiannon’s hard-on had finally abated, and with a moment of mental concentration, her prick was once again gone from between her legs. A quick glance showed she was alone in the room. Rhiannon looked through her belongings, and swore blackly, when she found that the software was missing from her bag. “It’s painfully fucking obvious that none of the girls on this damned island can be trusted,” Rhiannon thought. “About the only thing I heard that bitch Barocca say, was something about a lab.” Rhiannon threw on a fresh pair of short pants and a top. “I don’t know where the ‘lab’ is on this place. But I’m gonna take this island apart until I find it, and Barocca.” Rhiannon mas-saged her head with her hand. She felt her strength slowly returning, but it would be a while before she was a hundred percent again. “Pray to any gods or goddesses that you believe in, Barocca. Because when I find you, you’re gonna get to meet them personally.” Rhiannon strode out into the hall, and began her search for Barocca.

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