Baby Oil – Maggie’s Gift


For anyone that has enjoyed my Baby Oil chapters (1-4)

You may enjoy this little gift from Maggie to her lover, Rick…

Many thanks to my editor Muffin66 too…


We’ve been out drinking. In the last bar I’ve been talking to a girl in the toilets. She and I are both pretty drunk. She’s definitely flirting with me as we were queuing for the loo. Touching my top, playing with my hair. Complimenting me on my large breasts.

You are sat at the bar when I come out with her. You look surprised as I introduce you to her and tell you that she’s coming back to our hotel with us. Surprised but pleased.

The three of us get back to the hotel room. You lay back on the bed as I start to kiss her as we stand at the end of the bed. She has long dark silky hair. She’s smaller than me wearing a strappy top and tight jeans. I pull down the straps of her top and pull the straps of her bra and top down so it’s down around her waist. Her breasts are smaller and higher, pointy dark nipples. She’s unbuttoned my shirt and is now lifting my breasts out of my bra. Her lips go down to my nipples and she’s kissing me, rolling my nipples with her thumbs. It’s clear to me that she’s done this before.

I look over her head at you. Smiling at your obvious pleasure. You’ve moved further down the bed to us and have pulled your trousers down. You’ve pulled your beautiful hard cock out and you’re stroking it.

I wriggle out of my jeans and she does the same. We are both standing in our knickers, hers are white, mine black. Our bras are undone and tops discarded. She’s moving her hands further down me as she’s continuing to kiss me.

I need a to use the bathroom and pull away from her. She says she wants to come with me and we leave you on the bed. In güvenilir bahis siteleri the bathroom she suggests running a bath. She’s kissing me as the bath fills. Bubbles overflowing from all the bath foam she’s poured in. She’s turned me to face the mirror and is pulling down my knickers, sliding her hand up between my thighs quite suddenly, brushing her fingers against my pussy lips. Heavenly and very horny. I leave her to come back into the bedroom to you.

You’re naked on the bed and smile at me questioningly when you see me. I climb astride you and kiss you. Asking you to come into the bathroom. You follow me in there and she is in the bath. Kneeling up. Her wet body covered in bubbles. I get in next to her and she immediately starts stroking my breasts again. You’re kneeling on the floor next to the bath. You lean into the bath and start to use your hands and fingers to stroke both of us. Moving your fingers between my thighs and straight to my pussy, inside me. Rubbing my clit as you know I like it. She’s stroking me at the same time and very quickly I start to shake, holding onto the edge of the bath as I cum hard.

We both then start to stroke her. I’m kissing her and using my hands to move the soapy water between her legs and across her pussy. I start to stroke her clit as you put your fingers inside her from behind. She cums quickly, shaking against me as I carry on kissing her. Such soft lips. As she finishes I want to taste her so I ask her to sit on the edge of the bath away from you. I kneel down and spread her thighs as I tentatively move my lips down and across her clit, moving my tongue up and down like I’ve felt you do so many times.

You are so turned on. Seeing me with my ass in the air on my knees licking some girls pussy. You position canlı bahis siteleri yourself behind me and pull my hips towards you. Holding me like that you gently nudge your cock on my lips from behind, reaching round to grab my soapy breasts you suddenly thrust inside me really deep. It takes me by surprise and feels fucking incredible. I can’t concentrate on the pussy in front of me and come up so I’m face to face with her again. She’s reaching through and is stroking my breasts, her hands working with yours. I hold onto the mirror with one hand next to her head, the other reaching down so I can put my fingers inside her pussy.

My legs are getting wobbly and I move myself off you. Climbing out of the bath, kissing you and pressing my wet naked body against you. She climbs out of the bath too and moves to the other side of you. We both drop to our knees and she takes your cock in her mouth. I’m stroking the base of your shaft and caressing your balls. We take turns in sucking you. Looking down we are both kissing each other and kissing and sucking your cock.

You pull us up to our feet and we go back to the bedroom. You lay back on the bed and I climb astride you. I gasp as I slide down onto your cock. You feel so big. I’m sat upright sliding up and down your shaft as she climbs onto the bed and facing me, and climbs astride your face. You reach up and hold her hips as you taste that wet pussy. Wet from the bath and wet as she’s so turned on. I’m riding you facing her. We are both so fucking turned on. Sharing you. Your tongue. Your cock. I lean towards her and stroke her breasts. Kissing her as I’m sliding up and down you. Riding you. She’s in ecstasy. I know how good you are with your tongue and know how hard she’s going to cum. When she does, she’s holding onto my bahis firmaları shoulders and kissing me at the same time.

She climbs off your face and motions you to move too. She wants me to cum again and wants to help. I move onto my back and you get up on your knees and slide into me. Feels amazing as you use your thumb on my clit like you do. She is leaning next to me stroking my breasts and leans down so her mouth and tongue are on me from above. She’s astride me with her pussy above my face and her tongue on my clit as your cock is filling me up and fucking me hard. I put my fingers deep inside her. Finger fucking her in and out, searching for her g-spot. She’s cumming as she’s making me cum with my clit with you deep inside me. It feels so fucking horny and I’m shaking for a long time.

She moves off me, you pull out of me as she lies on her stomach between my spread legs. Lapping my pussy gently with two fingers deep inside me. You move behind her. Looking over her shoulder you give me a questioning look. I smile and nod. Holding her hips you start to fuck her. I’m laying on my back, legs spread having the most amazing orgasm after orgasm as she’s feeling your fucking wonderful thick cock spreading her pussy lips and fucking her hard.

You can feel yourself getting close and stop fucking her. I sense you want the porn ‘finish’ and move away from her so we are both again on our knees in front of you. You stand up stroking your cock as we both are stroking your balls and letting you rub your cock head over our lips. It doesn’t take long before you are cumming over both our faces. You don’t show any favoritism and we both get a load!!

We get up and fetch towels to get cleaned up. She gets dressed as I lay back on the bed with you. I make sure she’ll be ok to get back to her hotel which is just nearby. Kissing her goodbye at the door she blows you a kiss and leaves. I turn back to you, climbing into bed you lift up your arm to put it around me.

You kiss me thank you and we fall asleep quickly…

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