Back Country Trails


Why is it every time I go for a ride I end up swearing I’ll never do it again? My leg muscles feel as if they are about to explode; sweat is dripping into my eyes, running in small rivers down my back and chest. This staying in shape thing was for the birds! Sure my body feels great and fits into jeans and t-shirt better than in years but does it have to be so painful keeping it this way? It never seemed this difficult when I was in my thirties!

I had been riding all morning taking cross-country trails up and down the heavily forested mountainside. My destination was a large pond that I had found by accident several trips before. Nestled amongst huge evergreens the water was fed by the mountain streams and stayed cool all summer so it made for a perfect place to rest and cool off.

The sun was relentlessly pounding down on my sweating back as I rounded the final corner. The shimmering sun reflected off the pond beckoning me into the cool water. Quickly removing my sweat soaked riding shorts and shirt I plunged into the water. Long strokes took me to the old raft in the centre of the pond where I rolled onto my back to enjoy the warmth of the sun on my now cooled skin.

Out of nowhere a giggle reached my water soaked ears. Out of the corner Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort of my eye I saw a gorgeous woman standing on the shore by my bike and clothes. Rolling over to hide my cold shrunken cock I called out to her “So what’s so funny?”

“I could tell at a glance that the water must be pretty cold out there!” she said as she started to remove her runners. ” Mind if I join you?”

“The water’s pretty cool but you’re definitely welcome!” How could anyone say no to that? As I called back she was pulling off her shorts revealing her nakedness under them. My breath caught in my throat as she pulled her t-shirt over her head allowing her beautiful firm breasts the freedom they deserved. They swayed only slightly as she slowly waded in, the water causing goose bumps to break out all over her skin. Her nipples quickly hardened into little mountains of temptation. Swimming to within inches of the raft she turned onto her back, her breasts rose out of the water like twin peaks of flesh as they reached for the sun.

With my head hanging off the edge of the raft I stretched out and ran my warm tongue slowly up the side of her waist then along the edge of her breast. Slipping my tongue over her nipple I teased it with my warmth. Rolling towards me she pulled herself up and onto the raft straddling my body with her long well shaped legs. Cool droplets of water fell from her breasts and long brunette hair onto my sun warmed skin. I could feel the heat building in my cock already as she bent down to place her cool hands around it. Her tight ass looked incredible perching inches above my stomach. Expertly she ran her long fingers slowly up and down and around to cup my balls in one hand.

Sliding my hands up her back I slowly reached around to her breasts and caressed them, pulling her hard nipples gently between my fingers. Wanting to taste her I moved my hands slowly down her legs slipping my body along the mossy planks. Her pussy was freshly shaven and seemed to reach out to my probing fingers. Pink lips already damp with her juices parted as I ran one, then two fingers into her warm depths. With my face now positioned between her lovely legs my tongue slowly licked up each fold to tease her clit as my fingers continued exploring.

Soft moans escaped her parted lips as she maneuvred my now throbbing cock into her mouth. The heat of her lips and tongue nearly made me lose control but the cool water seeping up through the raft under my back won out. She slowly ran her tongue up and around me sending my nerves on edge. As she began to suck on my shaft I suckled her clit until I could feel her begin to cum, bucking hips throwing her pussy against my tongue. Her sweet juice mixed with the mountain water was food fit for the Gods. She came against my mouth all the while sucking on my cock like it was a big straw attached to a thick milkshake.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer I pulled my cock from her wet lips. As she turned to ly beside me I moved over her leaving a trail of hot kisses along her skin. Her high firm breasts taunted my tongue as I sucked them each in turn. My cock found it’s mark and I slowly entered her tight pussy as she wrapped her legs around me. Each thrust of my throbbing shaft brought me closer to the edge finally exploding into her with a last deep stroke. A long shudder and deep moan escaped her as she too slipped over the edge into orgasm as my seed filled her already soaked pussy.

As we lay there afterwards, we discovered we had just missed crossing paths several times here at the pond and decided that we couldn’t let that happen again. We rode down the mountain together that day and have returned to the pond many times to swim and relive the afternoon at our hidden oasis. It’s amazing how even the hardest exercise seems a lot easier when you get a reward afterward!

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