Back from Italy


He clicked the spray top on his aftershave, which applied the strong, sweet scent to his neck. He had just finished getting washed and dressed as he looked at the clock above his bed it read 4.22pm. She wasn’t due for another 8 minutes so he went downstairs a settled on the sofa with the TV on, but he was in fact watching the clock. Every second that passed brought her closer to him. The anticipation was making his stomach quiver, and his mind wandered on to her last visit when, unlike this evening, the house was full.

They lay in his bedroom gently kissing and touching each other, but they were both cautious as to not go too far, which meant in effect they were outrageously teasing one another, getting hotter and hotter with each second he was getting harder and causing a great bulge in his jeans and she was getting wetter causing her panties to be soaked. They parted that night, unsatisfied, and she left the next day on a trip to Italy. They had both agreed to save themselves for her return. Which meant no rubbing, teasing or stroking. This didn’t seem too hard as she was only going to be away one week, but when the fifth day of her holiday came to an end her parents decided to stay an extra three weeks. This was a real test of self-control for him and for her.

She rolled down the window slightly to let a light breeze cool her flushed face, she was less than ten minutes away and started to get a bit too excited. She fidgeted in the passenger seat of her parent’s mini, in an attempt to settle the fluttering of her chest and the warming of her crotch. She glanced at her father’s expression, hoping he hadn’t noticed the reddening of her cheeks and the slight deepening of her breathing. Her eyes widened and her lips stretched into a grin as they took the left turn onto his house’s drive.

Headlights lit up the porch curtains and he felt his heart skip a beat, he turned off the TV and rushed into the porch, took a deep breath and opened the door. He smiled as he saw her silhouette running towards him from the blinding headlights, she jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him tight, as she did she felt a soft hardness coming from his groin. She grinned mischievously and got jumped down from his grasp, with a quick wave to her father she was led inside and he closed the door behind her.

After he closed the door he turned to find her standing very still and staring at him with her sexy playful eyes and a slight smirk. He took a second to look at her fully and examine kaçak iddaa the body he had missed for so long, she was about 4 to 5 inches shorter than him and she wore a thin top with a low v-neck than stuck to her skin, presenting her firm but soft D-cup breasts. Behind her long flowing blonde hair that draped over her breasts, her nipples were clearly visible, and this could only mean one thing when he realized that it was a warm summer evening.

She stood silently letting her boyfriend gaze at her body; it made her feel naughty to be so obviously exposed. She looked at him while he looked at her. He was wearing a small T-shirt that showed a small section of his slim stomach and his jeans were baggy, but had a swelling at the crotch, she longed to touch it. So she slowly took a step towards him and leaned in to kiss him softly. His lips embraced hers, she parted her mouth slowly and let her tongue flick his lower lip, and he responded and opened his mouth while his tongue cooperated with hers. He grabbed her back and thrust her body against him with his strong arms. This kiss became more passionate; it was harder, faster, wilder. The room around them melted away and they were alone in eternity. It was what they had both craved for consistently and obsessively for the past month, but it wasn’t enough they need more.

She decided to take control. She pushed him into the door behind, breaking the kiss. She looked deep into his eyes, and once again gave him a gentle but promising slow peck on his lips, as she did she brushed her hand against his thigh and then rubbed it against his now rock hard cock. He took in a deep gasp and she smiled loving his reaction to her touch. She then suddenly turned and after removing her shoes she slowly walked away though to the living room. He watched her as she walked away, her cute ass that showed from beneath her tight black jeans. She was teasing him, she was in total control, and he had no objection what so ever.

He followed her into the living room, but she wasn’t there. Suddenly a large pillow hit him around the head. He picked up another one and hit back. She then squeaked as he grabbed her pillow from her. Throwing the pillows aside, he grabbed at her wrists while she giggled and resisted his grip. She fell to her knees and so he pushed her onto her back. He climbed on top of her pinning her down with his hands securing her wrists against the carpet. She stopped giggling. He leaned down to place his lips an inch from hers, he lingered there, she looked illegal bahis deep into his eyes and the desire over came her, she drove her lips into his. He forced her head back down on to the carpet with the force of his tongue attacking her mouth, and she was totally unable to move, unable to do anything but kiss him. He felt her arms relax and he let go of her wrists, moving his hand towards her exquisite breasts. Before he reached them she caught him off guard and through his hand off of her as she leaned upwards he fell back into a pile on the floor. She smiled and then left the room.

All he could do was smile when he heard her footsteps climbing the stairs. She was very good at playing hard to get. He enjoyed it and most of the time he would play along, but not from now on he decided. And so he got up from the floor and sat down in front of the TV turning it on and raising the volume so she could hear from upstairs. He was not going to move until she admitted she wanted him to. A few minutes had passed and he was she was sitting upstairs on his bed, she wasn’t cross nor annoyed but she was very impatient. An idea came to her, which caused the return of her mischievous grin. He was still sitting very smugly watching the news, this was to make a point more than anything, when she shouted from upstairs “Sam!” Sam smiled.

“Yes Cat?” Sam answered very innocently.

“Come here, I’ve got a surprise for you!” At this Sam got up from the sofa and turned off the TV immediately. It was a draw, she was forced to call him and he can’t resist her offer. He opened the door into the hall and found her socks left lying at the bottom of the stairs, he was very confused until he looked up and saw her V-neck top a bit further up. He smiled and keeping his cool he walked up the steps finding her black jeans at the top. Sam’s bedroom was straight at the top of the stairs, he reached it and knocked hard three times. “Come in!” He did as he was told and pushed the door open slowly. Stepping into his room he saw her buried under his large double duvet, she had her eyes shut and was breathing steadily. This was a game they had played before, she would pretend to be asleep and he would have to do whatever it takes for her to respond. So he silently slipped off his top and jeans so as to not let her know he was down to his underwear. He then glided under the duvet and was very careful not to make contact with her body. He first took a peek at her luscious body and he saw he very sexy lingerie, red silk panties bahis siteleri with lace around the waistline and a red silk, laced bra that was too small, so it made her boobs try and squeeze out. She could feel his eyes on her and she felt naughty again as he looked at her half naked body. She then began to feel herself getting wet. He leaned over her and kissed her unresponsive lips. He then moved down to kiss her neck and bite it gently, with still no response he decided to take it a bit further. So he ran his fingers from her neck down her body running over her breasts and down her stomach until he reached the laced part of her panties he then put one finger under the waistline and ran it from side to side.

She drank in every touch from him and needed him to touch her lower, but she controlled herself and stayed lying still. Without warning his finger ran up her slit with a gentle pressure and she gasped at the feeling of his fingers. The game could have been over, but he wanted to carry on. He ran his finger up her slit again applying more pressure this time with this she squirmed against his finger. She wanted it inside her and he knew it.

He pulled her panties down revealing her pussy. He continued to pull them all the way off her legs he lay down in-between her legs leaning on one arm. Very slowly he moved his hand up her thigh over her hips and onto her stomach, he then moved his hand down slowly passing her trimmed bush until he reached her wet cunt. She was breathing heavy and needed to have his hand on her. He opened her lips with one finger and then probed inwards. With each push going deeper into her tight pussy, the warm, wet walls of her pussy squeezed on his finger as Cat began to make small screams of pleasure. He then pushed his finger in as far as he could as she raised her ass off the bed and pushed herself against him. Sam slowly pulled out his finger and Cat lowered herself back onto the bed.

He then began to develop a pace. Starting slowly at first and then getting faster and faster. Cat was in ecstasy, she wanted Sam inside of her, properly. “HARDER!” she shouted out between moans and deep breaths. With this instruction, Sam immediately went full pace and as hard as he could, pounding his finger in and out of her tight cunt, she raised her ass off the bed again to work in sync with his motion. She felt a warm rising of pure pleasure from her pussy and within seconds it flowed throughout her entire body, she was lost in it, she grabbed out and clung on to Sam wrapping her self around him, squeezing him with all her might. She fell on to the bed and her breathing slowed. Sam lay down next to her and watched her familiar mischievous smile grow as she said, “Your turn.”

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