Bad Little School Girls Pt. 03


I just wanted to take a second to thank AshleyCooper for helping me with this story. Thank you so much for all your edits and recommendations!


Michael McCabe

Michael had left the school and headed straight for his storage locker, a few towns away. The shrieking of the metal door against its tracks echoed down a deserted hall. A black solitary trunk stood in the middle of the unit.

Hailey and Jen

Jen drove Hailey to a large apartment building on a busy street, across town. It wasn’t the best part of town, but Jen wasn’t exactly surprised by the location. Hailey’s mom wasn’t mother of the year by any means. Jen had only come in contact with her a few times over the years and not one of those instances painted the picture of a loving mother. From what she had gathered from her recent late night discussions with Hailey, her stepfather was even worse. She very much doubted that either of them had noticed Hailey’s disappearance over the last few days.

Jen bent her head to look out at her surroundings. To her, it seemed funny that she and Hailey came from two distinctly different worlds, and yet found themselves in the same situation. Jen’s parents, although wealthy and involved in her academic life, were much more focused on their own needs. They thought nothing of packing up and leaving their high school aged daughter for weeks at a time. They had long ago decided that they worked hard for their money and lifestyle, and they didn’t want that stifled by a little thing such as a child. Jen saw the truth of the matter; that they were just as negligent as Hailey’s alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather.

The girls had barely spoken to each other, aside from Hailey’s directions to her parent’s apartment. Jen put the car in park and placed her hand on Hailey’s thigh.

“Are you ok?” She asked, genuinely concerned.

“Yeah,” Hailey said, placing her hand over Jen’s and smiling.

“You’ve been really quiet ever since we left the school,” Jen said, cautiously.

“I’ve just been thinking,” Hailey said, finally looking up.

“About what? Was that ok for you? You just seem a little . . . shocked.” Jen said, brushing the hair from Hailey’s face.

“No. Well yes . . . I liked it . . . a lot,” Hailey whispered back before looking up and down the street.

When Hailey saw that there was nobody around, she squeezed Jen’s hand and pulled it higher up her leg. Hailey spread her legs wide and before Jen had even reached her pussy she began moaning. She took Jen’s fingers in her own and moved them up and down her slit.

Jen smiled in relief as she felt her wetness. She wasn’t just a little excited, she was soaking wet.

“The way he threw you down and pinned you to the floor . . .” Hailey said, arching her back off of the seat and sliding her hand up her body.

“I’ve never seen a guy get that intense before. I got so wet watching you with him. Oh my God, and licking his cum off of your body . . . ” Hailey sucked in a breath of air, her face turning to look at Jen as she manipulated Jen’s hand between her thighs.

Her face was red and Jen couldn’t tell if it was from passion or embarrassment. Jen leaned across the center console of her car, her other hand now sliding up Hailey’s leg.

“You were so good tonight, you made Mr. McCabe’s cock so hard.” She kissed her cheek and began to slide her fingers into Hailey’s pussy.

Hailey moaned in response, spreading her legs even wider for Jen.

“Are you ready for tomorrow night?” Jen asked, plunging her finger in and out of Hailey.

“Yesss,” Hailey moaned lifting her hips up and touching her own breasts.

Jen watched her, she was drunk with lust as she opened her shirt wide, revealing her transparent bra. Jen smiled, loving that fact that Hailey was completely consumed by her desire. Anybody could walk by and see the two girls together, yet Hailey couldn’t care less.

“I want to watch him tie you up . . .” Jen’s fingers turned, finding that spot that made Hailey’s leg shake.

“. . .and force his big cock between your pretty little lips,” Jen continued placing a kiss on Hailey’s lips.

Hailey became lost in the fantasy. Her back completely arched off of the seat as she moaned and rocked her pussy on Jen’s fingers. Her hands clutched Jen’s, making sure she wouldn’t stop, her hard nipples straining against her bra in plain view. She pictured the scene. She pictured being spanked by her teacher while Jen’s fingers slid into her pussy both in reality and in her mind.

“Tell me what you want,” Jen whispered in her ear, rubbing her thumb against Hailey’s clit as her fingers slipped in and out of her.

Hailey was silent for a few moments, only moaning as Jen started to fuck her harder.

“Say it! Tell me all the dirty little things you’re thinking about baby,” Jen demanded.

“Uhhh . . .I want,” Hailey sucked in a breath of air. “I want his cock deep in my throat . . .I want his big hands Gaziantep Olgun Escort around my neck . . .squeezing me.”

Jen smiled to herself, her other hand snaking up Hailey’s body, roughly squeezing Hailey’s breast before gripping her throat, just so. Hailey gasped, inhaling a sharp breath as she moved her body in waves.

“Like this? Mr. McCabe won’t be as gentle with you. Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Jen taunted her.

“Yes, I want it so bad,” Hailey whispered in response.

“Are you ready to be his little cum slut . . . to do whatever he needs . . . whatever he wants?” Jen emphasized the words to stress her point.

“Yes. Yes. Yesss,” Hailey moaned, her body beginning to tense as her movements became more rigid.

“He’s going to use your pretty little body for whatever he needs baby. Show me how bad you want that,” Jen hissed as her grip on her throat became tighter.

Hailey had lost her ability to speak despite Jen’s hand around her throat. She grabbed Jen’s hand between her thighs, as she squeezed her legs together her body shaking as she soaked Jen’s skilled fingers. Hailey held her breath tight, unable to make a single sound until finally gasping for air

Jen kissed her passionately, letting Hailey suck on her tongue, as small waves of aftershocks quaked within her.

“Come to my house tomorrow before we leave, I want you dripping wet when we see Mr. McCabe.” Jen said before giving her a final kiss goodbye.

Michael McCabe.

Michael canceled yet another date with his girlfriend Heather, feigning illness that would buy him the rest of the weekend.

He opened the door to a large guest bedroom in his house and surveyed the room.

This will do.

He opened the trunk. Each item had been tucked away so precisely. He ran his fingers over the items placed at the top, each one holding a cherished memory . . . a different girl . . . a different experience. It had been a long time since he had let himself open that box.

Whips, flogs, handcuffs and rope.

The side of Michael he had suppressed for so long was fully released upon opening the box.

A few years back Michael had been living in California. He had been working at a tech company since its formation, and it had taken off quickly. He’d lived a lavish lifestyle, with a big house on the coast, expensive cars, and a beautiful wife whom he adored. But it had all been ripped away from him by one woman.

Elizabeth — she was the wife of the CEO of his company. She was beautiful and absolutely irresistible. She had quickly seduced Michael, against his better judgement and will. She had systematically molded him into the man that embodied her sexual desires. Looking back, he knew now that it was really something inside of him that he had long suppressed, rather than any particularly strong powers of persuasion on Elizabeth’s part.

Almost daily she would lure him to a small apartment across town. The apartment’s bedroom was stocked with whips, chains, rope, crops, plugs, blindfolds, spreader bars . . . the list could go on and on. She got Michael addicted to that lifestyle like a drug. He had loved the excitement and danger that followed with her wherever she went, but she was lethal and at the time Michael was too naive to understand that. The power and pleasure engulfed him like nothing had ever done before.

When Michael would force himself to attempt an end to the illicit affair, she would up the ante. Michael would arrive at the apartment to find other women, women tied down to the bed begging to be fucked . . . to taste him . . . to be spanked and used, anything that Michael could possibly imagine. This soon became a normal weekend for him.

Elizabeth was irresistible to men and women alike; both were emphatically drawn to her. She used this to her advantage, and brought women to Michael like prey to a lion’s den. They were never disappointed.

He would arrive to the apartment on Friday night after telling his wife he would be gone on a business trip, to find the CEO’s wife along with multiple women waiting for him. They were all beautiful and they all had a desire to be pleasured through pain and through pleasing him. It was all too good to say no to. That was, until his loving wife became suspicious. Michael truly did love her, but when Elizabeth saw that his wife was a hindrance to her sexual endeavors, she destroyed their relationship. Elizabeth subtly hinted towards Michael’s lies and manipulations, leaving his wife to seek out her own answers. When the seed was planted she sent Michael’s wife pictures of him with the other women. His wife filed for divorce that very day.

Michael was forced to take a hard look at what his life had become. He obviously blamed the many women but he blamed himself all the more, especially his dark sexual desires. He had, until this moment, locked those desires away, choosing to focus on a new life.

Michael had come to the realization that these sexual desires were something that he needed in his life, they were something that he needed to express. Jennifer Lane and Hailey Grear had reminded him, forcing him to open that box and unleash his dark past. He would be the one in control this time.

Hailey and Jen arrived at his house exactly on time. Michael opened the door and surveyed the girls just long enough to make them squirm. They were both in short dresses that left little to the imagination, not that he needed to imagine what they looked like underneath any longer. He was painfully aware of what their bodies looked like under those tiny dresses.

“Hi Mr. McCabe,” Jen finally said in a sultry voice.

Her body language dripped with confidence and Michael couldn’t wait to break her of it. Hailey walked past him, her eyes darting around her surroundings as if it was something she didn’t expect to see.

“This is your house?” She asked doubting that he actually lived there.

Michael nodded as he walked past her, leading the girls to his kitchen.

“Sorry, I just kind of expected you to live in . . . I don’t know . . . a smaller house?” Hailey’s voice trailed in a reflection as she continued to look around.

Michael had bought the house upon moving into town. It was one of the larger, old Victorian homes just on the outskirts of town. He had been drawn to the dark wood and ornate gothic moldings, and the house had even come with antique furnishing. For the first time he realized that it did not quite fit with his new life and his humble teacher’s salary.

He grabbed his glass from the counter and took a large sip of scotch as he eyed the girls over the glass. Jen stepped towards him, pressing her large breasts against his arm as she took the glass and drank from it. Hailey opted for the bottle. Michael and Jen locked eyes as she took another sip, her body ever so slightly shaking. Michael fought back the urge to take her right there. He could feel her hard nipple against his arm. Even her proximity to him turned him on. Meanwhile, Hailey downed a few gulps in the background.

“This tastes like bandaids,” Hailey said wincing and as she twirled around the kitchen, voyeuristically looking about.

Michael took one look at Jen before approaching Hailey and taking the bottle from her hand.

“Upstairs,” he said taking the six hundred dollar bottle with him as he led the girls down the hallway once again.

He had said almost nothing to them since they had arrived, he was cold and calculated. He wanted the girls uncomfortable and unsure of his next move. Michael could hear their heels clicking as they walked down the long hallway at the top of the stairs. He opened the door to the large guest room and stood back allowing the girls first access. Jen’s breath caught in her throat upon seeing the room.

A towering four posted bed stood in the middle of the room fitted with black leather sheets, framed by two night stands. Red velvet curtain hung heavily around the large windows. A long Victorian couch with matching fabric sat at an angle along the wall and an antique étagère along the other. As the girls moved further into the room it was apparent that they had noticed the forbidding appendages which adorned the furniture. Leather straps and handcuffs splayed across the four corners of the bed, rope hung from the couch and the four posters of the bed, various hooks on the ceiling and the étagère that displayed Michael’s sinister . . . tools.

“Keel in front of the bed facing me.” Michael demanded, making both girls jump at the sudden break in silence.

They both turned to look at him as if contemplating if they had any control left.

“Now,” Michael said calmly, frighteningly calm.

The girls glanced quickly at each other, before silently agreeing and crossing the floor towards the bed. Michael watched as they knelt, Hailey looking towards Jen for guidance. Jen sat low, the tops of her feet flush against the wooden floor, the palms of her hands touching her thighs. Michael took note that she understood and was familiar with this as her position as a submissive, yet the pose was not quite to his taste. He walked towards the étagère, also taking note that Hailey’s eyes followed him and widened as she saw him grab a black leather riding crop.

Michael approached Hailey first and her face turned towards him, her lips cracking a defiant smile.

“Eyes forward and down,” Michael said kneeling next to her as he grabbed her face and twisted it away from him, towards the door.

He let his finger run across her bottom lip and Hailey moaned as she licked it. As Michael turned away from her, he couldn’t help but smile at her need to please him. He walked around Jen, her head hung down staring at the floor. He swatted her ass through her dress and she bobbed slightly at the sting.

“Toes underneath you, sit up on your heels. Back straight.” He lifted her chin with the flat edge of the crop. “Head up and eyes down. Hands behind your back like they’re tied together and if you move them, I WILL tie them together. Knees slightly parted.” He said, walking a circle around the girls as if he were dictating the requirements for an exam.

The girls obeyed promptly and he took a step back to survey their position. They were perfect in every way; situated in their new place, they turned him on all the more.

“If you are not being used I expect you to be in this position,” Michael stated coldly as he watched their breasts heave in excitement.

He kept them in the position for a few minutes, letting them get comfortable in their new role. Michael sat on the long velvet couch across the room silently watching them and sipping from his glass.

“Crawl to me on your hands and knees,” he finally demanded.

The girls acted immediately, seductively crawling across the hardwood floor towards him. He didn’t care that they made eye contact, they were young and new to this and he liked the way their desire flashed in their eyes.

Upon reaching him, their hands slid up his legs, touching him, massaging him in a way that silently begged him for attention. Michael felt his cock harden as he allowed them to touch him. They moaned like each new touch sent waves of pleasure through them. Their breasts pressed against his knees and heaved with each rub against him.

“Did I say that you could touch me?” Michael asked calmly as he looked down on them.

Jen was the first to move hesitantly away from him and resume her position on her knees; Hailey followed dutifully. Michael, again kept them waiting like this for a moment. His eyes sat heavily on them as he watched their tits rise and fall in quick breaths.

Finally, he moved to the edge of the couch and leaned forwards, his head between theirs. He took a second, making them squirm with anticipation, before both his hands slid up under their dresses. Neither girl was wearing any panties and with their knees spread slightly he was granted easy access to the warmth that emanated from between their thighs. Two fingers slid up to their waiting pussy lips and the girls moaned as he touched them. He sat back and smiled at them, rubbing his two fingers against his thumbs as he showed them the evidence of their desire. Michael ran his thumb over Jen’s bottom lip as she looked up at him and moaned through closed lips. She couldn’t help but slide her tongue over her lip, closing her eyes as she tasted herself.

“Clean my fingers,” Michael said softly as his thumb pulled her lower lip until her mouth was open.

He slid his two fingers into her mouth and she sucked them hungrily, ravenously swirling her tongue around him, licking his fingers clean. Michael watched her as his other fingers slid into Hailey’s mouth, his eyes now alternating between the two girls.

“Undress each other,” he said abruptly removing his hands from them.

The girls moved on their knees to face one another and Michael sat back on the couch. They started with a kiss, Jen’s hands taking hold of Hailey’s face as she kissed her deeply. Hailey’s hands found Jen’s shoulders as she began to pull the fabric down her arms. Jen mirrored her actions, pulling ever so slowly down over her chest. Their naked breasts now touched as they pushed their dresses lower. Hailey paused, unable to resist touching Jen’s body. Her hand slid up Jen’s ribs before squeezing a large breast. Jen turned her head toward Michael, her lips red and plumped, her eyes heavy as she moaned for him.

Michael’s unwavering stare forced her to continue her instruction, pulling Hailey’s dress lower. They gingerly helped one another pull their dresses from their legs and instantly began touching each other again. Fingers traced over their bodies, sending shivers and goosebumps across their skin. They kissed, their breasts pressed against each other’s as they took turns eyeing Michael. Finally, he stood, taking hold of the hem of his shirt and pulling it up over his head; one hand rubbed his chiseled chest as they looked up at him, ready for instruction.

“Now undress me,” he said petting their pretty heads.

Michael smiled as the girls greedily pulled at his belt. Jen quickly unhooked it, pulling his hips towards her face as she pulled the belt through its loops. Meanwhile, Hailey had skillfully unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Michael looked down on them as the two came together to pull down his pants and his boxers as one, slowly and sensually. The girls ran their hands over his naked skin, up his legs and around his hip, tracing the deep lines of his muscles. His cock stood long and thick inches from their waiting mouths.

“Walk over to the bed,” he commanded before they could touch the one part of him that they so badly wanted to touch.

Jen leaned against the tall bed, her arms supporting her, her large breasts rising as Michael walked toward her. She began to breathe heavily as Michael took hold of her small waist.

For just a second he let his hands feel her, moving down over her feminine hips, pulling her body against him, before collecting himself.

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