Bare Back Rider


I was just out on a random patrol when I got a call for a neighbour’s dispute along one of the back roads leading out of town. You know the type of road, wanders out of town and into the bush, not going anywhere in particular. Turned up at the neighbours to find an old guy yelling at the mother of a teenager, threatening mayhem and murder, with the mother yelling back just as enthusiastically.

Turned out the little shit had done some not particularly artistic graffiti on the old guy’s garage and he wanted to give the kid what-for. The mother was totally against her little angel being called to account for his sins.

“Listen, Mr Grigalow,” I said soothingly. “As much as you might like to clout the kid like this,” demonstrating with a hearty slap to the back of the kid’s head, “it’s just not permitted. You run along and I’ll speak to little Johnny here, make him see reason.”

“You hit me,” snarled the little mongrel as soon as Mr Grigalow was on his way. “I’m suing.”

“What, like this?” I asked, giving him an even harder clout. “I never did. I have an independent witness who will testify to that.” I indicated the retreating back of Mr Grigalow.

“You hit me again. My mother saw you. She’ll tell.”

“Her word would be discounted. She’s your mother. And she won’t say a peep while her speeding fines are overdue,” I said, giving her a meaning look. If she complained she could find herself walking rather than driving, and she knew it.

“Now you listen to me, you little shit. You’re going to clean that graffiti off and do it pretty quickly. If you don’t I’ll run you in for vandalism. You’d better smarten up a little or when you need someone to pull your ass from the icy waters you’ll find them holding you under instead. And you’re not doing him any favours protecting him all the time,” I said to his mother. “If you don’t bring him into line someone else will and it won’t be pretty.”

Basically, that was the end of the affair. I might have mentioned a couple of minor misdemeanours that we could have lumbered Johnny with but hadn’t – so far. She got the message loud and clear. Still, the next time that Johnny did something stupid I was pulling him in. Let her try to brush if off then.

I headed back towards town. Now the back road was rather a lonely road, very much under-travelled, and I wasn’t really expecting to meet any traffic. But I did meet someone. I was approaching a blind bend when this motorbike came hurtling around the bend, drifting right over to the wrong side of the road. The rider spotted me just in time, swerved, nearly coming off, and managed to straighten and keep going. I gave a short burst of the siren and waited. That bike wasn’t going anywhere meaningful up that road and we both knew it.

The bike slowed down and stopped, and the rider came reluctantly back to where I was waiting. I was out of the car and leaning negligently against it.

“Off,” I said when she pulled up next to me and she got off, even more reluctantly.

“License?” I asked.

“Um, I don’t have it on me,” she confessed. “It’s at home.”

“I see. almanbahisbahis Helmet?”

“Um, yes, that’s at home, too.”

“You know you’re not permitted to ride without a helmet. Looks like you’ll be walking home. Fortunately it’s not too far. A matter of curiosity, have you got any clothes in your saddle bags? No? Then you should have a very interesting walk home.”

I was now the recipient of a rather sulphurous gaze.

“Do you have any ID on you?”

“You know damn well I haven’t. Anyway, you know who I am.”

“That’s true. You’re Diana Holmes, aged eighteen. But I can’t write a ticket without checking the name against formal ID. Maybe I’d better run you in and we can sort it out at the station.”

“The station? You wouldn’t.”

“I may have to. I can’t be sure of all the things I should be charging you with. I’m sure the Sergeant will be able to help me cover all charges.”

She was pale and really unhappy.

“So maybe if you explained something to my satisfaction I’ll see what I can do. WHY WERE YOU RIDING A MOTORBIKE NAKED?” I roared that last line. “You purblind young idiot. You’re a menace to yourself and anyone else on the road. Did you stop to think that you might have distracted someone and caused them to crash? Did you consider the fact that someone of ill intention might have forced you off the road? I should be writing up enough tickets to keep you broke and walking for the next year.”

Diana was almost in tears at this stage. After a few false starts the story came out. She’d been at a party with a few friends. She’d lost a bet and the bike ride was her penalty. She had to clock up at least five miles on the bike. She’d chosen this particular road because she thought no-one would see her.

“I see. Tell me, just how do you propose to get home? Walk there naked?”

“Ah, I could ride my bike if you let me. I’ll be careful and I’d be home in a couple of minutes.”

“Not a chance in hell. You nearly fell off when you came round that corner and only survived by luck. Road rash would be very painful on your bottom and hard to explain. It would be even worse if you scraped your breasts along the road. That would be a tragedy to all mankind.”

“Can’t you run me home?”

I gave her a fulminating stare.

“Possibly. There’s also the matter of what do I write if I give you a ticket? I’m pretty sure there’s no official rule about riding a bike naked, although dangerous driving would probably cover it. I suspect the whole thing will have to go to court and we’ll let the judge decide.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me,” she said, not sounding at all certain. “My reputation would be ruined.”

“May I point out that you’re the one taking chances with your reputation, not me. This smiling face that you see is a lie. I’m really very, very, angry right now.”

I nodded slowly as the put-upon look on her face faded as it dawned on her that I was truly angry.

“That’s right,” I said, still smiling. “It was only by luck and the grace of god that I’m not doing emergency first aid while waiting for almanbahis giriş the ambulance. You as near as damn scraped yourself all over this corner when you came round and lost control. Lucky as fuck to get away with it. Now put this on and get in the car. I’ll take you home.”

While I was talking I took off my jacket and threw it to her. No way was I driving her while she was naked. Far too big a distraction. I moved the bike well to the side of the road.

“When you’re properly dressed and have a helmet I’ll bring you back to collect it,” I told her, getting into the car myself.

She gave me the address and I drove off, pulling into the drive a short time later.

“There’s nobody home,” she told me with some satisfaction as we went inside. “If you’ll excuse me I’ll go and get dressed.”

“Nobody home,” I mused. “How unfortunate.”

“For you,” I added.

“What do you mean?” she asked, blinking in surprise.

“Nobody here to stop me doing this,” I said, sitting myself down on the nearest chair and pulling her towards me. I had her bent over my knee before she even knew what I intended.

My jacket didn’t even start to cover her bottom when she was bent over like that. My hand came down very smartly upon that bottom, raising a very nice little scream. I had heard of some other silly stunts Diana had pulled, though they were picayune compared to the bike stunt. Earlier stunts could have resulted in embarrassment and a reprimand and that would have been it. That didn’t stop me bringing them up.

I explained my feelings about her bike ride, emphasizing each point with another hard spank. After that I went over a few of her older pranks that she didn’t think we knew about. We being the police, and officially we didn’t know about them. Now she was finding out the hard way that there was a difference between what we knew officially and what we knew.

Finally I finished. I was willing to believe that Diana now understood how seriously I regarded her misdemeanour. I swung her to her feet and she stood there looking at me. My jacket dangled open, hiding nothing. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears and she had a look of surprise on her face as though she couldn’t credit what had happened. Her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily. It seemed to me that her breasts looked heavier than when I first saw her. Her nipples were certainly a lot more erect than when I pulled her over.

I stood up and brushed my jacket off her shoulders. She just let it go, let it slide down her arms and off so she was naked once more. I dropped my trousers and, sliding my arms around her waist, I jerked her towards me, feeling her body pressed against mine. It worked the other way, too, with her feeling my body pressed against hers. From the flush that rose to her face I knew which part of my body she was feeling most.

I sank back onto the chair, drawing her with me so she was straddling me, her slit pressing against the length of my erection. Eyes fastened to mine she rose slightly, pushing herself up until she wasn’t pressed against me. My almanbahis yeni giriş erection swayed forward, brushing between her legs. She parted her legs slightly and I could feel her lips pressing lightly against the tip of my cock. She felt soft and damp. I stayed like that, lightly holding her.

With a small sigh she settled back down onto my lap, but this time she manoeuvred so that she was also sinking down onto me. I didn’t try to push up into her, just letting her do what she wanted. She settled lightly upon me, fully impaled.

My hands came up and closed over her breasts, lightly stroking them, feeling them press against me. At the same time I gave a gentle push upwards, driving my cock just that little further into her. As I relaxed and dropped down the same small distance she flexed her hips, lifting herself up, her passage clinging to my cock as she moved.

Then I was pushing up somewhat more forcefully and she was driving down to take me. Her legs came up, trying to wrap around me, but that damn chair was in the way. I rose to my feet, taking her with me, and this time her legs curled around my waist as she clung to me. Then she was lying on the floor, my weight pressing her down, while she clung and bucked under me.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too gentle about the way I was using her, driving in hot and hard, relishing the feel of her. In my defense I might point out that she wasn’t actually being gentle and loving as she clung to me, her nails clawing at me, as she bucked under me in a most energetic manner.

The whole thing was something frenetic with both of going at each other like animals. There again, I guess we are animals. The sex was something fantastic, all heat and passion and drive. My only regret was that it didn’t last long enough. It seemed to me that we were barely warming up when I found that I was losing it.

I climaxed with great pleasure, relieved to find her doing the same. Next time I was going to have to see how long I could stretch things out. Quick and fantastic is all very good but I’m sure slow and fantastic will be even better.

We lay next to each other for a short while then Diana had a confession to make.

“Um, my helmet is at Amanda’s place. That’s where we were having our little party. They’ll be wondering where I am.”

“Give me the address,” I told her. “While you have a shower and get dressed I’ll run over and pick up your helmet and the rest of your things.”

“But, but what are you going to tell them?” Diana asked, sounding a little nervous.

“Tell them?” I asked, sounding surprised. “We don’t tell civilians anything about police matters. I might mention that there will need to be an investigation as to what happened and they should be prepared for that. After all, all you told us was where you’d come from.”

Diana was silent while she considered that.

“Ah, if you tell them that they’ll think something happened to me,” she pointed out.

“Something did. You got caught. It’s not my fault if their imaginations print another story.”

As far as I was concerned I hoped their imaginations ran riot. Served them right for such a ridiculous penalty on a bet. Diana departed to get showered and dressed. I departed to pick up her things. I couldn’t help wondering if she’d be dressed or naked when I returned and, if naked, what would I do.

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