Bath-House Surprise


Be gentle, this is my first submission, with hopefully more to come.

This story contains descriptive details of a gay male encounter, so if this offends you, why are you in the gay male section of the site???


What started as just a mere curiosity, born from other Literotica submissions, has led me to experience the thrill and excitement of man-2-man sex.

To start off, a little about me; I’m an athletic guy, just short of the 6ft mark, with an extremely naughty side. What transpires here is a true story, and happened in a popular bath house located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After years of slowly exploring my curiosities, I became ever more confident in accepting my own desires. This lead to my first gay encounter with a close friend, who was also curious, and after admitting his curiosity, we ended up taking each others “virginity”, although I will recount that encounter in a future story.

So we fast forward to my first visit to a known bath house in Johannesburg, and how getting lost in the darkness of the steam room, lead to a most unexpected encounter.

As some of you may know, after paying the fees, and getting past the lockers, the initial shock of entering this forbidden world was scary, but very sexually charged.

To settle the nerves, I headed to the bar and got some liquid courage… In some casual chat with the barman, I found out that I had come on what is expected to be a busy afternoon… YAY me!

After finishing my drink, I ventured towards the sauna, thinking this may help me settle. Entering the sauna, I found I was alone, which sparked a little naughtiness within me. After a few minutes completely covered, I slowly allowed my towel to loosen, and decided to sit there openly naked, enjoying the thrill of the moment. This was not lost on my 7-inch dick, which started to come to life, and demanded some attention.

While enjoying the sensations of fondling my balls, and teasing the head, the door to the sauna opened, and a much older guy walked in, naked as the day he was born. Although a cold chill shot down my spine, I decided not to cover up, but did stop teasing myself. We sat there in silence… the tension could be cut with a knife.

Not being comfortable with a gentleman that much older than I am, I decided to leave, and explore further.

I headed to the steam room, and after hanging my towel at the entrance, I entered into the steam, not knowing what to expect. After finding a spot, I relaxed, closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth. It was about 15 minutes after that, when another guy walked into güvenilir bahis the steam room. Slightly chubbier than the average “dad-bod”, but with an air of confidence about him. He politely asked if he could sit down next to me.

I had no problem with him sitting next to me, but my first reaction was that he is not the type of guy I’d be interested in. After a short while, he struck up some small talk, perhaps picking up on my nervousness. He asked me about my preferences, and how I ended up at the bath house. The small talk helped me to relax, and in some ways, helped me answer some of my own questions about my sexuality. (In hind sight, this guy was well experienced in picking up new guys like me, and I was falling for it “hook, line, and sinker”).

During our chat in the steam room, and seeing a few guys come in and leave again, his hand started slowly moving over my leg, and began teasing at the base of my semi-erect cock. My mind was screaming to get out, but my horny cock quickly over-rode that. When he finally asked if it was ok to play, I was well beyond saying no anymore.

His hand knew what it was doing, and after some slow touching, teasing, and massaging, he had my cock fully erect, aching for more… He knew he had me!

In my mind, I was debating with myself as to how far I’d let this go, not realizing that my eyes had closed, and I did not notice him lowering his head to my crotch. When his mouth warmly wrapped around my hard-on, my eyes shot open, and I let out a guttural moan that I had not heard from myself before. This guy was good!

He expertly sucked me, or better yet, made love to my cock with his mouth… Better than any woman had before him. I was completely lost in my desire, horny beyond belief.

He brought me to the edge a few times, but refused to let me cum. My dick had never felt harder, or bigger than it did at that moment, and this guy was giving it a spit polish that would make a porn starlet proud.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed him off, and instantly wrapped my lips around his hard cock. With the horniness driving me, I sucked on him like a calf suckling a teat.

His cock was about the same length as mine, although a little thicker, and I absolutely loved the feeling of my lips stretching to accommodate him. I knew then that I had to take this all the way… I wanted this guy to slide this beautiful cock into my most intimate hole.

Having only ever been with one other guy, I was nervous, but I knew I needed this. I released his cock from my mouth, and stood up in front of him. He took the hint, and took güvenilir bahis siteleri my cock back into his mouth, but now with the added sensation of his hands finding their way towards my backside. It didn’t take long for his fingers to start teasing my rosebud, sending little electric shocks up my spine, making my cock twitch in his mouth.

G*D, I was Fucken HORNY!!

Like a bitch in heat, I turned my cock away from his mouth, and with my back to him, I leaned over and rested against the opposite wall.

He took the hint, and I quickly felt his tongue start it journey across my bum…

My whole body tingled in anticipation of what was to come, and when he licked over my little rosebud, I almost jumped out of my skin! This was all the encouragement he needed, and he proceeded to lick my hole like the pussy it was. Through my moans, I cried out that I needed him to take me…

He stood up, and positioned himself behind me. It was only when I felt the spongy head of his cock at the entrance to my hole, that I snapped back to reality, and asked him to please use a condom…

He asked if I would wait there while he went to fetch one, and while he was gone, I sat back down, head spinning with lust, and I started pumping my cock hard, reliving the last few minutes in my head.

While I was jerking off, he returned with a few rubbers, and when he opened one, and started rolling it down his cock, my mind screamed “OH FUCK YES!!”

I assumed the position against the opposite wall again, and felt him line his rock hard dick with my small hole. I was at his mercy, and was waiting for the fucking I was about to receive.

He started putting pressure, and my eager little hole opened up and took him in effortlessly. He slid home, and just held it there. My body was screaming from the lust, I was drunk with desire. I wanted nothing more than to have this guy fuck me relentlessly.

He slowly started picking up his pace, and I was loving the feeling of his dick sliding deep into my ass. It was a few minutes of this, when he asked if we should head to a private room. I just nodded.

We disengaged, and I followed him to one of the booths with a double bed.

I knew why I was here, and what I wanted at that moment. I lay back, and lifted my legs, exposing my ass to him. I closed my eyes, and just waited. I felt the bed shift as he moved into position, and then without warning, he thrust his cock back into me.

I had never heard myself make the sounds that were coming from me… I completely surrendered to him.

He expertly started fucking iddaa siteleri me, rocking his hips so that his cock pressed into my prostate with every stroke… Fuck, this felt amazing!!

With my legs up, and my bum slightly lifted, my own cock was dribbling cum onto my stomach at a steady pace. I knew this guy would fuck me to my first anal orgasm!

He pulled out only for a second, as he flipped me onto all fours, and I knew he was about to fuck me doggy style… I shivered with excitement.

He was past being gentle, and just slid his cock right back into me, and picked up the pace again… Fucking me hard, making me moan. I was mumbling incoherent things.

My cock was making a not-so-small puddle of pre-cum on the bed as he continued to ram my hole. I was loving every minute of it.

I was getting close to cumming, without once even touching my cock. I think he sensed this, and again pulled out, telling me to come sit on him, and ride myself to completion.

After moving around, I quickly settled back down on his cock, and just started rocking myself back and forth on his cock, enjoying the sensations of it stirring my ass up inside, hitting pleasurable spots I had never known existed.

I got lost riding him, alternating between gyrating on him, and bouncing up and down on him, enjoying every minute of his beautiful cock, and what it was doing to me.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I started feeling a warm wave starting in my chest, and quickly moving its was down to my whole genital region. My legs started shaking, my breath short, gasping, and intense. My bum felt an amazing surge of pleasure, lasting for what seemed like forever… I knew I was going to cum, but it felt different to any other I had experienced. Its like my ass held it as long as possible, and with one thrust down, his cock pressing hard into my g-spot, I let out an earth-shaking scream (which I know the whole bar heard), and I came like never before, shooting ropes of cum up his chest.

He didn’t stop thrusting, and with every push, he caused my cock to squirt more cum.

This pushed him over the edge, and I heard him begin to moan, felt his cock swelling inside me, and with one last buck of his hips, he came, filling the condom so much, I could actually feel it fill inside me.

Breathless, we lay there, recovering from an intense sexual experience. As the cloud of lust started lifting, I could feel my hole was a little tender, and I slowly lifted myself off him.

We didn’t say much. We both knew what this was, and there was no need for pleasantries. When I regained feeling in my legs, I stood up, wrapped my towel around myself, and headed for the showers.

Replaying the whole experience in my mind, and feeling the shower water run down over my used ass, I knew this would not be the last time…

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